Dominos Pizza
3701 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
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Domino's has the best crust of the big 3, and crust is everything. They're the only ones who deliver salad. (Hello!) The wings are as good as you'll find. Cheesy bread, marbled cookie brownie, ...I could go on and on. My Phoenix Ave store is one of the best Domino's locations I've ever found, and they've been at the top of their game during this pandemic. Fast friendly delivery, orders are hot and accurate, and prices are competitive. 5 stars!

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Super fast prep and delivery. Pizza was hot, tasted great and good price. 10/10

Review №3

Good food and good timing but today was a lil off i ordered a chicken bacon ranch sandwich an got a side order of ran. The delivery driver just leaves my food on the porch rings the door bell and just books it talk about being disrespectful and he didnt give me any ranch i like yall but u need to teach your drivers about customer service.

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I order from my local Domino's store almost every other week. They are so very friendly and welcoming. I have never had problem with any of my orders.Thank you Domino's for being so very friendly.

Review №5

Delicious pizza, plentiful topping. Friendly and polite employees.

Review №6

Great Pizza! Fast delivery! Always friendly driver!

Review №7

Rude employees. Asked for light sauce, they went heavy. I waited outside for nearly an hour after I had been through the drive thru. They told me to park out front and never brought it out, I had to go inside to get it because they had no intentions on bringing it out. You can bet I won't be coming back to this establishment.

Review №8

Absolutely BEST pizza, pasta, salads, deserts, and EVERYTHING in between!! We will NEVER eat at another pizza establishment again. #BestInFortSmith

Review №9

Food is always delicious, and the team members I've interacted with, have been so friendly and helpful. I don't know if Domino's does a customer service orientation, but my experiences have been great. They seem to go above and beyond.

Review №10

Perfect manners perfect treatment A PLACE ILL GO TO OFTEN

Review №11

The best pizza ever! Get it at dominos!!

Review №12

Very helpful friendly staff. Great pizza!

Review №13

Very good pizza! Tasted Mucho perfect!

Review №14

Can't cut a pizza to if their lives depended on it. plus i asked for it to be cut in squares and it wasn't. i usually wouldn't complain if it wasn't so uneven and not cut thoroughly. it's happened each time i went so i'll just go to another

Review №15

This Dominos is ALWAYS great!! Thank you guys!!

Review №16

Super Fast and Amazing Taste! Need I say more?!!Oh yeah, it's super affordable as well!

Review №17

Good food. the drive thru pick up window affiliate was not very friendly. I'll shop elsewhere next timethnx

Review №18

Their pizzas are really good and their service is very positive and nice. I highly recommend their cheesy bread!!!

Review №19

I love this place, best pizza money can buy. I wish i had a t-shirt. :-)

Review №20

Always excellent food as well as service

Review №21

Always been quick and correct. Always treated well. Zero complaints! Keep up the good work!

Review №22

After 2 hours still waiting on my order. I tried to call dominos, no one answers. This is upsetting and ridiculous

Review №23

Will never fail the on you. They always make it right

Review №24

They have great food. But whenever I ordered wings they always forget my sauce . And whenever my sister orders ranch they don't ever deliver's gotten to the point where I have to ask the driver as soon as they get there if they have my saucer or not because I am sick of it. I really like the pizza so I continued to go there. And really love the sauce with my wings.but I would appreciate it if your drivers would be more attentive to what they're grabbing. my sister ordered a pizza and ended up getting nothing but breadsticks and having to wait and a hour to get what she originally ordered . I only complaint is that they don't pay attention .

Review №25

They wanted to charge for crushed red peppers because they had no packets food was edible but not great

Review №26

Fast service and fresh toppings makes for their great pizza.

Review №27

Staff is very helpful. Great recommendations! We enjoyed watching them make the pizzas. They even answered the questions we had while they were making it without a problem. Will definitely be returning!

Review №28

New chicken is awesome!

Review №29

Awesome quick service and yummy food.

Review №30

Always the very best!

Review №31

They get it right about 50% of the time. No quality control and they fail to give you all of your order!

Review №32

Moved here from Fayetteville Ar, and this was my first time ordering here in Fort Smith. I am totally satisfied the meal was hot , and ready to eat. They did a great job.

Review №33

Brandon is an awesome delivery driver! Thank you from a truck driver.

Review №34

Great pizza....yummmmm.....

Review №35

They are always on time or ahead of schedule.

Review №36

Brooklyn style pizza was the best pizza I have ever ate. Excellent.

Review №37

Very hot in the lobby! They had to look several times and almost lost our order causing us to be inside this hot lobby for way longer than we wanted to be. The pizza was great but everything else could have been better.

Review №38

Amazing every time! Every order was quick and delicious I was impressed with the punctuality and with the effort! I've used them several times and plan to keep on ordering their pasta and pizza!

Review №39

Best delivery ever

Review №40

Always delivered quickly and my order is always correct! Much better experience than other local alternatives!

Review №41

We order from Domino's at least once a month for our Youth at church. The order is always correct, always ready on time and always great quality pizza. Our students love it.

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Review №43

Amazing pizza!!

Review №44

Went to pick up an order. People were pretty friendly and my order was ready as the domino tracker said. I ordered extra sauce and boy did I ever get extra sauce. My only complain was the middle of my bread bowl was a bit cool. I didn't expect lava but I did want hot food.

Review №45

7.99 three toping carry out, great deal! Good brownie cookie!!

Review №46

Managment at Dominos is not good. Papa John's is much better.

Review №47

Way too overpriced!!!

Review №48

It's a good thing they only build pizza's here. i dont think i'd trust them to assemble plastic straws. i'm from out of town, asked how to get back to the hotel from dominos. you'd think the pizza delivery guy would know directions, but he needed to ask his manager. a great generation of non-thinkers. keep building pizza. i'm sure they have a picture for you to look at and try to get it wasn't that great either.

Review №49

I'm a happy customer, have enjoyed this location many of times. I give it a 4 1/2 stars only because sometimes you don't get your dipping sauces. Delivery guys have always been nice and presentable. Not doped up or shady acting, A big plus! Lol. Thumbs up guys. Thanks! Don't forget to tip em, mine have showed up in personal vehicles. That's a big personal expense.

Review №50

By far the easiest app to use! Also, the food & service is always amazing!

Review №51

Great pizza. quick delivery. Love it.

Review №52

Well the pizza idk dont care lol

Review №53

Extremely disappointed experience. Not just its staff is not familiar with their own company promotion ad online, we had been made to wait for 20 mins with no one having the curtsy to inform us our order is ready and left to be cold on the rack. Who wants cold pizza ?!Please learn from your other 8500 Phoenix branch for customer service and experience.

Review №54

The pizza is always delicious. The prices are always great!

Review №55

Food is always fresh, and delicious! Delivery drivers are very polite!

Review №56

Fast. friendly and delicious. the other store on phoenix/rogers needs lessons from you guys!!

Review №57

Great service online promo was awesome

Review №58

Best local pizza deals and quality

Review №59

Always on time and made how I order it. Best Dominoes in Fort Smith.

Review №60

The one on Phoenix ave was amazing!!!! Very friendly service!!! Thank you!

Review №61

Great food at a great price, the staff is very friendly...

Review №62

I love having this Domino's just a half a mile from home! They always have the pizza ready in a very short time! GREAT PIZZA!! Great service too!!

Review №63

The flavor is excellent and I love the pizza but I have issues with how done the pizza is... It's not cooked all the way through... You can't pick it up and all the stuff falls off. Come on Domino's!! Five more minutes in the oven would make all the difference!

Review №64

Love Dominos pizza. Philly cheese steak is the best

Review №65

Awesomeness everytime! Both the pizza and the app are way better!

Review №66

Tis dominos has the best food and everyone is super nice !

Review №67

Good pizza! Good prices! Nice staff!

Review №68

Usually good. Occasionally a new cook will change the portions up somewhat, even though they're supposed to be the same.Don't ever pay for double cheese, you never get it. I've order two pizzas at the same time. One with double cheese and one with tge normal amount. Pizzas had the same amount of cheese on them.

Review №69

Fast, friendly service!

Review №70

10/10 never had a problem with them good food good service good people

Review №71

Really love the app. Morning team makes some good pies :)

Review №72

Love their supreme

Review №73

I love Domino's pizza. I use their app often. Their service is always fast and friendly. I love it when I order enough to get a free pizza. I'm having pizza tonight. Thanks Dominos!

Review №74

Only had Delivery & Haven't had any issues with Wrong or Missing Items. Pizzas are Hot & Ready to Eat!!. Great Coupon Of 1/2 Off Specialty Pizzas Ordered on Line so I used It twice Before Coupon Expired. I hope they do this one again. My Favorite Delivery Pizza

Review №75

Always great dinner options for the entire family

Review №76

Love this Domino's

Review №77

Awesome pizza and great, quick delivery - just wish you would always pack cheese and peppers, they have been forgetting to add these pretty standard items. Wish there was an online place to order Ranch dressing also. Domino's used to be my least favorite years ago, not it is in my top two!

Review №78

We Love Domino's pizza!!!

Review №79

Had the gluten free pizza. Crust was a little odd but that's to be expected. Very good tho!

Review №80

Each and every time -- food has been great!

Review №81

Hot and ready great price great service delicious and delivery available

Review №82

Used app very easy to use, food ready when I got there.

Review №83

Waited 15 min for someone to come to window... Pizza was delicious

Review №84

Always receive great service and food! We love the pizza, chicken and bread twists!! So Good!

Review №85

My favorite pizza of all time!

Review №86

Very good gluten free Pacific Veggie pizza! Only comes in a small, but feed two just fine.

Review №87

Poor customer service skills!

Review №88

Omg!! Great pizzaaaaa!!! So good!!!

Review №89

Very good and fresh.

Review №90

KUDOS!!! we had the deep dish pepperoni. ,,,,it was so ooooooh good! Thank you SO MUCH FOR AN AWESOME PIE

Review №91

Quick AF and always tasty

Review №92

I love this Domino's!! I ordered from them for the first time today for my lunch at school, and it was delivered on time and still hot & fresh! Wish I could've tipped the driver ! Will be back again! :)

Review №93

I ordered on my iphone & it was seamless, kept me updated & we got our food quickly. The ordering process was excellent & the delivery guy, Daniel was super nice. The food was great. We were really impressed with the ease of the ordering process & the updates. (had to give a decor score to post, but I've never visited the location)

Review №94

Domino's Pizza is my go to place in Fort Smith. This facility was built fairly recently and the staff are always courteous regardless of delivery or carry out service. The best thing in my opinion is having our local store saved to our profile and can simply hit the "easy order" button and checkout. Pending delays, this store can have our food order prepared and in route to us roughly 20-30 minutes. I highly encourage the parmesan bites, but be warn they are highly addictive! If you utilize the carry out option when placing your order, this is my only complaint. It is not a very easy spot to turn left to head toward the intersection. Overall, I encourage delivery when utilizing this facility and you'll know you are getting a team that is committed to the highest quality of customer service.

Review №95

Great taste. Love the crust. Garlic butter and crushed pepper are a MUST!

Review №96

Our food is always on time, good and hot. They have great customer service, and pI'm thankful for rewards!! Domino's is a hit in our home.

Review №97

It's a decent pizza for one the go....its usually our 2nd choice for Pizza chain places....

Review №98

Pretty good. Does not wait on u quickly or notices u r there.

Review №99

I always enjoy Domino's Pizza great deals and great service!

Review №100

Pizza was fair but uses too much sauce for my taste. Employees were friendly and professional. Haven't had a chance to try items besides the pizza.

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  • Delivery:Yes
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