215-A Princess St, Wilmington, NC 28401, United States

Review №1

This is one of my favorite places to stop in for lunch! They are always so good and the atmosphere is amazing! I never have to wait too long and the staff has been friendly each time I've come in. I would highly recommend Capricho if you are in the Wilmington area. The restaurant is small so I would recommend grabbing something to go during these Covid times. Thanks for another great lunch!!

Review №2

This place gets 3 stars for trying to be authentic. Flavors were not quite their but it wasn't bad. I did enjoy the food but it did feel very Tex-Mex. The place is very small so I wouldn't take more than 4 people at a time because sitting is limited. Overall, not bad but coming from a Hispanic that knows the flavor, my 3 stars holds its stand for trying.

Review №3

Absolutely incredible food for a reasonable price. Highly recommend!!!

Review №4

This place is one of my favorites. The food is always amazing, and very affordable. I try something new every time, and their special item of the day isn't even on the menu, so that's a must. Have very much enjoyed everything I have ever gotten. The staff is always very nice and attentive. 5/5.

Review №5

Delicious tacos! Got the carne asada and shrimp tacos.

Review №6

Very yummy. Found them while on vacation. Tacos carne asada were very flavorful. And they even bagged it up to go w many napkins and had mexican candies in there too. Very thoughtful touch.

Review №7

I love the tacos. I get them at least once a week. Fresh good and generous. Appreciate the service as well .

Review №8

This is the second time we've eaten here. We live out of state and came in today for lunch. It was great! Chicken Quesadilla and Beans/Rice/Guacamole. Prices are very reasonable and has a cool atmosphere. We'll be back next visit to Wilmington.

Review №9

The Tuesday special was a selection of four tacos. Carne asada, carnitas, chicken, and veggie. All were excellent!

Review №10

Amazing food, great sauces.

Review №11

Undercooked pork. I vomited and had blood in my stool. First time trying this place DONT go here!

Review №12

The tacos were amazing, and so was the queso!

Review №13

I love this place. Service is great. Food is solid. I send people here all the time. I've never had a complaint.

Review №14

Excellent service delicious food. Highly recommend trying this place out

Review №15

Well, I do not know what to say. I added this restaurant to my list long time ago. I just had time this morning to order from them.I ordered Tacos that were dry! Tamales was okay! The picture that I am posting it's my order: 2 Tacos ($14) + Tamales($6.50)= $20.78! For me, it's expensive. Anyways, I will come back and try Street corn and I will update my review.

Review №16

Excellent food! Small venue but food was great and the best churros I've ever had

Review №17

Great food, great people, great atmosphere. Only thing I dont like is the 3 hour drive to get there . Seriously, if you are looking for authentic dishes and different specials, go here. The food is worth the wait!!

Review №18

Horrible customer service, the server had no customer service skills or basic manners. Very Limited space, no more than 10 customer could be accommodated at a time. Food was not authentic. When we decided to leave to go somewhere more accommodating, our server said “good”If I can give a 0 stars! I would!Do not recommend this place for anyone on any occasion.

Review №19

Wow! Great food! The street corn is the best I've ever had!

Review №20

I'm waiting 40 minutes for a cheese sauce to be made.....Why ?Because the chef is goodI can wait 40 minutes for a good homemade, no canned ingredients to be madeIt's a small, mom and pop, sometimes Sofia the daughter is there , but yeah, three people running a taco jointDon't be in a rushCome here to enjoy the food and cheap beerClosest thing to San Antonio .....hands down

Review №21

Really good place. Pretty much what you would expect from a Mexican place. Basically chipotle but better.

Review №22

Awesome food and great customer service! The bowls and street corn were amazing!

Review №23

Cute little place with attentive service and good food at reasonable prices.

Review №24

The barbacoa tacos were amazing. I do wish that they would state up front when you order a drink that it will come in a can or bottle because they do not have fountain options. The salsa was delicious.

Review №25

They need to stop calling it Authentic Mexican food. It is so far from that. If you want to try Mexican styled food that is bland and you are a picky eater this is probably a good place to dip your toe in. Basically a fancy taco bell but less greasy. For 45 bucks my family of 3 got 3 can sodas, 4 small tacos, one quesadilla, 3 ears of corn, and a basket of chips, and queso. Save yourself the money and go to a real Mexican food truck more for the money and way better food.

Review №26

Was not impressed with the food. Good costumer's service.

Review №27

Amazing food, excellent service and food was done quickly.

Review №28

A hidden gem within downtown Wilmington! Great food, service and a fun atmosphere. Probably will be in trouble now that I just started working across the street

Review №29

Great fresh food, great service, great prices and cozy atmosphere!

Review №30

I was walking downtown to find a place to eat for lunch. I saw the specials and thought I would swing in there to try it. I got the blackened seared ahi tuna tacos. My order was to go and I ate them maybe 5 minutes after they were given to me. The tacos were extremely dry to say the least. The tuna was over-cooked and the pineapple salsa consisted of pieces of pineapple. The avocado seemed extremely fresh and was very tasty. I had to take a drink of water with every bite. I was also shocked that it did not come with a side of chips. I am not one to not give a second chance. I will try this place again and will review it accordingly. I hope it will be a 5 star experience. I have read other management responses to past reviews and hope that you take this review as my experience to what was served to me and not personal. I wish you nothing but the best.

Review №31

Great authentic Mexican food and beer downtown! Awesome customer service!

Review №32

Delicious/authentic Mexican food, super friendly service, great beer specials, lots of hot sauce to choose from Will definitely be coming back

Review №33

So good! They clearly take the time to make a lot of stuff in house and everything to order. Definitely a fair price as well!! Can't recommend enough. Keep it up y'all!

Review №34

Really good and cheap. Our favorite is the Chile relleno and all the tacos are good.

Review №35

Solid place for a quick bite to eat. Went two nights in a row. Worth checking out. Don't expect fancy.

Review №36

My girlfriend and I have been going here for awhile and we are blown away each time on how delicious the food is here. Highly recommend this place!!

Review №37

Should've walked out as soon as we walked in. Cramped, but it's downtown so that's expected. Chips and salsa costed and the queso was expensively wack. Tacos were tiny; I can't believe they would even serve something so embarrassing. The colorful chips were cute, that's about it.Edit: in response to the owner's rude response, we made several comments to the sever about how confused and displeased we were. But sure, like she did, you may also disregard our concerns. If you're going to price queso and salsa so high, then at least server larger portions. “Authentic Mexican Street Food” emphasis on street food. Thanks.

Review №38

The food is on point always and delicious.. I love the feel off the restaurant too. It's very comfortable and close. You feel like family. Don't get me started on those ahi tuna tacos on Friday. So so good. Don't forget the churros. If someone asks for the last one you might fight them.

Review №39

Great food and all around good spot

Review №40

Love love LOVE everything on the menu!! The empanadas are to die for and everything is such a great price!

Review №41

Dope little taco place which has pretty good movies playing. Also has things that are not tacos

Review №42

Awesome food nice little hideaway right on princess street downtown.

Review №43

I ate here tonight with some friends and had a wonderful Mexican experience , the wonderful owner/Cook's Aaron & Dan are so amazing! An the server's John, Shemar & India are so funny! trust me ladies and gents in Wilmington, you have to go to Capricho Downtown First chance you get!

Review №44

Tried this place and what a great find! Loved the food, although empanadas were more like a tamale. Friendly service will be coming by here again!!

Review №45

Stopped in before a show at Thalian and didn't have alot of time. We had the chicken quesadilla and a chicken bowl. Great food, quick service, super friendly people. Hope we can come back when we can hang out a little longer.

Review №46

Easily the best place I can think of for exceptional tacos. The Chorizo/Egg special that was being offered was delicious . The experience was great and I will definitely return for more. Highly recommend.

Review №47

Hole in the wall. Great tacos, great price. $2.50 modelos.

Review №48

Food is beyond amazing every visit.. service is friendly and accomodating and always with a smile. Tacos are spectacular with incredible flavor and chips, homemade guacamole is 5 star! Plaintain appetizer is a must try as well as the daily specials. If you're seeking authentic this is your place! Get there and see what all the rave reviews are about!

Review №49

The beef in the tacos was perfectly seasoned. The lettuce was fresh and crisp. The elote was a little heavy on the lime, but otherwise very tasty. The chips were fresh and crunchy. They were a mixture of standard blue chips and thicker, almost pita-like tortilla chips. All were expertly seasoned. All of this was just over $8. I will absolutely return soon.

Review №50

Good food, good people!

Review №51

Great valueDelicious food!

Review №52

Food was not up to par. I myself am Mexican and this food is not authentic. No disrespect just being honest.

Review №53

I'm just here for the platanos (which were perfection!) and the super fresh guacamole. The tacos were good (I had barbacoa - which I have never tasted before so I don't have anything to compare it to but I enjoyed them). I wasn't a fan of the heavily-dyed multicolor chips. I was hesitant to go in here since the exterior entrance looked neglected - but I saw it was crowded inside with patrons and I do love tacos so I'm glad I gave it a try. I'll be back.

Review №54

The beef and veggie tacos are awesome! Oh and the fish lime taco is amazing

Review №55

Awesome stuff and those Jarritos drink bottles!!

Review №56

The tacos had a lot of flavor and tasted very fresh. Priced right!

Review №57

Capricho is the best Mexican food I've ever eaten. Perfect spiciness and flavor. Amazing queso dip.

Review №58

Awesome tacos!

Review №59

Fantastic food!! Great prices!! This place does not disappoint!!

Review №60

Not many options. They charge for chips & salsa & their queso lacks flavor. The server was VERY nice. Their music selection is pretty decent.

Review №61

Great food and service

Review №62

Absolutely loved the fresh flavors of all four taco varieties i've tried. My husband enjoyed his Chile Relleno, and said he'd order it again.Three of us sat comfortably at the counter. Tables were available as well. Very relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Thanks, India, for your great service!

Review №63

Service was quick and friendly and the food was authentic and delicious. My family and I will be returning.

Review №64

Love the vibe of this place. Great food and very friendly service. Loved the Chili Relleno the most. We also had Pork Tacos, Chicken Tamales, Empanadas and Street Corn. They were all fresh with great flavor. We will be back.

Review №65

This was our first time here. We both had the shrimp Tacos and the steak Tacos. The Tacos were Very Good. Everything was fresh tasting and the combination of ingredients produced great flavor. Both tracks were good but our favorite were the shrimp tacos. We asked them to leave off the pork belly. We also had chips and queso while waiting for the tacos. This is where they lost a star. The chips were multi colored and seasoned well but the queso had a strange texture. It almost tasted like flour was added to it and tasted a bit pastey in texture. It was not creamy. That part was pretty disappointing. However, we would definitely go back just for the tacos. Our server, India, was also very friendly and great to talk to.

Review №66

For the price you can't beat it. Fresh and delicious.

Review №67

Quick service, great food, and a very clean and friendly environment. I will definitely be going back!

Review №68

Delicious, friendly, clean, and reasonable. Is that not good enough?!

Review №69

Simply awesome authentic Mexican Street Food! Spicey and delicious.

Review №70

Delicious! Awesome tacos and tamales.

Review №71

Great service and atmosphere. Just not 'authentic Mexican street food' .

Review №72

Best Mexican in Wilmington by far. Will be back.

Review №73

The food was wonderful and quick. I had a little bit of everything and it was all tasty and fresh. Also very reasonably priced.

Review №74


Review №75

My absolute favorite taco place on earth. I am a taco snob and I was so sad when it temporarily closed down. You can imagine how happy I am that it's opened its doors again. LOVE. THIS. PLACE.

Review №76

Oh wow! Forget high end dinging! This is the place!!!!!!! My favorite in Wilmington, hands down!

Review №77

So good! Loved the tacos and tamales! Nice staff, reasonably priced, and so tasty! It's great!

Review №78

Came downtown just to try this place. Unfortunately they didn't update their hours on Google so they were closed. FYI they're closed Sunday - Tuesday. Can't wait to try them.

Review №79

Best street tacos/empanadas I have ever had . Find a better taco place in Wilmington I dare you .

Review №80

Better than islands

Review №81

Amazing tacos and other Mexican cuisines! Try the Elote (Mexican street corn), it is super tasty. The restaurant owner is very passionate about the quality of his foods.

Review №82

Excellent ..diamond in the ruff

Review №83

Employees are friendly and genuine. The food is all made from scratch, fresh and affordable.

Review №84

The carne tacos are where it's at but we absolutely loved everything from the empanadas to the quesadillas. Best joint to eat hands down

Review №85

Always a pleasure to taco about Capricio

Review №86

This place had delicious food, great service, and a cute atmosphere!

Review №87

Went here about a month ago and they were closed, they hadn't changed their hours online. Then I go again today and they aren't open (Saturday afternoon), someone on the street said they had closed down. Now I look up their Facebook and they say they've closed temporarily to open another restaurant... Even though there wasn't even a sign saying so at the restaurant itself... What? This is the second time of them not being open when they should and I've gone out of my way to come here. I don't know if I'll venture for a third for fear of then not being open again. I would feel a little differently if they at least had a sign today stating why they weren't open...

Review №88

Wonderful food . Pleasant atmosphere, nice wait staff.

Review №89

Tasty. Give them a try!

Review №90

Excellent tacos and guac! Friendly service too!

Review №91

Decent East Coast version of a West Coast thing.

Review №92

Decided to try the place on a whim based on the reviews, and showed up for one of the weirdest dining experiences I've ever had: The menu was poorly designed, they didn't have empanadas or enchiladas that were listed on it "because the person who makes them didn't show up", the staff seemed pretty unexcited to be there, and the dining area was totally empty with "Impractical Jokers" playing loudly in the TV.After confusion over the menu, instead of just eating the $3.00 difference(probably $1 in cost to the restaurant), an employee came and told me that I couldn't have what the other employee rang me up for and that instead I could either pay the difference or change my order. At this point, just wanting to leave (the chips and guac that just showed up were stale in the first and completely flavorless in the second) I accepted to change my order to the pork belly tacos that other reviews raved about.When the order arrived, they brought me shrimp tacos instead. I'm generally pretty easy going and like shrimp tacos, so I just shrugged it off, but the tacos were pretty mediocre, as were my date's carnitas tacos.Save your money and go to literally any of the other taco places in town. I'd take Island's $1 tacos over these.

Review №93

Great Mexican street food

Review №94

Beans and rice are excellent

Review №95

Great food, fast service, great employees

Review №96

I wouldn't want anyone to witness what I do to street corn. Nailed it.

Review №97

If you haven't eaten here yet you must! Also service is great, thank you as always India!!

Review №98

Great fresh food in a trendy environment.

Review №99

The food here is great and the staff is fun and friendly! I loved the carne asada taco I had and will definitely be back!

Review №100

Small place, adds to the family feel. I've never ordered anything that didn't blow me away!

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