Youngs Kitchen
2042 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230, United States
Review №1

I tried this spot in the past with my friend and I am addicted ever since. I loved the excellent vibes and flavorful dishes and beverages. Highly recommended.

Review №2

Best in Cincinnati!! Go here 1st. Better than pf changs & any other Chinese restaurant in the city & I've been to them all.

Review №3

Good place for chinese food. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I liked.

Review №4

Ordered through DoorDash and everything was correct, hot, properly delicious and reasonably priced. We definitely found a new take out place close to home.

Review №5

My order is always right and the food even taste good the next day if i want to eat it for lunch. I recommend the house special fried rice and sesame chicken

Review №6

Chinese food... awesome. Service is always super even when they have a full house. Will surely make a return trip. This place has a great design.

Review №7

Last night was our first time we came to that place. But It is no doubt not the last. We had great time with the attentive service, with the great cooking and booze and with the comfortable cost. We will absolutely come back in a short time.

Review №8

I love Young's Kitchen! Hands down the best chinese restaurant in my area. The food is always hot and the delivery people are always very friendly. Highly recommend!

Review №9

This place offers fantastic service as well as enjoyable meals. One of my favourite restaurants ever. The drinks and food arrived rapidly and the prices are reasonable. Highly recommended.

Review №10

Great atmosphere and super welcoming service. The menu was crisp and enchanting. Will absolutely recommend this place to friends. Fair prices and large portions. Great job.

Review №11

It's delicious and me and my grandkids go there all the time and they always have the greatest price for what we get and it's always hot and never dryed up or cold or just nasty. Inside is very clean and delivery is always nice and on time. And nothing is ever missing from the bag. If you live close I would recommend here

Review №12

This place is worth visiting. They have large portions for reasonable prices. Regularly well kept and with fantastic atmosphere. Would recommend to others.

Review №13

Extremely rude employees, I've let it slide 2 times assuming that they are having a bad day but it's become a regular thing for them. They charge you fees to order online on their website, I went to pick my order up today and was greeted with "What do you want". I will never be returning

Review №14

This place is awful. They changed the amount of several appetizers, including crab Rangoon, steamed dumplings, and fried dumplings, to an amount of 7 from 8 without any warning. This is a jab in the gut to loyal customers. I eat there almost every week and even though I live incredibly close to the restaurant, in the future, I am choosing to go out of my way to another Chinese place that's much farther away. Very disappointed. Valuing the bottom line above customer satisfaction. Disgraceful.

Review №15

Sent the wrong food then refused to send the right food because the order was placed through Uber eats. Poor service mediocre Chinese

Review №16

This place never fails to impress. They serve fresh food for affordable prices, there no long wait even when the spot is full.

Review №17

Great service and wonderful food. If your someone who complains thier food got messed up, I'll remind you that this place is ran by humans.

Review №18

This place has very decent food, service and a lot of others stuff I recommend you guys to come here for like lunch or something.

Review №19

I like be there food here

Review №20

This place is amazing and spacious, the menu was delightful and the rates were very reasonable. quickly, efficient service and very friendly staff members. I highly recommend this place.

Review №21

I get to eat here a lot since I work close by. I like how the service is always awesome and they keep the spot clean all the time. Prices are fair and they serve large portions.

Review №22

Years ago I had lunch 2-3 times a week here and would take dinner home ever other Friday for my family. After the lunch I had from there today I will not be returning. I was charged $9.60 for a lunch special with noodles instead of rice. It was supposed to include an egg roll and drink which I did not receive either one. The lunch special itself would have been $5.85 and I guess they charge an additional $4 for substitutions which are usually $1-2 at other restaurants. I had general tso which usually has broccoli and there were no signs of vegetables is any sort.

Review №23

The food came quickly and was warm.The rice didn't taste as good as good as I had hoped.I have ate better tasting fried rice with egg. Will not dine at this location again.

Review №24

Terrible customer service, very slow and dirty inside and can't speak English!!!

Review №25

Great food there and service you should go here if you like Chinese food.

Review №26

Good, reasonable Chinese food

Review №27

Dumplings were v. good. Classic american-chinese restaurant food in a tiny unassuming spot. I have a deep affection for these little hole in the wall places and they're kind of a cozy comfort neighborhood place to eat with my kids.

Review №28

Exceptional and tasty food, I liked the vibes this place has, and the employees were very friendly. I will definitely come back again.

Review №29

Their food is always good! Their fried chicken wings are the best! Not overly priced.

Review №30

Got some carry out today. It was very hot and fresh and had a great flavor. Will definitely be back.

Review №31

They were busy with carryout but not to busy to serve us. It has come up notches from few years ago. I wouldn't go anywhere else in the area. For Chinese. Consistently

Review №32

Love the dumplings!!! I've had many different dumplings in my life, these are the best!

Review №33

1st time ordering and had to wait an hour for my food. It better be good or I will never order again. And, I'm not from here I am PISST OFF. I get my food and it was cold and who ever the guy was that answered the phone is an AH he argued with me about the timing of when my food was suppose to reach me. The delivery person had no idea where she was going NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER FROM YOUNG'S. I can't wait to leave this sorry state.

Review №34

Honestly have never been impressed with this place. The food is meh, and the place is very sketchy. Don't order online because they charge you an order fee for doing so.

Review №35

Good food, portions could be bigger for how much you're paying.

Review №36

Great Food. Friendly service

Review №37

Actually had some decent yineze

Review №38

Young is amazing, always get what I ask for . We love them very nice people. Jamie is so nice loving her personality. She deserves a raise

Review №39

Their food is amazing. It is by far one of the best Chinese places I have ever eaten, and I am extremely picky. The wait is super long for delivery, but the quality of the food makes up for it. Price wise, they're about mid-range. I believe you're getting your worth though.

Review №40

Not recommended for dine in. Delivery seemed busy. Had better Chinese food.

Review №41

Best Chinese takeout around. Egg Rolls are the best in town, and everything we've ever had is good. Plus once I saw two crackhead women fighting in the parking lot outside neighboring Dollar Tree, hitting each other with flip flops, so basically it's dinner PLUS a free show!

Review №42

Good carryout and delivery.

Review №43

I've ordered from here 5 times, about to order dinner again. It's simply wonderful. There's another local place I've tried but the quality of the meat is by far the best I've ever had from any Chinese resturant here at Young's kitchen. The portions are well over enough for one meal, I usually order a combo and an appetizer for my 2 kids and I to share and still have enough left for a midnight snack ;)Their fried rice never has a burnt taste, delivery is always on time if not sooner than expected. If you haven't tried it yet, I promise you will be delighted with your experience!

Review №44

Let me start off by saying that the Mongolian beef is heavenly! Teriyaki steak is amazing! Crab Rangoon yum :) this place is amazing! Best Chinese I've had in Cincinnati hands down! I've not been disappointed yet and the owners are super nice! I absolutely recommend you try it. Best part is they deliver. And its always fast delivery too!

Review №45

Always great food!

Review №46

Good food

Review №47

0 STARSDo not go here. I ordered my food with chicken lo mein, and the guy said yes okay, then I get my food which is cold, and didn't even receive any lo mein. So I call to tell them this and the guy on the phone ARGUED with me on what I ordered, and got upset and while we were trying to explain it to him that we did order it, he yelled at us and said don't order food there anymore because he won't serve us.

Review №48

Not impressed the lady was on phone singing before even acknowledge me then want to tell me what popular vs what I asked so irritated I threw the food away waste of money time and irritation never again for me you only get 1 time

Review №49

We get take out here alot & it's always perfect.

Review №50

This isn't just your average Chinese takeout. It's traditional dishes you expect, but the quality is superior to anything in this area.I live out of delivery range, but it's worth the drive. It's also worth passing 4 other Chinese restaurants for.Beef Lo Mein is the best dish I've tried from there.

Review №51

A family runs this business, you might meet children doing their homework. The pork dumplings are soft and delicious unlike pot sticker imitations.

Review №52

Great customer service and the food is always delicious

Review №53

Delicious!!! I moved and still make the drive for their food.

Review №54

Really good food. The dumplings are one of my favorite items! Fast delivery most of the time. Everything I've had from here is amazing.

Review №55

Food is quite good. My only wish is that they'd improve their incoming order system. I can see my order sitting there but the guy is too busy answering the phone to actually get them out or barely talk to you.

Review №56

The food here is amazing. The Mongolian beef was my personal favorite. I would recommend trying this place if you haven't already.

Review №57

I've never ate inside but I've always had great food from this place whether it's from a quick and friendly delivery or if I drive over within minutes of ordering my typical C16 with white rice. My only complaint is they don't open until 4pm on Mondays and it's 3:19 and I'm hungry... we're gonna have to have a meeting about that.

Review №58

They gave us the wrong food then when we told them about it they didnt believe us and got mad and told us not to order there agin

Review №59

I ordered food from Young's kitchen over an hr ago and my food never came, this makes me very disappointed!

Review №60

Food is ALWAYS delish and very fresh. The service isn't always the best, but this is the best Chinese on the Eastside.

Review №61

Had cashew chicken for carry out also egg rolls. Very good my favorite.

Review №62

The magic is in the take out. Our dining was squeezed in around the dozens of customers coming in to pick up their meals. The food was great though when my date had Happy Family and I had Mongolian Chicken.

Review №63

Didn't really care for it, pretty convinced if you want Chinese in the area you're better off getting something else.

Review №64

I drive 30 minutes to eat here. All other chinese restraunts are playin wit themselves

Review №65

This is my absolute favorite! I've tried most things on the menu but what sets them apart for me is that their beef is cooked properly. A lot of other places make their beef rubbery or have what seems like tendons...

Review №66


Review №67

This is my favorite place for Chinese. The House Lo Mein is my spirit animal. Tasty Crab Rangoons and Eggrolls! Why go elsewhere...

Review №68

Quick food, nice people. Family owned.

Review №69

I was eating in and when I was in the middle of eating I asked if I could order something to go and the man said "No, that's too much" very rude!

Review №70

Good food and quick service. They also deliver

Review №71

My favorite local place for chinese food.

Review №72

Love this place! Cheap, fresh, fast with delivery.

Review №73

Fresh food. Filling and the team is nice and helpful

Review №74

I have had a few ok experiences at this establishment. Each time spending at least $30-$40 with no complaints. Tonight after a long day my family and I ordered dinner and sat down to enjoy our meal together. Not only did I have to pick out a 2 inch hair out of my fried rice but my boyfriend had to remove a very long hair entwined in his lo mein noodles. The three of us, immediately lost our appetite. We called the restaurant and told them our situation. When the man arrived at our door we had packed up all the food to give back to him because there was no way we were going to eat another hair infested bite. He yelled at us stating that he refused to return any money and no cook there has black hair. Which I find hard to believe, but that's besides the point. After a very unfortunate argument with a very rude young's kitchen employee I was refunded $10 of the $40 I'd spent for dinner as he yelled, "don't ever call us again!" As if we were going to eat at such an unclean establishment.

Review №75

Wonderful food, will customize the order per request. Tasty chicken dishes.

Review №76

It was just OK. It used to be better. Friendly for sure, it's just lost some of the zing it has had in the past.

Review №77

Good food, super nice people.

Review №78

The place is absolutely charming. Good food, good people.

Review №79

New to the area and am looking for a new Chinese place to fill the spot of the last one since it's now clear across town. I saw the reviews on here and decided to give it a try.I ordered wonton soup, as it is my absolute favorite and imo it's very easy to make. So I was surprised to see that it's apparently not easy for everyone.. There were no green onions and I'm unsure of what they used to wrap it, but those are way too thick to be wonton wrappers. One of my favorite things about this soup is how salty it is. I'm a woman, I get cravings. Salt is my biggest weakness when it comes to that but I found this soup to be tasteless, unfortunately. It seemed like only water and broth. Meh not good so far.Next I had bourbon chicken, but this place had prepared it in a way I wasn't used to. There's so many veggies theres hardly any chicken at all. And I didn't really want or expect to pay 10$ for some cucumbers and water chestnut (which I dislike). Ok, so I was a little ambitious for my first meal.My boyfriend was wiser and went with the thing he gets everywhere- sesame chicken. This is what's giving this place the 3 star instead of 1. This place has the best sesame chicken I've ever had. They managed to keep the chicken crisp which can be hard to do with the sauce. The sauce was pretty amazing, slightly sticky, but very filling.And I'm not a huge fan of rangoon but he said it was very good.And I don't think anyone would care but I wanted to tack on that the fortune cookie was like I ate a stale fruit loop lol.

Review №80

Best Chinese food this side of Cincinnati. Always fresh and the sesame chicken is to die for. Friendly staff.

Review №81

Delicious fried rice and very friendly service!

Review №82

This place has excellent food. Placed a pick up order and it was ready in 10 minutes. Fresh and hot waiting for me when I arrived. General Tso's chicken is great and probably the best crab rangoon I've had... Definitely recomended.

Review №83

The cashier was rude, he told me not to come back because I wanted my sauce on the side. Also their racist.

Review №84

Awesome food. Love it.

Review №85

Didn't deliver my whole order. When called they said they would send another order out. Never showed. What a rip off.

Review №86

Best chinese food in the anderson township/cherry grove are IMO

Review №87

Their food is delicious and they deliver

Review №88

Best Chinese food in the area!

Review №89

May be the best Chinese food in Cincinnati!!! By far the best I've had in years, repeatedly.

Review №90

Very tasty. It was a great meal!

Review №91

Dumplings are awesome

Review №92

Fast, friendly, and soooooo good!!

Review №93

This place is awesome! Best around!!

Review №94

Love this place !!!

Review №95


Review №96

Ask the cook to try a bite of what he serves you and i bet you they wont do it , the cooks eat subway everyday , that should be a clue of what they serve you.

Review №97

Consistently good food

Review №98

Excellent food, excellent service! The best Chinese food I've ever had!

Review №99

Delivery was slow. I was mislead. And I didn't even get what I ordered.

Review №100

Wish the general tso's chicken was spicier.

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  • Address:2042 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230, United States
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  • Phone:+1 513-233-0888
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  • Chinese restaurant
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  • Monday:10:30AM–10PM
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  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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