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2638 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States
Review №1

First time visiting, definitely won't be my last. Got the Gyro Burger and was pleasantly surprised at the tower of a burger I was present on a nice beach of fries. Well worth the price.

Review №2

Good food, slow service. The latter part was not really their fault, right before we came in for dinner on a chilly Sunday evening, they received three big phone orders (the cashier lady said something like $150-160 per order). So every customer who chose to dine in had to wait quite a bit (15 mins) for our orders.We ordered the Gyro plate ($12.99), and the meat was very tasty, and the sides of salad, house potato, special rice, and hummus were all tasty. We also ordered one cheeseburger which was really big, and also quite tasty. The garlic fries were disappointing; they just sprinkled some minced garlic on top of regular fries, so the flavor was quite subtle.Overall, good food, and I would make sure to bring patience as they may suddenly get a rush of customers or phone orders for this small restaurant.

Review №3

This restaurant is the one I like best. I visit plenty of restaurants but to this one I constantly return again and again. The stuff is very amicable and the food they place on your table is so delicious. I never miss an opportunity to have a decent meal in this place. Highly recommended.

Review №4

I love this place very much. theres a friendly feeling. The kitcen is splendid. the service is dynamic and the team is polite. The pay is reasonable. I highly recommend.

Review №5

Love this place, fine food, high valued, fine taste, good manners and also fastI come from sunnyvale normally here to eat

Review №6

Good service and value burger and gyro are good eatting

Review №7

Decent place price x benefit.

Review №8

Good food quality. Meat lover's burger! meat on top of meat. I used to come here all the time, then the prices went up dramatically and rarely come back. Good food, but with no atmosphere and service, the value just was not there. A typical lunch should not cost more than $15 for entry and drink in a cafeteria environment. Otherwise the food taste is good.

Review №9

I absolutely love their gyros. The meat is always juicy and delicious.

Review №10

Burgers at this place - delicious. Great place to relax, people watch, eat good food or all the above. The service was friendly and sociable. It has a good atmosphere. Wish it was closer to my house, I would come every week.

Review №11

We were in grocery store near by and decided to take some take outs. Amazing place!!! Very delicious food, huge dishes that can feed a family, SUPER friendly service. It feels like home here. It is hidden jem with best gyros in the Bay area. We ordered cheeseburger and gyros burger and it was great! I loved it! They even gave us 2 bowls of very good soup while we were waiting. We'll be back there 100% thank you for being great place

Review №12

Homey feeling, simple counter service spot with great combo meals. The service is very considerate and generous, Mona is great. Their gyro meat is very flavorful and portions are generous. Love the spicy pickle toppings, chili sauce, and yogurt sauce sides.

Review №13

Food was fire customer service is great.

Review №14

Best.burger.EVER. Ive eaten a lot of meat and bread combinations aka burgers in my life time, but this definitely makes it into my top ten, hands down. True burger has a variety of simple but delicious choices from its classic true burger to the Gyros, Burgers & More true burger. It reminds me a lot of an older more sophisticated brother to In-N-Out, which i also love dearly. I like to keep it simple my self and get a true burger with cheese, grilled onions, and a side of garlic fries. Over all this place is a bit pricey so be prepared to spend a pretty penny, but trust me when I say its a penny well spent. Definitely would recommend this place.10/10

Review №15

The burgers were good but the service was horrible . When entering the restaurant, employers were all on their phones and instead of greeting us they just stared , until I said something for them to acknowledge our presence.

Review №16

Nice site for tasty Burgers. visited on sat i believe. i look forward to a return trip. this place has a cool feel to it. feels similar to a cafe in chicago i liked.

Review №17

This place has the best gyros around. 100%. The portions are huge and it all comes at a reasonable price. The Mediterranean fries are really good if you like feta cheese. I would recommend the #1 which is a gyros on pita. Also, the people that work here and own the place are incredibly nice. There's always a game on to watch too.

Review №18

We love this place. The folks there are always very nice and the food delicious.

Review №19

Inexpensive, good quality, fast, huge portions, and delicious!!!

Review №20

Love this place. Halal food with amazing portion sizes, prices and presentation. Definitely one of my favorite places. Just wish they were open late, would be awesome to go here for a late night meal.

Review №21

Burgers and the feeling here is super good. Stopped in on a Tuesday. The staff was sociable and attentive. Bring your appetite because portions are generous.

Review №22

A top scene for quality burgers. Super tasty. Service treated us so kindly. The bill was fair for the quality of the food.

Review №23

The experience in total is excellent We went their for a bday lunch for a friend. We ordered 5 different plates; beef kabab over bread, chicken kabob over bread, burgers & gyros wrap.The staff (& the owners as I assume) are friendly and probably Persians. Hence, the presentation of the food and its taste is incredibly awesome.Ordered hot black tea and again never failed me to be that good. They served the tea in a small tea pot and traditional tea glasses cups and sugar cubes.They serve Halal food.I'd bring my guests here if I need to invite someone.The place is small and cozy but you don't feel it's crowded as in other similar small places.Restroom is roomy and clean.Plenty of parking lot spaces since it's in a plaza. It's not attached to any building and it's close to the streetIt's my first time in this restaurant but definitely is not going to be the last.

Review №24

First time here food was fresh and good, service very good, small seating area for dining,

Review №25

Ordered ahead, but they just started to cook it when I arrived.

Review №26

The Burger is so delicious I like it.

Review №27

It was alright, I'm still looking for a place that has an incredible Gyro.

Review №28

We visited this place again as we had a good experience last time. The price list was a shocker so when we inquired, they said the ownership had changed. They had doubled their prices!We only bought gyros this time as we didn't like the kebabs last time. The sandwiches were large but stuffed with shredded lettuce and the meat was sliced way too thick. The tzatziki was provided in separate containers. It was runny and sweet.For a fast food joint, the prices are over the top. It's a far cry from $4.99 or so a year ago. Honestly, Arby's has better gyros albeit smaller sandwiches. It is the perfect size for a normal portion sandwich.

Review №29

This place has delicious food and a diner atmosphere. They people working seem very kind and accommodating. There are TVs with sports on to watch, and booth sitting to sit. There is food to eat, a good variety of Mediterranean cuisine, and drink to drink. pretty much a restaurant that is good, yeah, good restaurant.

Review №30

A good quick food stop with Anglo-American version of Adriatic / Mediterranean style food. However, if you have ever had the real thing (for example Gyros), you won't find it here, nor anywhere else I have been in the Bay Area serving this traditional Greek and Turkish dish. There really is a big difference.

Review №31

Burgers and the setting at this location is great. One of the best spots of its kind in the area. Really nothing but good experiences here. I see why this place has a lot of positive reviews.

Review №32

This is a great spot for an excellent Gyro! I love the juice!

Review №33

This place has Tasty food.midle eastern food and flafel i wouldRecommend this place.casualPlace fast service.

Review №34

Fantastic lunch. I will be back. Fresh and clean food. Very little grease. Service with a smile and prompt.

Review №35

Just a great place. Good Greek and Mediterranean. Gyros are the best ive found so far anywhere. Quick service. Easy in and out. Large portions.

Review №36

So lovely restaurant that cares much about its customers, and the Customer's food,as well as their favorites. We appreciate the restaurant management team , for their lovely services

Review №37

The food here is actually amazing. Their food is fresh. Their food tastes amazing. Its worth the price.

Review №38

We love to eat here because of the great Mediterranean style food. We usually get the Med salad with a bowl of gyro meat. Always fresh and tasty.

Review №39

This place hit the spot. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a side of fries. I instantly regretted not getting curly fries until my food was ready and i ate a fry. Yeah...they were good. Crispy and oil soaked from the fryer. Naughty naughty, yummy yummy.

Review №40

My favorite spot for tasty burgers. Do yourself a favor and give this place a try. The service here is great.

Review №41

Sweet little place, it was a little slow when we went in and they we're giving out free samples of some of their stuff which was awesome and my food was really good. If I could change one thing is I would have sit outside cuz it didn't seem to have much AC

Review №42

Burgers and the setting at this location is great. Excellent spot to spend time alone or talk business. Service is consistently good. Prices are appropriate for the quality.

Review №43

One of my fav places for delicious Burgers. Great location to chill, eat some good food. Really nothing but great experiences here, so I will be back.

Review №44

Great place! The gyroburger is awesome. A bit pricey but worth the experience.

Review №45

Always fast, generous and yummy. Oh it is fast food but so good and fresh. If you need a quick bite i reccomend Gyros, Burgers and More.

Review №46

Just a regular fast food if you're tired of burgers.Not bad at all.

Review №47

We has the kabob plates and they were terrific. Great lil atmosphere, friendly staff, and overall enjoyable experience. We'll be back for more!

Review №48

Burgers and the setting here is above par. i'll return friends next time. prices were fair for the quality of the food. i see why this place has a lot of great reviews.

Review №49

A favorite place for burgers. I love visiting here. The staff was friendly and sociable. This place has a great atmosphere.

Review №50

Food is so good and very well flavored, the price is decent and the staff are so friendly and generous.

Review №51

Burgers, yummy. Service treated us so kindly.

Review №52

A fav location for tasty burgers. service is always excellent even when they have a full house. prices are appropriate.

Review №53

The food here is good. The service is good and I never have to wait very long to get the food I order.

Review №54

Good scene for tasty Burgers. Nice place to relax, people watch, eat good, etc. Nothing but pleasant experiences here. Bring your hunger - portions are generous.

Review №55

After so long because of problems with Maryam the so called manager I went back at dinner time that she is not there and enjoyed the exalant service which any customer should get.Thanks to the night manager Nora.This please is very different if you are having lunch or dinner, worse to the best!

Review №56

Burgers at this spot - super good. Normally I would have posted a pic but food looked so good I couldn't stop.

Review №57

Very bad service, asked for gyros in the platter, received plain meat, and only meat in a bowl. I wish I could attach a picture. And the meat is (which is ALL I got, no kidding, no veritables or any sauces or anything but meat) is no appetizing at all and incredibly processed. Seems to have been an ownership change since I was here last :(

Review №58

Food is good but since owners changed service has gone down. They start charging for extra sauce and cheese. Food is still good.

Review №59

Good food but pricey

Review №60

Great little joint. Hearty portions at reasonable prices. Always a steady flow of customers which indicates people come back again and again. The gyro burger is good. Salads are good. The lamb shank is good. The lentil soup is good. Free refills on soda. Fast service. Good lunch spot.

Review №61

We ordered a cheeseburger, fries, beef kabobs and chicken kabobs. The food is decent, but we didn't really like the french fries.

Review №62

Amazing food , try lamb shank , gyro plate, burgers. Gyro wrap.

Review №63

One of my top places for burgers. do yourself a favor and give this place a try. i see why this place has a lot of great reviews.

Review №64

Yummy gyros. I love there food.

Review №65

The non meal gyro and the glass of water were great, big size gyro too. However, I watched $7.32 turn into $10 and as I looked at my receipt later, they had added a $2 tip without me knowing before they asked me to sign electronically on the signing screen on the register. Didn't appreciate that... Won't be back.

Review №66

So fresh and so clean, clean

Review №67

Good portions good cook nice staff

Review №68

Great gyros but must really try the fusions like gyro burgers and gyro burritos! You get the best of both worlds with these fusions. Reasonable prices considering the portions, ~$12 gets you a meal with fries and soda.

Review №69

Fast and tasty food with meet and fresh veggies

Review №70

One of my favorite places for delicious Burgers. it's so delicious. i will be back with my relatives.

Review №71

Great tasting food and excellent variety. Prices not cheap however not too expensive neither.

Review №72

Great gyro. Great service

Review №73

Meat was cold and fries were soggy. Heard great things about this place, so I was highly disappointted.

Review №74

EXCELLENT as always! Great food and friendly service!

Review №75

Huge gyros, lots of meat and toppings. Tastes great. Good prices.

Review №76

Good food great value

Review №77

Professional and friendly staff, great food quality, big portions, and delicious food. A definite ️️️️️

Review №78

Eat here often. Good food, fair prices. I will be back.

Review №79

Fast Greek food in Campbell. Looks like they have increased prices recently.

Review №80

Good food great service

Review №81

The food here is amazing, the fries are like In N Out fries but largers.

Review №82

Food was delicious plus friendly staff

Review №83

Burgers, mmm, super delicious. Food with real quality ingredients.

Review №84

For the money, you get a whole lot of bang for your buck. I've been here several times now and each time their Gyro's taste fresh. For under $10 you get a delicious and impressive sized Gyro, fries and a drink. Not many places can say they do the same!

Review №85

Food was filling and very tasty. Good price for a hamburger.

Review №86

This place is amazing. Everything is so tasty and the portions are so, so generous! The American fare is great, but to get the full benefit, try the Mediteranean dishes--the kababobs on Lavash bread are truly out of this world.

Review №87

Fast service. Good prices were great friendly server

Review №88

I loved the place and so yummy food. Nice employees.

Review №89

The food at gyros burger and more is more splendid and the opportunity to enjoy the great food is even more better. they offer a lot to on the menu for everyone to eat and especially the lamb and beef gyros and the burgers are very delicious. I have been here a lot within the last 2 years. Luckily this place has great customer service to offer to every customer so they can come back for more delicious foods. They offer catering so if you ever have any occasion/parties that you are planning to throw this establishment is defintely a very good choice that can provide good food. I recommend this place to everyone who wants delicious gyros, don't hinder your hunger.

Review №90

Delicious food and employees have always been great !

Review №91

Yummy Greek Gyros and fare price

Review №92

Very good Persian kebab sandwich options here.

Review №93

A great lunch spot! The portions are large and combos are for a fair price. I wish I had more meat on my chicken rice plate. It looked a bit plain with just rice and meat. It doesn't include all of the different sides, but the chicken was not dry. Flavorful and good for work lunches.

Review №94

Service/people are GREAT:) Food is great as well and portion sizes are excellent! The burgers are actually better in appearance than the pic posted in their menu, and taste just as good. There are also fit/lower calorie options available such as getiing your meal over salad instead of rice. I go here at least once a week for past 6 months minimum and have found them very consistent in the above mentioned areas. Never have a problem finding parking either.

Review №95

Great family owned restaurant. Everything I ordered was fantastic! Gyro burger, koobideh wrap, felafel, dolmas and potatoes and rice. Great service.

Review №96

The food itself and the banana shake are great! It's just hard to stay at the location when it's raining and winter cold.

Review №97

Awesome! A little bit more expensive than other fast food, but worth every penny as the food is sit-down quality and the portions are very generous. Been eating here at least once a week for years.

Review №98

Love the falafels at GB&M! This is a casual place, but the food is really great. I always opt for the garlic feta fries :) Service is fairly quick. It's a small establishment: if you're planning to eat in, it's more comfortable with four or less people in your party.

Review №99

Gyros best one yet. Plenty of great tasting meat

Review №100

Ginormous portions of delicious freshly made Mediterranean food plus burgers and fries. Do yourself a favor and try the chicken

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  • Address:2638 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States
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  • Phone:+1 408-469-5009
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Greek restaurant
  • Mediterranean restaurant
  • Middle Eastern restaurant
  • Persian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:12–8PM
  • Tuesday:11:30AM–7:30PM
  • Wednesday:11:30AM–7:30PM
  • Thursday:11:30AM–7:30PM
  • Friday:11:30AM–7:30PM
  • Saturday:11:30AM–7:30PM
  • Sunday:12–8PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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