Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
608 Commercial Dr, Lansing, MI 48917, United States
Review №1

Friendly service. Social distancing was maintained and staff wore masks. My friend and I both got the Cracker Barrel Sampler Dinner as neither of us had eaten there in awhile. We both agreed exactly that the meatloaf was exceptional and by far our favorite, followed by the sugar ham, then the chicken and dumplings. Neither of us cared for the chicken and dumplings feeling the chicken was very dry and the overall taste, bland. The biscuits and cornbread were dry; seemed like they had been made awhile before serving. Between the two of us we tried 6 sides. In order of preference: fried apples, southern green beans, Mac n cheese, corn, mashed potatoes (dry, very solid), fried okra (served like fried mushrooms so needed a dipping sauce or at least seasoning). $14.50, although a little pricey, was a good value for the quality and quantity of food. I wouldn't hesitate to return and noticed meatloaf is their daily special on Tuesdays! My prior take-out visit, I had the grilled catfish and can highly recommend that, as well. Very well seasoned, tender, and you can stay health conscious with the sides or splurge since you're eating a healthy entree!

Review №2

Haven't been to this Cracker Barrel in a couple years. We've been missing out. For the price you can't beat the quality and quantity of their entree's! Service was spot as well. Even the restaurant manager checked on our table and topped off our water glasses. My favorite meal is the fried catfish dinner, turnip greens and hash brown casserole, off the hook for sure! The store has a vast selection of gift ideas. A little pricey on the gifts, however, neat stuff to look over. Some items were 25% off which made those reasonable/affordable. We'll definitely be back in the near future. Oh... check out the super comfortable toilet seat in the men's room. Couldn't help but post that pic as

Review №3

Great wait staff. Excellent food. Good prices. Uses precautions for covid.

Review №4

Kitschy retro store serves as the entry to a warm wood-paneled dining room. Serviceable fried chicken, meatloaf and chicken pot pie all-American menu. Breakfast may be better bet. Gracious, helpful and patient staff shine. Oddly, no cocktails, wine or beer served.

Review №5

My sister and I both ordered Grandmas breakfast sampler and it was the best! Fast service too!

Review №6

Ordered 3 dinners to go, we ordered 3 mashed potatoes and received 4 mashed potatoes, no gravey on any of them. There was a request for an Xtra side of gravey which we received but not all the orders were going to the same place. There was order for Cole slaw and an Xtra side of corn which were both missing. Food was good though parts of the mashed potatoes were hard. Never had my order from Cracker Barrel this messed up before.

Review №7

Went for lunch today. They have a small set of lunch deals with pick 2 combos, I got grilled cheese and salad. The grilled cheese was on good bread with a couple cheeses inside and I think a bit of sprinkled cheese on the grilled sides, it was very good. They also serve breakfast all day, just remember to ask for a breakfast menu.

Review №8

I bought a toy for my grand daughter and 2 different employees helped me take it out of the package and checked if it had batteries and was working. (She wanted to play with it in the car on the long trip home.) The employees were ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! Our meal was delicious and the waitress was too notch as well!!!

Review №9

Came here specifically to try the chicken pot pie, and was disappointed. It had a very odd after taste. So I didn't finish it. On a good note, my server, Alicia was awesome! Got everything I needed in a timely manner and never had to wait or ask twice.

Review №10

A friend and I came to Cracker barrel for dinner. We placed our ordered and waited. The waitress came with ice tea...which was warm and the ice melted right away. No problem we asked for a glass of ice and she brought it to us. When the dinner came there was no silverware so our dinner sat in front of us while we had to wait for silverware. It took a couple of minutes since she went to another table to take their order. We both ordered the Sirloin steak dinner. Asked for med well, it came out rare, blood on the plate, not even warm, the veggies were cold and the biscuits never raised so were as flat as a pancake (the pancake would have been bigger). We complained and she took it back and then we had to wait again for our dinner. It came back hot but was not up to the standards that Cracker Barrel is noted for. We ate it because we were very hungry by then. It will be awhile before we go back. I'm very, very disappointed in this meal and in Cracker Barrel. My access code if you are interested is 195-285-236-017

Review №11

Long wait. It wasn't crowded and we went at 5 but our entire dine in service for 4 adults and 4 young kids was just over 2 hours. We dont usually have bad service but we had two in a row...

Review №12

The greeter never said Hi. The syrup was extremely watery that was given to us with cold french toast, ordered shrimp & fries & got 4 fries. The chicken & dumplings had no chicken. The only reason their getting 1 star is because our waitress was very sweet & diligent. We had someone with us from out of state & I was so embarrassed that we brought him here.

Review №13

I've been coming here since I was very young with my family and we have always loved it. Great reuben, and outstanding country breakfast!

Review №14

Hope people know that checking in on there app to wait a table is a big disappointment . The text said 20-30minute wait. But we.were waiting for 45minute and still have no text for our table. And nobody even call just to inform why it's been so delayed..... really disappointed

Review №15

Was always a favorite stop but service the past few times has been terrible. We gave it one more shot tonight, got seated outside as requested, waited then had the manager come tell us there wasn't enough staff on a Saturday night to serve outside tables. Sadly we had to leave and won't be returning.

Review №16

The food was delicious however, The service was something else. Our waitress was wearing a mask like it's required, whoever she mumbled when she talked nobody at the table could understand her.we were sitting at a large round table there were three of us and when she brought our food and drinks she said I'm at the very first seat so one of us had to get up and get our place and hand them to whoever they belong to in the same with the drinks.

Review №17

We eat at Cracker Barrel frequently as the good food is consistant. Prices are good too as we have eaten Michigan to Florida and cracker Barrel is great.

Review №18

We sat down. Waitress toyo our order. 20 minutes later came back to tell us that they did not have the chicken that 3 of us ordered.... We re ordered.... Took another 35 minutes to get our food. The food was good... Not one dish or glass removed from the table when empty... Too another 15 minutes to get the bill and had to request it.. Probably not going back

Review №19

Pamela, waitress at Saginaw Hwy location, was awesome!!! Also Manager made sure we we're satisfied & happy with food & service! Very friendly & professional. Today was the first time my daughter in law had ever been to Cracker Barrel. Great experience! Thanks!

Review №20

The service was very good. The food okay. The dessert was very good.

Review №21

Crispy edged pancakes! They fry them in butter.

Review №22

Cracker barrel is a unique place to eat compared to your usual sit down restaurant. The whole place is decorated in an old time country theme. I love that they have a large variety of side options on the menu. I ordered the fried okra and the hashbrown casserole because it's something you don't see everywhere. If you have never been to a cracker barrel before you should know that you pay for your meal at the cash registers and not at the table.

Review №23

The food was good the practice of social distancing was great.

Review №24

The food was good, however, our waitress we couldn't understand her. It took forever to get service and we were at a big table if she placed everything out of our reach so we had to get up and move out of our chair to get it.

Review №25

Food not as good as it had been. Cold mashed potatoes and gravy. Very slow with our food

Review №26

Waited for our food I felt that it took to long when everyone around us came in after us and had gotten their food before us our food took about 45 mintues before we could eat. It was my first time being there I would never go back to that restaurant anymore. My order was over cooked on the sausage also ham was tough to. Bacon was okay, pancakes were the only part of my meal that was edible. I also had a take out order my husband was not thrilled at all. He was not impressed by the burger and the sides were too small for the price I had paid for his dinner.

Review №27

The meal was very good. Great service

Review №28

The food was bland and the servers were overwhelmed. We waited a long time for our food while we sat and watched SEVERAL to go orders go out before we got our mediocre food. Probably my worst dining experience with them in 25 years.

Review №29

Not up to par. The waiter did not know what he was doing. Needed a lot more training, if had any to start with. Took more than hour to get order in and get food. Food ok, but not exceptional like they were a few years back.

Review №30

Great store with helpful and friendly staff. clean restaurant. great food. ordered sunrise sampler and got delicious eggs and hashbrown casserole and a side of bacon. after eating you can browse the store full of unique items. breakfast served all day for a reasonable price. store had heat cranked up so if you are sitting next to the walls be careful of loose hanging clothing.

Review №31

Great food. Service was slow as only 2 people on

Review №32

Wife and daughter got a chicken BLT,when it came had no tomato! Alerted server,"oh if you want tomato you have to pay extra! this server did not want to be there!

Review №33

The food gets five stars the service I would only give three and a half Stars.

Review №34

Great service, great food always fun she entertaining to shop.

Review №35

Good Food and you can buy their uncooked. Bacon when you pay your bill.To take home to cook $10.99 2lbs.

Review №36

Great food, great service! Love the country store also!

Review №37

Just love all there food very polite people work there

Review №38

The place was packed, so I was expecting slow and sub standard service. Wrong, the waitresses were fast and efficient. Food was good too. I'll be back next time I'm in town.

Review №39

Food was cold, waitress was rushing us to finish. Never came back to ask if we wanted desert or refills on drinks. Has to ask for my coffee twice

Review №40

The food was good, we all had the pot roast. Our waitress was hard to understand and we were placed at a large table and she placed everything way from us, so we had get out of our chairs and walk and get it.

Review №41

It was my first visit to sit in a restaurant for dinner. However somewhat apprehensive, I was very comfortable with everything and the food and staff is always great!

Review №42

People and food here is beyond awesome..I can also ship purchased I made there to anywhere in the country...I absolutely love it here.. Cracker Barrell is my go feel good's also my mother's and daughters favorite restaurant.. my grandbabies also love it..A 4 generation favorite....

Review №43

Good experience, was very pleased with the service especially do to pandemic regulations.

Review №44

Haddock Birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel and loved shopping in the Old Country Store. Got a deck of Michigan cards and their famous Old Fashion Peg Game.

Review №45

Our waitress was absolutely the best! Very friendly ans caring, made sure our needs were all met

Review №46

Great home made tasting comfort food but on the road. It's always a stop for our road trips!

Review №47

Roast beef donner is awesome delicious fresh. Biscuits .very attentive staff but crying babies are annoying when eating

Review №48

We were traveling through in our Rv just before closing .We had a great meal and parked for the night!Kristen R and all The staff were very friendly (even at 10 o'clock at night)and our first Boondocking experience at a Cracker Barrel was Awesome.

Review №49

Staff was friendly n food was great!

Review №50

The crew was all friendly and kind. They made you feel welcomed.

Review №51

The food is always good, just like home made.

Review №52

Always good food and employees also good selection of other things for sale

Review №53

Delicious comfort food at reasonable prices! A lot of variety on the menu with some healthy options. Very friendly staff. And I want to spend all my money in their store!! So many unique items! Great for personal or gift shopping! If you're an introvert like me; caution, it can get very busy, kind of cramped and definitely noisy during popular mealtime hours. But the overstimulating atmosphere can't keep me away from that Apple Cider BBQ Chicken Breast with Apple Chutney!

Review №54

Had a great meal in a restaurant that is taking Vivid seriously.

Review №55

Was their first thing in the morning and their restrooms stunk, told them several times but no one did ever did clean!!!

Review №56

For the price it was good, although nothing to write home about. Fried okra was not hot. Waitress was friendly and helpful! It is the place to go if you want a plate of comfort food.

Review №57

Still great food within the limited menu.

Review №58

Food was ok, biscuits bordered on burnt. The service was terrible.

Review №59

Excellent service and food was perfect! Will go back to this location again!

Review №60

Best selection , ever! Love the food, very friendly service

Review №61

Great food and service!

Review №62

The women's bathroom was beyond disgusting. I told a retail clerk, went to order and eat. 40 mins later went to see if conditions had improved. The horrible smell from the sanitary trash bins was better but still lingered. The floor was still wet from do something. The two main trash bins were way too full. The paper towel roping used by somebody to keep the toilet door closed in the handicapped door was gone. That door hasn't worked since before Christmas 2018. Horrible, horrible. Donna M.

Review №63

Awesome food and great people to wait on you.

Review №64

Honestly, the place is really good. I'm not going to brag and say a ton of stuff to not make this look fake, but whatever their doing, their doing it right. Service is amazing, food is good and never cold. All around a good place to eat at.

Review №65

The store is fantastic. So many cool things to choose from. I am gluten free and they had a gluten free menu for me, a braille menu & even a large print menu for my 98 yr old Momma. The food was delicious. Will definitely go back!

Review №66

The food is delicious, the atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxing, the portions are large and the service is fast.

Review №67

Great food and customer service still! So happy they are open again!

Review №68

Good food, great prices! Very professional staff, I have yet to receive poor service. Plus the little shop in the front is super cute.

Review №69

I had Chicken Fried Chicken, and it was great. I rarely eat fried chicken, so this was a real treat. The service was uneven between the two of us: I got great service and my companion did not. I still highly recommend it for comfort food.

Review №70

Absolutely delicious food. The real kind that takes time, like a grandma would make for her family. Also kind and knowledgeable staff.

Review №71

The best eye opener a man in his late 30's can have. Go sit next to all the old peeps in here and it will cause you to rethink your life. The food is good and soft. No wonder they love it. Let me die before I get that old.

Review №72

It was Okay the only thing was that the brisket were rall

Review №73

Always a pleasure visiting a Cracker Barrel. We travel a lot and know the the quality and service will be consistent in every state. On the subject of consistent, TURN THE MUSIC DOWN!!! Too loud in every location. Should be background, not forground. Cant carry on a conversation at 0600 in the morning.......

Review №74

Got chicken and dumplings and they were cold! Everyone in my party had cold food when it was supposed to be hot

Review №75

Food was cold, service was extremely slow b/c we weren't the right color

Review №76

The first time I went the food was good and the presentation was all there but the second time I win the food was burned and I was a little disappointed but overall the food is good.

Review №77

Best fish,macaroni and cheese, green bean and fixing you ever seen. Still cannot get enough of that good stuff.Do not leave out the cornbread. This place is just Awesome SAUCE.

Review №78

Good food and nice service.

Review №79

What can I say?...this is The Cracker Barrel, and if you're looking for that home cooked meal... then you need look no more...Cracker Barrel has the best home cooked meal you'll ever have. Meals come in every home-cooked-style meal ever made!! Oh, and not leave without dessert...a must because it's always delish!! I never miss out on the opportunity to eat at a Cracker Barrel when I'm travelling in the USA.

Review №80

Downhome Americana at its finest! Located next to the Walmart you can shop and eat without having to enter the cesspool of American life that is outside this glorious bubble. Expect hearty portions and a full belly, no skimping on the vittles here folks. This is a place that has a fire place inside so be ready in the colder month to accept the rich smell of burning. No smoking of cigarettes inside.

Review №81

I order 3 meals very under cooked fish and we asked for (no)seasoning for one of the fish they did it anyway.. The biscuits were so under cooked and so dried out...All the food was too uncooked so my wife had to take time to fully cook our meal so what was the point going !!! Very disappointing CB... I guess this mean to keep cooking at home to avoid eating under cooked food!!!!!! JUST CLOSED UNTIL JUNE MAYBE YOU'LL need time off!!! Thanks for wasting my money!!!!

Review №82

Honestly the service was good to begin with and then we were simply forgotten about. I drove 100 miles to visit a friend and we lingered in order to catch up. No refills of water or iced tea offered, we had to ask a different server for them. Food was just ok. Blueberry pancakes were good. The chicken and dumplings were meh. Chicken pieces were too large, the dumplings too thick and not cooked long enough. There weren't any veggies in it and the natural gravy was barely there. The place was spic and span clean and the shop area smelled nice and the displays were very clean. Cashier were very friendly.

Review №83

This was my first time here and all I can say is my experience was great. I ordered the Roasted Turkey and Dressing.....I absolutely loved it!! The dressing tasted very close to my grandmother's dressing. I also ordered Bottomless Lemonade this tasted delicious it was served in a chilled glass. The staff was very they greet you when you come in the door. I will definitely eat here again!!

Review №84

Quick and chicken dinner was awesome!!!!

Review №85

Always have polite people for there wait staffing. Good atmasphere,and a store with uniqe products.

Review №86

What can I say I love cracker barrel!The food is always delicious, the atmosphere is comfortable, the staff is polite. I love the country boy breakfast you get steak, eggs, grits, biscuits and gravy plus more all for like $10!I'm a big ol boy and it fills me up. As far as I'm concerned you can't find a better steak in Lansing at 8 a.m. frfr!

Review №87

Really bad .the food came to late and the meat was terrible

Review №88

Food is good. Wait staff are friendly and attentive. The amount of food for the price is really good and the prices are competitive.

Review №89

We had a nice Sunday evening mean. Four of the five of us had breakfasts, omlettes, French toast, fried eggs, bacon. I had a chef salad that had a deviled egg, plenty of crumbled bacon and ham too. No complaints from us. We were seated right away, it wasn't very busy at 5:45pm. Our server was great. We also did a little shopping...picked up set of unicorn salt and pepper shakers for $4! Can't pass on that deal!

Review №90

Several staff had mask not covering noses. Except manager his was under chin. Deta township. Lansing michigan

Review №91

The store is my favorite part

Review №92

As expected, pretty average food. Eggs were nothing special (no seasoning) and grits $ gravy were bland. Chicken was decent. Better off going to a local mom/ pops joint

Review №93

I glad i went there since few years . I love foods they serve.

Review №94

Food and service were Fantastic! Thanks Tere!!

Review №95

Always delicious, always friendly, a great meal selection, and great choices for diabetics like me. 10/10.

Review №96

I really miss the days when Cracker Barrel prepared your food fresh. The use of holding cabinets for the different chicken dinners has brought down the food quality tremendously. The biscuits not like they used to be. I gave 4 stars because Tanya was an AWESOME server!

Review №97

The wife and I hadn't been here in quite awhile. It was very enjoyable and pleasant. Food is what always brings us back. The staff is pleasant and accommodating always. And the wife always likes looking around the gift store. As do I just not as much. But I like to walk around after dinner to help things settle. Cracker barrel is always a good bet if you want a good place to eat and walk around a bit.

Review №98

They always have good food no matter if it's lunch or dinner and their prices are not bad either.

Review №99

Yes Yes Yes. all across the state Never Ever had problems. The White's are nice at these places Frfr. that's important in 2020

Review №100

The Cracker Barrel offexit 93..Saginaw Highway is a place that I visit often. The people who work there in the store part are always explaining whats on sale..whats currently a 'hot' item..and always keeping that area clean and organized.. The young man who waited on our table was amazing! He kept our needs in mind and was helpful with all of our questions..whether it was about gluten free items or the 'specials'..

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  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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