Papa Johns Pizza
5600 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Review №1

My Mom wanted a Pizza. In Ohio our local Papa John's was really good. After reading these reviews I'm most certainly not going to waste my money or disappoint her. Especially if Management doesn't care.

Review №2

Awesome place. Very friendly staff. Good prices. Great food.

Review №3

Papadia is amazing. Love the garlic sauce and the drivers are so friendly. Plus a pizza place with good steak, a sandwich they put it on and the option to have it on pizza... AMAZING!!

Review №4

I have been a faithful customer with these guys. I ordered a small sausage pizza, and it came with meatballs. Called them up so it could be fixed and they told me it was my fault. You guys lost a great customer today, and i reccomend everyone else to go too Pizza Hut. Terrible customer service.

Review №5

Surprisingly excellent pizza. While other pizza chains are terribly inconsistent and sometimes get delivered as mildly saucy cardboard, this store has consistently delivered good pizza. (still wish they had stuffed crust)

Review №6

Wonderful wonderful experience with Papa John's last night. The pizza and dessert was PERFECT. I had a bad day and needed emotional food and they came through in spades. Definitely my go to from now on.

Review №7

Management claims they have no way to resolve issues regarding their food. Poor excuses to not take care of the guest, or even try to at all. This place has really stopped caring about the lifeblood of their business: guest service and experience.

Review №8

Was given promotional cards as part of a business trade by their management. Tried to come in and redeem them, suddenly manager wouldn't honor them, despite me having honored my part of the trade. Super disappointed in their lack of customer service and willingness to resolve issues or be fair.

Review №9

Great service delivered to tire shop while getting tire fixed. Fast service and good and hot food.

Review №10

Great food good prices and friendly service

Review №11

They didn't put cheese on one of our pizzas, so it was just alfredo sauce, spinach and tomatoes, which tasted really gross. I called to ask if they could refund just that pizza they screwed up on and the bro explained that he couldn't refund that pizza, but could only make us another and bring it. Well, guess what, the last thing we want to taste right now is that same gross taste again but with cheese added. It's kind of ruined. So, if you can refund the one pizza off my order, I'll take this review off. It's ridiculous to have a policy that essentially says you can't refund a mistake you send out the door. You shouldn't expect the customer to want the second version of your product instead of a refund when you screw up.

Review №12

Employee was amazing an the manager was nice. Upon my mess up they helped me fix it an they were very chill an very nice about. So thank you for the awesome work you guys do it's really appreciated!

Review №13

Graet pizza

Review №14

Great pizza very reasonably prices

Review №15

Has delivered to our work place numerous times they now say they don't deliever to the area.

Review №16

The staff are friendly and professional

Review №17

My favorite pizza chain here in Fort Smith. Ingredients are great, love the banana pepper, and garlic butter extras. I always go to "retail me not" before ordering I always find a 25% promo code and usually any large for $10 promo code. Now you can enjoy a great pizza at a great price.

Review №18

Always delicious!

Review №19

I ordered pizza and a brownie and a soda got here no soda the driver literally went to the store right down the road and brought me a soda with a cup of ice WTH the reason I ordered a soda so it would be cold when it got here.

Review №20

Best pizza everr! -besides Chicago style pizza

Review №21

Would be a no star if they allowed it worse pizza delivery in ft smith absolute rudest people and slowest delivery!!

Review №22

Perfect cook on the crust. Really enjoyed this pizza.

Review №23

I've never had an issue with papa johnsAlways pretty good!

Review №24

Incredible service... Incredible pizza!

Review №25

The pizza was great and the employees were very nice also when I ordered pizza and picked it up.

Review №26

Meh. Decent take and bake.

Review №27

Lost our business order has been wrong last 2 times

Review №28

One of my favorites. They are usually very fast

Review №29

So far I've had almost always positive experiences with Papa John's. Though some may not have been as lucky so I hear sometimes. I will continue to try their food from a couple different locations is so far it made pretty good pizza for the price. And sometimes they have unbeatable special that I keep coming back for.

Review №30

Great military discount and very friendly. Lots of taste choices.

Review №31

Good pizza decent price

Review №32

Quick delivery! Good food! Awsome staff!

Review №33

Delivery driver decided to tip himself from my change.

Review №34

Tastes thrown together

Review №35

They make a good pizza, always check your order and any extras you ordered or they won't replace them, and if lucky they will say it's your fault they made a mistake like what happened to me just yesterday.

Review №36

So a few months ago , we were in town and ordered pizza .. extra garlic butter and a 2 liter. Order came.. no extra garlic butter .. no soda. So I called and they offered to replace our order. Today we were again in town and decided to use our replacement order. We got the pizza .. soda and extra garlic butter but the pizza was just cheese! Not what we had ordered!!! I called the store and they said there had been some confusion since they had lost a cheese pizza. I let them know it had been found !! Great pizza at this place .. but the mix - ups and mistakes are almost comical!

Review №37

Great pizza try the spicy Buffalo and philly steak pizza

Review №38

There special LG with 3 meats was very good

Review №39

Fast, friendly service. We ordered carry out. My pizza crust was on the crispy side. If your into crust like that then you'd like it.

Review №40

Love the Philly cheese steak pizza.

Review №41

Great pizza yummy

Review №42

Absolutly hands down best pizza ive had in a long time

Review №43

Usually my orders wrong. They have all that on file and have got in the habit of showing me everything before they hand it over. Seems to have gotten a little pricey ok ver the years though

Review №44

Always at least 10 minutes late on delivery. I've had to wait over an hour before. Pizza is good but delivery is very slow.

Review №45

Always fresh food & friendly staff

Review №46

My family and I usually get delivery from here and today was the first time in a long time that I have came in to pick up our pizza. I think this was the worst experience I have had just trying to pick up a pizza. The lady working had a terrible attitude and was completely rude! Not the way a business is suppose to run. If I walk into a business and they make me this raged with their rudeness I will not be back!

Review №47

Tried to order there special but was told if I put two different toppings one topping on each half of the pizza then it would not be a special and the order was going to be 30.00 bucks.I thought this was Amerika and not the USSR these commie bastards can keep there supposed speacials.

Review №48

Great pizza. Better than the competition by far (as if there is any). Great service depending on your driver. Give credit where credit is due.

Review №49

Pizza was deliciously fresh. De driver was friendly. Had some trouble in de past but was worth another chance & they didn't let me down this time.Changing de 4 to a 5 for another great experience. Thank you so much. ️

Review №50

Love going yo Papa John's and I always get half off for my VA military discount

Review №51

Great team they were slammed but courteous and efficient

Review №52

I have never gotten a bad pizza from here.

Review №53

Great pizza good service good delivery not bad prices

Review №54

Best in fortsmith

Review №55

I would be willing to give better rating but we l order on line it says my address there is no such place. So l have to call in and pay more

Review №56

Fast friendly and I'm crazy about the cheesey sticks

Review №57

Good food, polite staff, good pizza, we need one on south side

Review №58

Take my advice and order from dominos. I like papa johns better, but this place takes FOREVER. I mean over an hour to deliver a pizza. Seriously??!!! It's fort Smith for crying out loud, not Oklahoma City.

Review №59

My service was excellent and the guys were as nice as they could be. They even brought the pie to my car door!

Review №60

Great pizza at a good price!

Review №61

Rude, and quality was terrible.

Review №62

Papa John's as a brand is delicious but the management at this store leave a lot to be desired.

Review №63

Friendly, Fast, and best topping and garlic dippings!

Review №64

Excellent service , but the pizza tasted awful. Tasted bland and like the sugar was missing from sauce.

Review №65

Easy online ordering

Review №66

This establishment is ridiculous I called made my order gave my address waited over an hour for the food to arrive when it didnt arrive I called to check just to find out they dont deliver to my hotel. As stupid as the person who took my order was the manager was even stupider

Review №67

When you're done with your pizza don't forget to put cheese on the cardboard box it comes in. It's like a two for one deal since there's really no difference.

Review №68

Odered 3 pizzas and brownie and it took way longer and my pizzas were Luke warm this is not cool asked the employee why it was taking so long and he said we had to recook one so by doing so my pizzas got cold by time the other one was done

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Review №70

Left on hold. Called back. Put on hold again, waited and then hung up on

Review №71

It was good

Review №72

Never again!

Review №73

Great pizza!

Review №74

Always good

Review №75

GREAT place

Review №76

Love it

Review №77

Its pizza

Review №78

It's okay

Review №79

Always given great service.

Review №80

Awesome Pizza

Review №81

Lady making the pizza did not wash her hands after touching the money

Review №82

Not bad for the price.

Review №83

Always a good choice!!

Review №84

Papa Johns Sucks in Fort Smith!!!!!!!!

Review №85

This store is horrible has a careless manager named Austin just so rude and hateful won't be coming back ever!!!!

Review №86

Really. Sucks won't even deliver. When. I live 5mins away if I could I won't rate -4 stars

Review №87

Horribly burnt crust and topping and redo was charcoal we thought pizza was a perfect idea for our eating in idea after 13 hours on the road Papa Johns 5600 Rodgers Provided trash can pizza

Review №88

I order a pizza i had to repeat my self 20 times cause the guy on the phone didn't under stand me he got some one else on the phone i only said it ones and he understood my order

Review №89

Lazy pieces of crap. They put me on hold for 10 minutes. Then tried calling back and they hung up on me. POS!!!

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  • Address:5600 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
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  • Phone:+1 479-478-6777
  • Pizza restaurant
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
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  • Staff wear masks:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
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