Shake Shack
5200 W 119th St, Leawood, KS 66209, United States

Review №1

Pros1) Very tasty burger2) Pretty clean locationCons:1) Spicy fries were essentially barely salted fries with chili powder on them2) Price is a bit high3) Not super fastInfo:1) They have you order from a little kiosk thing, which is nice. But it needs a phone number so they can text you. Speaking of which, I got an automated text saying “okay we got your order, well text you when it's ready”. But I never got another text - they called my name within the restaurant (for a dine in order)

Review №2

Probably one of the best burgers I've had. It was moist, tender and flavorful without being greasy or overloaded. The fries were crispy and not oily. One thing I noticed is that I ordered unsalted fries and even though no salt was shaken on them after frying, they tasted like salted, not too much just a tad bit. Probably because the fries are presalted? They were tasty nevertheless. Good service and everything was packed well. Definitely would return.

Review №3

This place is amazing! Their burgers are so good and I love the special sauce. Their black and white shake is incredible. I went to Shake Shack for the first time in NYC and loved it then. I'm so glad it came to KC!

Review №4

Service was great. Food was on point. Highly recommend. Only thing is maybe have 1 more kiosk open.

Review №5

The manager Josh took great care of us! The food came out quickly and was absolutely delicious. Shakes=delicious. Burgers =delicious. We love it here; favorite date spot for sure. Can't go wrong. 10/10

Review №6

First and last time at this burger joint. $35.00 for a chicken sandwich, burger, two orders of frozen crinkle fries, and two not very thick shakes. Additionally, after placing our order (not via kiosk) I was told to take a seat and they would call my name. After 25 minutes and watching others get their food, I went to the counter. The young lady searched for our order and then said it was sitting outside at the to go table. She said she would make it fresh, handed me our melted milk shakes which I quickly returned and waited another ten minutes for a fresh order. I probably should have demanded a refund, but did not want to wait for it.

Review №7

AGM Josh and his team, without a doubt, exceeded expectations. We recently did a larger order of the Flat-Top-Dogs for a fun lunch event for the people still working on-site. Those dogs went FAST and were so good. Josh took the time to sit down with me and get to know what my company usually orders. He even told me he would personally deliver our order when more people come back in office. Shake Shack knows how to pick associates that bring customers back. Will order from them again for our on-site weekly lunch. Thank you Josh and team!

Review №8

The gentleman working the front lobby was extra nice and very helpful. As always the food is great!

Review №9

Ordered food for pick-up. It was supposed to be ready at 6:15 and I didn't get it until 6:45. It was a Saturday night so I get it, they were really busy. Drove 15 minutes home only to discover the double cheese burger I ordered was only a single burger and my cheese fries were just regular fries. Spent $13 on a meal that was equivalent to McDonald's. Wouldn't recommend. I'll stick to Culver's.

Review №10

Rude customer service. Especially towards the elderly!It's a good thing I was picking up for someone else.Besides, I wouldn't because of the open food poisoning policy they have towards Peace Keepers.

Review №11

Order two cheese burgers. Lettuce wrap and gluten allergy marked. Burgers show up with buns. Sweet! I'm so happy that everyone in the kitchen can read.

Review №12

Service is good and prompt. Food is quality at this location and condiments are fresh.Shake Shack burgers as a whole are great, potato bun, patty smashed on the grill, shack sauce is incredibly tasty, good ratios on the burger between toppings and patty, crinkle cut fries, good shakes. On the pricier side, but if you want a satisfying fast casual burger absolutely give Shake Shack a go.

Review №13

Foods alright. Cheese sauce is sub par. Decent eye candy.

Review №14

I think this was the best burger in my life!! The flavor was so . I will definitely be back when I'm in town again, which is often.

Review №15

My family has eaten at this restaurant multiple time in the past few months and have had no issues to date. The food and shakes are always high level for the price. The woman working in the lobby yesterday afternoon was friendly and attentive to our needs!

Review №16

We placed our order at the Leawood, KS location at 6:18 pm. At 6:42 I approached the counter and asked a staff member if she could check on my order. She said she didn't know how. I asked if she could ask someone to check on it. She went to the pass and asked someone but now she refuses to look at me and tell me about my order. Still don't have my food at 6:51 Going somewhere else

Review №17

Love the shakes here and the speed is great considering the time of this ( Covid-19 era) they are really fast. The customer service is great and they keep people organized and informed of the orders made

Review №18

It was great! The food is awesome. Some times the service is a little slow.

Review №19

Loved it! The cookies & cream shake was awesome.

Review №20

We had family in town that was so excited to try Shake Shack, so we all went there on Sunday. The food was good, but the service was horrible. Because of Covid, the drink station is closed, which is fine, but the people who are supposed to be asking for refills completely ignored our tables, there was only one other family seated in there, so it was NOT that busy. My son went over to the station to ask for refills and the lady acted like we were asking the world of her and acted overwhelmed and rolled her eyes. If we are spending $100 for a family of 5, we should have had MUCH better service than this!

Review №21

Bad service and overpriced. Also it was bland with a lot of heat. My family will never eat here again. It was a nice night out on the patio through.

Review №22

One of my favorite spots to grab some food. good location, always clean, and excellent customer service. I recommend this place!

Review №23

Will never order food from here again. I ordered a double smoke stack, a single cheeseburger with no salt, chicken nuggets, and three orders of fries. No one eating this finished their meal. Both burgers were extremely salty, the chicken was mushy but tasted like garlic, and the fries were just basic. Salt is in the only seasoning for food.The food was in no way worth what I paid.

Review №24

Great service. I had a problem with my online order and was totally taken care of by Madison. Thank you for your service.

Review №25

Ordered via app for curbside pick up after my sister raved about how great it was and how many extra precautions were being taken. Despite saying they seal the bags, mine wasn't sealed. Drinks leaked while driving home from a flimsy carrier. I got home to find two orders of fries were missing. Calls to the store went unanswered and despite filling out the satisfaction survey indicating issues and leaving contact information, I have yet to hear anything back.The food was ok, but I won't be going back.

Review №26

Food was good, but took 25 minutes to get our order. Received text that it was ready but took another 10 minutes.

Review №27

Hot Chickn and a the original. My = mmmmmmm ok. I have yet to try the burger but I only gave e chicken three stars because I thought it was good but did not blow my mind. It's ok better than most places. But maybe it was the bun. LolWill be trying the burger soon!

Review №28

Their food is good but it took over a half hour to get five shakes. Place was chaos with people waiting forever to get their orders.

Review №29

The staff was completely disrespectful and extremely rude. We waited 40 minutes and continuously asked when our order would be completed. They had no answer and completely ignored us. Eventually, we found out our order wasn't even placed and the staff didn't have anything to say about it rather than absolute nonsense. Based of my experience, this place is a complete waste of time and definitely would not recommend to anyone else.

Review №30

I've eaten here at least a dozen times and the food has always been delicious. I often recommend it to friends for the quality and flavor of the burgers. The shack sauce is also quite tasty. Yesterday I made a mistake ordering quickly on the app and the manager fixed it for me with speed and understanding. I will definitely be back.

Review №31

Took a while to get my food but overall taste good

Review №32

Waited 30 min for hamberger and fries. They texted me that they got my order amyd would text when it was ready.They never texted me. Employee said it was ready 18 min ago

Review №33

How is it possible that this fast food joint only puts out ONE order every five mins?!? Hoards of people waiting for food. Woman giving orders has NO CLUE what she's doing. She's slow, incompetent, and talks to herself the entire time. Leawood Manager- you need to get this place in shape ASAP!!

Review №34

Good cheeseburgers and fries. Great shakes! Doing their best to follow Covid guidelines.

Review №35

Waited for 30 minutes for a burger and fries, it was not very busy, maybe 5 or six people ahead of me. I had to leave because I had to go to work. Called the store and left a message but havent heard back, lost $14 at this place, my friends and family will not be coming back

Review №36

Food quality and taste have suffered during pandemic. sad. ordering and pick up process is a mess.

Review №37

Impressed with Shake Shack as an entire company today! Caring for their own employees and caring about the small businesses around the. Always loved your burgers. Now I love your company! Burger Loyalty to Shake Shack!!

Review №38

Stood outside waiting to sit and like 89 friend and I are in our late 60s. There was a table for 4 inside and two tables forv2 outside. They would only seat us outside. A bit hot so we left..very disappointed that they wouldn't seat us inside.

Review №39

First time visiting, Smoke Shack Burger was delicious ! Meat was very tender and juicy, bacon was crisp. Toppings were fresh. Plan on coming back in the near future staff was friendly and polite, no complaints.

Review №40

Great burgers, fries and shakes!

Review №41

We love the food. Please tell your employees to STOP touching their masks!!! Teach cross contamination- I watched several people touch face, masks, etc with gloves on and then touch food

Review №42

Give it a try.The staff are knowledgeable and courteous and the burgers were outstanding.

Review №43

Always a good experience. Quick service whether you order at the counter or via the app.Burgers are great, not too big, just the right amount of juicy and if you don't like crinkle fries, just move along now because I don't know how to deal with you.Hidden gem on their dog with cheese sauce. You're welcome.

Review №44

Food is ok. Burgers aren't great, the meat is pretty tough. Fries are good. If I go back I'll try something else.

Review №45

Just went last night. Loved it.Really busy but they went out of their way to help with our order. The manager was really nice & helped the team with the work. We used the kiosk which is probably better for regular sized orders. (We had 3 families together)We would probably would just split the order next time.

Review №46

Good but food was cold!

Review №47

My daughter and I ate at Shake Shack today in Leawood, Ks the employees there were super nice and friendly thanks Madison .

Review №48

Burgers are great but the curbside pick up is unorganized and haphazard at best. Have tried to order from here twice during the past two months but wait anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes past the promised “order ready” time. Choose BurgerFi instead....easier to pick up and ready when they say!

Review №49

I was grateful for a helpful and kind manager. That's where the star comes from. Sadly, I didn't get his name. You used to have a secret menu peanut butter burger. Delicious. However, apparently you have gone peanut free and so what I was excited for was a disappointment. We decided to eat anyway and 2 burgers 2 cheese fries and 2 shakes came to $40! The burger I got had bacon and peppers. The peppers over powered it and I took them off but could only eat half the burger. My friend had a black hair on her tomato hanging in/out of the burger. The manager replaced her burger with kindness. I feel like if I'm going to spend $40 for 2 meals the experience and flavor and quality should be far greater. It was highly disappointing. I won't be going back! I can't get that $40 back which saddens me....

Review №50

Limited menu, but solid food. Mushroom burger literally cheese and shrooms layered & fried in a patty shape!

Review №51

The burgers and fries are both excellent. I recommend the Smoke Shack burger. The cherry peppers had just the right amount of zip.The prices though ... Ouch. $9.50 is a lot for just a burger and fries without a drink.Almost $6 for a shake seems excessive.

Review №52

I think it's quite delicious. The burgers certainly don't lack for flavor. I have not tried the chicken or shakes yet - the burgers are so good I don't want to get anything else! The only issue: the prices are quite high relative to the quantity of food you get. It's really easy to spend $15, and that's without a shake.

Review №53

Great shakes, good fries, and burgers and chicken are eh.

Review №54

Pretty good burger, priced like an exceptional burger. Horrible value.

Review №55

The burgers and shakes here were excellent the only problem was the price. I ate there with my wife and burgers fries and shakes for both of us was almost 50 bucks. If you took a family I I could see it easily getting over a $100 which seems crazy for a burger place.

Review №56

Placed the order online for about 10 people. Showed up at right time. Had to wait 30 extra minutes. Noticed we were short 4 orders after we got back home. Called to ask for refund. No answer or ability to leave message. Food was cold. Not sure how they earned more than 1 star I gave them. Still waiting for refund.

Review №57

Good food but a bit expensive. Not great service but they were busy when I visited.

Review №58

Yummy! Crisp fries and well-cooked burgers!

Review №59

Ordered 50 dollars worth of food from door dash. Bacon cheddar fries were missing, sauce wasn't on the side on my wife's sandwich and they didn't give us any of the other sauces we asked for. Also when I called the store I couldn't even get anyone to answer. Super frustrated. We wont go there or order again.

Review №60

Fantastic, friendly service. 10/10 burger flavor and size.The ordering kiosks are fantastic; intuitive and user friendly. They even have biodegradable straws.

Review №61

AMAZING burgers and shakes! My only complaint is the size of the venue. It's rather small and the food line takes a considerable amount of time to get through. If you have the time, however, I highly recommend it!

Review №62

After living in NYC for awhile, I was happy to see a Shake Shack in OP! I love the fries and shakes. Also, since it is new expect the place and parking lot to be busy, but you will get your food quickly anyway!

Review №63

It's a unique experience being the first location in KS. The staff was very outgoing and friendly. The food was just ok. I had been to other Shake Shack locations before, and this one wasn't as good just yet. I expect it to improve over time. I got a single Shackburger and fries. The burger was ok. The cheese was melty, the lettuce was ok, tomatoes were not good and the Shack sauce had all gathered in the back of the bun, so I didn't that taste flavor until the last few bites. The fries are krinkle cut and nothing special. I got some ketchup plus a packet of mayo and mustard so I could try a variety of flavors with them. Was disappointed that Shack Sauce wasn't at the condiment station to dip fries in.Go for the experience, and hopefully the food will improve with time.

Review №64

Mmhmmm. So good.

Review №65

Long wait but excellent

Review №66

Good burgers and fries. Service was good with no wait. There is computers to order yourself as well. My only complaint about the place is how beer is served. There HAS to be a better process. Shouldn't get it the same time as your burger. Should get it when ordered.

Review №67

It's got the shake shack modern feel, kept clean through experience... Kind of a West coast vibe. The burger.. the meat tasted like a very fresh 80/20, had a juicy smashed sear almost like it was cooked on caste iron, crispy and juicy but not thin. Mayo ketchup sauce added a little zing as it has Cayenne in it. The egg bun was not a brioche but soft and rich, nice cushion for leftover beef fat.. Sign me up! Pickles crisp not soggy adds to the slight crisp bite of the burger. Fries standard crinkle, shakes are rich and creamy leaving that silky feeling in your mouth. Go get some!

Review №68

This new location is very well maintained. A plenty of order kiosks. Not much crowded. The quality of food is always great!

Review №69

The manager came by more than once to make sure we were enjoying our food. Very helpful and friendly. We love ordering with the kiosk!

Review №70

Tasty, safe place to eat.

Review №71

These are tasty burgers and hotdogs that are prepared with care. Their shakes are super tasty and come in seasonal flavors as well. My favorite is the cheese fries, their cheese is not just typical canned cheese sauce, it's thick and tangy like it's actually made with real cheddar. We haven't found anything here we didn't like. Plus you can order online for pickup, order at a kiosk, or order with an employee. All the options for whatever mood you're in. They've been packed everytime we've gone, so keep that in mind, they still do a great job of getting food out quickly though.

Review №72

Great service, great food. A little more pricey compared to Five Guys, but I like their burger better. More choices of toppings at Five Guys too. But I would go here over Five Guys!

Review №73

This place is amazing!!!! One of the best burgers around, everything is natural or organic and tastes absolutely stunning. The place is super busy (Friday around 11) but gets you in and out pretty quick. Got a milkshake (don't know how you can't since it's called the SHAKE shack) and it was decently good. I was going to take a pic to go along with this review but I ate the burger before I could get my phone out :(

Review №74

The fries were good and a lot of them. The burger was small and the taste was fair to good- nothing special. My $13 lunch was a basic hamburger-no cheese, fries and diet coke. Very expensive. Much better burgers and less expensive at s lot of different places. Will not be going back.

Review №75

Great food but incredibly slow service every time I've been there. The app is way off on estimating when your food will be ready.

Review №76

Very, very underwhelmed. I didn't expect the food to live up to the hype, but for the price point I'd probably not bother eating here again. Service wasn't terrible, but wasn't great either. Honestly there are better burgers (and fries, shakes, etc) widely available in town for far less money. I know a lot of people fight over in N out vs shake shack, and I'll have to give my vote to in N out in the burger battle, though their fries do need help. Overall glad I tried it, but wouldn't recommend.

Review №77

Absolutely delicious! Best burgers I've ever had! Definitely a new favorite

Review №78

This place is great! The food is great, the people are so friendly! Every time I go I bring someone who has never been so they can experience this amazing place! If you have not been here yet, you must try it!

Review №79

Expensive, absolutely delicious food. Clean gentrification interior for fast food. Great staff.

Review №80

The burger lived up to the hype. Really tasty and fresh. The shake was also very good. The fries were just ok. Very nice decor and has outdoor seating area.

Review №81

It's a small menu that is full of flavor. Their chicken is tender and yummy, and their burgers are moist and have lots of simple flavor. You must enjoy a deliciously fun shake while you are there.

Review №82

Great service!!! The workers are welcoming and the food Is ALWAYS made to order. Best burger place to date. Will be going back.

Review №83

I'd heard so many good things about Shake Shack that I was really looking forward to a treat. I was very disappointed! Disclaimer: I am a vegetarian that also doesn't eat cheese. The only meal option they had for me at this location/area was french fries which weren't all that great.My daughters are also vegetarian but, unlike me, they eat cheese. They got the only vegetarian option offered, a cheese/mushroom burger. To be fair, they really liked it!I learned later that Shake Shack does have a very good vegan burger, it's just not being offered at this location/area. Why they're not offering their vegan option when so many other local restaurants are, is puzzling. Nevertheless, if it's ever offered, I will return and try it and update my review.

Review №84

Will not be returning. My wife's hotdog to her was not of good quality. She said 5 guys is better My cheeseburger was burnt. Free days is better. Had the cheese & bacon fries. Bacon was burnt. Just a disappointing experience and not worth the price

Review №85

Great fries, great burgers, awesome shakes

Review №86

They serve the best tasting shakes ever,mine was a wonderful great tasting Salted Carmel Drizzle shake and a great tasting double burger to go with it, they also serv wine and beer etc. great place for lunch

Review №87

Fries were good, burgers where okay but the shakes were overpriced for what you got.

Review №88

The burgers are amazing and so is the chicken sandwich. The start of the show is the fantastic list of shakes.

Review №89

Arrived at 11 am, the food ordered at the register with special requests came out as ordered and delicious. The 3 stars reflects the uncleanliness of the restaurant. The stainless steel order counter had grease smears. The table surfaces did not appear to be clean, that is, they were greasy and had dried food. I overheard another customer complain to her husband that she had to clean her table and scrub it to remove dried food. The other problem was that the employees appeared to be stressed (not cheerful). I'm a Shake Shack fan and hate to see a newly opened restaurant decline and lose customers for correctable reasons.

Review №90

The hype is on overpriced burgers and chicken sandwich Not worth the wait. Just another fast food joint. Better off at five guys or chick fil-a.. I tried the chicken burger which was quite salty. The curly fries were not very crispy.

Review №91

Overall, I wasn't extremely impressed with my experience at Shake Shack.. the ordering process was confusing, the manager was overly bossy, and the burger exploded and burned my face with no warning. I will say though the food and shakes are good and the fries are fun shaped, but if I'm ever in the mood for a burger again, I'll probably find another joint to satisfy my craving.

Review №92

Second day opening and the place looks great. Not necessarily all employees know what they're doing right now so providing direction I s critical during grand opening. Keep up the great work

Review №93

Good hamburgers and great shakes.

Review №94

I wish there was a closer one. A lot of people don't know how to use the kiosks, so don't let a line scare you off if you're comfortable with technology. The smoke stack is my crack there. Wish it had more seating.

Review №95

The lettuce wraped burger is very delicious.

Review №96

Food was good, shakes not bad. Good overall. Your typical joco restaurant.

Review №97

One of the best in the world!

Review №98

Burgers were thin and cooked well done. Tried the Shake Stack and really enjoyed the portebello mushroom filled with cheese stacked on the cheeseburger. Crinkle fries were hot and crunchy. Service was fast and friendly. Burger reminds me of a dry version of a "butter burger".

Review №99

Favorite Burger franchise!!! ️ now in OP

Review №100

Food was good and the atmosphere was nice. It didn't take us long to get through the line to place our order and the person at the register was very polite. Our group ordered a couple Shackburgers, fries and shared the chick'n bites as we were curious to try them out. It took around 15ish minutes for our buzzer to go off, which seemed a little long being that it was very crowded while we were there. The burger was good although the bun was a little greasy for my liking...still ate the whole thing though!! We weren't fans of the chick'n bites so I'm glad we all ended up sharing those. They were very salty which ended up taking over the taste. I'm sure I'll find myself here again for lunch as the overall experience was good.

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  • Address:5200 W 119th St, Leawood, KS 66209, United States
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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