Seasons 52
3819 Edwards Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209, United States
Review №1

The service was "On Point" loved it. Part of the meal was taking longer than expected. They took care of it. I'm vegan, it's hard to feed a vegan for most places. This was a great option.

Review №2

Was awesome! We went on Friday night, 7 of us from an ER ( we are retired nurses and X-Ray techs and the daughter and son of our Unit Clerk). I know, more info than you need to know! But the food was excellent, the service was above excellent, and we were treated so well. Thank you Lindsey, you are so sweet. We were treated better than family, GIVE LINDSEY A RAISE!!!

Review №3

The food was great. The menu is surprisingly healthy. I loved the salmon. I will go again.

Review №4

First time dining in a restaurant since the shutdown. I came with a friend to celebrate returning to work, and my new job!! The waitress was wonderful, and the food was delicious. I can't stop raving about the lavender moscato!!

Review №5

This spot is the one I always prefer. I visit many restaurants but here I go the most. The crew is very warm and the food they cook is so yummy. I never miss an opportunity to have a nice dinner in this restaurant. Highly recommended.

Review №6

Great lunch!!! Food was delicious! The pan seared scallops were yummy! Service was great! I think her name was Katey. She was all over it! Made great lunch suggestions

Review №7

Very wonderful experience. Our server was awesome and professional. Very happy we celebrated my daughter's 21st birthday here.

Review №8

Very pleasant experience on a Saturday night. Great waitress, good food, pleasant environment, and friends. What's not to like?We made reservations, even though they were not strictly necessary. Parking is ample. The interior was a bit dark for my liking, but that's the style.

Review №9

It was a good experience with the exception of our appetizer not being very hot and then there was gum stuck on the table which our waitress took care of. The chef came to our table and apologize for the appetizer and gum. Our Entrees were delicious (Salmon/Pork chop). The ambiance was excellent. Will dine here again.

Review №10

Fresh tastes that don't bloat you and great wine pairing, beer and cocktails make this a great spot after a long day. I keep coming back as the menu changes with each season. Steak salad and bacon and corn flat bread was amazing. Mini deserts are just the right amount of sweet.

Review №11

I like em, not only was the ingredients sourced good, but the the waitress was pretty dang knowledgeable about helping me out so I can keep it Keto.

Review №12

Chef Cristina is super talented! She brought our dishes to our table herself. I had the lobster bisque and sea scallops and dessert. Everything was wonderful!

Review №13

Great experience overall. Food was good. Would have prefered server be a little more attentive to the removal of dirty dishes from table. Collective table check was close to $200 and appetizer dishes left on table after completing desserts.

Review №14

Had the strawberry and spinqch salad and asparagus soup. Spinach was crazy fresh. Salad was perfect. Soup was almost as thick as oatmeal, but really good--just not what I expected.

Review №15

I ordered the pesto chicken and fresh mozzarella flatbread. It didn't take long to get what I had ordered. The flatbread was really good. It was topped with onions, red peppers and arugula. There was a lot of arugula topped on it. Really enjoy this dish. I would love to return and try other items.

Review №16

Our first experience with this place- not good. We made a reservation here because it has outdoor seating during covid and the google reviews were an avg 4.4 stars. I took my daughter there for her Bday, and the host customer service was no good. They seemed more concerned with rules and stipulations than common sense. We wanted outdoor seating and they told me they had no tables. I looked out there and saw at least 5 tables open. They also told me we couldn't put 2- four person tables together for my party of 6 because of covid. Um- hello! We came TOGETHER! Where did common sense go? You're going to socially distance a family who came together? Come on now! Do you want business or not? Surely the government isn't going to walk in at 7 at night and ding the restaurant for not separating our family who came together. Eventually we were seated at 2 tables which were pretty far apart (they had been sitting open the whole time) about 45 minutes after arrival.We were going to leave because they didn't seem to want us there, and they had a weird vibe, but Alex (our server) saved the night. Once he came, he obliged us. He understood and had some actual common sense! He provided us such great service throughout the night, was very polite and down to earth, and stayed on top of things for us. He's definitely manager material.Now, as for the food, most of it was quite bland. The hummus tasted like chemicals. Lobster tails were dry and burnt. The filet mignon, was also quite bland. Tender, but bland. They were also not cooked well enough- not for well-done or medium well (blood was coming out). Scallops and risotto weren't awful, but they were nothing to come back for- no flavor. Stuffed mushrooms were good, the desert was good, and the strawberry salad was delightful. Things that were just ok were the breaded corn, corn flatbread, and avocado toast, but again- nothing to come back for. They did redo my daughter's lobster tail, but I made that request because it was her B-day and I wanted her to at least get to enjoy her meal.Bill came to almost $400. You'd think you'd get a pretty delicious meal for that. It's like they put all of their money into the beautiful look of the restaurant, and landscaping, but little investment into the chefs or food prep.We didn't complain and we just ate it because we didn't want a bunch of back and forth between us and restaurant staff/mgt, especially after what we had went through when we first got there, and it was important that my daughter's 21st birthday to go smoothly, but I don't see us going back again.This would get a 1 star, but because of Alex's great service and the couple of food items that were decent, it gets 2 stars.

Review №17

Our Rating 12/30The Place: When you first walk into Seasons 52, it is indeed a very gorgeous place and we were expecting so much. The hostess was very polite and seated us very quickly. When we first sat down, we noticed that one of our chairs was falling apart in the back. The sides were becoming disconnected and if sat in the wrong way, it could've potentially broke the chair and injured the person sitting in it. Overall for the place, it was very pretty and looked very clean which is important during this time.The Service: The service started off very strong and started to crash. We were some of the very few people in the restaurant so we thought we were going to get some undivided attention and be taken care of but that was not the case. At first, he was really helpful with the menu options and the drink refills but as time went forward, there were times all 3 of us sat without drinks and there were times we didn't even know where our server went.The Food: The food came out and looked very appetizing but when you took the first bite, your expression changed from happy to dissapointed in a matter of seconds. For me, I received the filet mignon with the Mac and cheese and Mashed potatoes. The mac and cheese was very cold and all the cheese was at the very bottom of the bowl, there were multiple noodles that didn't even have cheese on them. Then, the mashed potatoes were placed directly under my steak and in the food industry, there should never EVER be a time, where mashed potatoes should be placed under a signature cut of meat like a filet mignon. Every time you took a bite of steak, all you could taste was the mashed potatoes that it was drowning in. The steak itself didn't have one pinch of seasoning on it which is very ironic considering the name of the place and was by far the worst restaurant level steak I've ever had the displeasure of eating.The Dessert: We didn't receive a dessert and actually refused to have a dessert when our server asked. but after our server ghosted us for a while and we finished our meal completely (mostly without drinks) he came back to the table with this bizarre looking dessert sampler where there was these little cups with different flavors of something (I couldn't even tell you what it is) and he said "Since this is your first time here, I just wanted to show you this dessert in case you ever wanted to try it" Then we sat in an awkward silence and he took the dessert sampler away looking dissapointed that we didn't order one. After the experience with the food tasting the way it did, there was going to be no way on earth that we would spend another dollar in the place and to try to force a dessert onto us like that was very unprofessional in our opinion.Overall: Highly disappointing and it's such a shame because when we scouted the place, we were all very excited to try it and heard nothing but good things. Let me be the first to tell you that this place is not worth the money and we will never take a step back inside for the rest of our lives.- Barnes Critiques

Review №18

Great place for good food. Have been there only for lunch, but loved the food all the time. If you're a vegetarian/Vegan they have a special menu. The ambience is upscale and the waiters are professional. The Gnocchi and Lasagna were delicious and appropriately proportioned. The deserts are brought out to be picked from are absolutely mouth watering sweet deal!!

Review №19

Visited this place for the first time, and Its absolutely amazingI didn't realize how inexpensive they are. Glad to know that this reserved, conservative place actually have employees who take pride in what they do and try their best to do it well. Food was amazingly delicious oh and we even got a sneak peak of some live action while waiting on our food. The conjoined restaurant right in front of us or to the side however u look at it, had a few men who were involved in a slight altercation. Nothing big or threatening. Just a little eye candy for that day. Lasted every bit of 30 secs. Lol But Very lovely place to wine down enjoy and eat!!!

Review №20

Atmosphere was amazing. They are covid compliant we dined at the bar instead of a table. Drinks were great and food exceptional.

Review №21

Got there about three, it wasn't crowded. The service here is above par. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.

Review №22

Delicious food. Try the roasted golden beet salad with arugula, goat cheese and reduced aged balsamic vinaigrette. Yum.

Review №23

This place has a good setting and ambience. The service is good but the food was average. There are few vegan/vegetarian options but doesn't look like they put in much effort in cooking them. The gnocchi was good but the roasted cauliflower had no taste at all. The meat options were good and tasted decent.

Review №24

It's so delicious. the service was very welcoming and observant. the place has a cool atmosphere. feeling here is similar to a cafe in san jose i liked.

Review №25

Food was so delicious. service is typically above par. this place has an awesome feel to it.

Review №26

We ordered steak and lobster. It was over cookedI ordered beet salad. The arugala was old

Review №27

Carryout. Fiod was cooked well. Containers did not make soggy. The mushrooms with crab and shrimp... yum!

Review №28

We were socially distanced for lunch. The place was clean, service was excellent and our food was delicious.

Review №29

Excellent service. Alex was amazing and the lady he was training, sorry I dont remember your name, they were both very great and helpful with menu questions. The food was, mmmmm, delicious! It was me and my ladies 1st dating anniversary and they gave us a card for our date! I definitely recommend this place!

Review №30

I give this place double thumbs up. I will be back with my coworkers. The bill was average for the menu.

Review №31

Loved it! Great food and atmosphere. Beware desserts are served in a shot glass!

Review №32

They have nice staffs and delicious menus. It was my first visit to this place and I like the food they served. We had roasted cauliflower for appetizer which was really delicious and different in taste. I think it needs more salt but they had on the side and could be added. We tried the steak and the fall vegetable lasagna. Both of them were cooked well and they were flavorful. The steak was so tender and cooked to the point we asked. The mashed potato on side was also delicious and yummy. The lasagna was good. It was new to their menu. And the arugula salad on the side was a perfect side for that yummy dish. I'll go back for sure.

Review №33

We were a party of three. Our waitress, Dana, gave 2 of us the wrong salad. When told of her mistake she did not offer us the salad we ordered. She barely apologized. She also did not give any of us eating utensils until well after she brought our (wrong) salads. Not a good dining experience.

Review №34

My boyfriend and I came here for Valentine's day dinner, and I wanted to leave a review because we had such a great experience at Seasons 52! We'd never been to Seasons 52 before, but I saw the positive reviews and thought we'd try it out. I'm very happy we did!The atmosphere was romantic, with low lighting and candles everywhere. Our waitress was lovely and super helpful. The food was delicious, top notch quality. My boyfriend had a problem with his meal, which was promptly fixed by the manager and they didn't even charge him for his meal! This was incredibly kind of them, and really shows that they care about the customer's experience. The manager even came back to our table to make sure my boyfriend was happy with his fixed meal. And at the end of the night, our waitress gave us chocolate dipped strawberries on the house!Overall, such a great experience! I highly recommend for a nice dinner date. Thank you Seasons 52 for making our Valentine's dinner perfect! :)

Review №35

Excellent food. Super careful. Whole room that opens on 2 sides to outdoors. Great service

Review №36

Not a broad food selection at all. What I finally decided to get was delicious. Salmon and potatoes.

Review №37

It was an amazing experience all around! The food was delicious! The staff was so sweet! They were helpful... even taking pictures, explaining the menu, making suggestions I wish I listened to even though my food was still beyond reproach and awesome!!! And then when they brought out the dessert tree I danced!!!!

Review №38

Came to celebrate a birthday, great service and food. Very much recommend!

Review №39

I've dined here multiple times, at the behest of someone else, and I'm just not a fan. The only gimmick it has are the ingredients change with the seasons. That would be nice if they were transferred into delicious food but the best that can be said about their flavor profiles is that they are edible. Their clientele must be fans of bland non seasoned food. For my money, there's never a good season to come here.

Review №40

Very nice atmosphere and superb service. The food was fantastic!!

Review №41

The state of Ohio has mandated wearing masks when inside businesses such as restaurants. If you don't have a mask, the business is required to offer one. I observed a full party of 4 waltz in with no masks and be treated like royalty...but were not asked to mask up or offered a mask. This party stood in front of the reception desk from 5-10 minutes with guests and staff moving around and past them in close proximity (much less than 6 feet). During this same time I observed a minimum of 3 other guests do basically the same with the same non-response from staff. I did speak with the manager on duty about the mandate and lack of effort/response from the restaurant to follow the mandate (despite multiple signs stating the mandate and policy). The excuse was "things had gotten kinda crazy"! Seriously??? I wear a mask to protect others and be respectful. COVID doesn't discriminate and businesses have a responsibility to protect their customers. This business is not following this fundamental business etiquette. While I am not from the area, I will be making multiple trips in the coming years. However, as long as COVID is an issue, I will look for other establishments to frequent that follow appropriate protocols.The only reason I am giving 2 stars is the food was reasonably food.If you are concerned with COVID and proper following of protocols to protect yourself and others, I suggest finding another restaurant.

Review №42

We were celebrating a birthday and we recieved two complimentary desserts, one lil taste of another appetizer bc we couldn't decide which one we wanted and the chef made one with and without the tuna for me, and two glasses of champagne for us. These complimentary items were such a treat as we don't get to endulge in a place like this often. It really stood out, was personalized, and Matt's service was wonderful and we truly had a great time.

Review №43

I love all the food here that I've tried. Portions are the perfect size; enough to satisfy & still leave just a little room for some of their delicious desserts. The mixed drink options are inventive & unique. The staff are incredibly friendly & knowledgeable of the menu. As an added bonus, the plating for every dish is beautiful!

Review №44

Delicious and healthy. Great staff and atmosphere.

Review №45

Went to Seasons 52 for our work holiday dinner and it was great. The food was wonderful and the service was great. We got sectioned off in a little party area and it made for a comfortable evening for us to socialize. My filet was cooked perfectly, our appetizers were great for sharing, and the desserts looked splendid, though I didn't have room for one.

Review №46

We really enjoy Seasons 52. Love the seasonal menu and drink choices, and the service is usually top notch.

Review №47

Loved it, great service and atmosphere, food was amazing!!!!

Review №48

Very comfortable/relaxing atmosphere with reasonable portions and delicious fare. We ordered the cauliflower starter and it was a whole head but it was a unique and delicious starter. We enjoyed the apple bourbon infusion beverages. We definitely will consider a return visit.

Review №49

The service is usually pretty good but on this visit not so much. There were two of us. We got 1 crab cake as an appetizer. The server brought it out timely but with one hand and didn't bring two small plates for us to share. She asked for a plate with sliced lemon for her tea. The server brought three slices on a appetit toothpick no napkin no plate nothing. She asked him to put it on a plate he brought it back on a napkin. She got ceader plank salmon with vegetables. I got the sesame cedar plank salmon salad. My order was fine. Her order had green beans which she said she did not want. Her spinach and broccolini did not look very appetizing and she said it wasn't that tasty. Service and food is usually one star better.

Review №50

Placed a reservation by phone on Wednesday for a patio table for 2 on Friday (specifically requesting patio). Arrived Friday at 6:45 and was told they didn't have a table on the patio and it would be around 20 minutes, which we were happy with, then another host or manager preceded to come to the host table and tell us that it would be an hour before we got seated outside. We told him we had a reservation for 7:00 for the patio and he told us we couldn't request the patio and no restaurant would reserve a particular section or seat for anyone and we could eat inside or wait an hour.They have lost me as a customer.

Review №51

Loved it. Excellent food and ambiance.

Review №52

Perfect spot for a Romantic dinner. Great food and service.

Review №53

Friendly staff, great atmosphere, and delicious food (incl. Specialty menu for vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free)

Review №54

Delightful Christmas decorations, very festive. The menu covered everything from small bites to full meals. I had petite fillet steak, wonderful. Service fast and excellent, party of 6. Recommended for all size groups.

Review №55

UPDATE: Happy to say that a return visit was a return to expectations. Beginning with the Raspberry Hibiscus G&T and shrimp/mushroom starter to the Kona-crusted lamb loin entree, which was absolutely phenomenal, I haven't enjoyed a meal out this much in a long time. I'm ready to accept fall now.I've been to Seasons 52 a few times. A diverse menu featuring food prepared with quality. That being said, this occasion was less than satisfying as they did not have a number of ingredients due to switching the seasonal menu. After choices 1, 2, and 3 were not available it became a question of starters and sides, not what one wants for a nice dinner out. Just based on this visit I would have rated a 2 but previous visits were much better so I'm giving the benefit of doubt this time with a 3 rating.

Review №56

The atmosphere is great for a romantic dinner. The customer service was great and our servers Brandon and Kayla was absolutely wonderful. The food was really good but expect to pay a nice amount. I recommend the Kona crusted sirloin and the shrimp and grits. I highly recommend.

Review №57

There was fast and courteous service.

Review №58

Great overall experience. Brittany was our waitstaff and she was phenomenal. Food was excellentOnly negative was service in the bar before dinner. Slow!! Bartender needed some help.

Review №59

Great food, great service! Vegan options.

Review №60

Excellent food and great service!

Review №61

Thank you very much for wonderful food and great service tonight also thank u for champagne and deserts. Today me and my fiance was celebrate our 5 years anniversary, because our first date was with you guys, you are didn't disappointed us. The food was delishious, scallops perfect nailed our med rare steak and Lamb. Our server Tony was great. A little miss you guys used to have a piano man. But you still doing a great job. Thanks

Review №62

Great fresh seasonal food with excellent service and flavor

Review №63

By far THE BEST experience! Julia is a true gem. Her personality and kindness are top notch! And the Manager, Jeffrey, made us feel completely at home during our visit. Being far from home, I truly can't put in words how much it meant to us! We will certainly return and will highly recommend this location to everyone!

Review №64

Good as usual. Not much to choose from on limited COVID19 menu though.

Review №65

Awesome staff and speedy service. Complying with covid 19 restrictions as well so it was all the more nice to go out again.

Review №66

I had great service, a good drink and my food tasted delicious. Not too busy and was served at a decent time for my food to be prepared. Nice atmosphere, lowly lit with a lit candle at my booth. Waitress was very nice and friendly. Would go again.

Review №67

My mom and I had a wonderful lunch here last week! We wanted something simple and light and didn't really want to spend a lot of money. In the end, lunch for the two of us was just a little over $25 and we went home with leftovers! We shared the duck lollipops, Brussels sprouts and the BBQ Chicken Salad.The duck wings were dressed in an Asian sweet and hot sauce and sprinkled with white and black sesame seeds. One order had five wings. They also provide a line wedge to squeeze over the top which cuts a little bit of the heat. This was probably my favorite part of our meal because it was delicious and unique!The Brussels sprouts were a solid choice, as well. They were seasoned perfectly, had a light balsamic glaze and bacon mixed in! How could you go wrong?The salad had quite a fun presentation! One of the waiters arrived with a plate that had three slices of chicken in one corner and a clear column of salad in the other. He pulled the column up the the salad delicately spilled out, covering the plate. We actually requested for the dressing to be on the side, but it was so lightly and perfectly dressed that I didn't complain! The chicken was tender and simply had a BBQ dry rub that was very mild. In fact, I'd barely call it a BBQ salad because that really wasn't the main flavor of the dish - it was more the sweetness of the dressing and the salt from the corn.The service was friendly and attentive. I'm sure we will return again!

Review №68

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful!

Review №69

Great ambience, great desserts, not so great food. For someone who likes food that is saucy, full of flavors, crispy and spicy; this is not the place for you. Hosts were pleasant and really nice.

Review №70

The food is fabulous. However I would never recommend it for New Year's Eve. They overbook. We tried it 3 years ago and got seated 45 minutes after our reservation time. That year they were very apologetic and comped a flat bread. This year we got seated 40 minutes after our reservation time and all they did was make excuses and mislead us. When we arrived they said they were running 10 minutes behind. They recommended we get a drink at the bar but the whole restaurant was so crowded we couldn't even get near the bar. When I went back to ask about the wait time the host said he really couldn't tell me how long it would be. Some people waited way longer than we did. Lots of people were really angry and the bar and front of restaurant were so jam packed I'm sure a fire inspector would have had a fit. Bottom line: they want as many customers as possible and don't really care how long anyone has to wait

Review №71

The menu is easy to find a healthy option. We love sitting in the comfortable bar area. Great wine selection and fantastic servers and staff.

Review №72

Love the atmosphere! But the food isn't anything to write home to Mom about. I felt the food lacked seasoning. And our wait staff was a bit slow. I would go back for happy hour, but that's it.

Review №73

Great service, great menu's great service!

Review №74

Celebrating daughter's birthday. First time for me. Food was good and service was fantastic. Brittany took good care of us. Can't afford to go all of the time but as a special occasion it was good.

Review №75

They offer a large variety of fresh food. I love dining here. Employees are always very nice, rates are affordable and the place is always neat.

Review №76

This place is worth visiting. They serve large portions for fair prices. Consistently clean and with great atmosphere. Will visit here again.

Review №77

Great for healthy eating when traveling! All menu items have calories posted and food and service is great too!

Review №78

They nailed takeout. Always dicey to pick up what you would normally eat in but ordered the salmon and it was delicious!

Review №79

Seasons 52, a restaurant my parents adore, and one that I had never been to until now. Took my girlfriend here for an early Valentine's dinner. We showed up a half hour late due to getting caught behind a train and traffic with the rain. I called in advance and they held our spot without any worries. When we arrived we had to wait 5 minutes to be seated, but no complaints from me... we were 30 minutes late. The service was excellent, our server made sure to explain the specials and got our drinks for us straight away. I had a Makers Mark Old Fashioned and she had the Riesling Mule. Both were excellent, though I will say I missed the Ginger bite of a normal Mule, but I know that's not what they were going for. Instead of ordering full entree's we decided to kind of go for a tapas route and ordered a bunch of Starters and Sides. Everything was awesome. The brussel sprouts and mac and cheese are must haves here! I also ordered the BBQ Chicken Salad entree, and it was SO good. All together we spent just under $100 and it felt like I got exactly what I paid for.I would absolutely recommend Seasons 52 to anyone who doesn't want to spend a ton of money and get screwed over for it. They say everything is fresh and it shows here. Not a dead or dry leaf in the salad, chicken was perfectly cooked like only fresh chicken can be cooked. If you are looking for a nice date or meeting spot and aren't afraid to spent ~$40 person (including a drink!) this is a wonderful option.

Review №80

My favorite restaurant for every special occasion! Especially, since they cater to vegetarians/vegans & other restrictive diets. Service is consistently topnotch; very nice ambiance; I could go on.

Review №81

I was taken here for my boyfriend and I's anniversary and it was simply amazing. The food was to die for, the staff was very friendly, informative and tentative. The atmosphere was also very nice. has a very romantic vibe to it. I highly suggest anyone check this place out :)

Review №82

Went for an office team dinner. Lindsey was awesome. The restaurant had a separate lactose free/Vegan menu. I ordered Korean short ribs which surprisingly were chewy (boneless meat). The artichoke and hummus left an after taste like motor oil. Ordered Sea Bass which was grossly overpriced for the portion. However, the "miso" based sauce was like a dessert sauce - too sweet. The fish while flaky to look at was chewy. They replaced the dish with Salmon entree' and insisted on sides as well. However, the sides were completely different from the ones ordered with the Sea Bass. Their manager on duty was more interested in the kitchen than guests.

Review №83

Food and service were terrific. Atmosphere was conducive to conversation. I wish the parking wasn't such a nightmare.

Review №84

Great food, drinks, and the bartender is always fabulous.

Review №85

Food was great & service was excellent...

Review №86

The meals and service were above our expectations. I really liked the atmosphere of this place. Extraordinary restaurant to take the family out for dinner.

Review №87

Hard to say anything about the food as I didn't make it there. While walking from our office to have lunch, the Valet service feels it necessary to back up multiple cars (7 when I was there) across the sidewalk. Since it snowed last night, I have the choice to walk in the wet snow covered grass or out into the parking lot in the parking lot traffic. They also don't seem to care that it says that it is a fire lane. Both Seasons 52 and Capital Grill are the same way, guess they are to much of a high class facility to follow rules.

Review №88

Yum! Office party was wonderful and the wine flight was unique!

Review №89

A great chain, classy and warm atmosphere - ever time I come here I am impressed. This recent visit we were attending a private reception/openhouse and the staff did a fantastic job with the small bits and bar tending. Would definitely recommend a visit for any occasion.

Review №90

Good meal. Love the way they serve the desserts. The small size is just enough and we were much more inclined to order a dessert because of that. I ordered the scallops and they were tender. Loved the Risotto that they were over.

Review №91

Waited 20 minutes for our reservation, because the people at the front desk made some mistake. Then to be seated at a booth in the bar area. Waitstaff was great. Food was good. Too bad the experience suffered from the front staff.

Review №92

Fantastic menue!

Review №93

Beautiful atmosphere and a nice menu selection. Pricier than you average restaurant, but not ridiculous. We'd go back.

Review №94

The atmosphere was casual and lovely weather for sitting on the patio. The food was delicious and the service was great!

Review №95

Upgraded my rating to 5 stars for the way they turned what started out as a problem-prone experience into a very enjoyable one. Too few restaurants realize how sacrificing a few dollars of revenue by offering a wine refill "on the house" or other gesture when something has gone wrong can make or keep a repeat customer. This Seasons 52 got it right and, as a result, we'll be going back.

Review №96

The prices were high but service and food was also of high quality. Great place for a fancy date or a nice business meeting.

Review №97

First time here. Very enjoyable! Lot of great options. We started with Flat bread pizza with mushrooms and goat cheese. 1 of 6 to choose from. I then had a bowl of lobster soup. It was good but missing any chunks of seafood and needed mire sherry. My wife had a specialty salad. Several to choose from including kale and caesar.

Review №98

The food was great and service was ok. overall it would be fun.

Review №99

Had a business lunch. I recommend making reservations. They were accommodating and helpful.

Review №100

Great food, great service.

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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Lunch reservations recommended:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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