Boston Market
26021 Hoover Rd, Warren, MI 48089, United States
Review №1

Best carry out since the beginning of Covid19! Food and service were so good!

Review №2

Will share taste buds after we have eating but it look good give a 5 star cause I kn it good

Review №3

It's been sometime since I've visited a Boston Market. The restaurant at Hoover & 10 Mile, although quite busy, the team that served us was still very professional and attentive. And I really enjoyed my prime rib meal. Looking forward to going again soon.

Review №4

Food is always fresh, great deals, & good staff but this location has been running out of items the last few times I went. Will continue to update my review rating

Review №5

This was my first time visiting Boston market. I came in with my coupon for a $3 quarter chicken meal for the Tmobile Tuesday deal. The staff was very welcoming. There were about 6 people ahead of me that were doing the same deal. The staff were very organized and there was no issue with the codes. The food was amazing! I would definitely return.

Review №6

Pot pie was great but the chicken could have been diced smaller. Was more pulled chicken and pieces were too long for a single bite. Corn bread was awful and I wished they had their brussel sprouts and bacon side dish.

Review №7

Food not ready and service was terrible very very rude . Food was cold spent $40. Place was very busy and full of unhappy guest. Food ordered was unavailable once we had to stand in a line for them to start making our online order .

Review №8

Very disappointed tonight after spending almost 30 dollars I got ICE COLD food that lacked any taste. Ending up throwing away two meals, Brussel sprouts were sour like they were bad. Tasted old.... the only good thing was the apple cobbler and that was after I stuck it in the microwave. VERY sad right now.

Review №9

I like to go with friends to this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I visit this place often. This recommendation is always successful. The dishes they serve are flavorable and the stuff is efficient and cooperative. always when we eat in this place we have a pleasant time. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Review №10

Mostly really good. One time they sent an order with an entree missing. They made it right. Just hate when u r really hungry and an item isn't there. Food great though.

Review №11

Food is good. What is better is that all employees wore their face masks properly and there were 6 ft squares marked on the floor for customers. They are now our “go to” place for carry out.

Review №12

Food was fresh, wait was longer than should be. There were only 2 of us in line.

Review №13

I love there food and customer service was great

Review №14

No vegetables at 5pm dinner rush. Completely understaffed. Placed my order online had to wait 10 minutes to get it. All 4 dinners were not what we ordered. Lazy unorganized uncaring employees. Payed 50 dollars for the dinners!

Review №15

How are they always out of chicken? This is the Boston Market closest to me and on several occasions they have been out of chicken. It makes me upset because I have gone during different hours and they are out of chicken and it's not even close to closing time. Something needs to be done about this. I don't understand how you run out of your most popular item. Also when they do have chicken, I always have to put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes because it's never done all the way.

Review №16

Best Boston Market ever!!!! The food was great!!! Employees are very nice

Review №17

Another great location for fresh hot good food

Review №18

Nice staff. Very busy good food check it out.

Review №19

This spot offers superb service and yummy meals. The best spot around here. The drinks and food came out fast and the prices were reasonable. I recommend this place.

Review №20

That was awful and the place was so dirty. Lady behind the counter was so rude and unpleasant. Never again will I go back. Telling all my friends to stay away.

Review №21

Food was gross! The mac and cheese was watery and the meatloaf had a weird creamy texture instead of a meat texture

Review №22

Ordered lunch while at work, the chicken was dry and the quarter white is getting smaller. The cornbread was hard, I will never order from this place again.

Review №23

Fresh hot food fast service.

Review №24

I just went there. They had no chicken. 30 minute wait. I don't understand how. Fast food has become not so convenient.

Review №25

The food changed drastically from each store since March

Review №26

I did not like the service I was provided today. I went inside today to pick up my order that I placed on the website online. The cashier told me someone picked up that order already. She confused me with doordash when i told them more than twice that I ordered straight from the website & the wrong person picked up my order. The cook in the back acted like it would inconvenience her so much to remake my order that they gave to the wrong person(which had the same initials as me) which i already explained to both her & the cashier. But when u have an attitude it's hard for you to think or listen clearly. The cook begrudgingly remade my order after telling her for the final time that I did not order with doordash. The cashier apologized to me for the inconvenience.I doubt I'll be returning to this location again.

Review №27

I prefer this restaurant a lot. theres a romantic air. The kitcen is superb. the service is effective and the stuff is trained. The price is modest. I warmly recommend.

Review №28

I'm not sure if I can really properly write out how I feel about this place. So I suppose I'll start with the good things. The staff is friendly. The place itself always looks nice and clean. Most of the food is usually really good.However the mac and cheese is usually very gross and pretty much ruins the experience for me. Every time I've ordered it with my meal there was a metallic taste to it and I'm usually disappointed overall even though everything else taste great.I honestly feel bad writing anything negative just because of mac and cheese. But I always love mac and cheese as a side and the mac and cheese I've gotten here always seems to ruin the entire meal for me.Will I eat here again? Most likely. Will I try mac and cheese again? Probably. Will I trust the mac and cheese? No, not really.

Review №29

5-stars at this locate ... I got there at 9:30 pm asked for Chicken ciabatta sandwich, and had no problem . The customer was great and service was fast. The Shelby twp. needs to take a play out this store's playbook.

Review №30

Ordered online. Said 45 minutes till it's ready. We get there to pick it up and they tell us our food wont be done for another hour. Slow, terrible service. Never come here if you value your time.

Review №31

Usually very friendly, always yummy food. Great when you need something cozy.

Review №32

Food is very blan each dish I ordered had no flavor the rotisserie chicken was extra small. Portions are not worth the price they charge. Don't waste your time coming here.

Review №33

Workers there always upset specially the African American lady always upset and rude

Review №34

I'm supposed to pay for the meal that earned with my points? And hope customer service pays me back? Second time I've had an issue with their points. Scam

Review №35

Good service and Good food

Review №36

My food was tasteless like a frozen TV dinner. Will not go back.

Review №37

Always prompt and courteous staff. For being in a strip mall you might not expect what you would out of a full dine in type restaurant Boston markets are known for. The staff always goes the extra step to make sure you have everything you need. Not sure if they are trained to ask you if you want dessert and utensils but they always do. Lol.

Review №38

Horrible missing over half my order and recived old food worst location ever!!

Review №39

It's just food

Review №40

Customer service was good but the chicken salad sandwich was disgusting. They excitedly had me wait for their new fresh baked chibata bread right out the oven. I'm sure the bread was delicious but I couldn't taste it because the entire sandwich was mayonnaise. So gross! I would have rather had the plain bread. What a waste of money!

Review №41

The food is always fresh and hot, they have a variety of sides, the employees are friendly helpful and courteous! You also save if you do the survey on the receipt buy a meal with a drink and get another meal for free!

Review №42

The young lady was sooo nice! I could hardly talk because I lost my voice but she was very patient. My side item sampler was good. Mashed potatoes are yummy and a great comfort food when you are under the weather. Mac and cheese were good, but I got the bottom of the pan so most of the noodles were smaller, but still good. Went with sweet potatoes cuz, well, comfort food and they were sweet and yummy. Corn bread was good. It's been a while, so I may be stating something you already know, but the new carryout containers are so much better. Nothing spilled out, none on the inside of the bag. Perfect.

Review №43

They are good

Review №44

I love there food it is so good

Review №45

Hoover and 11 mile market is always good.

Review №46

I placed an order online, they called said it would be a half hour, 45 min later they are not going to have any chicken. And then I'm told it will take 3 to 5 days for refund. It will be a long time before I come here again. What a waste of an hour.

Review №47

Really nice people

Review №48

Everything I ordered needed salt...... Lol.Taste the food you put out please.

Review №49

It's ok always running out of food! Need more training I order a three piece, they gave me a 2 piece. Never ready!

Review №50

The prime rib was delicious only complaint is after I was asked did I want the horseradish sauce and au jus I said yes STILL wasn't put in bag I guess I'll check next time because those sauces would've set the meal off!!

Review №51

Food always tastes good. Friendly helpful people.

Review №52

Delicious food and good customer service

Review №53

This was the worst experience I have ever had at a Boston Market; I normally love the food. They were out of Brussels sprouts, so we waited for them. When they came, my daughter was grossed out because they had not cut the hard, dirty end off of the sprout. I tried to take one out of a dish to cut the end off for her, but they were so undercooked I couldn't even get my fork in them. I returned them for spinach instead. Next, we ate the Caesar salad, and half of the lettuce was frozen. Finally, the mixed vegetables were also undercooked, and again we couldn't even pick the carrots up with a fork because they were so hard. As we left, I spoke with a manager. Not only did she not even try to make things right for us, bit she didn't even apologize! Highly disappointing, and definitely dissuades me from eating at a Boston Market again.

Review №54

Fast service, great food, clean environment, nice employees

Review №55

The food is good and the staff is friendly!

Review №56

Grandma what did you cook. Creamy Spinich, mash taterz, and spent all day roasting a chicken. thanks Grandma. She winks and says thanks boston market

Review №57

The employees here are great. Im from Texas so when I go up north I dont expect much southern hospitality. But that was amazing customer service. Will definitely be back if I'm ever in the area.

Review №58

They had one chicken in the rotisserie oven, ask for a quarter white, they reached to a warming container and gave me a sorry looking not cooked very well piece, and when I ask for a fresh one, the person handling the chicken started to shake his head in a way showing his dissatisfaction with my request. I thanked him and left.No wonder Boston Market is a company that closed most if its doors.

Review №59

Yuuummmm, the food here is great, i came here with 3 people and the service was super fast and the employees were really nice

Review №60

This place is a joke. Management is a joke. I love Boston market but these employees are ruining this store.

Review №61

I enjoy working as a casher her at Boston Market Great food and friendly faces When you walk into the store

Review №62

Not too bad at this place on Hoover and 10-1/2 mile...

Review №63

Fast friendly service always get my order correct.

Review №64

I like coming here. Friendly staff, good food. No complaints.

Review №65

The workers greet you when you walk in. They are very pleasant. The food is very good. You REALLY need to try the loaded potatoes. They are my favorite.

Review №66

Great friendly service. Food is always yummy

Review №67

The Chicken is so good I wanna cry!

Review №68

Boston Market is my grandma's favorite spot for dinner. They give nice portions, the sides come out fresh periodically and the meat is always fresh. The staff at this location are nice and it is usually very clean.

Review №69

Not packed for lunch. Polite staff. Clean restaurant.

Review №70

Service you get from them is below average. Plus when I spoke I felt no one cared about me or my meal.

Review №71

I am very displeased with my experience this time. None of the staff wore gloves and handled the food with bare hands. I did not see handwashing until I requested after seeing the staff scratching her head twice and playing with the inside of my bowl with bare hands while taking a phone call. Nobody wore hairnets. I am very irritated and disturbed to see such unsanitary conditions in a place I truely enjoyed in the past. I finally decided to cancel my order when the cashier began to handle food after handling cash from the customer in front of me.

Review №72

The staff here were VERY welcoming. D'andra (I think that's her name), was the one who helped me. I am new to Boston Market, so I'm not familiar with their food options. D'andra was very patient and kind with me as I made my choices. It was two others helping behind the counter and they were friendly and helpful as well. I tried the roasted garlic and herb rotisserie chicken! It was so good. So was the sweet potato mash, mash potatoes, really every thing I had was good. So, good service and fresh food here! I will be going back again. Thanks Boston Market team!

Review №73

Really good quick service. Had to pick up some food as a delivery driver and it was very pleasant.

Review №74

This used to be one of my favorite locations but our last visit was pretty awful. I don't know if management changed but there are definitely opportunities for improvement. Our order was 2 half roasted chicken dinners and 1 turkey. We were told there was a 6 minute wait for turkey which was fine, then we were told 10 minutes twice. After an almost 30 minute wait my husband just asked for chicken. I will stick with the Grosse Pointe location and drive the 2 extra miles from now on.

Review №75

Luv this place

Review №76

Good food. Love the meatloaf

Review №77

Had a wonderful meal the blazing honey chicken and mac&cheese

Review №78

They were running a little late with my order but their great service and the grift of brownies made up for it.

Review №79

Food is Always, GREAT!!! They, should however, bring back The Original, Garlicky Lemon Spinach$

Review №80

Wow. I can't afford to eat here, who can??... as it's all overpriced at Boston Market. I went online to get a coupon with my name, email, and mobile number, and wasn't able to get one. I did get one was it 2 weeks later? Huge disappointment.

Review №81

Very very slow! I know they've got a lot of customers but they need to find a better way to serve faster

Review №82

So good. Great service

Review №83

Use to be good and friendly not anymore gave me burnt meatloaf

Review №84

Nice Chicken but rude employee.

Review №85

Should have prices listed online so i can budget my money properly for my meal

Review №86

What can I say about Boston Market. I can say this much it is super wonderful. The food is fabulous and everything is that a reasonable price

Review №87

The best biscuits

Review №88

Hi Ray, the food was good but I was sad to see no apples, no sweet potatoes, being charged $1 for honey jalepeno sauce and the condition of the floors. I'll be back.

Review №89

While I do really enjoy the food, the customer service is always hit or miss. My favorite is the pot pie but unless you order it will ahead of time you won't get it. I wish they would make sure they have the items on the menu and it wasn't hit or miss like their customer service.

Review №90

I didn't feel like cooking and went in for the bogo deal. Food was delicious and the service was excellent.

Review №91

Good healthy eating mixed with great CSR.

Review №92

Food and service was great. Friendly atmosphere

Review №93

Beat fast food but the mac&chesse not good

Review №94

Even on Easter Day, with a constant line of at least 25 people deep, the staff the was awesome, fast and polite. Food was fresh and hot too!!!! These guys deserve more than 5 stars!!!

Review №95

Service was good. Food just ok. Broasted potatoes were under done. They ran out of dressing and we never got our cornbread. No ice for drinks. The place could use some work.

Review №96

Very nice and polite people working there.

Review №97

Fast, Friendly and Professional Service. Food was actually great

Review №98

Great food best sides around lemonade is delish and I am in the VIP Club so I get BOGO coupons all the time

Review №99

Usually I have absolutely no problem with this particular Boston Market. But the lady that waited on me this particular day was so rude, that I walked away without my food.

Review №100

They canceled my GrubHub order claiming the restaurant was closed at 2 in the afternoon. Absolutely absurd. I called and confirmed the location was open. Maybe the lazy employees at this location should do their job and fulfill the order. And they want $15 an hour? Wow.

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