Yummy Teriyaki
20631 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012, United States
Review №1

I really hate leaving bad reviews but don't order the chicken teriyaki! We just ordered it along with fried rice. It tastes so bland. I got chicken teriyaki but the chicken had all the fats, bone and cartilage in it. Husband ordered spicy teriyaki and it isnt spicy at all like it is very bland. Fried rice looks like they added shrimp, peas, beef to it and that is about it. Such a shame! I will not be ordering from this place again. If I could give zero stars I would.

Review №2

I cannot comprehend the 1 star reviews on here. This is my favorite choice for teriyaki! There are at least 3 other places near my home, but I walk an extra block every week just to get lunch from here. I am always greeted by the same pleasant gentleman, who I believe is the owner. He knows me, and he remembers the dish I always order.If you like your food extra spicy, then just say so! I like my chicken to burn the tongue a little, but not to the point of pain, so I ask for "4 star spicy". The picture below is of my lunch today. "4 Star" General Tso's Chicken and Chicken Katsu. Yes it was amazing. No, I didn't eat it all in one sitting.

Review №3

Quick service. Food was excellent. I've been too a lot of Teriyaki places, this 1 was unique as they had pictures of customers lining the wall.

Review №4

I don't like to leave bad reviews but this place is asking for that! We ordered the beef yakissoba and it was Horrible. Worst food I had in my life. The food only had noodles, and the meat was white and tasted like old oil.

Review №5

Today we, my husband and I walked in to the restaurant. We ordered our food in front of the register for dine in, and there was a young man who took an order. Then i went to the restroom. When i came back, my husband told me that this young man asked him if we were married. After we got done with our food, we asked him what was the purpose of his question. He said that If were not married we wouldn't sit together and that the state requires it. He did not give us any written law, or an order from the state.This is what is going on with our country now. No other restaurants in Snohomish county ask this discriminating question. Not going back to this place. This business doesn't know how to protect their own rights nor the customers.

Review №6

I always get the regular #1 with gyoza and it's always perfect. They've been great even during this lock-down. Seeing some of the less positive reviews I'm not sure what's going wrong with other people but I stick to my favorites and they never disappoint!

Review №7

I'm sorry to post a bad review, but it needs to be said. I ordered the beef yakisoba and two orders of egg rolls. The rice and egg rolls were fine, but the yakisoba made me recoil in disgust. It tastes like old burnt grease, and barely anything else. The most edible pieces were the carrots. It looks like mediocre low mein from a Chinese restaurant, and tastes worse than anything else I've ever had. I can stomach most food, but this I could not. I've had yakisoba before from Sushi Zone and it was amazing. If this had been my only experience with the dish, I might've avoided ever touching the dish again altogether. I'm frustrated if this is what people think is good cooking.

Review №8

Horrible customer service. I won't come again ever to this place. I don't recommend that you come to this place. I hate to give anyone a bad rating but I have to tell the truth and be honest.

Review №9

The food is great, reasonably priced, always comes out quick, and the owners are very nice!

Review №10

What we ordered: Kids teriyaki, bento, & prawn asparagus. What we got: chicken was not great, it was not even “decent” the teriyaki sauce was runny, like they added water. I'm the bento box there is a salad; I've had many of these salads in different places. This salad gross me out, they must have the lettuce in water the whole time-until it's time to serve. My dressing was mixed w water giving it this awful taste & the smell of a sponge that's been sitting in your sink for days! I couldn't finish. Also in the bento box was tempura (prawns?) I'm calling prawns because it was bigger than the shrimp I saw on my bf plate- but I'll come back to that. Since I was not going to eat my dish we decided to play w it. So we peeled off the THINK tempura & and come to find HALF a shrimp/prawn. I'm guessing they use the other half for other dishes. Idk! Anyway, it looked like someone chewed it and then battered it. (See pictures) I also had CA rolls. Can't say much, they were CA rolls. That's all. Now, let's get back to that prawn shrimp issue. My bf ordered the PRAWN asparagus dish. I noticed his shellfish were rather small(see picture). Which was odd because the shellfish on my dish was obviously bigger. It was sad to see that there was only 4-5 pieces of asparagus :( I love asparagus and I was planning on stealing some off of his dish!! I was seriously disappointed with every dish! We both you two adult meals and one kids meal— you would think ONE of these would come w a drink. Nope. Drinks are purchased separately. Idk. You are already paying 13 bucks! And no drink.Well now y'all know why I gave it such a a bad rating!

Review №11

Best Chicken Curry around! The Owners are Very nice and personable and care about their customers. I've been coming here for a few yrs now and they Never dissapoint.

Review №12

Good food for a decent price. They can do better with service, and show some more respect for their customers. Had good meal here. Will come back. hopefully will get better service.

Review №13

This place does it right. Tons of menu options always fresh and ready on time. They offer chicken breast options which you don't always find at other teriyaki restaurants. We have tried at least 10 other teriyaki establishments around Bothell. This place wins!

Review №14

Awesome and yummy food, I like the vibes this place has, and the employees were kind. Will definitely come back in the future.

Review №15

Awesome service, huge portion

Review №16

Chicken was rubbery and not fresh very dissapointed

Review №17

Great atmosphere, clean restaurant, and wonderful food and service!

Review №18

Great food and service

Review №19

I've been going to Yummy Teryaki now for a while. Their chicken teryaki is delicious, I prefer ordering the bento box which comes with chicken teryaki, 4 sushi pieces, fried gyoza, and 2 pieces of shrimp tempura. Their combo fried rice is BOMB!! Best fried rice hands down! The Yakisoba is pretty scrumptious as well!

Review №20

Love this place! The man and woman that are always there working are incredibly nice and friendly. I have been going here for 8 years now and they recognizes me everytime. Plus the food is delicious.

Review №21

Decent food good variety of choices from menu

Review №22

Super nice owners food is great and the prices are really good

Review №23

The food is always excellent!But sadly, it's very hard to get the order understood. The woman that works at the register speaks very poor English. Before I left with my large order for 4, I asked her if I could get some sweet and sour sauce. She handed me a single mayonnaise-sized packet. I told her that that wouldn't even be enough for one person. She replied, "Do you want one more?" The customer next to me rolled his eyes, and I said "No thank you" and sat it back down on the counter and left. She was unfazed.

Review №24

It lives up to the name!

Review №25

Beef was slimey and had no flavor. i had one bite and threw the rest away. never coming back.

Review №26

Beef short ribs very tiny amount and all just fat. Got like two ok pieces. Beef teriyaki didn't even taste like beef. It was drenched with a nasty sauce extremely unappetizing to look at tasted worse, all went straight to the trash can $25 waste of money rip off.

Review №27

It was good not the best but pretty good food. Fast service at least!

Review №28

I like it, service and food was good

Review №29

I've been to this establishment several times now, I've ordered the Yakisoba, the fried rice, the bento box, the chicken teriyaki, and the gyoza. My personal favorite is the bento box, because you get a little bit of everything. Shrimp tempura, sushi, chicken teriyaki, gyoza, rice, and a small salad. Honestly, I could do without that salad because I'm not a fan of any salad in general, however, I feel it's a balanced box and delicious.Reading the other reviews, I've personally never experienced any problems with the place or the owners. Always super friendly, everything is clean, food is always cooked fast and tastes amazing.The prices here are also excellent in my opinion and you get quite a bit of food! If you are considering Yummy Teriyaki, which I do recommend, try the Combo Fried Rice, The Bento Box, and the Chicken Teriyaki. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Review №30

Great food, reasonable prices, and friendly management. Love their General Tso's chicken!

Review №31

I hate to leave such a low rating but something must be done to help them level up. Some reasons that could've contributed to why it was so bad if I give them the benefit of the doubt:*We walked in 50 minutes before they closed.*It was a holiday and they were open.*Bad batch.We ordered the chicken katsu and couldn't eat more than a bite. The chicken tasted rubbery and old. The way it came apart was really scary. I've had my fair share of chicken katsu in my lifetime and have never experienced that. The rice and salad were normal and good.We also ordered the sweet and sour chicken. It had this weird bright fluorescent color but it tasted fine. The rice and salad that comes with it were fine. We ate half of it at least.Overall, service was quick and portions were huge. We didn't expect anything back and just let them know that it was not good so that they wouldn't serve it like that to others but they didn't seem to care. They stated that it was fresh, new and delicious. No idea if the other dishes are better but will not be coming back to try them out.

Review №32

This was perhaps the worst teriyaki I have ever had. The portion size was slightly smaller than what I would normally receive from any other teriyaki place, and the food was terrible. The spicy pork teriyaki was bland, rubbery, and gray with no char to the meat whatsoever. The teriyaki sauce looked more like runny brown gravy and tasted nothing like a traditional teriyaki sauce. The California Roll was decent but only had crab and cucumber, no avocado... I would not recommend and I certainly will not return.

Review №33

Wish I could share the photos but I guess I'll share them on my yelp review. We ordered 2 pork teriyaki, and a side order of California rolls. The pork was boiled and grey. The sauce was not a teriyaki sauce, but a running yellow sauce with no flavor. The portions were low, even for the price. The California roll didn't have any avocado but made up for it with an abundance of cucumber. We thought about going to get our money back, but decided to just call it a loss and write a review. I honestly do not know why they have such a high rating, but the teriyaki place by Fred Meyer is miles better than this place. This is hands down the worst teriyaki place I have ever been to. Please do yourself a favor and go to Sunny Teriyaki.

Review №34

Nice chicken katsu with a very affordable price $$. The chicken and beans is not the usual flavor if compared to panda Express..

Review №35

Genuine idea to paste the pictures of costumers all over the wall.You are happy to see yourself hanging there.... just like they are saying, we do remember you.... or You mean a lot for us... or better still...COME BACK YOU BELONG TO HERE...

Review №36

Honestly, I was in the area and spent over 45 bucks on food for one person and it was horrible. The sushi was old. The sushi sampler was cheap items for 15 bucks and tasted disgusting, Almost like sushi I bought from Safeway. The teriyaki was burnt and wow, the miso soup. Was it even miso soup? Way too much money was spent on this crummy food to be sub par. I almost returned it. Probably should have

Review №37

I ordered the Terriyaki lunch, it was odd, the sauce was really light, almost creamy looking, the chicken was oddly colored (almost solid all one color), rice was way overcooked, almost a scoop of mush and the terriyaki sauce had very little flavor. The salad dressing was way too sweet also and lettuce was very wet from washing. I thought the guy who worked there was nice but for almost $10 it should have been better. I've been to different Yoshi's and there was a lot more food, better flavor and better price as well.

Review №38

Definitely I love this place!

Review №39

Quick and friendly service.

Review №40

Teriyaki sauce tasted more like pancake syrup. Worse the place is really dirty.

Review №41

The food is bad I ordered pork and beef teriyaki it was not grilled.it just came soaked in teriyaki sause soup. I left my food and went to sunny teriyaki down the street.

Review №42

Would gives negative if I could. Ordered takeout tempura udon with request to have the broth and the noodle separated. The attached pic is how much noodle I literally got when I open the cup at home. What a surprise, not even half off what I got on a pack of cheap ramman. And the tempura was nowhere to be found.

Review №43

Great food and they're always very friendly

Review №44

My husband and I have tried out a handful of Teriyaki places in the Bothell/Mill Creek area and this one is our least favorite out of the bunch. The reason for 2 stars: poor customer service. The woman up front can't understand English well and when we asked if there was a certain ingredient in a dish she said no but come to find out there was. When we received the food we brought it back up front and told her it was in it and she refused to replace it with something else. If you're one in ten Teriyaki places in a city you need to have good customer service!Secondly, this location isn't very clean. There's dust everywhere. It's hard to overlook when you're dining in and see dust everywhere.As for the actual food, it's decent but doesn't make up for the other issues. If you cross Maltby you'll find Sunny Teriyaki that is so much more welcoming and the food is great. Try Sunny instead.

Review №45

My sushi was good as always and they are open on sundays now!

Review №46

Good food, good service

Review №47

Once in a while i go there to eat teriyaki chicken and rice. Also I like chicken fried rice here.

Review №48

The food was delicious. My young adult son enjoyed the leftovers. The restaurant was clean. The staff was patient - I had never been in before, and I studied the menu boards, taking my time before ordering. The respect among staff members was poetry in motion - it is nice to see restaurant staff being good to each other, as well as to customers. My unique story is that the staff was remarkably kind to me today. I forgot something in the restaurant, and when I called later, they were keeping my forgotten item safe for me. I shall return to this restaurant, and I shall recommend it to my friends who live in the Bothell/Mill Creek area.

Review №49

Not only is this a teriyaki place, they have outstanding, reasonably priced chinese stir fry dishes.Quick service, fresh ingredients, great flavor.And in-store dining is served on reuseable service (plates, forks, glasses), so a big 4-star on the green rating. I think they still use styrofoam for take out (will try to verify), hopefully they upgrade to biodegradeable.Yelp lists this as sushi bar July 2018, it is NOT.

Review №50

Love it !! The teriyaki it's sooooo good also the noodles , I loved the yakisoba !!

Review №51

The guy gave me coins and dollars from canada. for my change.The food was also poorly cooked and dry.

Review №52

Good food!

Review №53

My favorite place

Review №54

Been dining here for over four years. Love the owners and the food!

Review №55

Ordered Gen Chicken dinner, sauce was really vinegary. Teriyaki Chicken dinner, is like floating in water downed teriyaki sauce, no flavor, and 1 small salad for both dinners. $17 both dinners came with two scoops of rice. Will not go back. Restaurant not very clean. Serves sucked she was texting on phone. Asked about soup. She pointed at wall, and continued texting.

Review №56

Great food! Great prices too.

Review №57

This is a very generic vanilla style teryaki place. It seems like there's one in every little shopping center and their teryaki all tastes the same.

Review №58

Good food friendly owner.

Review №59

Great food!

Review №60

Good most of the time

Review №61

Not as good as I was hoping for, but not bad. Had Beef and rice with two Egg Rolls. Friendly staff and large selection, however.

Review №62

One f my favorite resteraunts in the area. Excellent food with good portion sizes.

Review №63

Great food. Large servings

Review №64

I love the orange chicken!

Review №65

Food not bad, but dirty place!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №66

Delicious food

Review №67

The gyoza was on point

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