Candela grill mexican restaurant
12572 S U.S. Hwy 181, San Antonio, TX 78223, United States
Candela grill mexican restaurant

Review №1

Off of HWY 181. Restaurant was colorfully lit with Christmas lights. Never been here before. I had my 70 year old mother with me & we were surprised to see the waitresses dressed scantily clad, but they were attractive. My mother exclaimed, "They gotta make a living too!" lol She's so progressive now. The margarita was awesome and the sirloin steak was juicy and well-cooked! Great place!

Review №2

Food is actually pretty good. I took my wife here for a nice relaxing lunch. She wasn't too thrilled, but i definitely would recommend. Bonus points if you take your girlfriend and wife at the same time. Will be back again.

Review №3

Great service, good food, well what I ordered. The only thing was the coffee I drink it straight up and it tasted burnt. I didnt like the taste, even though, I had two refills, but I think it was the cup that wasn't washed correctly.

Review №4

Food is actually really good. Not really family friendly on account of them hiring part time models as waitresses. Was not expecting that. Idk if I'd bring wife and kids inside and there is no warning besides these reviews. Its bikini tops and short shorts. To the guys this is the place you wanna be. Food is way better than hooters.

Review №5

Fajita nachos are delicious and frozen margarita are on point! Will definitely be back!

Review №6

Was a really great experience. Waitress was prompt in taking Care of us. And the food was delicious. Definitely going back for future business.

Review №7

The torta de fajita was good. Fresh agua de limon. Good service.

Review №8

Good food and i just went through the drive threw. Next time im going in

Review №9

Waitresses were friendly and food was good. Tried getting tequila shots but nothing was available. Other than no tequila lol it's outside of San Antonio but worth the drive.

Review №10

Food was pretty good but waitresses were dressed for a bikini contest. No wives or girlfriends in the place. Not family friendly

Review №11

Ordered chicken tacos to go got home only cheese tacos. Went back out for the family to la tapatia they got it right

Review №12

Service was really good. Had the wings and fries. Really good.

Review №13

They ran out of lemonade and they made some fresh for me! Now that's awesome!

Review №14

Food was okay. The service was good. Very busy place.

Review №15

Very small portions for the price. Mediocre food and flavor at best. Not really impressed compared to other Mexican restaurants. Probably only good part was quick service. Also; Ordered a water , was lukewarm and lacked ice. Why wouldn't you add ice to water???

Review №16

Great food, good atmosphere, cute waitresses, wish the tomato was diced instead of only sliced. Music was a little loud, hard to hold a conversation at our table of 4.

Review №17

Good food decent prices friendly service n food servers.

Review №18

Waitress had her mask hanging from one ear. Not acceptable.

Review №19

Tacos were ok but I didn't go out of my way just for TACOS! BEEN HEARING ABOUT THIS FOR A WHILE SO I GIVE IT A TRY.

Review №20

Great service, good food...... cold beer

Review №21

Good food great service

Review №22

Tacos ok. Girls ok

Review №23

The waitress was poor.. No hello how are you.. nothing just.."what would you like to drink". Took our order..brought food and that was it never came back to ask how it was the food.. no do you need salsa? refill on your tea? Nada! We actually had to chase her down and ask for refill and a to-go box. This was the 1st time I've ever visited this restaurant. Needless to say I will never come back. Horrible service!

Review №24

It was decent food anf the ladies are the reason they got the 4th star

Review №25

The food is awesome!!! We have been here 5 times now. Just another whole in the wall Mexican restaurant geared to be like Hooters with the waitresses. Friendly waitresses is a hit and miss here tho. They seem to like spanish speaking Mexican customers as our last waitress spoke very little English and communicating our order was a little difficult.Staff are most of the time nice and they get your order right majority of the time. I usually order the Fajita Trio. Super good!I would have gave 4 stars as our last visit the waitress made us feel she was not wanting to work. We had to call another very friendly waitress over after about 5-10 min to fix an order as our primary waitress went missing for over 15 min. My food got cold waiting to tortillas and cheese. As small as it is I'm not sure how that was possible.So the great food made by an awesome chef and the other friendly waitress saved the day to get 5 stars. I'm not going to let just the one incident effect the rating. The food is really that good and the waitresses are usually on point.The food is comparable to Chili's if not better. Which my wife and I usually will pick to go here vs Chili's.

Review №26

Friendly service. Good Tex Mex

Review №27

We went today bad service from the girl's that were working nobody came to help us to tell us what we wanted to drink or eat one of the girl's was in one table sitting down talking and the other two were in the register talking to two guy's and we were waiting for someone to come and help us and that was today and we went Thursday night To go eat there and were order our drinks and food and we were waiting to order more drinks and order food to go but they never came to our table again and we always go and know the owner's

Review №28

If you've never been you really need to make this a place on your bucket list !! The food is amazing and the waitresses are beautiful and very sweet ! Honey was our waitress and her name suits her very well she is as sweet as it sounds !!

Review №29

Great food beautiful women

Review №30

Great food, service and prices

Review №31

Tacos were good, I'd say a little overpriced but well served..

Review №32

Food is outstanding, wait staff is also very attentive and patient. I highly recommend lunch menu

Review №33

Why is it every every time I order a meal costing 7.99, that I get charged $10.06. these people are thieves. Don't check on your table. This place has good food and great eye candy. When you ask for a receipt, it only shows what you paid. Never get an explanation as to where the extra charges come from.

Review №34

The food was delicious and the service was great. I will come again soon.

Review №35

Stopped by after work with one of my buddies when he suggested it. It's kind of out there in the outskirts of San Antonio. Tucked away in a corner that's easy to overlook when you pass by. You seat yourself when you walk in and the waitresses will come and take your order. Man oh man, the food here was legit. I had the fajita nachos expecting them to be like any other Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. I was wrong, they were some of the best I had in SA. My friend had the enchilada plate and was blown away by how good they are. He devoured them in 1 minute flat. Definitely coming back here to try the other items on the menu.

Review №36

Good food. Nice waitress.

Review №37

Beautiful women good food I'm happy guy now

Review №38

Good place for eye candy dident expect that at all

Review №39

Great scenery, decent food too. It's a great environment for sports games or boxing fights. Definitely not a "family friendly" place. All in all I have it 4 stars because I feel like the food was alittle extra greasy and when you order a soda they bring it in a can. If your close by I would definitely stop by and check it out, just leave the wife at home lol

Review №40

Good food and service. Very fast. Hardly a wait at all.

Review №41

Awesome food lovely ladies

Review №42

Food is not bad, service is like spanish hooters, price is little high.

Review №43

Gorditas are sure al dente. Everything is great. From the customer service to the well presented dishes. Waitress was very nice. While making an observation or 2.. I will suggest the music changes to more Mexican than the one they had playing... And, keep an eye in restrooms as they weren't near n no toilet paper was placed. Gentleman, I'm sure ya'll enjoy the Eye Candy; I know my fb did! Hahaha.. Thats good for the business, tho...

Review №44

Great service food is amazing great flavor Margarita drink was awesome

Review №45

R u kidding me it's # 1 in my book.very beautiful girls and great service .I suggest u try it.

Review №46

Food was great and service was even better

Review №47

Great food ..pretty girls in bikini tops great service

Review №48

Delicious food and great and clean environment.

Review №49

Can't complain except that it's a bit far. But the food is good

Review №50

Very good I was surprised. The service was also very friendly. I will be going back

Review №51

The( tacos) looked good and the food tasted great

Review №52

Visited for the first time, it was very tasty and the friendly staff greeted us with open arms. Will be visiting again in the near future.

Review №53

Awesome plates and super cheap. The food is good.

Review №54


Review №55

Excellent service. Breakfast tacos are served hot from the kitchen. Servers always greet you with a smile. Good coffee. All around restaurant. Mexican food is excellent,

Review №56

Best food ever! Puffy tacos are amazing! We always get takeout so not sure how the inside is but food is amazing. And for in the middle of nowhere very reasonably priced.

Review №57

Great food excellent service and drip dead gorgeous girls

Review №58

The Burgers was great clean place great customer service will be going back

Review №59

Food is very good have gone to this location multiple times and ate inside. friendly staff just a little FYI the waitresses are dressed in **BASICALLY** a bra and very short shorts. Didn't know the first time (we went with kids 1&3yrs old) but if you can get past that food is honestly delicious.

Review №60

Refried beans no good intoxication waiting to happenChilaquiles where migasAll Male clientele wont care about food they just want to see some skin!

Review №61

Not bad, just good enough MEAT to stop by

Review №62

Pretty good breakfast tacos. I had the machacado and the chilaquiles. My friend had the chicharone/egg taco and the monster breakfast taco and he was happy with his choices. Pretty fair prices too. It was my turn to pay and we got full for @ $17. I'd eat there again definitely!

Review №63

Love their food and customer service. This is one of our go to places for tacos and dinner (occasionally).

Review №64

Had a taco salad with fajita style chicken. It was good. Mixed the ranch dressing with the table salsa...I would order it again. Huge and tasty lemonade!!

Review №65

Food is very tasteful, inside is very clean, service is excellent, and parking is good.

Review №66

Really good food!!

Review №67

Nice place. Food was good and great service.

Review №68

Great waitresses and very good service atmousph ere

Review №69

Great food and environment

Review №70

Food is ok and it's a little over hyped from what I would hear others say compared to the experience

Review №71

Good food, clean friendly staff.

Review №72

Fast friendly service and great food

Review №73

Got their mini asada tacos. They definitely give you a good serving and the meat is moist and delicious. Used drive thru so not sure about inside atmosphere. But I will certainly be a returning customer.

Review №74

Tortillas are very good!! This place has girl dressed in less cloth then Hooters foods good for real tho

Review №75

There tacos are good and the staff is outstanding

Review №76

Great food and great service, plus great eye candy..

Review №77

This place is surprisingly very good. I would say it's not a restaurant for young children due to the waitresses clothing but don't let that stop you if you are an adult. It's one of my go to places for Mexican food.

Review №78

The waitress were good but under dressed. The food we a good but not what I ordered.

Review №79

Great jalisco style Mexican food. Pretty waitresses, delicious sweet tea. Recently paved the parking lot.

Review №80

Good Service and good food

Review №81

The reason there is no Mexican food pictures... is cause the serve can beans and store bought tortillas .. for that you can get a gas station taco for less.. food is not good .. and staff can be rude ! Save your money and appetite..

Review №82

Great food, great service and the wait staff is gorgeous!

Review №83

No stars is more like it. Food is nasty. Margaritas were even worse. Definitely not a place for kids.

Review №84

The food What's okay. The service not so good.

Review №85

Great food and customer service.

Review №86

Mexican food. It is what it is. I wish the waitstaff checked on their tables rather than gossiping behind the bar.

Review №87

Good food and prices

Review №88

Very good food and great staff. Everyone was so nice.

Review №89

The food was good. And the waitresses were nice. Especially Allundra, she was cute and friendly.

Review №90

I always enjoy the food and the prices. They have lunch and dinner specials that are reasonably priced.

Review №91

Delicious food, great atmosphere. Definitely goin back!!!

Review №92

Good food and good view(s)

Review №93

Good food and great service

Review №94

Good service and good food

Review №95

Go for breakfast. So cheap you can't afford not to. The food is delicious and the service is great too. Be patient with the servers, some of the English isn't great, my Spanish sucks!

Review №96

Delicious food and great service. I considered Music was a little bit loud.

Review №97

Food is very good as long as you go for breakfast or late lunch, evening or dinner time not so good, different crew and quality of food and service is nothing like the morning.

Review №98

The food was good and service frendly

Review №99

Was my first time and it wont be my last! I met Shirley and Fanny. I had the huevos Rancheros con chuleta. The chefs are badass. Theres also a big surprise with the waitresses. I thought shirley was fine as age wine who was my favorite.

Review №100

Good food, big portion, friendly staff.

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  • Address:12572 S U.S. Hwy 181, San Antonio, TX 78223, United States
  • Phone:+1 210-633-1700
  • Mexican restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:5:30AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:5:30AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:5:30AM–10PM
  • Thursday:7AM–10PM
  • Friday:5:30AM–10PM
  • Saturday:5:30AM–10PM
  • Sunday:5:30AM–10PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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