Raising Canes Chicken Fingers
3315 Ibsen Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209, United States
Review №1

I've been 3 times in the past month and every experience has been terrible. The drive thru sign is misplaced so I had to loop around twice. They talk SO fast and try to rush you to order. They don't have any formal greetings or salutations (and if they do they say it so fast and mumble it every time). They're more rude than friendly. I'm beyond disappointed. Each time I've gone, I thought it was just bad employees but I'm starting to think it's terrible management. I don't experience this at any other Canes. People don't want to be treated like it's a chore to be served. I hope this helps somebody.

Review №2

The food was good (because it's Cane's, obviously!) Due to the pandemic, service was only offered via drive-thru, which was incredibly slow. It took about 15 minutes to get through the line, with only 5 cars in front of us.

Review №3

Was in the area. Didn't want to cook. Tried Raising Cane's. Hit the spot. If you are essentially going to serve one item it better be good. It was. Covid weight loss delayed another day. Sigh. Tip: ask for your drink with half ice otherwise you will only get about 3 sips.

Review №4

Fresh, hot, and really good food! Long line, but went quicker then other drive-thrus! I was impressed by my first visit & was completely happy with the wait time, food, and employees! Highly recommend & will be back again! ^_^

Review №5

Fresh and hot and acknowledged by staff when we came inPretty good service if you ask me. Tables were dirty when we came in but someone came to clean after we sat down which is fine but kinda gross to sweep and stir up dirt around people eating

Review №6

This place has tasty middle of the road food. You can't really ever go wrong grabbing a quick bite here. I think you'll find that the service of this location is well above what you'll find at other places. Been there where there were more than 20 cars in the drive-thru and it still only took about 15 minutes. Enjoy!

Review №7

Definitely see why we've been reccomended this place by so many people. Simple easy menu and delicious food. The toast is to die for. The chicken is some of the best. We love a good chicken place and this is absolutely it. Plus they will do an arnold palmer for your drink. It's so good. So refreshing on a hot day. Big fan. Oh and so affordable. We love to see it.

Review №8

Great food, wearing masks. Also saw employee change gloves before handling food after handling money. Great job.

Review №9

Lines can be long, but typically goes quickly and the food is good. Better service then the one in Clifton.

Review №10

Usually caine's is rock solid. Hot food, fast. But today's $7.44 meal is just plain embarrassing. Thanks for the 10 fries (I counted)

Review №11

Cheap food... so fresh. Visited on Fri I believe. Looking forward to a return visit. It has a nice atmosphere. Menu is similar to a restaurant in El Paso I loved.

Review №12

Cane's has gone completely downhill. The plight of expansion I suppose. Ordered dinner here tonight and their chicken fingers were TINY! I remember when their chicken fingers were top of line — the biggest and juiciest chicken fingers you could get and actually a good deal. I'm a small person and I ordered the 3pc box and was quite hungry after I finished. Just do yourself a favor and go across the street to Chick-fil-a.

Review №13

The food is always fresh and hot! The Texas toast is awesome! The Arnold Palmers are just right! Service is quick organized and courteous !

Review №14

Cheap food and the atmosphere here is great. Dropped in on Mon I think. I'll return friends next time. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I liked.

Review №15

Ok place for cheap food. i think i might become a regular. it has a good feel to it.

Review №16

Perfect place to get some fast food, as well as a good place to work!

Review №17

Had chicken fingers to go,fries ,cole slaw, and Canes dip.was good.

Review №18

It's always fast. Could use some more seasoning on the chicken. It's usually crispy. Sometimes it seems like they crowded the fryer.

Review №19

My little guy loves Cane's. It's always fresh and hot.

Review №20

I was dissatisfied with Raising Canes because of the quality and the quantity of the food. This is the first time I have went there and the food was overcooked and the chicken was small enough to give to a child.I paid to much money for those baby chickens I hope they do better the next time.

Review №21

I really love their Texas toast and "special dipping sauce" with their meals......

Review №22

So organized under covid restrictions!

Review №23

Always great, hot and fresh chicken. Love the garlic toast!

Review №24

Its Canes. I grew up on this fried chicken in Columbus. Its good.

Review №25

The food is so disgustingly bland, that upon initial taste of the merely deep fried chicken, I almost pitched it. THAT WAS ALL BEFORE I HAD THAT MF SAUCE. Truly that sauce was what made that meal.

Review №26

Though lines are very long, they work fast to get your order out. Drive through little tricky, and very disappointed with size of the fingers , from first introduction.

Review №27

Super friendly & it was almost near closing. Food was good service ever better. Recommend this location!

Review №28

Simply loved it.The food was fresh, crisp and crunchy.The tea was deliciius. I loved dining in because the interior is decorated according to the Christmas season. The music was appropriate. The bathrooms clean. The ice fresh. Customer service tops.Its a little expensive but the money spent was worth it.

Review №29

Great Food. Landscaping around the drive through and property. A+

Review №30

It's the best chicken I've had in this city by far. Just wish they had some bbq sauce.

Review №31

Really long line but moved fast!!

Review №32

This is the slowest Canes. And the fries almost always suck. The chicken fingers aren't consistent with the rest of the Canes. Sometimes they taste ok other times it's hard to tell they are Canes fingers.

Review №33

Good service, good food. Prices may be a bit high.

Review №34

Excellent vibes and super amiable service. The food was fresh and delightful. Will surely recommend this place to my friends. Affordable prices and generous meals. Keep it up.

Review №35

I love Cane's and this location doesn't disappoint. I wish all fast food drive thru were as fast as them.

Review №36

It's canes it is greasy and gross and unhealthy and I can't stop eating it

Review №37

Was shocked by only a few choices, but they are all good and unbelievably fast at the drive-thru. Delish, moist and tender chicken. I'm hooked.

Review №38

Love the sauce. Full drive thru line went pretty quick.

Review №39

Its fast friendly, great customer service

Review №40

Rarely have an issue at this location, but it is always crowded with long drive thru lines because they have chosen not to open the inside to the public. I'm ok with that, it is just inconvenient.

Review №41

We love the chicken tenders at Raising Cane. The first time we ate Raining Canes was in San Antonio TX 2012. It is 2019 and we are still eating them. LOL.

Review №42

Staff is friendly and the food is good. But this location itself is really loud and they seem to not give you as much food as other locations do. Maybe it's better when you don't eat inside. Still eat here because it's closer to me and I love the chicken. :)

Review №43

Great chicken fingers! Always hot and fresh.

Review №44

Had them for the first time, and it was amazing. Cane's sauce is really tasty, and the chicken was juicy and flavorful.

Review №45

I'm kind of obsessed with this place. They have the best tendies ever. Really addictive bread. The service at the drive thru is usually enthusiastic and sometimes hilarious. I've never been serenaded in a drive thru before coming here. Bravo to them!

Review №46

Best chicken ever created. These people make popeyes look like gas station scraps.

Review №47

Great chicken tenders. Cooled perfectly. Texas toast could have been toasted a bit longer. Will go back again.

Review №48

Always consistently good and they have my FAVORITE ice tea

Review №49

I brought a group of adults with disabilities in for lunch today and the staff and the manager, Jacob, were very helpful and patient with their orders. Everyone loved their food and asked if we could come back another time. Great job Raising Canes, I don't see the same quality, cleanliness, and community support in most of the fast food restaurants we go to. Thank you!

Review №50

The chicken here is fantastic. Easily some of the best of all the chains. Always delicious. This particular location had an oddly long wait, but it's hard not to give 5 stars when the food is this good. Texas toast was fresh too as was the iced tea.

Review №51

New hmmmm. I like it.

Review №52

There good for chicken fingers

Review №53

Delicious food! Quick service!

Review №54

Great food as always. Just a darn shame that the restaurant is still closed due to Covid-19.

Review №55

Had a wonderful first experience here. The place was pretty packed but the service was both fast and friendly.Chicken tenders and fries were hot and crispy. Bread was warm and buttery. What more do you need?

Review №56

Poorly managed. They gave me like 6 fries for my 3 finger combo. I avoid this Canes.

Review №57

Gotta get that sauce baby

Review №58

Meh. They serve chicken tenders in a very ordinary fashion and have a mayo based dipping sauce.... That's it. Strange business model to serve a finger food with only one option for dipping... The better option is to head to Chick Fil et.

Review №59

Hot and delicious food with friendly customer service! I love the toasted bread

Review №60

Fast,friendly and always good chicken...

Review №61

Not crazy prices, but for the price expected bigger portions. Disappointing that they don't offer mac and cheese as a side option.

Review №62

Friendly staff and good food. Chicken was good.Sorry folks but no cheeseburgers here.

Review №63

Chicken is really good. Sauce is incredible. Texas Toast is buttery and fluffy and delicious.The price is reasonable and service is satisfactory in my experience.Place is always a little bit dirty. Not terribly but enough to give you the impression there's a slight film on every surface.Gets 4 out of 5 just because of cleanliness. Everything else is really really good

Review №64

This is my little girl's favorite place to go when we eat out. I know everyone raves about the sauce but for us it's just plain chicken tenders. The bread is the best. It's a nice treat for us when I don't want to cook.

Review №65

Best chicken ever. Their sauce is amazing I always order extra. The toast and coleslaw are yummy. Great tea as well.

Review №66

1 of the best places to eat, but for a short lady as myself I tend to eat the kids meal because I get full easy but the foot is fast and fabulous.

Review №67

I love raising canes!!! Inside is pretty clean and staff that I have interacted with have been very friendly.

Review №68

I love Canes. The sauce is the absolute best. Id give this location a 5 star except the small fact my texas toast was a texas slice of bread. They forget to toast my toast lol. Texas toast with a Canes chicken finger dipped in the sauce together is the best lunch, just wish i had my toast this time haha. Come on guys.

Review №69

Cane Sauce might be just what this country needs to heal our wounds and unite.

Review №70

Soooo are the hours you guys post just a suggestion??! Went by super hungry and excited to get some Canes before midnight when they “close”. Arrived at 11:25pm and seems like the store decided to just “close early.” Plenty of other cars were trying to order and you could clearly see the staff inside but no one was taking any orders. Just a bit confusing Canes...either change your hours accordingly or be a proper business.“Hey hey no chicken for you today!” - Canes.

Review №71

My boyfriend loves the special Cane's sauce, and I like their food in general. They have pretty generous servings.

Review №72

Always top knotch food w friendly service! Love my caniac!

Review №73

This place has really gone downhill. I was told to pull up and waited almost 15 minutes for a 4 piece chicken. Used to be a great fast place.

Review №74

Dried out and very chewy. 1st time, lest time....

Review №75

Nice location, good service. No issues and while I'm not a fan of the sauce it is good chicken!

Review №76

Amazing chicken and fries. Their sauce is amazing. Their workers are always nice and helpful as well.

Review №77

The food was great, but we waited over 20 minutes for our food

Review №78

Great food, great customer service and top quality management in a clean environment. Dining room open until close every night.

Review №79

I do physical therapy on Tuesdays and I get Canes Chicken every Tuesday.

Review №80

I ordered the 50 finger tailgate pack for my family and it was great

Review №81

Amazing staff! Food is always hot and the store is always clean. The customer service is awesome, quick to fix any inconveniences!

Review №82

Always good!

Review №83

Food always cold, and they always mess up our order. Then when you call, they act mad bc they messed up Your order that you paid for.I don't understand their logic there. Make food the way you were trained, and there wouldn't be a problem. Right?

Review №84

Definitely prine to mistakes and delays but they make it right.

Review №85

1st time having Canes, food was very fresh, staff very friendly and this is 1 of the cleanest fast food restaurants I have been to. I will definitely return.

Review №86

Fresh chicken. Nice people. Expensive. Limited menu.

Review №87

Good meals (taste and portion wise), fast and courteous service, and great value.

Review №88

My family loves their chicken

Review №89

It was great, fast service, hot food, clean dining room.

Review №90

The garlic bread and cane sauce! Yummy

Review №91

First time trying it. Was impressed with the chicken strips. Frys were good and hot. Sweet tea was on point with the perfect sweet. I have never been a chicken strip kind of guy. I prefer my chicken on the bone. The strips here changed my mind but only strips from here. My Ole Lady is a chicken strip connoisseur and does not like the ones here. It makes no sense.

Review №92

If all they serve is chicken, I think they should add some flavors likes buffalo, spicy, ranch or something to the chicken.

Review №93

Fast service and the food was good

Review №94

Is generally fast most days of the week and has good food.

Review №95

Great experience, friendly service and the food was nice and fresh. The manager Jacob(?) was busy and jumping in where needed. Well managed store as far as I can tell.

Review №96

They only sell chicken tenders, but they are delicious! Fresh and juicy! (Can I say juicy?) Garlic bread is delicious, too. Personally I don't care for the Cane's sauce but I know people who've said they would bathe in it.. Pick the meal size you want or order only chicken tenders - they start at 25 pieces, and you build from there. Lemonade is delicious as is the tea. Sign up for the Caniac Club and use your card at each purchase to receive free food.

Review №97

The tastiest chicken tendies in the city, and that sauce though.

Review №98

Always awesome. Best chicken tenders anywhere

Review №99

Starving after work and rush over to cane's before close. I get there a half hour before close on a Sunday (10/20) and they decided to close whenever they feel nice and early....great work cane's!!

Review №100

Ask for the chicken tenders well done or they're rubbery. Canes, do a better job of expanding the menu. Chicken tenders and fries.....really

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  • Address:3315 Ibsen Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209, United States
  • Site:http://www.raisingcanes.com/
  • Phone:+1 513-592-3775
  • American restaurant
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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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