Iyanze Bar And Cafe
4623 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640, United States
Iyanze Bar And Cafe

Review №1

Nigeria food all the way. If you want to have the experience don't forget to stop-by. You can also order and pickup.

Review №2

I personally love this place ! I cook myself and know that the price of goat meat or any other real meats besides chicken is not cheap. People want cheap meat go somewhere. Jollof rice is great. However, they could speed up on their services.

Review №3

I went to this restaurant last Saturday. I ordered from the menu they provided, but I was overcharged significantly. I asked why the price on the menu did not reflect the amount I was charged, and the lady at the counter said "that's an old menu". Well, why wouldn't you at least update the prices? I want to support businesses as much as I can during this time, but to make up prices as you go is not a good business practice. This is not the first time I've encountered this here. On to the food. The fish dinner was okay. However, it only consisted of one piece of fish, and the goat dinner was nothing but bone and fat. Lastly, the fried rice. The flavor was good. However, there was one random piece of shrimp in it. They didn't say that it was shrimp fried rice. What if someone has a shellfish allergy? Overall, I'm pretty disappointed. And the customer service certainly didn't help. I won't be going back.

Review №4

I've been to a lot of African restaurant. However, I do have to say the decor in this place is nice. Very nice vibe.

Review №5

Omgggggg where do i start...... Ive bein gone a yr and i swear i was ready and anticipating coming bck home to tis..... And ooooh if i may i am verrrrry happpppy Still tat good tasty consistency and good portions n good price... For $68 i got two rice dinners some efo n egusi, ayamashe, extra orders of fresh stewed goat meat n stewed turkey, Asun, 2 meat pies and plantains and a loaf of bread... He didnt let me get my fresh catfish but ilk b bck soooon.... Sooo freshhhh n soooooo gooood... Tat jollof was delissssh Ive enough for another meal n enough meat to creat a meal later... Thannnnk u soo much to tat young man.. I'll b bck soon

Review №6

Love it, it's not just spicy

Review №7

Reminds be me of home(nigeria) with great soups and meat. Improvements could be made on the meat pie and the bread.

Review №8

Absolutely love the food. No long lines. The food is precooked(buffet style) and still has a fresh taste. Servers was nice and smiled. Food was hot and tasty. Prices are very reasonable. Best times to come is at 11am. And after 1pm. I would consider. I sit in and enjoy my meal. Restrooms are always cleanMusic makes u feel more comfortable instead of silence. My children enjoyed their self. Thank u thank u.

Review №9

DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!!!... terrible portion sizes.. i paid for oxtail and goat meat and only got three measly pieces of meat.. Bad business

Review №10

Fresh food and great customer service

Review №11

Good spread of Nigerian food. Amiable, courteous and obviously very hard working staff. Well patronised eatery, eat in and take away. Delicious meals properly reproducing the best indigenous Nigerian cuisine. Need more cleaners or more frequent redecoration to make the floor ambience do justice to their current high patronage.

Review №12

The server/attendant/waitress needs to be cheerful. The decor is ok but the interior was very hot in the summer. The fish wasn't good.

Review №13

This place does not know how to cook nigerian food and they put nigerians to shame

Review №14

The best egusi and spinach

Review №15

The fried chicken here is obscenely good. The red sauce is super flavorful and the rice sides had fantastic aroma and taste. I will be returning!

Review №16

Horrible! Filthy, staff are arrogant, no explanations of the meals. So if you are not native, dont go.

Review №17

My favorite is the spicy fish & red riceFood is always freshly made & the vibeIn the dinning area is really nice & relaxingWhile you eat you get to listen to good music as African restaurant in uptown HANDS DOWN

Review №18

Iyanze is a cost place in Chicago to have African meals mostly NigerianParking is available on the road but pay parking meterThe place usually has just a few people mostly Africans. Usually has good African music playing in the backgroundThe menu list is entirely African I had rice with Ayamase sauce which is really spicy and what I was going forThey have puff puff( African snack)Asaro , different types of swallows and soupsIt's like a typical Restaurant like Ghana HighThe food isn't as costly as I would have expected.

Review №19

The Egusi is watered down and a kids sized portion...if you have time to wait go up the street to Nigerian Kitchen.

Review №20

The food was great but they give u one piece of meat from whatever meat u want and u can pick 3 meat total..

Review №21

LOVE THIS PLACE !!! Pretty nice staff and very spacious restaurant to eat good food !I'll be returning soon.

Review №22

I really need to speak to the owner, the cashier/server that you have needs to be replaced... she has a very nasty attitude & has no respect& isn't patient . I paid $31 for 2 lunches in which I feel was overpriced and for her to snatch my card out my hand rubbed me the wrong way. Please do something about her and that terrible customer service she has .Also,my meat was a tough as your cashier . I didn't receive a receipt like everyone else. It's sad

Review №23

I have loved every food I have had here. I don't like guessing prices and trying to know what goes with what. So everything I seem to choose is by chance and hopefully I'll have enough money on me to pay for it. My sister and I venture in periodically but I would like to take colleagues without us having to ask other people in line what is a full meal. If I it weren't for that, the food alone would get 5+ stars from me.

Review №24

I've been here several times, but my customer service experience was subpar yesterday. The lady served us what she think we should get when we asked for jollof rice. she could have asked whether we want the small portion or not, she just did her thing which was annoying when I saw my total

Review №25

Love the food here, staff can be a bit rude sometimes but the food is good

Review №26

Good food, very lively atmosphere, all people are welcomed.

Review №27

Nice food place. Great nigerian atmosphere.

Review №28

I like the cleanliness of the store. Impressive. The food is great. I like the service and mainly because the lady shows a patience for my limited experience with the food. I did figure it out and enjoyed.

Review №29

Varieties of West African foods at reasonable price

Review №30

Good food...

Review №31

The ofada rice is delicious.

Review №32

So my first time here, i was very hungry and just wanted to eat pounded yam and vegetable coz i had been craving it then I saw puff puff looking at me on the counter. Brethren I ate their puff puff and i almost forgot why i came there.

Review №33

Have been here several time with family amd friends. The atmosphere is very relaxed and warm for dine in. I love the pepper soup. They have a variety of meats but beef is never there. It can get pricey. However we still enjoy coming here.

Review №34

Great food and customer service is great

Review №35

Food used to be good but now very bland. The ladies that work there are not friendly. I've seen people cough with open mouths over the food. Noone wears gloves while dishing out food.I really like this restaurant including the owner, but lately food quality and service have gone downhill!!!

Review №36

Awesome, fabulous and extraordinary. The best restaurant for everyone who loves great food and assorted meals.

Review №37

Loving African delicious cuisine: So tasty, you'll ask for more, Oliver Twist!IYANZE AFRICAN RESTAURANT (Wilson & Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640).Publisher, AFRICA-USA Today Magazine International

Review №38

Ohhhhh my God! Bolat canteen so palatable i cant wait to come back to Chicago and stop by again to eat Iyan plus different kind of......

Review №39

Too expensive for little meat

Review №40

Staff is rude and the food wasn't great. I recommend finding a different restaurant that is more professional

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Review №42

This was an unexpected stop for me and let me tell you, WOW. A true gem in this community for an authentic taste of Africa that will have you come back again and again.

Review №43

I great restaurant for African foods. Eat and take away available.

Review №44

If you want authenticate Naija food - get your grub on right here!

Review №45

If u are in chicago and need to eat local afro not hesitate..and for men ask for the "agbo".traditional local herb drink and thank me later.

Review №46

Place was very busy so had to wait, but food was worth it!

Review №47

Nice Nigerian food joint!

Review №48

I would give this place no stars if I could. The staff at the location is extremely rude. They couldn't be bothered to answer simple questions about the different dishes even thought there was only one other person in the entire restaurant. I love trying new foods but I have to be careful due to a dietary restriction. The ladies wouldn't answer questions and then began talking badly about me for asking questions in their native language, not knowing that the person I was with also spoke that language. Won't be going back.

Review №49

The best..

Review №50

Great service & Food &

Review №51

First time, jollof & fried rice was delicious but ponmo that I had with my takeaway Iyan was bad. Went back two days later co, of the delicious rice, for ofada stew, stew tasted like smoked oil, ponmo tasted rotten again and plate of rice was mixed soft, dried and hard ofada rice. I couldn't finish the rice, ponmo or goat meat. Ended up eating the boiled egg and liver in ofada stew

Review №52

Nice place for Nigerian food.

Review №53

Slurrrrrrrp. Came here cause my default was closed bought plantains came back and bought em all so good

Review №54

Delicious meals i tell u

Review №55

Nice foods, good in town

Review №56

Good Food All the time

Review №57

Very good selection of Nigerian food, clean atmosphere and the ewa agoyin I had was pretty bomb, the price is not too shabby either. The restroom could be cleaner but not a deal breaker, I've seen worse

Review №58

A nice place for relaxation

Review №59

I was just here this afternoon, placed a large order for a take out, only to get home 3 and a half hrs away and one of our orders was not included.... for 2 portions of Ayamashe....i am very very pained( not about the money) I'm hoping you guys see this and when next i come I'm given my order as this was paid for already. Other than that, good food as always.

Review №60

Small portions but good

Review №61

Nigerian setting is ok and staff is ok

Review №62

My favorite Nigerian restaurant in Chicago, home away from home. My wife loves their jollof rice and goat meat but my favorite is pounded and egusi. Highly recommended

Review №63

Best africa restaurant around

Review №64

My husband and I absolutely love this place! It reminds him so much of home. It's our Sunday tradition to grab food from here and take it home:)They are sooo nice and the food is amazingly flavorful!

Review №65

Great place to get African food

Review №66

They don't warn the foods it's so cool and they don't have any forks u always have to eat with the spoon.

Review №67

Best African Restaurant Ever!!!. I enjoy going there on weekends. Amazing Food and customer service.

Review №68

Excellent service.

Review №69

I used to eat there a lot. This last time I got so sick I threw up all night. Never again.

Review №70

Nice and convient place to chill and eat some 9ja food. Their food is delicious and I can't help but keep going back. I recommend you check it out..

Review №71

Wonderful experience to witness Nigeria's Oct 1 Independence Day celebration.Good to experience unique Chicago eats and venue (a dup of how things are in West Africa). Embrace. Eliminate American mentality.I find the huge SNAIL STEW to be too earthy. Simply didn't like the JOLLOF RICE with some kind of an organ in it. FUFU was a okay. Meat can be too gamey.

Review №72

Good, ready to dish West African, Nigerian food. A bridge between between eat-in and to-go. No one waits the table for you, you get in line and do the necessary.

Review №73

Food used to be much better. Their moi moi is still good, though.

Review №74

Waited for 30mins on the queue only to be told what I wanted had finished.very slow in serving, just one lady serving every one. No cutleries nor serviettes are included in the take away packs. I give them zero for customer service but food is good. They are still my favorite

Review №75

Apart from the food being spectacular, the portions are out of this world! My favorite restaurant for African food.

Review №76

It's a nice place and they have delicious food and drinks

Review №77

Nothing like home food.

Review №78

Good food, poor interior and customer service. Their menu has been erased on the board for about a year now and it's hard to tell if they change prices by the day. I don't know why they think they don't have to have a menu with the prices listed. Too shady for me.

Review №79

The food in this place was terrible. In fact, the meat was so chewy that it was barely edible.

Review №80

Clean, and affordable food

Review №81

I love this place! Ayemase is the best here, and they have meatpie.

Review №82

I love this place

Review №83

Came to try what I ate at the taste of Chicago they were not serving it. Not very welcoming to NEW costumers. Lady that serviced us had an aditude. Upset with my visit. Still ate food was good and is African food not Jamaican food.

Review №84

Great African restaurant

Review №85

Service was awful but food is great

Review №86

The worst ever. Really bad food. Very expensive and poor service.

Review №87

Live band was outstanding

Review №88

Good Nigerian food. Can't wait to visit again

Review №89

It is a Nigerian restaurants, where you can get all Variaties of African kind foods.

Review №90

Delicious African food

Review №91

Good food and excellent service at a good price

Review №92

Food , service and setting was average. I was surprised when the server asked to warm my food in the microwave. I appreciate it but I wondered why they couldn't keep the food warm, ready for serving. No servers, you have to go get your own food. Nothing impressive here.

Review №93

Best Nigerian food I've had

Review №94

Nigerian dishes cannot go old

Review №95

Pretty expensive compare to other restaurants, tasteless, slow employees, they will rather laugh about a customer than taking their jobs seriously and the bathrooms are very dirty, plus they will always knock at your door while you are in the bathroom, like it wasn't meant for the customers..... You need to do better.

Review №96

Food be sitting out too long and they serve it to you. Old stale food! Also this 1 server has a nasty attitude. Ox tails tough. Expensive not worth it but I'll go again if i had no other place to go to.

Review №97

Cool Nigerian food

Review №98

Awesome food! Perfect for date night....

Review №99

Okay Nigerian food served in a fast food style. Not the best as it's not prepared to order but rather sits under heat lamp or put on top of burners which eventually dries the food out.

Review №100

It's nice. It's friendly most times. Wish they deliver

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  • Address:4623 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640, United States
  • Phone:+1 773-944-1417
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  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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