Corner Bakery Cafe
11705 Roe Ave Ste A, Leawood, KS 66211, United States

Review №1

Delicious little spot with a good variety of options! Enjoyed everything so far (especially the bakery items)!

Review №2

Staff were great - however the manager, with a face mask that did not cover his nose, pulled his face mask entirely off his mouth and walked around in the food area for several minutes. COVID is raging now, and the manager of the restaurant is not following safety guidelines.

Review №3

Our go-to breakfast place on Sunday mornings after church. Great good - service - and so thankful for their setting up for social distancing. Thanks guys!!

Review №4

I placed an online order to pick up and when I got back to work I realized the salad was missing ingredients. I called and spoke to the manager and he was very nice and understanding. I wasn't able to leave work again, so the manager brought the correct order to my work. I am very impressed that they went above and beyond!

Review №5

The food is nothing short of amazing. The portion sizes are very generous and the cost is super reasonable. I will literally never eat at Panera again. Corner Bakery Cafe is far superior in every way.

Review №6

The pancakes were very good. I was little dissappointed the didnt have omelettes but the scramble was still delicious. The bacon was cooked perfectly.

Review №7

Panini and chicken orzo soup were fresh, hot, and really flavorful. Similar to Panera Bread in menu and price but Corner Bakery Cafe seems to be much better quality for price.

Review №8

Unfortunately it was quite disappointing. Was my first time there w a friend of mine. Concept seems to be a spin off from a Starbucks and a Panera. Which is fine, atmosphere was nice but the cashier that I was greeted by to take my order was very rude. Didnt say hi, what can I get you....just looked at me like "next" and when she took my order she seemed as if I was confusing her by ordering something fairly simple but she was annoyed by my order which was just reg known same dish. There was a language barrier which I was quite fine with not to mention patient,,she however was quite put off that I spoke english.She sort of passed me a cup for me to fill up my coffee at there coffee bar. It was almost as if it was thrown at me as if fell off the counter to the floor. I picked it up off the floor and I had to request for another cup b4 being offered a clean one. I dont think normally I would of minded using the same cup but I had just come from having an outpatient procedure done at a local hospital ( hence why my friend was w me as she picked me up because I was not aloud to drive post the procedure) I wanted to treat her to breakfast for her efforts. So sanitation wise and going through covid I requested a clean cup and she just was annoying at that point.I just wanted to eat and leave and I know I will never be back. It's not that important that I return I just know as a customer say at the local starbucks probably 3 times a week,,,never ever have I been spoken to that way. Very sad because food was decent. I never posts things,,I'm not a poster of things because I know how bad a review can affect things but I felt compelled to do so this particular situation.My outpatient procedure was more pleasant than my interaction with this cafe that day!!!

Review №9

Extra good service with a smile. Great for breakfast on the shady patio.

Review №10

Had a Harvest salad that had a bit of everything Fall. Very tasty.

Review №11

Wonderful atmosphere nice place. Love the food for the price good service, I watched the Manager on duty handle a rude unhappy older female customer complain about her eggs were not cooked soft enough. She was very condescending and demeaning. Threatening to call the region because her eggs were not right.Then she ate everyone of them. Then went back to insult the young Manager again and my husband watched her steal all of the butter in the self serve container out front. The Manager was very professional in handling the customer and remained polite and respectful which amazed me. Good job Ricky you are an asset to your company. Good training

Review №12

First visit, got the Anaheim Scrambler. Should have picked up the clue when the place was nearly empty during prime breakfast time. Underwhelming for the price. A few soft breakfast potatoes, under seasoned scrambled eggs and a slice of dried toast. Not horrible but if I'm going to a chain place for breakfast, I'd definitely choose Big Biscuit.

Review №13

Employees were so nice and food great.

Review №14

We ate here twice in the last week because we were in the area. I had never been to this restaurant before. Everyone is super friendly and it's nice and clean. The first week everything was fine and the next week my pancakes were excellent. Two out of three of us got sick. I don't know what it was I don't know if it's greaser eggs the first week we ordered lunch the second week we ordered breakfast items. I would be very hesitant to try it again.

Review №15

I order from Foodsby, a food delivery service at work, so I have not been in person. I have ordered from The Corner Cafe 3 times and have yet to be disappointed. The food is delicious. My favorite thus far is the Harvest Salad. I ordered no blue cheese and extra dressing. Arrived correct and was so good I did the food happy dance. Would definitely recommend!

Review №16

OMG we love this placeThe Panni Clubis awsomeAte outside a wonderful day

Review №17

Best pancakes I've ever had. So fluffy and moist I hardly needed any syrup. The syrup was different than I am use to but was still good. The lemon sause on the strawberry lemon pancakes was delicious.Cost wise it's your basic breakfast place. They have coffee and pastries like Starbucks and breakfast and lunch like IHOP. However, quality wise, it tops both.And the staff is so friendly!Came back a second time and had muffins and lemon bar. Honestly wasn't as impressed with those. Wasn't nearly as much flavor as I'd expected. Stick to hot foods I guess?

Review №18

Nice casual place. Clean environment and a friendly staff.

Review №19

Came here after hearing many good things and was very disappointed, I got a cookie, brownie, cinnamon roll and coffee and all three desserts were hard, cold and unappetizing. Service was not good either. Definitely not coming here again.

Review №20

Always a delight! The service is limited but what they do provide is top notch! Food is served to you after you order from the counter the wait time is not long and it's delicious!

Review №21

Very good food. We had breakfast. Very tasty. We will go vack

Review №22

Great food, great value

Review №23

Best chocolate chip cookies... ever.

Review №24

Great customer Service. My food made it to my table so quick but it is far from fast food. The chicken Orzo soup really hit the spot and they Turkey avocado sandwich was on point. Fast, Fresh with a personal touch. Can't wait to go back

Review №25

Relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Pleasant staff. As a vegetarian, I'm always pleased knowing I can find some enjoyable choices on the menu.

Review №26

Pancakes were amazing!

Review №27

Always a place e to get a quick cooked healthy meal.

Review №28

Good food, good coffee, good atmosphere.

Review №29

Great quick breakfast ace with healthy options.

Review №30

Amazing. And they typically open 30 min early for coffee and pastries!

Review №31

Great paninis

Review №32

It seems they have mastered the efficient delivery of quality food. It is a good experience each time I visit. They have multiple vegetarian options marked on their menu.

Review №33

Great food and very clean and great service

Review №34

Very clean and cute. So sweet that they bring your food to you

Review №35

Great place for a sandwich and soup or salad.

Review №36

Wonderful people. Location is tedious xx but manageable. Breakfast is *amazing*.

Review №37

Great food and service. Remember to say hi to Gary. He like an old good friend always there to make your day.Shrimp scampi linguini is back and it's awesome. Only mine today looked like shrimp noodle soup, with pasta soaking in overfilled sauces.Ordered pick 2 today and they've added side salad in place of chips. It's a great addition. Great job

Review №38

I found a hair in my cinnamon roll. Yuck.

Review №39

Excellent egg panini (for breakfast) and very reasonably priced.

Review №40

Great food and friendly staff!

Review №41

Very bad FIRST experience! First told pop machine broken, so could not have pop to drink, then ordered the Anaheim Braakfast Scramble, asked if wanted potatoes or fruit. I chose potatoes, just for waitress to come to table and say no more potatoes, stopped serving them, so why was we allowed to choose them! Went to counter to speak with manager, he was busy in the back, and did not take time to come to counter to speak with me about my food and my experience! Another person in our party had food come out , cold cheese in a hot breakfast bowl, and she got nasty silverware! She tried to get it fixed, but servers not helpful!Not the experience I wanted to have to celebrate my Mom's birthday!!!

Review №42

Great, family owned establishment. Much like Panera but with more care put into each meal.

Review №43

Staff is always very friendly, service is fast. Price is reasonable. Portion size for the soup& salad or salad & sandwich is very big. The chili here is really good as well as the BLT sandwich. The salad was so so. About the same as Panera, not so fresh and slim pickings. Restaurant is very clean and has a nice bakery selection. I would recommend.

Review №44

I really like this place. Everything I have had has been very tasty up to this point. I especially like their lemon bars! The food can be a little on the high side but you get a substantial amount of food for your money so it is not a waste at all. Additionally their kids menu is very reasonably priced and has a wide assortment of selections. In general the restaurant is very clean and whenever we have gone to eat there it has not been too busy. I am also pleased that our service has been quick and responsive most of the time. On one occasion there was a mistake on one of our orders but they were very quick to fix it so that we got everything that we requested in a timely manner.

Review №45

Great service from start to finish. The food was great. Cheddar broccoli soup without the nasty powder aftertaste so many places have. The only complaint would be the prices, $9 for a cup of soup and half sandwich. Other than the price I would recommend this place to friends and family.

Review №46

Not my usual spot for coffee, but very good!

Review №47

We did go to corner backery

Review №48

The food was pretty good. It's similar to a Panera Bread or McAlister's Deli.

Review №49

I've been here many times, and they always seems to get the food just right. Pancakes were simple but delicious.

Review №50

Great atmosphere! Great food! I'll be back!!

Review №51

Very good drip coffee that was fresh even at lunch time.

Review №52

Great healthy food

Review №53

Excellent options and perfect portions

Review №54

So much food for an amazing price. Very tasty!!!

Review №55

Love this location as well! Daniel and Austin is a blessing to this establishment and the public restaurant/service industry!

Review №56

My new go-to for lunch. Their online ordering is so simple, and the food is always ready when I arrive to pick it up. The food is so high quality, and always tastes fresh. The prices are actually good compared to most of their competition, and I feel the quality of the food you get is MUCH better than that competitor of theirs, if you know who I'm talking about. I eat here at LEAST once a week, and I love them.

Review №57

I love the chicken cavatoppi. It is one of my new favorite comfort foods.

Review №58

The best panini I have had in a long time

Review №59

Great food and service.

Review №60

Good food, fast during lunch hour.

Review №61

Love this place people are welcoming nice and warm coffee great management

Review №62

Ok place only one selection of gluten free you can order.

Review №63

The service is wonderful, and the food is great too:)

Review №64

Great food at great price. Delicious food, any sandwich can be turned into a gluten free wrap.

Review №65

Phenomenal salad, sandwich and soup!

Review №66

Really good food, fast service, and friendly people.

Review №67

This place took great care of us great food nice place

Review №68

Good food and pleasant atmosphere. Nice place for visiting with friends.

Review №69

Nice atmosphere, pretty fresh and tasty food, not crazy about the service.

Review №70

Love the food here. Staff is always nice. Its easy to find seating. Price is appropriate for the food. Would recommend!

Review №71

Great places for eating any meal at really affordable prices.

Review №72

I'm a real stickler about dining out so I rarely go because of the decline in the level of customer service and food quality. I have to say, I was extremely satisfied with the staff at the 119th/Roe Corner Bakery Cafe. They worked quickly to get orders taken and out. Compared to Panera's, in which the cashier was looking at his phone while he took my order and then failed to get it right even after the second time I repeated it and- of course -the order was wrong, An***a G made eye contact and patiently waited for me to make my selections. The staff brings your order to your table if you're dining in. My food order was correct and fresh and delicious! I made mention to another staff member how pleasant my experience was and she said she was so happy I said that because she was stressed about how busy they were and because she wanted to be sure the customers were getting taken care of. Her concern for the customers really touched me. I'm coming back next week. I'll be bringing family and friends here from now on because I want to support a business that truly works hard for your patronage and cares about its customers. They also have free WIFI and the coffee is excellent!

Review №73

So much better than Panera! Everything is made fresh, served hot, and the prices are more than reasonable. We come here often and we are so glad to have one nearby!

Review №74

First time visiting Corner Bakery. The food took a little while to come out but was delicious and filling! We were not expecting that much food. $24 for two sandwiches and drinks is not bad for the amount of food that you get. Whenever we go to Panera, I usually leave hungry but not here! I definitely prefer Corner Bakery over Panera. We will be coming back!

Review №75

Really good food. Wait staff was not as attentive as should be.

Review №76

Yum is all i can say staff awsome to

Review №77

Very good food, especially desert

Review №78

Never poliet foid nevrr ready.

Review №79

I could tell the manager was most likely not here tonight. We went to order and the teens behind the counter kept talking to each other while we waited. Then my Caesar salad came without any dressing. Next my daughter's chicken sandwich was completely rubbery so we took it back for them to make a new one, which they forgot and burned. It's a good thing this was not our first time, otherwise we most likely would not return.

Review №80

Great pancakes and bacon

Review №81

Good food and service.

Review №82

It was good wasn't wowed but ok

Review №83

My wife took me here and really enjoyed my sandwich with a nice portion for the price.. The staff were very friendly and the fun part was getting a device that would let the sever know where to bring the order our. Towards the end of our meal we were created by the manager to make sure we enjoyed our meal, that was ROCKSTAR customer service skills :) We plan to visit again, and would highly recommend checking it out.

Review №84

Best pancakes

Review №85

Good fresh food and service was great.

Review №86

Very reliable fast casual dining with healthy options!

Review №87

Love this cafe. Great food and pastries.

Review №88

Great soup and the perfect cinn. Roll

Review №89

Great tasting food, noticed service to get food to table was slow if you're in a rush, which I wasn't.

Review №90

Good atmosphere, great employees, and excellent wi-fi. If you're looking for a coffee shop that can also be a great place to work, this is definitely the place to go to. I've noticed this location has a lot of the same repeat customers whenever I come here, which is a good sign.

Review №91

Yummy and quick!

Review №92

Always great food! Consistent & good!

Review №93

Fairly average food at slightly inflated prices. Wife loves it, I'm more meh.

Review №94

Very good sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup was great

Review №95

Great BLT's

Review №96

Corner bakery has great food for breakfast,lunch and dinner. Can get breakfast even in the evening.

Review №97

Great place to grab a quick bite of really good food.

Review №98

Delicious, fresh food.

Review №99

Everything so good

Review №100

It reminds me of Panera but much better.

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  • Address:11705 Roe Ave Ste A, Leawood, KS 66211, United States
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  • Phone:+1 913-766-0486
  • American restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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