4207 Grand Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72904, United States
Review №1

Every single time I have ordered food from this KFC, something about my order has been poorly cooked, or just missing from the order. I just spent $30 getting this delivered, and the fries were old, hard, and cold. I was missing BOTH orders of mashed potatoes, and the chicken was ice cold.

Review №2

Chicken strips are so juicy & tender here & not too spicy for de plain flavor I hate to point it out but salt & pepper come on de table or in a side packet so I appreciate when they don't tamper too much in de kitchen. I prefer mash potatoes with BROWN gravy & de fluffy biscuits are classic. She helped me pick out something to eat that was best for my budget & appetite. Very friendly service. Clean restaraunt. There is a unique & delicious variety of soda pop flavors here.

Review №3

The food that they give you taste a day old everytime I come here.

Review №4

Orginal recipe chicken was great. The service was fast and friendly and their coupons are a great value.

Review №5

Decent buffet, reasonable price

Review №6

The girl at the window wasn't wearing a mask, which is a health department violation. The chicken was really greasy. Tenders were super flat. No dine-in at this time (which is fine). But you need to give people forks and napkins. Overall ok, but not good.

Review №7

Pretty good but the chicken strips a hard no! Good customer service

Review №8

I just ordered original 5piece chicken, mashed potatoes with Gravy and coleslaw. I was so dissapointed rushing back to my work only to find out it's crispy chicken with coleslaw, no mashed potatoes and no receipt either.

Review №9

Tried the chicken and donut sandwich. Was delicious! So if you like donuts and chicken you'll enjoy that combination. Little more donut glaze would've been better though. But overall O M G! 100 A+++

Review №10

Good food for a good price. Love there mash potatoes and gravy !!!!

Review №11

Horrible never get the orders right would not recommend and horrible costumer service would not recommend I hate it I would not even give it to my worst enemy

Review №12

Really good today. Hot fresh chicken. Friendly staff and wonderful service.

Review №13

This KFC is my favorite one. It was really busy, but it didn't affect the quality - Food was good. It was warm in the restaurant, but it is really hot today, so I'm sure their AC couldn't keep up with the heat, the hot kitchen, and the constant "in and out" of the customers.The people, employees and customers, were pleasant. Atmosphere was nice.

Review №14

Good food good service

Review №15

Good place to eat.

Review №16

Service was horable! Items left out. Asked to see the manager, waited 12 minutes, when he did show up he was not interested in my complaint. Will not be back. Here's a follow up. Received a e-mail from corporate . No apology No coupons Nothing to try to make it right. It was a standard corporate reply. What a joke Popeyes since.

Review №17

The place is super dirty and ran down. The grimey build up on the booth backs and seats could be easily cleaned with a bleach rag but it seems they soak there cleaning rags in the grease trap before running them over every surface. The smells from the parking lot should be warning enough that this place is gross. Buffet was the appeal for us but we wont be back. It was disgusting enough to ruin my lunch and prompt me to write this. *Owner* fix your store.

Review №18

Nice and great food

Review №19

I love KFC new baked chicken so the buffet makes it a great option. For about 10 bucks a person you can have all you can eat KFC food and a drink. The restaurant has been recently remolded so its very clean and nice. This KFC is also not on a busy street so normally there is not a long line or wait for food.

Review №20

Tried the chicken doughnut sadwich was good offer ends March 17 ,2020

Review №21

Wife's 3 piece was old. Gave Karen my coupon.... Literally handed it to her. The price came up high and I asked why it was so high, she just looked at me. Got to the table and realized she did not apply coupon. 2nd time in a week there this has happened. Will not go back

Review №22

There were no sauces in my bag when both my meals come with them. My meal was short a strip on my first meal and the order was wrong on the second. Very frustrating experience.

Review №23

I love KFC! They closed the location near my house so usually I have to go out of my way to get it. The people who work there are friendly and helpful. The food is always hot and fresh! They allow sub's and it's all so good! I definitely recommend this store!

Review №24

The food was ok, but the buffet was bare. But the struggle against fighting the flies off my plate was REAL! I've never experienced anything like it.

Review №25

One of my husbands favorite chicken places, excellent service

Review №26

Very impressed with service at this store, placed order and food was ready before I finished paying. We ordered popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and Cole slaw, with a drink and they were all perfect. The drink fountains are in the lobby for an all you can drink option for sodas. There was a buffet option during lunch hours the day of our visit. The store is neat and clean, has handicapped parking, seating, and restroom access.

Review №27

Chicken was not ready and was gonna be 18 min. Till. Done why would it not be ready no one is gonna wait 18 min on what should be ready to go or atlest not far from it

Review №28

Food Is good but the staff needs to pay attention to customers instead of ignoring them when they are at counter. All the staff was over by drive through window and looked at my 19 year old son at counter, kept their conversation going about something outside of work like my son wasn't there. No we will be with you in a min sir.

Review №29

Service was okay but the food was horrible! Used to have the best coleslaw ever now it's the worst! Food was dry and yucky. Will never go there again and will not recommend them either!!

Review №30

My first time to use GrubHub, great experience!! From the time I ordered til the food came, was less than 20 minutes! My delivery lady was very nice, and made a point of thanking me for the tip! I hope everyone is tipping!! And the prize, KFC food! Very nice evening!!

Review №31

Old food... Hope I don't get sick from this.

Review №32

Great place to eat

Review №33

Worst experience at this place. Been coming here for months until today. How dare you let your employees talk about customers in such a negative way IN FRONT OF THEM! Then act surprised when I call you out on it! Management gave me a refund but did nothing to said employee whom was being disrespectful. Gentlemen on management was understanding and helpful but until said gentlemen whom didnt seem to find the right side of the bed today is no longer here your business will suffer with his attitude.

Review №34

Thanks KFC great food and service

Review №35

I ordered crispy but wasn't crispy at all

Review №36

The spicy chicken bowl is to excellent!

Review №37

Good fresh food

Review №38

It's good fast food

Review №39

Need , better cooks, but in other words pretty nice management teamwork . Jetta is the best

Review №40

Great window service & the food was hot & delicious.

Review №41

Great service and great food.

Review №42

My wife and I decided to have KFC for dinner today. First item ordered on a $45 order was chicken pot pie, my dinner. When our order was ready, we double checked to make sure we had everything since it was a large order. The pie was the only thing missing. When brought to the crews attention, they appeared confused. The pot pie had been paid for already; however, after twenty minutes of confusion, we were asked if we wanted to wait 17 more minutes for one to be made. We requested a refund for the pie, and departed without it. I'm hungry. Guess I order a pizza.

Review №43

Very dirty in the inside.. drink machine was surrounded with dead flies and nets everywhere!! First time here and will not come back

Review №44

It's biscuits and chicken tenders are awesome, so are the potatoes and cole slaw

Review №45

Slow service food not prepared. Ive been in fast-food for 30 yrs

Review №46

Was good service fast friendly service Food was good BUT could be little fresher placed seemed busy should have had newer chickenBut coleslaw was fantastic

Review №47

They never let me down, with service and cleanes

Review №48

My husband and I always enjoy the kfc buffet food is always good and the price is definitely reasonable and I mean who doesn't love kfc mashed potatoes and gravy? Yum give it a try!

Review №49

Paid too much for so little!! Then got sick after eating it!!!

Review №50

Great buffet. I enjoyed the seating options. The food on the buffet was wonderfully prepared. I'm going back soon.

Review №51

The crew members are horrible. went by there tonight and got the worst experience of my life. by the rude guy in the window. did not even eat my food. the wedges felt wet. like maybe some one spit on them. this place seriously need new team members. just plain disrespectful and rude.

Review №52

Its KFC. Nuff said.

Review №53

Loved it

Review №54

Great place to eat.. I love the buffet for lunch..great staff as well

Review №55

Went here after the storm last night because the one near us was closed due to downed power lines. Not only did we have to wait near 20 minutes in drive thru , when we got home and sat down to eat by flashlight no electric at home. Too soon we discovered that the large sides were half empty , they had left out our coleslaw we ordered and paid forextra and we received 1 little gravy for two large potatoes. To really cap it all up we got 15 PC's instead of 16. Been trying to call since then and still no one answers the phone. They have lost our business at this point.

Review №56

It was good some very alsome people there today

Review №57

Always get food poison when I eat here.

Review №58

It is the nicest kfc i been in also have a buffet

Review №59

Good deals

Review №60

Counter personnel worked with me to get a desired result, there is no more senior citizen offer, thanksConducive to good eats

Review №61

Horrible service. I never get the right order. NEVER. Check the bag twice before you leave

Review №62

The buffet on grand is really good. It didn't use to be. But since they made some changes some months ago it's turned out to be a really good place now. The service is better and for the most part friendly.

Review №63

Hot Wings are so good. Enjoy the $5 fill up boxes, the original breast one is my favorite.

Review №64

It was cheap and it was good and it was fast and it was from Glee it was probably the best experience I've had in a long long time.

Review №65

Place was dirty and the drink station was poorly stocked.. employees were not attentive to counter , did not have extra crispy chicken on hand at 7 pm...also heard them tell another customer they didn't have biscuits for their order..

Review №66

Number 1 place to buy chicken awesome chicken.

Review №67

The buffet and salad bar

Review №68

Hey we did the bucket run and filled up on great food

Review №69

Great food for a fair price

Review №70

Yummy !!! Hot and fresh hot the triple double chip cake..

Review №71

Best KFC in Ft Smith. Great Staff that really cares if you like your food. Great for catering. Very busy, but they do try to keep it clean.

Review №72

Excellent service and food!

Review №73

There was hair in my food...they replaced it but then it happened again....didnt call back to complain just wont go anymore

Review №74

The chicken is great!

Review №75


Review №76

8/23/16....I visit this KFC store at least 2 or 3 times a month. Tonight at 7 pm they were out of mashed potatoes. I ordered 2 two piece meals, leg and thigh, original with mash potatoes and Cole slaw. They were out of potatoes and one of the meals had a leg and a wing. All of the chicken we received looked like it came from a baby chicken, very small pieces. I guess they felt bad so in the box with the leg and wing they added a extra 1/2 biscuit. We settled for Mac and cheese as our other side. Needless to say I felt disappointed in this type of service using the drive threw window. From now if I do return to this KFC I guess I need to open the individual boxes of chicken and see what's in it before I drive back across town and be surprised at what's in the box when I get home. I give this place a 2 and a 1/2 biscuit.

Review №77

The food was ok. I've had better.

Review №78

Horrible, I places my order ans they told me it would be 10 minutes, and I only ordered potato wedges and 12 piece hot wings, I ended up waiting 20 minutes and then they told me it would be another 5 more minutes for the potato wedges! And it was not peak hours so they weren't even busy! I will never go there again veey poor service!

Review №79

Crew was rude but the food was good!

Review №80

Love the original recipe chicken!

Review №81

Chicken was good like it use to be

Review №82

This was one of the best KFC's that I have been to the staff was very friendly and accommodating and the food was prepared deliciously and fast I recommend this place highly

Review №83

This place never has chicken when I go

Review №84

The buffet was not well maintained they had4 piece s of chicken out and vegetables were not maintained

Review №85

It was good .the food was fresh and the store was clean . 1st time there

Review №86

Good service has buffet

Review №87

Dirty tables dirty floor dirty drink fountain the food buffet was mostly dried out r empty

Review №88

Good pricing

Review №89

This place consistently gets orders wrong or you have to wait 45 minutes or more for food. I ordered here last night and as the girl at the window was handing me my order I asked "is the go cup in the bag?" And she replied, "yes." After I left and took the food out of the bag, there wasn't a go cup in the bag. The gravy for the mashed potatoes was COLD. Bad service, long wait times, and just horrible all the way around. If you like paying for an incomplete order and don't mind waiting an hour for It, then this is the place for you.

Review №90

Tasty chicken like always!!!

Review №91

Great mashed potatoes and gravy!

Review №92

Had the buffet and it was about what I could expect out of a kfc buffet. priced a little high but was alright

Review №93

Nice food! Delicious! Good chicken

Review №94

Do the buffet it's the best price for food

Review №95

Great food and good service what else do you need

Review №96

Great food friendly service

Review №97

The food is great. This store has always had an issue with the floors feeling a little greasy.

Review №98

Literally 40 minutes till close. Like i understand its late, but they had no sides and no intent of making more. All i wanted was mashed potatoes and gravy. I left. I should have listened to my wife, Taco Bell here i come.

Review №99

Food was great but if they would have told me they were out of all silverware I wouldn't have ordered coleslaw, mash potato's, and Mac and cheese. At no time should they have run out of sporks! Go to another KFC and get some! NOT ACCEPTABLE

Review №100

Chicken was good. The place smelled of urine, floor was nasty

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  • Kids' menu:Yes
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  • Small plates:Yes
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