Heavenly Bake Shop
2095 N Dobson Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224, United States
Heavenly Bake Shop
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Today was an adventure day. Outside of lumpia I know nothing about Filipino food so I was very much outside of my element when I stumbled upon this gem.I decided to select a puff pastry and I'm glad I did. Each bite of break held delicious sweet cream in each swirl. I heated it up a bit and that made it even more delicious. I wish I had purchased a dozen so I could eat one every day.There were also take home options with some amazing looking side dishes.I didn't really plan of finding this place and as a result I wasn't very prepared. Next time I plan on doing some research on well known dishes so I have a point of reference for what I should try

Review №2

So Heaven Bake shop is a must stop for me. I don't go often enough. I have slowly learned more of the Filipino cuisine authentic and on the low there a supply of Boy something bag of corn nuts that are like the best ever. Furthermore unlike a lot of haters I like the experience at Heavenly Bake shop. I'll have to learn more to be able to order more items. Last time I was there i picked up some fried fish. The fish was a great choice, out of my comfort zone and well worth it.

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It's so delicious. Food is like a restaurant in Louisville I liked.

Review №4

Good Filipino food and pastries.

Review №5

I bought a noodle dish (Pancit Palabok) from Heavenly Bakeshop ToGo. The lady at the front said it will take 20 minutes so my husband and I went to the Asian store Lee-Lee's. I went back to get the food but really did not look inside the container because I buy this noodle from them every week. We took it home and what we saw was really bad and rancid noodles. I decided to eat a sandwich first before going back to Heavenly Bakeshop to return the spoiled. When I got there, I showed them the food and they literally accused me of taking food from another store and returning it to them spoiled. Filipino food is not easy to find around town so I am not sure where they think I would have gotten another pancit palabok. There were 2 ladies and a tall older gentleman that was screaming at me. I was accused that the noodles are not even theirs, that I did this on purpose, and that they will not replace the food because it was not their food. They chased me out of the store. I buy food from Heavenly Bakeshop every week and spend over $35 all the time. This is maybe a $10 item and I do not need to make a scene but I wanted them to know that it was spoiled food so they they are not selling spoiled food to other people. Very disappointing and will never come back again!!

Review №6

My parents bought siopao.The dough was VERY salty. So salty that it was inedible! They rang the bakeshop and told them of the issue.Instead of the owner asking for the VERY salty batch back so she can taste it for herself. Someone used salt rather than sugar, most likely. She argued about it and denied the fact it was salty.The lack of proper customer service here just regally SUCK and quite inconsistent.They're very deserving of zer0 star.Please. Look elsewhere.

Review №7

Gross. We ordered take out and when we got it home, it had mold growing on it. Rancid food. When we brought it back to talk to them, they threw us out of the store. Stay away from these unfriendly "people"

Review №8

I love these mom and pop shops! It makes me miss the Philippines so much! Authentic and flavorful food

Review №9

Delicious filipino food. Superb Lechon!

Review №10

We ordered lechon (whole pig) & it was dry. Pig was skinny (no fat whatsoever). The sauce provided was watered down. We should have ordered at the Chinese resto next door. Totally disappointed.

Review №11

We catered lumpia and pancit it was the best pancit ever better than my moms please don't tell her I want to go get more but they are closed today

Review №12

It's not a fancy bakery/restaurant BUT it reminds me of home. Simple, and it has food, snacks, desserts that I have not seen in a long time. Don't judge the store by how it looks or the fact that they don't have a website. Support local stores. They truly have awesome food. Their pancit palabok is delicious.

Review №13

This place seriously need some help with organization. Too much stuff going on for a small bakeshop.

Review №14

An amazing place! they've got delicious lumpias and amazing food ... very quick and efficient with great prices

Review №15

The food is great but it lacks of customer service I like to see friendly faces and smiles to go with my food service

Review №16

Very good filipino food, my favorite place to eat when I want home

Review №17

I told my friend friend that I'm craving for a pastry. Then she suggested to me to stop by in this shop and she said also that this shop has a very good pastry goods. That's why i tried it.

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