Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
237 N Main St, Lansing, KS 66043, United States
Review №1

The hamburger I had was fresh and delicious. I enjoyed Freddie's sauce with the French fries and they provided a cup of ice cream for my dog EffieFriendly staff and fast service. Great place to drive thru for your pet. I highly recommend it for families

Review №2

Sometimes I end up in the area for work and I like to stop here. The greasy steak burgers and non-greasy custard are delicious.They have great service and they follow my wife's special instructions due to her allergies every time. The restaurant is always clean and cheery.The ones near my home in JoCo are good, but I like this one better.They have Pepsi products, so I usually order water, or upgrade a combo drink, to a custard concrete.

Review №3

I go to this great restaurant quite a bit! This is my favorite spot to grab a bite. I visit this place frequently. The meals are excellent, the workers are courteous and the rates are fair. I enjoy eating in this place over a good meal.

Review №4

Love their burgers and fries. Burgers have an amazing flavor and the fries are delicious! Worth the money

Review №5

We just had dinner tonight September 17 , 2020 at the Lansing, KS Freddy's location. Our food was very good but the response when 5 teenagers came in without any mask and without practicing any social distancing our opinion of our experience fell. I spoke to an employee (all employees were masked ) about the situation & she did ask them if they had masks. It was laughed off and as we left they were goofing off around the front area of the store . My husband is immuno-compromised and we had thought Freddy's was doing a good job with dine-in (something we do rarely ). Please let us know when health standards are enforced again & we will consider returning . Until then ... no thank you

Review №6

I was thrilled!! Freddy's has a green chili cheese burger!!!! I have lived in the southwest many years, so green chili is priceless to me. And those skinny little fries are one of my favorites. Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №7

It may be a fast food establishment, but it packs one heck of a punch in the flavor department. Their sandwiches are mouthwatering, their fries are satisfying and crunchy, their signature sauce is addictive.

Review №8

The meat was so thin it almost appeared transparent. Actually the slice of onion was thicker than the patty on the Freddy single. The staff were pleasant and informative. The store was clean with appropriate social distancing notifications clearly marked on the tables and floor. We won't go back.

Review №9

Restaurant was very clean. Workers had masks on. The seating was spaced. Chicken strips were hot and really good. As always the fries were great.

Review №10

The food was so good and they gave us plenty of fries.

Review №11

I tried this spot in the past with a friend and I am addicted ever since. I love the excellent atmosphere and delightful food and beverages. I recommend this place.

Review №12

Great food! Service was friendly! Store was clean!

Review №13

Ordered off of door dash as I do quite frequently and each time seems to be getting worse. I ordered 2 teas and put in the instructions area sweet tea on both combos. I got 1 sweet and 1 unsweetened. Fries are also very very old and inedible. I will order again because I love freddys but I hope they get it together.

Review №14

It was great. I ate at one all the time in san Antonio when I lived there but now where I live we don't have one so getting to eat at this one was a real treat

Review №15

Very clean and precise service. I had a wonderful time taking my girlfriend out for a dinner. Highly recommend it!

Review №16

Always a great meal! The steakburgers are the best and the custard is fabulous!!!

Review №17

They were fast and the food was great!

Review №18

The food was great first time in a long time my daughter actually ate a and she really really enjoyed the ice cream give you five stars for that

Review №19

Hamburgers were good but banana shake was even better LoL

Review №20

They overcook their flimsy burgers. The fries are also overcooked

Review №21

You can't beat a good steak burger.

Review №22

Their food is good, their service is excellent, their prices are extremely reasonable... This has recently become one of our favorite places to eat

Review №23

This Freddy's location was great; quick-service and a friendly staff. I appreciate that the employees take the time to make sure that the customer is receiving exactly what they want off of the menu.

Review №24

Clean place , great service awesome burgers

Review №25

Great steak burgers. Tons of fresh frys with every order. Excellent Ice Cream.

Review №26

Great California burger and fries.

Review №27

Some of the best burgers around. Spicy chicken is on point as well. Great fries and the "fry-sauce" is a must!

Review №28

Good food, especially when it comes to ice cream, the place is kept clean and has a nice family friendly atmosphere. Staff is always polite and professional.

Review №29

Omg!! Totally yummy milkshakes

Review №30

This is by far one of my favorite steak burger places! No one tops it! If it were closer to home, I would have it a few times a week.

Review №31

Freddy's frozen custard is my favorite, well... I do love everything.

Review №32

Freddy's is a nice change up from the regular burger joints around here. Always able to get my order right the first time and gives me the sauces I want at no extra charge. Ice cream selection is pretty good. Decent location in town, easy to get in and out off. Usually pretty busy. Clean establishment. Will continue to go back here time and time again.

Review №33

Wonderful food a d service.

Review №34

One of the few places in Lansing to get decent food AND service.

Review №35

Love the substitution of lettuce for the bun.

Review №36

Service, service, service And VERY good burgers and fries

Review №37

Nice place for a quick bite & ice cream. They also offer military discounts.

Review №38

I stopped in there to get a milkshake and it was probably about a 10-ounce shake for $3 and some cents almost $4 I couldn't believe it I would not go back

Review №39

Still have to stop here from time to time. This is my 3rd maybe 4th time since I've lived in Leavenworth, and I've only been here since April.....I just enjoy the burgers with their signature sauce for the fries. You got to go try it!

Review №40

It was the end of the night I guess about an hour before they closed but it was pretty much filthy. I'm sorry but cleanliness is a BIG deal to me.

Review №41

Shortly after eating our meal we became sick.

Review №42

Great place for fast food restaurant. Great burgers! Delicious sundaesStaff very friendly and helpful.

Review №43

First time eating here. Not bad at all. Food was not greasy at all. Fries are cooked perfect. Keep it up!

Review №44

Best french fries ever! Absolutely love the patty melt!! Always friendly and fast service.

Review №45

Went to drive through for late lunch, ordered the #1 meal - double burger with mustard, onion, and pickle. It was ready pretty quickly, fresh made.A great burger, crispy on the edges, with snappy pickles and onions. I like the taste of the shoestring fries, although they are small in size, but large in quantity. Washed down with Diet DP.The young lady at the window was very pleasant, and efficient. All in all, a good experience.

Review №46

Straw fries are my favorite. Freddy's fry sauce is great too. Always served HOT.

Review №47

First time trying Freddy's. Food was pretty good. Ordered a hot fudge sundae. Girl entered it as a brownie sundae, told her it was entered wrong. She re-entered and all I could see on the screen was chocolate. Assumed it was correct. Ended up just getting chocolate custard. Ugh. I gave up at that point.

Review №48

Good shakes

Review №49

Great service. Fantastic good. Courteous staff.

Review №50

Great onion rings! I had a party melt as well, and it was tasty. They usually do that as a double but will also make it a single on request. Service was friendly and quick, as usual!

Review №51

Think their burgers and fries are better than other places.

Review №52

Ok. This location originally got a bad review from me. I had a less than satisfactory experience and so gave an honest review. The franchise owner and the headquarters both reached out to fix the issues and get feedback. I am impressed enough with their follow up to turn my 1 star review into 5 stars.I generally like Freddy's, but this location was lame and poorly managed. Overcharged us and then asked if we wanted them to fix the overcharge?? Yes.Then the food was also lame for Freddy's. Dirty grill taste to the burgers and grungy grilled onions.I was contacted by the owners and promised vouchers to make up for poor review. I added 2 stars for their listening.

Review №53

Was a little weird ordering custard instead of ice cream, but totally worth it

Review №54

Hamburgers and fries are tasty. Hamburgers are very thin. More bread than anything else.

Review №55

Best place I have eaten I love there Patty melts very Good thumbs up Great food!

Review №56

Our family loves this place. The frozen custard deserts are fantastic and the food, especially their fries, is great. The only critique I can give this place is that it's run by teenagers, sometimes the service is, sporadic...

Review №57

The service was definitely friendly, and is a nice place if you like Steak n' Shake like foods. If you don't like steak burgers, there are also grilled cheeses and grilled chicken burgers. I would recommend the grilled chicken with sweet tea/water if you want to eat healthyish fast food. The custards are amazing, but if you have dairy problems I highly suggest you don't order one for yourself as they can upset a stomach.

Review №58

So good! First time there, burgers are delicious but the skinny, crispy fries are incredible! Ate them all and was too full for frozen custard which I'm sure is also delicious!

Review №59

Great food

Review №60

Takes you back to the past. Great food. Everybody needs to go at least once. You won't regret it.

Review №61

Great Freah Food.. Warm & Friendly customer service I will definitely be back

Review №62

It needs a little loving from a moms touch but good food

Review №63

There custard is good and the servings sizes are worth the value

Review №64

The frozen custard was excellent. However, the restaurant was not very clean. The tables in the dining area needed to be wiped down. The staff was very friendly though.

Review №65

The burgers and custard were very good, we just weren't fans of the fries. The fries are very thin cut and crispy. Pretty cool place though!

Review №66

Really like the burgers but need crinkle cut fries

Review №67

Great burgers and love the style of fries that Freddy"s has. Food is always quick and tasty.

Review №68

This Freddy's has always been fast to serve and good customer service. Going through the drive through they saw our dog in the back seat and gave him his own little cup of ice cream.

Review №69

Food good

Review №70

I ordered a number 1 with a turtle concrete and my ice cream wasn't even 2/3 full?!? Very disappointed to pay for a whole one and only get it 2/3 of it!

Review №71

Great staff and fresh, hot food. The shoestring fries are always crispy and hot. Save room for a sunday for dessert!

Review №72

My wife got the New Alaskan Cod Sandwich which was excellent. Services were great. I got the California Single Burger which was made perfect and the fries are always good.

Review №73

Kind of slimy but good food.

Review №74

Great burgers at a reasonable price

Review №75

Best hamburger

Review №76

Took our granddaughter and her friends, rhey loved the food! Had a good time!

Review №77

Great friendly service and the best burgers and fries for miles.

Review №78

Great food when I go sandwich yummmmmmmmm

Review №79

A single was enough. Fry sauce was great. The's worth it.

Review №80

Evening Manager Eric was very kind and helpful tonight! We will definitely be coming back!!! Thanks Eric!

Review №81

My grandkids and I went there for dinner, they liked the idea because dessert was almost a given. It was clean, comfortable, very good food and great service. We would recommend it and return there again.

Review №82

It's pricey for fast food but the burgers melt in your mouth. They are so amazing!

Review №83

Floors were filthy. I counted 10 employees and no one touched the dining room while we ate. Food is always great at Freddy's, but this is the dirtiest one I've ever seen.

Review №84

What can I say??? The cookie sandwich is good and the napkins were great. My expectation of a stomach ache later is quite high though.

Review №85

Great food for a not bad price and very friendly wait staff, I've never had any problems going to a Freddy's anywhere. We never have to wait long, and they are always super nice. The food is always fresh and it's nice going somewhere that was started here in Kansas.

Review №86

Best flavor of burger for me and overall menu is tasty and diverse!

Review №87

Hawaiin Delight minus the coconuts = amazing. Cheeseburgers and fries are pretty great too!

Review №88

Good fast food. Friendly fast service and a 10% military discount. We go there quite often.

Review №89

Hilarious that the dining room is closed because someone drove into the bathroom. We got a good laugh. Staff was great! Very sweet. Food/order was correct.

Review №90

Its Freddy's!! You know its gonna be good.

Review №91

Great tasting burgers and fries and cool dessert's

Review №92

Yummy fun place in leavenworth kansas

Review №93

By far my favorite fast-food burger. I spend many days waiting for lunch to come so I can enjoy Freddy's. I just moved close to this location so i have that going for me. The burger itself is amazing. And the fry salt makes the fries unbelievably amazing. I throw it on the burger too which is probably not a good thing but oh well. Don't waste your time anywhere else if you're looking for a fast food burger.

Review №94

The Leavenworth facility has never disappointed. Always great burgers and fries. Consistency is my measuring stick for franchises and they always hold it up there. Always clean facilities with handicap parking and very good wheelchair access throughout the resturant. Almost forgot the concrete and shakes...Outstanding. Always a favorite with my family.

Review №95

Everyone in store was awesome

Review №96

I just wanted a good vanilla ice cream cone. Freddy's definitely hit the mark! Delicious!!

Review №97

It is very friendly food is really great will be going back .

Review №98

Fast...Friendly Service! Great burgers and even better desserts!

Review №99

Food is delicious and the tables clean. Great experience today.

Review №100

Excellent burgers, and even more exceptional desserts, love the concrete's. Service is fast without skimping on quality. And they offer a military discount for active and retired soldiers.

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  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
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  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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