1805 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

We stopped by Shoneys to pick up breakfast to go and end up getting breakfast from the bar. It was actually very safe and the lady behind the bar served us. She was patient and very helpful and much appreciated. Each person there working very meticulous about safety and cleanliness. Good place to stop by and grab breakfast. Thanks for the freshly made pancakes!

Review №2

Just as I remembered it. We don't have have a Shoney's in metro Atlanta anymore, so I try to visit whenever I see one. They were very safe. The lady behind the bar got the food for you, so customers never touched the utensils.

Review №3

First time at a breakfast buffet place at $10,99 great deal, pancakes french toast sausage gravy biscuits fruit granola(no yogurt though) Very friendly people clean sunny wish there were more of these around and I got a Shoneys Bear

Review №4

Not worth the $12.99 buffet. You stand in line for 20 min to get bad food that is bland. No one is helping the people serving you the buffet. They are having to do it all, serve you, bring the dishes back, go get fresh food. No social distancing being implemented while in line. The food is not good. Kayla is an awesome server and made it worth while.

Review №5

Loved the service Josh was on it Hosting, serving, and busting his on tables. I think she was the manager but the lady who took our money was really SWEET!!

Review №6

ZERO STARS!! Absolute worst service! Don't even waste your time. We were told the wait was 15 minutes for 3 people... fine. It's Sunday, breakfast places are always busy, we get it. However after waiting AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN minutes, we left. I tried to go up to see how much longer it would be and I was left standing there with the manager looking me in the eyes multiple times not even acknowledging me.I literally never even write reviews but this place doesn't even deserve $1 from anyone. So here's your fair warning.

Review №7

The food was amazing and we had the best server ever

Review №8

Great Food!!! Wonderful Service. We will be back

Review №9

Not much of a selection,food was dry,not fresh,had to ask for fresh toast sticks,friendly staff.

Review №10

Shoney's Myrtle Beach is a good place for all you can eat breakfast and brunch. No longer a self serve buffet but the servers are clean, fast and polite.

Review №11

We were a little skeptical when we pulled in the parking lot because there weren't many cars but we had nothing to fear! Sarah W. was our waitress. She was wonderful and so was the food! We will definitely be back to try the breakfast bar!

Review №12

Buffet open and adapted, great food and service! Thank Sarah and friend for such an entertaining visit!

Review №13

The food was not as warm as I would expect for it to be but our host was excellent

Review №14

The food was good. The waitresses were friendly and helpful.

Review №15

Now cafeteria style. Not very busy so they erre able to bring fresh food to my table. That was awesome. Bathrooms need some work though.

Review №16

Excellent atmosphere, every employee is a hard worker, cordial servers and fast service!

Review №17

Customer service was good. Food was good.

Review №18

Worst food we've ever eaten and that's an understatement. The only thing worth eating was the grapes. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. Don't go here. Nasty cold food and dirty everything with floors so sticky it almost stole my shoe. Rude cooks. Nice staff and friendly service.

Review №19

Good service. Food was ok.

Review №20

Truly it should not be open. The people Tee, Charles, and other host are great and truly tried. The food, climate, area, building, and decor was terrible. Do not go.

Review №21

The lines moved very slow cause only one person was serving food. They weren't practicing social distancing

Review №22

A wait of over an hour which didn't stop when you got seated. Several people having to go get their own drinks. Hostess spent more time making coffee than taking names would show up front about one every twenty minutes. Need to hire some of them unemployed Covid 19 workers to help your establishment. Worse place i've ever been with no organization, and no after 1hr 15 minutes still not seated with a party of 2. Leaving won't be back

Review №23

They asked us why we were so loud when we weren't even being loud we were talking to each other.

Review №24

Good food, good service and reasonable prices.

Review №25

Every time we come here, the food is very good and the waitress/waiter is very nice and respectful. Buffet is cafeteria style due to covid-19

Review №26

It was great, I went here twice while I was on my vocation. Great food. All trays full, not crowded with people. Great personal. I'm glad I didnt listen negative reviews. Dont listen people!! Only didnt like pancakes... but that ok. Toasts was amazing.

Review №27

Our waitress Karen was best. Food was okay but our most memorable part was Karen to save the day being the resteraunt seemed unorganized and lost on what to do. Karen swooped in and took our table although she wasnt in our area and got us what we needed.

Review №28

Service was very good, but one server behind the bar serving everyone was tough. Difficult to go back for more food when you have to wait in a long line.

Review №29

Great food, staff and service during Covid19. They had Covid19 precaution protocol in place serving customers in a cafeteria style manner, requiring mask to served. I love it!!!

Review №30

Friendly staff... family atmosphere... breakfast was not the best. Flies were every where. Lady behind the breakfast bar wasn't so pleasant

Review №31

The food was good as always but when I sat down I thought I was going to hit the floor because the seat was that worn-out.

Review №32

Ate way way to much bFood was excellent

Review №33

Good food. Good service.

Review №34

Had a super nice waitress

Review №35

This is the WORST Shoneys I have ever had the displeasure of eating at. Lazy staff that literally complained when the host sat us. No tables bused, extremely dirty. The ice machine was broke, leaking water everywhere. Very limited items on the 14 dollar buffet. They didn't even put pancakes out! Absolutely filthy! Do NOT eat here! I took these pictures in case I got food poison!

Review №36

Shoney's is great, wish there was one around. Love the breakfast bar.

Review №37

Food was very basic, not well made. Very few options.

Review №38

So good. Breakfast of champions

Review №39

If I could give negative stars I would! That is literally the most shameful restaurant I have ever walked in to.2:20 in the afternoon. The staff was eating and hanging out, the tables were all filthy. The manager got up with a mouth full of food and put gloves on, and very rudely tried to seat us. She put all of our napkins on a dirty table and then tried to wipe it off. I am beyond disgusted.I think the health department needs to make a genuine visit!

Review №40

Good social distancing.

Review №41

Horrible. Sat down waitress did offer menus assumed at noon we wanted breakfast bar. So she went and got menus. Now mind you we had 4 adults and 5 kids. She brought no kids menu. We asked for kid menus she took drink orders. She came back and said the cook told her to tell us it would take 25 mins to cook what we ordered. But we hadn't ordered. I said ok and began to order. She just walked away. Another waitress came still no drinks we still hadn't order and she said it's gonna take 45 mins to cook your food. At that point I got the message we aren't gonna let you order off menu we left. The next restaurant was happy to serve us fyi the waitress at the restaurant we ended up at got a 40 dollar tip shoneys your loss

Review №42

I only give one star bc there isn't a 0 but o is hiw i feel. We ate at shoneys restaurant yesterday the back room behind the breakfast bar was hot and dirty the 2 employees that worked the breakfast bar was extremely rude to us. The food wasn't at all good the biscuits were a brown color . the bacon was greenish color tasted old. The lady that fixed my plate was extremely rude and got my bacon that dropped of the pan and was on the bar the eggs looked dried up our experience there wasn't good at all and i used to love shoneys but i am not going back to any of them

Review №43

Very disappointed not good breakfast and they didn't seat us keeping our distance they seat us close together

Review №44

We got a very nice waiter and the meal is awesome

Review №45

The service was great and the delicious

Review №46

One of the members of our party found a bug in her drink. She lifted it out with her straw that she had in her hand at the current time. The waitress took it and ended up bringing her another drink, to be told she didn't want it. After a moment, we asked for the manager, because at that point no one else wanted to finish eating and lost their appetites. The manager apologized and asked what we wanted her to do. The best thing to do, would've been to comp the meals, but since the waitress had already her food off the tab, she gave us half off the remainder. I usually love eating at Shoney's, this is the first in a long time that I didnt.

Review №47

It was good they served you at the buffet line.

Review №48

Disgusting. Not sure how these Shoneys stay open around here

Review №49

Best breakfast around polite servers n clean facility

Review №50

I was very disappointed with the food and not many items on the buffet to choose from.

Review №51

This pl kace only serves breakfast

Review №52

Was good but long line.

Review №53

Clean and friendly location love the food

Review №54

This place was extremely overpriced for the minimal options they had on the breakfast buffet. They don't tell you the buffet price nor do they have it posted in the lobby. For 2 ppl out total came to $34 for breakfast buffet and 2 drinks! Never again will I go to this place besides the food wasn't good and it's not the same as it was many years ago. Don't waste your time here there's plenty of other places with better prices, wider selections and better food!

Review №55

Always my favorite place for every meal.

Review №56

We ate breakfast here twice the week we were there for vacation. Food was good. It was fresh and hot. My only complaint about buffets is young children and their hands. That's not on the restaurant it's the parents fault. Parents fix your child's plate first then get yours....everyone will thank you

Review №57

Had a good server.

Review №58

Surprisingly good good. Great service. Ate off the menu as breakfast bar seemed lacking BUT it is way off season and late morning so no doubt that is why.

Review №59

Great level of service and food. I was impressed by burger and dessert Pecan Pie. Sarah is one of the best waitresses I have ever know. She was patient, nice and friendly even after couple refinements from us about our order. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone. It also deserves much higher rating.

Review №60

I love eating here. We had a great server named Sarah. She is the best friendly server in Horry County. Our drinks were never low. She's just so sweet. We will only ask for her when we come back. Thank you Sarah for a great lunch.

Review №61

Great breakfast buffet menu

Review №62

We dined here Friday morning. Decent food, very slow service, and very highly priced!

Review №63

Service and food was good.

Review №64

Great food and service.

Review №65

As far as the food goes it was 5 stars.Got there at 9am (breakfast ends at 11) and the food was tasty and seemed fresh. The buffet bar was small but had all the essentials.Issue came when I got the bill. $18.34 for just me. A buffet and orange juice. The orange juice was nonrefillable and from concentrate but ran me $4! Simply insanity.

Review №66

Food good social D

Review №67

This was a terrible experience. We were there pretty much at the start of breakfast buffet. The food was not fresh. There weren't a lot of options. We would have been better off at waffle house or pretty much anywhere else. Not worth it & price was high for terrible experience.

Review №68

We loved it. The food was great and the employees were very friendly and helpful. I wish we had time to have gone there last week.

Review №69

Great customer service I believe my waitress was Ms. Vonda or Ms. Rhonda. She is absolutely amazing with such a kind spirit, so friendly, and best of all she was always ready to help! I cant wait to come back in November this is the first stop when we arrive.

Review №70

Went to eat there today. Girl took our drink order. Never came back. Waited 25 minutes. Not busy at all. Won't be back.

Review №71

Sausage under cooked bacon was greenish looking biscuits looked brown the 2 ladies at the breakfast bar was extremely rude ham on salad bar was brown restaurant was dirty looking and was hot

Review №72

Our waiter Abdul was excellent he even gave us refills of our drinks to go. Breakfast buffet was picky children were able to find something to fill their plate and they ate every bite of it plus some of their father's so glad we stopped.

Review №73

I gave this place five stars all because of Vonda! I brought in 40 people to eat breakfast because we were from out of town! She took care of us like a pro! She stayed on the move! We never were without what we needed! The food was awesome and the place was extremely clean!

Review №74

Same great food since the first time I ever visited a shoney's 30 years ago.

Review №75

Gross bug in my drink and dead bugs on floor

Review №76

Wanted to do a new review but can't figure out how to do it, therefore, I will add to this one. Reduce the 5 stars to maybe 3. We have been going to this Shoney's for years but this last time was pretty bad. Food was cold, rolls were not cooked. Hubby usually gets two small plates of food but this time he actually left still hungry. Selection has never been large but it worked for us. No problem with the waitress. Agree with other reviewers that the ladies room needs to be really cleaned well or maybe just updated. At over $20 for two debating if we will give it another try. Thinking of trying Golden Corral. Really a shame.We go every time we are there. Everyone is always very nice. We especially like the breakfast and salad bar which gives you a good selection.

Review №77

I love this place. My wife and i always eat breakfast here when we are at the beach.

Review №78

The food in the bar was not that great but the waitress was really nice.

Review №79

Our Party was large, so for breakfast this was a good choice. Best buffet around. Stayed full of delightful items, traditional, and deserts. We were all good and satisfied. And full

Review №80

Excellent service staff

Review №81

Great buffet and lots of choices. Good food at reasonable prices.

Review №82

Great service, great food and selection of food. Only complaint is that where we were seated it was extremely warm and this was earlier in the morning, before noon.

Review №83

Horrible ,dirty over charged food not done nats tables not cleaned off a complete train wreck

Review №84

Great breakfast bar and service

Review №85

One star just because you can't give it a zero. Mini buffet bar, floors were sticky and looked like they haven't been cleaned in years. Bathrooms were the same way. Only good thing was the friendly staff.

Review №86

I come to this shoney's anytime I'm in Myrtle Beach. Love the buffet for breakfast. They are on time with low items and comes right out to replace it. Quick service, always tip your waitresses even if you get buffet

Review №87

We were extremely disappointed. There was a very poor variety of food. The food was not of good quality, the buffet offered canned fruit and the 1 fresh fruit they had was NOT ripe- the Honey dew Melon taste like cucumbers. This restaurant is NOTHING like any of the many Shoney's we have eaten at in the past. We should have gone to Golden Corral to enjoy their breakfast buffet like my husband suggested. We felt robbed and definitely will NOT be returning to this Shoney's. They received 1 star because the French toast sticks were cooked just right...

Review №88

The food was nasty.

Review №89

Good morning breakfast bar. I grew up with Shoney's and most have closed down here in the southern states.If you're lucky enough to see one give the a try for the breakfast bar.If you're going through around lunch time, try the famous "hot fudge ice cream brownie" you will not be disappointed.Can I get a like please.Thanks.

Review №90

Hardly any HOT food on the bar. Lumpy grits. Hard bacon. Cold hard French toast.I could go on but you get the picture. Don't waste your money on this location.

Review №91

Clean but VERY expensive! For my.5 children and 2 adults it would have been $125 for the buffet. Wasn't happening...! We went to McDonalds for $27!!! Their buffet food always looks dry everytime we have stopped in.

Review №92

Pandemic got shoney's looking crazy

Review №93

Food was great. Service was great. If your in Myrtle Beach try them out. Shoneys has always been our pick in Myrtle Beach and Summerville as well. Check them out, the buffet was great.

Review №94

Buffet was set up nicely and had a wide variety of breakfast items including fruit. Service was very good and will go back on our next trip.

Review №95

This place was awful. There was no food on the buffet. The phone was constantly ringing and a employee was standing there the whole time with no regards to it. The service was awful. They ran out of plates and when concern was expressed to employee, they didn't seem to care. Save your money and go somewhere else. I can easily rate this the WORST restaurant I have ever ate in, if you can call it a restaurant that is.

Review №96

Water from the ceiling dripped on me

Review №97

Came for the hot fudge cake, it didn't disappoint.

Review №98

This is the best service that i have found in myrtle beach.

Review №99

Friendly people..gr8 and out...Food is suspect at best...breakfast is no-no..if u looking for restaurant quality food.Maybe wait till lunch..Pancakes are descent.

Review №100

Price to high. Food half cooked and cold

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