Sushi Zen
13206 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012, United States
Review №1

The sushi is always on point. Customer service is also on point for the dining experience. I just wish it was closer to where we live. But then again I'm glad it's not because I may need to take out a 2nd mortgage to support my sushi habit at Sushi Zen.

Review №2

Seriously great sushi! I could've been happy with just the appetizers, but it was all great. The service and presentation was also fantastic. We got food to go, but I would definitely dine in sometime too.

Review №3

So awesome! I now crave sushi because of this place. Service was so awesome and great help for those who arent sure what to pick. White Christmas roll was amazing

Review №4

Always fresh tasting fish and great service. The atmosphere is refreshing and clean. Definitely give the salmon lemon roll a try!!!! I love this place and will continue to come back whenever I want great sushi for a good price. (Pictured are the salmon lemon roll (top) and bottom is the Godzilla roll.)

Review №5

This place is the right sushi spot. The food is excellent, prices match the quality of food, the dining place is clean and pleasant, servers and staff are friendly, I recommend this place!

Review №6

Great place to eat. One of my favorite places. Food is always fresh. One minor ding is that the service staff can be great to just ok...

Review №7

I just ordered Sushi Zen and I'm not impressed. I decided to finally order from them after so many recommendations and I was left disappointed. I ordered 2 orders of Miso soup and they only gave me one. I ordered 5 rolls, almost all of them containing avocado but for some reason, most of the avocado pieces were browning or even blackening so that was a bit disturbing. Also, the rolls kept falling apart when I picked them up so perhaps the rice was older and not as fresh. Overall, the sushi flavors were good but based on everything else, I will not be coming back. I will stick to my usual sushi places.Response: Yes, I'm sure! This is the correct restaurant and I double checked on the address. We even took our rolls apart to look at the avocado and it was not as fresh as it could have been for a sushi restaurant. The tuna roll in particular- every piece kept falling apart (and we know how to use chopsticks), the hand roll was wrapped quite loosely so my sister had to hold it together from falling apart. The avocado rolls for us also kept falling apart so maybe the rice wasn't as fresh or wrapped correctly. Either way, I am not coming back.

Review №8

Great fresh sushi — easy pick up and online ordering! Some of the best sushi I have ever had. Huge assortment of options I had such a hard time picking! Can't wait to come back

Review №9

I'm really picky about my sushi, and this is one of the ONLY places I will get sushi to go from or in general. They have amazing sushi, and everyone in there is so nice, I highly recommend this spot!

Review №10

Best sushi spot I've ever been to.

Review №11

Simply best sushi in town! Service, quality and ambiance are all there.

Review №12

So my first real sushi experience! It was good overall. Negatives: the California roll was heavy on the crab, the salad a little watery, and the soup was different. Positives: attentive service, the rest of the food (spicy tuna roll, Seattle roll, veggie roll, tomato salad thing with crab, little shrimp dumpling appetizer) was great! Will definitely be back.

Review №13

We liked all the food. Sushi was so fresh. We will come back again.

Review №14

The greatest sushi I've ever eaten in my entire life. Everything was phenomenal and expertly crafted. Their Rolls was the most decadent thing that has ever graced my taste buds. It was so good I forgot to take pictures.

Review №15

Top quality Sushi, very polite vibrant staff, very clean. Definitely recommending this place to all who enjoy sushi!

Review №16

Great sushi! The rolls were larger than what we East Coasters were used to so we ordered wayyyyy to much but fish was fresh. Calamari was delicious! Was hesitant about ordering it but pleased we did. Service was friendly and attentive. Love that they had a kids menu!!

Review №17

Great service, reasonable prices. But, hard to find & rolls are too big. Agadashi Tofu needs a little more flavor.

Review №18

Think of the best sushi you've ever had. Now double that experience. Sushi Zen is that place. Don't let its unassuming location fool you. Drop what you're doing and go get a Crouching Tuna Hidden Shrimp Roll, right now. You'll thank me later.

Review №19

Our favorite sushi restaurant!

Review №20

Best sushi place !

Review №21

Amazing service and an artisan collection of flavors paired with an intimate atmosphere. Will return

Review №22

Zen Sushi has always been one of my long time favorites. After years of excellent customer service and exceptional food I've finally decided to write a review. Seaweed salad and calamari is usually where I start then I go with a variety of whatever I'm i. The mood for that day because everything on the menu is delicious.

Review №23

This restaurant is no doubt one of the finest place in the neighborhood. Anytime I come to this place I am exceedingly pleased. They manage their very high standard service and the topmost level of dishes they provide. You always win with this place. Warmly recommended.

Review №24

Best sushi place around here. we got complimentary miso soup and a salad. super friendly and good prices too we got so much food for 30 bucks. really great date spot. highly recommend this place!

Review №25

I love the yakisoba here ! Super delicious!

Review №26

Sushi Zen is a friendly, well-run sushi place with high quality fish, interesting rolls, nice staff, and a good menu of cooked items.

Review №27

This is some of the best sushi I've had anywhere. It competes with the best of the best in Seattle. Friendly staff, affordable prices, and great food.

Review №28

My husband and I enjoyed our 1st visit recently so much, we went back the next week. They keep the restaurant clean, fresh, servers are cheerful & food's good. Keep up the good service and food, Sushi Zen & thank you!

Review №29

Pretty good experience for the most part. They forgot about our sake and by the time they checked in, we didnt need it so didnt bring it up. The tempura sauce didnt taste like anything at all to me..almost like dipping into hot water. Sushi was good!

Review №30

Amazing food, great service.

Review №31

I decided to get sushi on the run today. I first discovered this amazing restaurant about 6 or so years ago. The atmosphere is so relaxing, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable too. If you get s chance to watch the sushi chefs work their magic in creating the stories with your food, it's work it not looking your eating companion(s) in their eyes. Kudos and keep doing whatcha doing all!

Review №32

The wait was a bit long but that's understandable and the quality of the food more than made up of it! I couldn't get enough of the sushi rice and the salmon was amazing, melted in my mouth. I sat at the bar and one of the sushi chefs made my night with his cheerful banter. Will definitely come back next time I'm in the area!

Review №33

The Miso soup was flavorful, the Red and Green Dragon sushi were perfect. The waitstaff was friendly and knowledgeable. The raw Tuna sushi, is worth going back for on it's own

Review №34

Love the chicken bento box

Review №35

They have a huge selection of classic rolls and pricing is fair. Very kind and energetic chef and servers! The new go-to

Review №36

Absolutely my favorite restaurant of All time I have been going here since I was a young kid and continue to love all the sushi I highly recommend the stuffed pumkin! The California rolls are always delicious and all the desserts are Soo yummy

Review №37

One of the best Sushi places in Washington. Fantastic employees, owner, and mangers. Just nothing bad to say about this place. I've been going for years and I assume I will be still going for years.

Review №38

Food was good. The basic salmon roll really shined for me. Definitely a varied menu. There was something for everyone.

Review №39

A friend from the area referred me to this place. We enjoyed dinner so much that I came back for lunch the following day. Excellent , authentic flavors, and a wonderful experience

Review №40

The day we were there for a very special family event, the magic tricks done occasionally at our table made our visit just that much more special. Just the perfect thing, not awkward or invasive - very fun!

Review №41

I adore this restaurant!By far some of the best sushi I've had (and I've tried a lot of places), and the rest of the menu is top notch too!From Wagyu beef to teriyaki to chicken katsu... All fantastic and at affordable prices.Lunch specials are even better... One of the largest and most flexible bento box options I've ever seen at great prices!And the service is always attentive, helpful, and friendly. From the group "hello" you get from everyone (even the chefs) upon walking in the front door, to the "thanks so much for coming" they all give you on the way out, it is a great experience.I have friends who live in other counties who gladly make the drive to join me here... I'm just the lucky one that lives closest.Try them; you will be glad you did.

Review №42

Great sushi which are not overpriced. I'd say this place is a little local gem and you can see it yourself when you see how busy it is most of the time. I feel like one of the best times to come is around 5-5:30pm on a weekday right after they just open for dinner - they are not too busy at that moment. Sushi taste great and fresh (though please note it's a comment from a person who has never been to Japan and probably is not qualified to judge sushi).I would like to personally add that I enjoy watching two sushi chefs working. They have nice subtle wit and you can enjoy seeing them working if you take a seat at the bar. They work calmly and peacefully so there is no feeling of rush around you. Very enjoyable.(Try their calamari rings - the batter is delicious, squid is very very tender and the rings are not over-fried as it happens in many other places).

Review №43

My favorite sushi so far in the whole greater Seattle area

Review №44

Best sushi outside Japan! Friendly staff and real Japanese in the kitchen who know how to prepare Japanese food - nothing faked here. Fish is extremely fresh and prices reasonable for the high quality of the food. I will be back tomorrow and maybe next day...

Review №45

Very good fresh sushi

Review №46

Sushi Zen is the closest thing to Sushi Heaven...

Review №47

The sushi here is super good! It is bold and delicios! I love how they serve complementary Japanese Salad and Miso soup before your appetizer. I have been here many times and this small restaurant never fails to please!

Review №48

Our favorite sushi place. The food is always fresh and delicious. The staff is perfectly attentive without being intrusive. Aki-san is both a skilled sushi chef and a delightful conversationalist.

Review №49

The food here was great. I like the Susi and Udon here.

Review №50

Incredible food, friendly staff, attentive service. This is a regular place for my group of friends now because it's consistently a great restaurant. The portions are amazing too - I don't think I've ever walked out without some leftovers for lunch the next day.

Review №51

Love this place. Very high quality, fresh and delicious high fish. Rationally priced. Talented sushi chefs. House saki very drinkable. Quiet but welcoming atmosphere.

Review №52

I don't eat sushi anywhere else, unless I'm out of town! Hands down the best.

Review №53

Traditional setting, so if you don't want wasabi on your sushi, tell them first! I can't handle wasabi and didn't know, but the waitress was really sweet and then remade it for me. Wonderful food, absolutely will come here again!

Review №54

Excellent quality fish, and a huge assortment of rolls. The dining area is kind of small and can mean longer wait times when it's busy, but it also doesn't feel overcrowded. Great service. The tempura brownie dessert was awesome but definitely share it!

Review №55

This place has really good food and its fresh. I don't have any problems with the quality of food, however just recently the owner lady was very rude to me on the phone when they messed up my order. When you come there often and you order a specific thing and you order it the same way every time why would they change how they they prepare it? It was a misunderstanding that's all why make a regular customer feel bad about a order you messed up. If you are a restaurant providing this type of service no one is perfect and I get that wether it be me or them, but if you mess up a order it's your responsibility to make it right, not to make the person feel like there the problem and then to proceed to say that everyone that has waited on you has a problem with you. I tipped those girls well and I was never made to feel like I was a problem when they served me. I have not had to send my food back more than a couple of times if something wasn't right. I do not expect perfection but if I am a repeat customer obviously I like the food and there shouldn't be an issue. You as a company should fix your mistakes and move on but you don't make the customer feel like they're being singled out. I was brought to tears by the owner and very disappointed in how I was talked to and treated, basically how she handled the situation. I find this to be true with restaurants, if you complain even once it doesn't matter if they're in the wrong or not they're going to single you out because they don't want to refund your money no matter who's fault it is. I didn't ask for a refund because I knew they would take care of me next time. She refunded me anyway and made me feel as if I wasn't welcome back.

Review №56

Really great! I loved the Godzilla roll!

Review №57

Excellent service, convenient location and the food is delicious.

Review №58

Always good food

Review №59

Had a great lunch. Busy place.

Review №60

Every time I come and eat here I'm never disappointed! My favorite sushi restaurant in Washington by far. Prices are fair and the quality is excellent. Anytime I've made a reservation I always have a table. Great staff and very positive atmosphere. If you're considering trying this restaurant for the first time you might fall in love!

Review №61

Always delicious! Everything is so fresh snd beautifully prepared. The salmon kama is one of my favorites.

Review №62

Food tastes good. Food looks pretty. Staff is friendly. Ambience is pleasant. Hits all the reasons you'd eat in a place you don't live in.

Review №63

Fresh and delicious! The Las Vegas roll was really good but the Alaska roll was phenomenal with the crispy salmon skin! The house sake is the only one served warm normally but they indulged my request for warm peach sake without any hesitation. Great sushi and service!

Review №64

We keep coming back week after week, the place is simple but the smiles are big. The food is good, pretty, consistent and reasonable priced. Luckily we live pretty close and it's an easy choice when in need of Sushi! Thank you and See you tomorrow!!

Review №65

I'm so sad it took us so long to discover this gem. My husband and I have tried several sushi places in the area and this is by far the best! No competition. We asked that the chef prepare for us whatever they want for the price of $30/ person- what followed was a mix of sashimi, nigiri and their favorite house roll- everything was top shelf, super fresh and delicious. I can't wait to come back.

Review №66

The staff and owner's Kumiko & Daniel are the best. Sashimi is some of the BEST IN COUNTRY and Prices are .... well check it out and you will ALWAYS GO BACK

Review №67

This used to be a good place I would bring the family in for sushi, being that it's really close to home and the food and service were pretty good. A four star rating from me at the beginning. But lately their service was getting really lousy where our food would take over 30 mins to arrive, and our servers never bothered to check on us. We gave the place two more tries just because they were so wonderful before and thinking that maybe the last few times the service was bad was a fluke. But nope! There service and wait times after giving our order were still terrible. Never coming back and never recommending this place again.

Review №68

Quick service, clean, tasty sushi. What else could I ask for?

Review №69

Good Place to eat... always surprising me

Review №70

Very great sushi. very fresh. service is very pleasing. have been going there for years.

Review №71

Great sushi at an affordable price. The chef definitely knows what he is doing!

Review №72

This place never gets boring! Finally good sushi place near-by without driving to Seattle!

Review №73

It's been 8 years since I was last here. It was just as good as I remember. Favorite sushi place.

Review №74

Fantastic sushi spot. Everything tastes homemade, service never disappoints, bathrooms are always clean. This is hands down one of my favorite sushi spots!

Review №75

I recommend making a reservation, the first time we came we waited about 20 minutes for a table. It was worth the wait! The food is excellent and the service is great too! They have gluten free options including soy sauce. We've come back a couple times and look forward to coming in and trying new things!

Review №76

Great food, great service!

Review №77

Good sushi? here? this location? exists.toro, hamachi,salmon, and scallop nigiri were all exceptional.also a fan of the salmon lemon roll.

Review №78

Always enjoyable and consistent. We go here when we can but we moved further away so we can't go as frequently as we used to.

Review №79

Sushi Zen is consistent - good food and friendly service. The atmosphere is clean, well lit, and nicely decorated. I always find the service to be helpful if you have questions. I definitely recommend for a dinner you can count on being tasty and an atmosphere you can count on being welcoming.

Review №80

Excellent. Reminds me of my mom's wonderful Japanese cooking. Everything was excellent down to the texture and moistness of the rice. Expect a larger bill because this is not your fast food conveyor belt sushi place, but well worth the price. Top notch on par with Hana Sushi in Bothell and a handful truly high quality Japanese restaurants in this area.

Review №81

Friendly staff. Good quality food. Great prices. Their lunch specials are super cheap. I eat hear at least once a week. Best sushi place in the area.

Review №82

We usually travel from Granite Falls to Seattle to get anything resembling decent sushi. Thus place has become a favorite "local" spot for us to go for those mid week cravings.

Review №83

Best sushi in Snohomish county. Okay, maybe I haven't been everywhere, but that is only because I found this place. Nope when I'm in the mood for sushi (pretty much always), I can't bring myself to risk going elsewhere if I'm anywhere near Sushi Zen.What this place does better than any other sushi place is the rice. So simple and yet so internal to the sushi experience. Their rice flavor and texture is perfect.I like my sushi on the spicy side, so I recommend Crouching Tuna, Hidden Shrimp and the Spicy Salmon rolls. There are many options for other tastes that I've enjoyed as well. For an appetizer, get the calamari. It comes with an amazing lemony garlic sauce.

Review №84

We had a party of 19. They immediately got to work getting tables ready. The service was exceptional. Smooth and flawless. No one waited on a drink refill. The food was correct, fast and delicious. 5 stars isn't enough. I'm so grateful! It was my daughter's birthday lunch. I will recommend to everyone!!

Review №85

Finally we've found 'our' sushi place near home. No need to go downtown to one of the top sushi restaurants when you can get the exact same fish quality and preparation here. My wife and I were both so happy to recently find this place, yet sad that it took us 5 years to find it. This is by far the best sushi we've had anywhere in the Mill Creek area.

Review №86

I've been going to Sushi Zen for over 10 years. One of the best sushi places I've been in all of the world. The sushi is fresh, creative, and delicious.

Review №87

Best sushi and best atmosphere, such a great experience every time!

Review №88

Fresh, friendly, and absolutely delicious . Best sushi in all of Washington hands down. If you think your favorite sushi place is good, wait until you come here .First time in today and will definitely be a regular here on out

Review №89

You will never be disappointed with the staff, food or environment! All are fantastic as well as the prices!!

Review №90

The best sushi restaurant I have ever been to. I live in Seattle and I go to Sushi Zen twice a month. Food is always exquisite, service very good, the owner very friendly and the chefs always bid you a fond farewell by saying "see you tomorrow!" I, and many of my friends, absolutely love this restaurant!

Review №91

Everything is delicious at Sushi Zen. Great prices for high quality sushi. Try the karage chicken and shumai.

Review №92

Fresh, unadulterated, lovely sashimi. Beautiful karaage, great sauce. Friendly and helpful staff. The only improvement I'd make is small, replacing their beets and pineapple with fresh in the house salad (already very good). Favorite local sushi.

Review №93

I enjoyed my food, good service.

Review №94

Come to a great Japanese style restaurant where the business park looks abandoned, except for this place. Good luck getting a parking spot that is close! Friendly staff clean and relaxing enviroment, minus all those loud annoying happy and satisfied customers. Good sushi roll selection and a variety of other high quality fresh dishes. If you are feeling adventurous sit at the bar and talk with the head chef.

Review №95

We love this restaurant. Great service. It is always busy but you can make reservations and they never rush you along. The sushi is amazing.

Review №96

Great service. Great food. Decent price. Head chef is a great guy with an infectiously happy attitude. Sit at the bar and have a conversation with him if you get a chance.

Review №97

Bazacko good man

Review №98

Good service and reasonably priced Japanese food. I think it's better than the most in the North end of the Seattle area.

Review №99

White Christmas Roll! Amazing! My favorite sushi.

Review №100

Best value in town for sushi. My wife and I come for dinner almost every other week. All the staff are wonderful and the sushi is top notch. We have tried others but they all fall short.

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  • Delivery:No
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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