Jets Pizza
30120 Southfield Rd, Southfield, MI 48076, United States
Review №1

Really great pizza! We love it and they get it right at this location each time!

Review №2

Quick service. Decent pizza.

Review №3

It is May 3, 2020. Still under quarantine with the governor under COVID19. We are all required to wear masks in public. So it was really surprising to me that when I ordered my pizza, and picked it up, the employees were not wearing masks or gloves handling food. I cannot believe it. It is required - especially handling food? UNFORGIVABLE.

Review №4

I love Jets Pizza, but today I just ate the worst pizza ever. Do not go the Southfield location on Southfield rd. The pizza was not freshly made and it was burnt. $18.00 for a pizza that was absolutely horrible. COUNT YOUR DAYS JETS! I will never spend another dollar at your establishment.

Review №5

I frequent this excellent place from time to time as I enjoy the special air that is part of this place. The personel is extraordianrillyremarkably attentive and professional. The service is extraordinarily quick. Most important, the food they serve is great. I have been there often and I was always satisfied. The payment is fair. I highly recommend this restaurant to to all.

Review №6

Delivery drivers are great. The inside staff, not so much. Beware of texting your orders. More than half the time I've done this my order wasn't even started. There's a lot of screwing around by the inside counter staff. Often on their phones, often making you repeat yourself more than once. It's a bit of a circus. I'll be taking my business to Capri pizza on Greenfield from now on. Tastes better, much better service from adults instead of misbehaved teenagers.

Review №7

HORRIBLE customer service. Ordered a large pizza and the pizza was not cut fully, when I got home I had to cut it myself. Also ordered boneless wings that were not cooked all the way. Also the young cashier had an attitude. Asked for two sides of ranch, and when i asked if they were in there i was told yes and when I got home, they were not. When i called about it that night, whoever it was that was working told me to call back the next day and ask for a manager which I thought was odd. So I call back the next day and ask for the GM, the GM basically told me that it's nothing they could do. I will NEVER go back to this garbage location. Even one star is too much. Be warned.

Review №8

Big guy was seriously so nice that worked there. Told me to grab a drink on the house for the amount of time I waited for the pizza. I appreciate it!

Review №9

They're heart pizza was delicious, heart cinnamon bread was awesome Pizza to die for. This is the one in Southfield on Southfield road I'm talking About!! between 12 &13mile on Southfield!!!!

Review №10

The employee taking the pizza out of the oven, cutting and boxing had his mask under his chin. I will never get pizza here again.

Review №11

Jets 10 with turbo crust can't go wrong absolutely delicious

Review №12

I visit this place a lot since I work in the area. I have to say the customer service is always good and they keep the spot well organized all the time. Rates are fair and they serve large portions.

Review №13

Had a 741 small my brother bought 549 lunch 2 slices and pop he got more pizza a pop and speny 2dollars less never again asked girl was a small the same size as 4 slices she yes not even close

Review №14

This place is a scam! They send a ton of coupons out, but will not give coupon price for a pizza if they are delivering it. There are plenty of better pizza options in the area. Don't go here!

Review №15

Always cool and always good pizza

Review №16

Called in my order said it would be ready in 10 mins when I got there still had to wait 8 extra mins. But got a free pop20oz.

Review №17

I have a couple of issues with this place. It seems like the staff is a little disorganized and they have messed up my order once, (and they overdid my Eugene Pizza the last time I picked up). However the pizzas they make are really good (I liked my Eugene even though it was a little dark) and the Jetski's sandwiches and salads they make are good. And when they messed up my order they fixed it in 10 minutes and I got the pizza I wanted. So even though the staff seemed a little disorganized, they get the job done and I'll go back.

Review №18

Just garage. I hate this location and will never be back. Peace I am outta here!

Review №19

Worst phone call taking order. When I called, and was ordering pizza, I asked whats the price of bread they have, the guy told he don't know and he didn't even try to look for the price. And when I was asking something else, he hung up on me!

Review №20

Great service and of course the food was good

Review №21

I went to pick up my order at the Southfield location on Southfield Rd and no one was wearing a mask. Customer service sucked! The manager was rude to my girlfriend when she called to complain about our pizza that was reheated and burned.

Review №22

Can't say I have ever had any issues with this location yet. I do pickup and not delivery and it is always ready when they tell me it will be ready.

Review №23

Great place for pizza and salad!

Review №24

You can never go wrong with Jets

Review №25

Always fast and friendly service. Great prices and they always have a special on pizza.

Review №26

3rd time the offers on the prerecorded message doesn't match price! Fix this, otherwise I will presume you mean it to be this way and think you're a theif for the bait and switch upcharge I've had after two of the three last visits... oh by the way the young ones you have answering your phone need etiquette/decorum in this area or in the very least some training on how to talk with potential customers. I know it's only a pizza joint, but hey "money is green"! Let's get it right please...

Review №27

Busy place. The young men and women are very courteous and friendly. The barbecue chicken square pizza is the best. Calling ahead is best.

Review №28

Ordered pizza for the office on April 23rd 2019. Pizza came at the expected time but part of my order was missing (the salads). The delivery guy was very confused. He was stumbling everywhere and would not take his sunglasses off. He gave me another salad and then took it back saying its the wrong order. I am not sure of the screening process for Jets Delivery Drivers but this driver seemed to be under the influence. If i can give 0 stars for this delivery guy, I would.

Review №29

The pizza was dry, burnt peppers, sausage, ham and crust, very little pizza sauce, I frequent the Jet's Pizza Auburn/Crooks in Rochester and have never been DISAPPOINTED. I will NEVER EVER COME BACK HERE, JETS PIZZA ON SOUTHFIELD RD. What a BUST NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

Review №30

Pizza is delish.... always fresh and hot....I would recommend Jets pizza to anyone looking for great pizza...they have deep dish traditional round and many other pizza options.

Review №31

Horrible service and horrible pizza got Violently ill manager and owner had no answers This place is horrible customer service and FOOD do not go to this location I warn you

Review №32

Great pizza, I only wish they would be consistent with the deep dish crust, sometimes it's crunchy the way I like it . Other times it's too soft. They probably need to keep their old pans and not change them out for new ones.

Review №33

Poor customer service. Four staff failed to acknowledge my husband's presence initially when picking up pizza after hanging up on him twice. We'll drive further to another franchise ocation or another pizza chain w/ better service who are trained properly and appreciate customer's hard earned $.

Review №34

Horrible service and horrible pizza got Violently ill manager and owner had no answers

Review №35

Great pizza as always. The staff at this location are second to none. Very friendly and always smiling.

Review №36

I like them. They are always on time. Sometimes early. The food is perfect temperature and if something small was ever missing they would go get it. I am only like a mile away though.

Review №37

Excellent service

Review №38

Excellent service great bread and sauce cooked well, I recommend 9 mile and Southfied Branch to all customers to come out and get that great taste, From 1ST STAR Songtress

Review №39

The best!

Review №40

I ordered my standard pizza online but somehow ended up with a round versus square pizza. They remade no problem and it was great as always

Review №41

Best bbq chicken pizza in Michigan.

Review №42

Love jets 8 corner pizza

Review №43

Good fresh pizza with super great crust!

Review №44

Excellent customer service and pizza

Review №45

Jet's was good after they had to remake our the first was over cook

Review №46

They have really good pizza and their pepperoni bacon is the best

Review №47

I eat allot of pizza but nothing kills my pizza craving like Jets

Review №48

Ordered the pizza an hour and a half ago and the pizza still hasn't has arrived. Pathetic!!! We are only 1.3 miles down the road!!!!

Review №49

Good pizza

Review №50

I wish i could give this place 0 stars. i love jets pizza but this location is a trashbin. makes the whole company look bad. employees are rude and seemingly have no knowledge of anything. avoid this jets location at all costs!!

Review №51

Pizza looks and tastes amazing. Good job

Review №52

This place only got one star because you have to give at least one to leave a review, every single time I order from here it takes AT LEAST one hour to get to me. On top of the ridiculous delivery time it's gets here cold and not correct what so ever, they always mess something up or forget to bring something I paid for. I HIGHLY suggest you skip over this location and find you another jets that ACTUALLY cares about customer satisfaction.

Review №53

Save yourself a headache and order from the Jet's Pizza in Birmingham.

Review №54

I ordered from Jet's over the weekend and got an awesome surprise. Not only was the foid great but the service time was so quick I couldn't believe it. I ordered a pizza with myshrooms and they did not skimp. Thanks for great food and service!!!

Review №55

These people are really, really, really DUMB.You see, my friends and I wanted to order pizza at school just for fun, so we had to have a teacher call this place in order to receive it. We asked our advisor if he could do this, and he of course said yes. He calls them, and we wait FOR AN HOUR AND HALF! We waited, waited, waited and waited at the front lobby area where they were supposed to deliver the food. No one showed up at all. We were all starving, and class was about to start. We had our advisor call them up again, and he asked why they were taking so long. The worker said they waited 20 minutes at the front door and no one showed up! We were there for and hour and a half sitting, anxiously waiting for our food, and no one was there. My advisor told him this information, but he refused to listen and said that they were NEVER going to deliver to our school again. This really just angered me because they yelled at my advisor who was being a very respectful guy and didn't deserve to be yelled at. They also were obviously lying since we waited at the front door of our school where they usually deliver the food. This really just got me so angry to a point where I wanted to write about the experience with this restaurant. PLEASE I BEG YOU DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE. They are lying skunk bags who deserve no money!

Review №56

First time ordering from this particular Jets . Went online . Super easy . Wow FAST delivery ! Nice delivery person . Pizza exactly as ordered . Somewhat expensive but I will pay extra for quality !

Review №57

This location SUCKS!! ordered a pizza online at 2:30 while i was at work and put a 6 instead of a 3 in my credit card details. obviously, it didnt go through but no one from the store called me until it was 4:15 and i was wondering where my pizza was! i called them and the employee informed me that they cancelled my order. no calls, no warnings, just 1.5 hours of waiting for no reason.

Review №58

Only reason im giving a star is because I have to give one to give a review. I ordered a Meditaranian pizza yesterday. I now realize jet's dosnt have a Meditaranian pizza instead of telling me that they sent me a vegetarian pizza. I guess that's policy here. If we don't have what the customer want take there money & send them anything. I'm telling you, if it not for the pizza being burnt they're wouldn't have been flavor on this pizza lol. The kids pepperoni pizza was burnt. This is Christmas eve so they closed early so you can't complain to them. I strongly recommend you go to a Poppa Ramonos or hungry Howie. This location has turned me off to any of the jet's brand. Youve been warned

Review №59

Great food. Fast paste employees.

Review №60

I've only ever ordered online here, probably about 10 times. Food is always the quality I expect and delivered promptly.

Review №61

I have the simplest order and this location makes it wrong all the time, do yourself a favor and drive to another jets.

Review №62

I like their pizza

Review №63

Love their pizza and salad

Review №64

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Review №65

Nice place

Review №66

Nice pizza. Love it.

Review №67

Always good never had any problems and it's always hot

Review №68

They are wonderfully personable!

Review №69

Food was supposed to be delivered at 11:37 AM. At 12:21 PM delivery driver called and said that they didn't deliver to my address, even though they have multiple times. I called store. They placed me on hold. Forgot about me on hold. I hung up and called back. It's horrible. Go some place else

Review №70

The WORST jets i have ever ordered from. orders ALWAYS take at least 20 minutes more than what they quote you and on several occasions ive received lukewarm food

Review №71

Pretty fast for carry out

Review №72

This has to be the WORST jet ive been too.spent $37 dollar and extremely disappointed.Bought a lg bbq chicken pizza and there is barely any bbq sauce on it.The bread stick were burnt.

Review №73

Terrible they all deaf and slow and move like they have one leg....I wish they didn't disgrace jets name like this terrible service...staff looks like there all on drugs...I'm so over it ....I'll go to papa Romania's

Review №74

2nd best pizza

Review №75

Love their pizza!

Review №76

Great thin crust pizza!

Review №77

Pizza was good

Review №78

Good pizza

Review №79


Review №80

Not good at all

Review №81

Don't, bother

Review №82

Review №83

Excellent!!!! Superb!!!! 5 Star!!!!!

Review №84

Good pizza

Review №85

Get the Jet-10 with extra cheese!!!

Review №86

Great food

Review №87

Always delicious!!

Review №88

Like their pizza

Review №89

The Best!!!

Review №90

I was ordering from jets tonight since I put my card number in wrong they would not accept my order at all will never order from them again!

Review №91

Good pizza.

Review №92

Fast service

Review №93

Food is not that good to have to wait 3 hours for delivery I can not order from them anymore!

Review №94

Always good

Review №95

Solid Pie All the Time!

Review №96

Love their cheese bread only is good at southfield location

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  • Dinner:Yes
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  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
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  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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