SuperJ J Fish & Chicken
17324 Torrence Ave, Lansing, IL 60438, United States
Review №1

Down the street from my home, I go here every day. Food is always hot and fresh out the fryer. I'm never waiting too long for my food to be done, even on busy days. Highly recommend the fish of any kind.!!

Review №2

This is my fourth time going to this location. Service is great. This last visit I noticed the party wing (50) are extremely small, like bite size. No joke, disappointed because I paid $29 for 50 party wings with tray of fries.*Note how small the wings are.

Review №3

Good prices good chicken but I wouldn't recommend the sandwiches no Philly or Italian beefs but for the most part pretty good

Review №4

The food is prepared how you what it and that's how I like it and that's and this is my spot for good tasting food!!!!! Feel me y'all.

Review №5

Great Philly steak! And wings dipped in sauce on point!

Review №6

This restaurant used to be good at first but last few times I've been there the food has been tasting nasty and looks unappealing.They frequently give you soggy old fries, the chicken wings are too small, they don't give you enough mild sauce, and the customer service could be more friendly.

Review №7

The cook John always has my food perfect

Review №8

One of the best beef sandwiches I've ever had and from being from Chicago you know how much that says food is excellent on point.

Review №9

Don't waste your time food was nasty & all wrong this is not even a franchised JJ's

Review №10

Food ain't good the fries and good so I'm not going back to JJ's fish chicken anymore

Review №11

Typically speaking the food was hot and fried in fresh grease . When you buy chicken from them it's full sized not party size. Fish is excellent

Review №12

Definitely recommend best food I have had in a long time.

Review №13

Thank you for having the order ready when you said it would be ready. You guus rock.

Review №14

This spot knows how to serve their clients. Consistently with a super friendly demeanor. The food is reasonably priced, constantly fresh and clean.

Review №15

Poor service and bad employer. Pls no go area, unprofessional.

Review №16

Love the food here, very flavorful and cooked to perfection...

Review №17

Food arrived ice cold, cheese sticks and fries put into same container, cold and greasy. Gyro was also freezing cold and the meat was burned like it was old...the entire thing was absolutely disgusting...I wouldn't feed ot to a dog, let alone my family.

Review №18

It good n hot

Review №19

This fish & chicken was HORRIBLE old grease generic hot sauce generic lemon pepper & they took soooooo long to serve it I am not going back DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY

Review №20

Excellent Italian beef sandwich

Review №21

Super J J Fish & Chicken fried chicken is so juicy. I ordered a 50 pc mixed. Half honey bbg and the other plain. Chicken was bomb and had my taste buds singing.

Review №22

Oh my gosh; their fish is sooooooo good. Cooked just right. I will be going there all the time. Next on the list is combo fish and chicken I'm going to try; but their catfish steaks are cooked to perfection at least for me.

Review №23

Pretty good food. And the battery for there chicken is unbelievable..

Review №24

The chicken was hot and fresh!

Review №25

BEST fish n chicken place EVER. We enjoy this at home. I just happened to spot this one in Chicago after our truck broke down ending up in the shop and getting a rental car. We were famished so it came RIGHT ON TIME. Enjoyed it all the way to Charlotte, NC. If y'all have never tried J&J you don't know what yer missing.

Review №26

Good food

Review №27

Gyros was tasty, looooooot of food choices, seems decent enough.....

Review №28

Food is cooked fresh and they got good cakes too

Review №29

Great place for eating good chicken

Review №30

To expensive for the quantity.

Review №31

The food was excellent

Review №32

The cashier is always so warm and welcoming..the food is good too

Review №33

Good food. Good price. Great staff. Clean facility.

Review №34

I'm from Houston good wings good fish big jumbo shrimp on point closes food to Htown style wings & fish next I need to find a good Harold's the original one.

Review №35

This place is very good n the food is excellent

Review №36

It's awesome place and John he's good cook

Review №37

They recommend some vegan stuff that was off the chsin

Review №38

My order was messed up ,,,, did call spoke with supervisor and she did make it right

Review №39

The service was excellent the customer service was Awesome the food was wonderful. They have the best philly steak and chicken ever. I will be back. Love my food.

Review №40

This halal chicken was awesome and tasty

Review №41

Good service. Mediocre​ food. The catfish had a very peculiar taste to it. I'm from the south and I eat catfish all the time. However, they did trade my catfish dinner in for fried chicken dinner. A dollar for dollar trade, that was a fair deal to me. The french fries were soggy and horrible. The Fried Chicken was mediocre at best.

Review №42

I try italian beef sandwich taste so good.. MMM ️ I'm loving it!

Review №43

This place selling swai fillets and saying it's catfish swai fish has been used in a lot of places as catfish but it's not I was excited about trying this place but after that I was very disappointed

Review №44

The best around here....

Review №45

HORRIBLE!!! I had guests over. We order chicken. The chicken had blackspots all over. Tasted burned but it wasn't. It was oil. My daughter grabbed a chicke and it smelled horrible. The smell of old and dirty. Never had a problem with the previous owners.

Review №46

Food is great! Excellent customer service the cooks are very handsome men with great cooking skills. WILL BE BACK!!

Review №47

Love my fish.

Review №48

Good & friendly service. Food is very tasty. It's always my last stop before I hit road to go home to Michigan.

Review №49

Chicken is always fresh, but I called an order in and still had to wait 30 mins. Don't believe them when the tell you it will be 10-15 mins!!! It's a lie

Review №50

Absolutely amazing food and a great staff. Will definitely be back

Review №51

Food off da chain frfr doe

Review №52

HORRIBLE! I experienced food poisoning and even with the letter from the hospital stating that, the owner was very insincere to my illness. The woman who takes the orders are very rude and acts as if she owns the place...your just an order taker! I will never patronize nor will I ever recommend this place to anyone EVER!

Review №53

Chicken well past done or just old or just wow i hope the health department comes fast

Review №54

Love the catfish!!!!! Fried just right

Review №55

Best chicken around.. hands down!

Review №56

Wings were good but very small, you'd expect larger wings when they cost $80 for 100 wings. They were so small that they all fit into 1 pan.

Review №57

Called in a order. Food was cool

Review №58

The ABSOLUTE worst customer service ever! From the answering of the phone to picking up the food, this establishment needs training on how to treat paying customers nice. I've only visited this place twice, but this second time around, confirmed that I will not be back.

Review №59

Terrible food and bad customer service. Don't waste your time, money, or gas on this place,

Review №60

The batter was falling off the half-cooked shrimp.

Review №61

Better than the city and they got good service

Review №62

Watched cook wipe his nose with his hand, his face, then wipe his hand on his apron. While talking with, I assume a possible manager. He then proceeded to place bread with his hand into my carryout container.I demanded my money back and left.This was not the first time seeing him doing this.Not ever going back.

Review №63

Very clean. Great food. Friendly customer service.

Review №64

The Owner is VERY disrepectful! I felt threathened and fearful for my safety. He gave me the wrong order then proceeded to yell in my face and blame me for costing him $10. I told him to cancel my order but he refused to refund my money. I was so afraid of what he would do to my food, considering the way he talked down to me, I left without my money and my food.

Review №65

Their food is usually quality but recently it's taken a bit of a dive. My boyfriend got food poisoning from their Italian Beef Sandwich.

Review №66

Great customer service but the wait was long

Review №67

Great food. Fresh. Tasty and always delicious!

Review №68

Mediocre food not fried hard enough and no seasoning

Review №69

The philly was great. I love my food fresh and good great customer service i will be back

Review №70

October 24th. Chicken wings were black and extremely small. Horrible!!!

Review №71

This place is beyond HORRIBLE! Take a look at the garbage 12 piece fish that was sold to me for $31.75. I am calling the Department of Public Health as this place should be SHUT DOWN! As you see on the outside the fish looks fine but beware when you break it apart the fish separates from the breading which is first sign of OLD FISH. Next, the taste was fishy, the color was brown which are both indicators of OLD FISH. When I took the fish back the owner told the worker to inform me that half the fish was missing however in all actuality a few pieces were thrown away so they only wanted to refund half of my money. As you can see there are at least 8 pieces here. The others were tossed by others from work who couldn't believe what they saw. This was my first and last visit! Others with this experience should contact the Village of Lansing like I will in the morning in addition to contacting the IDPH to inform them of this horrible place serving food in the community.

Review №72

Great chicken and the wait wasn't terrible

Review №73

This is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!3/24/18 ORDERED THE GYRO SPECIAL, SMALL JACK SALMON & 3 WINGSTHEY OVER CHARGED US FOR OUR ORDER 32 DAMN DOLLARS....When I called to address the problemThe rude foreigner gave me some bs about an extra fryThen proceeded to tell me that he no longer sold the special 2 gyros for 9.99 and he was about to have an employee take down the sign right now!If I wasn't trying to change I would go back up there and tear the establishment tf upI do not recommend a dog eat from this unprofessional establishment! If u do check your order before u leave!!I would give them ZERO stars but I have to select 1!Eat somewhere else

Review №74

I bought two dinners, 1 catfish and 1 perch, the catfish was hard as a brick and the perch was raw as hell on the inside, I called back to inform them and the young lady who answered the phone transferred me to some guy who hung up... I went back up there and returned the hard and raw food, waited for them to replace the orders and the perch was raw again raw, they had the nerve to be made because I wanted my money back and did not believe the fish would "finishing cooking as it cooled down", I was livid, I wasted my gas and time and you made... They have poor customer service and the food sucks.... And yes I did file a complaint with the board health because they need to be shut the hell down.... It's evident these rude ass idiots haven't heard of SALMONELLA POSIONING!

Review №75

I work in the area and I just happened to walk in. I love the food it's always fresh. And customer service is never a disappointment.

Review №76

Every time I go I get great sized wings, and the customer service is great. They even bring the pans of food to my car. Be real it's a chicken shack, don't expect white table cloths and a luxurious atmosphere .. sheesh.

Review №77

As a guy from NJ I've had my fair share of Philly cheesesteaks, maybe one too many..Lol. Just the mere mention of your favorite place will start an argument with people that you don't know. If you have to ask...Im a "John's" guy. And that show was rigged. Oops sorry about that...So when I seen the sign...well I just have to investigate this. The sub was a little shorter than what I was used to. However I ordered one with everything on it. The steak was well chopped. Probably little more than it should have been but no complaints. It had a very generous amount steak, vegetables and provolone cheese. However the was no.."wit" or "wit out". And that would be the cheese wiz. If you are going to call yourself Super Philly, you should have it. Overall I found that it was a good sandwich. I may have to come back and have another one...just to make sure that I like

Review №78

Soo delicious!!

Review №79

Awesome food, alot of food at a good price. Great place and when I am in town again I will make sure to stop by.

Review №80

This was the most disgusting meal I ever had the chicken taste like it was re-cooked in old grease and it was very salty, I eat one piece of four and took it back and was refused my money back. Eat here at your own risk.

Review №81

This location participates in FALSE ADVERTISING. They advertise $19.99 for 50 party wings. When you place your order, they let you know either the sale is over, they no longer offer it or the owner went up on the price. This sign has been in the window for at least a year and is still there. They've done this to us over the last couple of months. If you don't want to really offer this promotion, take down the sign.

Review №82

If i could give them zero stars i wouldI Just Ordered A Gyro DinnerMy Fries Were UncookedMy Gyro Came With Just SauceWhen I Called To ComplainThe Manager Proceeded To TellMe And I Quote "I Don't Have Time For This"To Top It Off U Have Food PoisoningDO NOT EAT HEREDI NOT EAT HEREDO NOT EAT HEREDO NOT EAT HEREI WOULDN'T RECOMMEND ANYONE TO HERENOT EVEN ROACHES!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №83

Awful!!!! I shouldve went to sharks instead, bad mistake on my behalf. They did not listen to what I ordered at all and when i asked what they had on special didnt even tell me. Smh i will never order from this location again. Fish cooked hard when I specifically told them not to. Wish I could give zero stars. I hate when businesses want to offer you something when you I want my order the way I placed it and nothing more.

Review №84

2day I ordered shrimp n fries. I got 2 my hotel n opened my cotainer 2 eat. The shrimp was hard as hell. I tried eating them but could not. I am a truck driver there4 I had 2 walk back there. There were 3 guys in the kitchen n a black young lady taking orders. I gave it 2 her n told her the problem m she then turned n told them the problem. They started counting n breaking the shrimp apart. They replaced my order. I sat waitin for 10mins. She gave me my order n without apologizing. I said so there's no apology? She said with a big ass smile.......I guess not! I said....I guess u don't apologize either. Where I'm from (Georgia) we don't do it like that. Never will they get another 1 of my pennies

Review №85

The cashier is very rude & it's seems she doesn't take her job very serious. I've never been to a place & felt so unwelcomed. Terrible, I mean terrible customer service skills.

Review №86

Great Customer ServiceThank you

Review №87

This is the worst JJ fish. Chicken was cooked in old grease and over cooked. Fries were under cooked. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.

Review №88

Good food

Review №89

Under New Management Great People food was hot and Fresh Cashier was very nice!!!!

Review №90

Customer service was TERRIBLE! They acted as if I was invisible. The employees was arguing with each other and took them at least 10 mins to take my order and the store was OPEN...but that shrimp was good as hell!!!!!

Review №91

They were fast and friendly with me.

Review №92

Party wings

Review №93

Customer service is terrible, chicken is really good tho..

Review №94

Big tasty wings

Review №95

Mon - Thur it's open till 12 midnight. Not 10pm

Review №96

Good wings at fair prices

Review №97

Great food

Review №98

Only eat the fish best item they have to order

Review №99

Loved their Chicken!

Review №100

I ordered 12 pieces of catfish steaks which were very small for a big price

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