Cafe Abuja
15015 Westheimer Rd Suite C, Houston, TX 77082, United States
Review №1

Taste is an ATheir food is fresh and yummy.Portion is BThe portion isn't as much especially the ofada stew. Expected a good portion for the price paid.Customer service is A+The owners have trained each staff well on this.Store and staffs are clean and staff pays attention to details.The wait time may be much but I advise you call ahead of time to place your order if possible.

Review №2

I visited this location while visiting Houston. It is perhaps the best African restaurant I have visited decor wise. It is a small restaurant, but the ambience is impressive. The food was good but pricey compared to what I typically pay in Dallas. The service was good too. Parking can be a hassle because it is a busy area.

Review №3

I have to say I have a mixed review. Cafe Abuja has Good Nigerian food. I patronize there frequently. I've tried other Nigerian restaurants and can say one is very nice, but Cafe Abuja food is competitive. I haven't had bad customer service as I've read in some of the reviews. But, my only complaint is the quantity or better yet, serving size. You pay for a bowl of stew, but they give you half of a bowl. The amount of money they charge should be equal to serving amount. I'm not asking for the whole pot, but at least give the amount equally of price. When asked why, they have told the servers to say it's measurement policy and nothing they can do about it. I'm not impressed by their quality control. If they please the customer to a reasonable standards, then they would have a 5 star restaurant.

Review №4

They must tell their employees that customer satisfaction is unnecessary. I've been to cafe Abuja countless times which means I have been a returning customer thus far. I had an easily fixable issue tonight (a food item that was missing). Rather than a “manager” hearing me out and FIXING the issue, they kept going back and forth with me with no practical CONSIDERATE solution at all. They weren't even apologetic. It's like they tell their employees every customer is lying when there is an issue. Patronize at your own risk. Cause it is a risk.

Review №5

The food was excellent and the customer service it's on par. Will definitely come back.

Review №6

They have clearly lost their touch smh. Food used to be great now they serve you cheap meats and the food doesn't taste as goodies it used to. I wonder is it because they are expanding? Because the quality has severely worsened and is not worth the prices the sell it for.

Review №7

Came to do an Uber Eats pick up and the ladies were super sweet. I've never been here before, and they even gave me a sample to try. Will definitely come back and try more!

Review №8

Very poor customer service! I saw the owner of the restaurant, the man with multiple benign tumors on the back of his head, and I greeted him but he didn't even respond and this is the second time this is happening. I noticed that he treats non Nigerians nicely. I won't be coming back. There are lots of good Nigerian restaurants here in Houston unlike the city I used to live in and they've got good customer service so you're making a big mistake if you're thinking I haven't got choices. You're acting like I came there to get free food. Nonsense!

Review №9

Not worth the price. Ordered goat pepper soup for 18 dollars. Was expecting a good portion for the soup. Gave me about 7 small pieces of goat. The portion is EXTREMELY SMALL for what you are paying for. I've been to Trulucks, Fogo de Chao and countless other restaurants. I do not mind paying for good food but the food here was overpriced for what your getting. Pepper soup was extremely small and SPICY. They missed the mark. Not worth it at all. Look elsewhere for Nigerian food.

Review №10

I love the goat pepper soup. It tasted so clean and well seasoned. No gamey after taste. It was losded with goat meat i felt like i got my moneys worth!

Review №11

Well made African cuisine. Try it, you won't regret you do...

Review №12

Cafe Abuja is by far the best Nigerian food that my husband and I have had in Houston. Very friendly staff that care about the quality of their food. 10/10

Review №13

What an extreme waste of money!I returned to this restaurant for the first time in 12 months and was sorely disappointed. I ordered the ofada stew and was basically served fat with a side of more fat. The peppers were completely drowned in palm oil even though I requested light oil more than once because of how important that is to me. The food was not good tasting at all or I would have considered giving them 2 starts. I was sorely disappointed to find that my “assorted meat” was infact 75% kpomo, 10% shaki, 5% actual fat(no joke) and 5% beef. I am not even exaggerating,I will add pictures and show you the two overcooked pieces of beef they gave me. My plantains were soggy and soft. I am so upset that I wasted my money on this. If someone is paying $19 for food the lease the can expect premium cuts of meat in their food.The only thing they did right was boiled white rice.I literally cannot eat this.When I complained at the restaurant the server literally told me “to remove the oil by myself at home”I am so disappointed In this restaurant at one point they were my favorite.But now I don't know if it because they are opening more locations it is clearly they have cut quality to increase their revenue and that reflects very bad on them.I do not think I will ever be returning here again.You can literally find better tasting Food and ingredients in the precooked meals at the African food store.Shame on them for serving me this atrocity.I wanted my money and I don't find it funny. The least you can do is listen to your customers when they state their food preferences.

Review №14

For a first time visit, I had an amazing experience here. The food tasted great even though it took a little time to come out. Once I tasted the food, I soon realized it was well worth the wait. The staff was very nice and polite and the owner was actually around to greet and ask about the service. The inside of the restaurant is very classy and is different from a lot of Nigerian restaurants I have previously visited. Would definitely come back!!!

Review №15

I'm always happy with my orders!! Best restaurant super clean... 5 stars is not even enough for you all...

Review №16

A very attractive environment, friendly people, awesome customer service. The food is delicious, clean in the outside. Very caring and heart warming people. This is the place to go if you want quality, quantity of service and food.

Review №17

Delicious I am a regular customer and I can't stop going there. Food is very delicious.

Review №18

With it being my wife & I first time eating at an African restaurant. I can't give it a 5until we visit another establishment out of respect. I have heard great things about this place, and it stood the test of great impressions. We always wanted to rat fufu, so that was our main reason for for going. I have to say the food was great, not hot, but spicy, very well seasoned, and had a great visual appearance. I will definitely be going back again for sure. This is a place to refer to your friends, and family.

Review №19

The food was the right amount of spicy and the meat pie was fantastic! The food was very good and it is spicy. Great find!

Review №20

A top-notch Nigerian restaurant with excellent customer service. Their food taste great. You should give it a try.

Review №21

Cafe Abuja is the best african restaurant without any doubt. Clean and serene environment, friendly staff and tasty food. Every dime I have spent there is worth it and they are assured of my continued patronage and loyalty. I'll give them six stars if possible

Review №22

Delicious food and great ambience. If you're looking for authentic African cuisine this is definitely a must go in the Houston area!!

Review №23

Waste of money , I had jollof rice it was too spicy first of all and the tilapia fish was not even tasty they put the sauce on the fish , when I only wanted fried tilapia with sauce on the side . I could have made a better one at home the only thing I liked was fried yam that's it . The rest was a waste ..

Review №24

I was visiting Houston and decided to try an African restaurant. Cafe Abuja is hand down the best African restaurant i've been to. Clean and great customer service! Keep it up!

Review №25

Love this place, the food is absolutely deliciousMy new favorite African restaurant

Review №26

Good but meehn its damn expensive

Review №27

I usually don't do reviews, but this is the best African Restaurant by far. African restaurants usually lacks the obvious.... cleanliness, but not here. You enter the restaurant, and the first thing? you are greeted with a clean environment with a clean beautiful smell. The staff is very respectful and not rude or acts like they don't want to attend to customers. These people do business the right way. The food was amazing. Very tasty, delicious and not too spicy(just about the right amount)..I can't wait to go back. I have found my eating place and it's right here at Abuja Cafe. To the owners and staff, good work and keep it up, God bless you all. Other African restaurants could use some help with you people teaching them how it's done.

Review №28

I LOVED MY VISIT TO THIS RESTAURANT!!The workers were all professional and friendly. The owner of the restaurant has a great sense of business! The food was awesome (quantity and quality was well worth the price). I will definitely be back

Review №29

Everytime i go to houston i always have to buy mackerel fish jollof rice and my plantain from my favorite spot love them

Review №30

I brought my African American friend here a couple months ago, and I was very impressed with the service. I've been here a couple times, and the food is good. Thanks for not embarrassing me in front of my friend.

Review №31

Food is pretty good. Jollof rice is very spicy

Review №32

The food is solid. Everything tastes good, but it isn't mind blowing. The customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

Review №33

Clean environment. The workers all had smiles on. The service was fast, friendly and courteous. The owner even came by to have a friendly chat too. The presentation of the food was very impressive, and the taste was amazing. It was truly a pleasant experience.

Review №34

The food was tasty. They need to work on customer service, waited for long just to get water while eating. I was offered tap water which I didnot appreciate. customers should be informed about services rendered.

Review №35

The food is spicy but tasty. The servers are friendly and the energy is amazing. The setting is informal but warm and cozy. I love this place!!!

Review №36

Do not bother coming here, their food is over seasoned and salty. Don't waste your money.

Review №37

Great place for all kinds of Nigerian delicacies. Hosted my friends here and received deserved excellent service. We felt we were home.

Review №38

Welcoming atmosphere. I ordered ewa agoyin which was delicious. My husband ordered Afang soup which he also loved. Great service. The only negatives I have is my appetizer came after my meal arrived. This is an issue that happens with a lot of restaurants. Appetizers should come first and be nicely spaced out from the main course. Also, my husband was given the large bottle of Heineken without being asked his preference. We were under the impression that was the only size they had which was not the case.Would I come back: yesLikelihood to recommend: highly likely

Review №39

I have a mixed review. Good Nigerian food variety but I wasn't so impressed by their quality control and customer service. The two pieces of goatmeat I was served were so tough I had to abandon them after struggling helplessly to cut through. Even when I complained, nothing was done.I'm giving a four star for the Isi-Ewu we ordered as take-away which was awesome.

Review №40

Cafe Abuja and others, this African Restaurant is second to none, the best I've ever experienced, neat environment, delicious and very tasty food served hot and fresh, with a very welcoming front desk staffers, I can't wait to be here again, thank you.

Review №41

One of the best african restaurant around.meals are just the same as home cooking and the service was order came out on time which was not what i expected.

Review №42

Quick service, good food, smiling waitresses and clean place. Good for groups and cozy restaurant.

Review №43

I have been in this town for like six days and a friend generously agreed to show me this awesome place. Firstly, it's an Nigerian-African restaurant with great options to choose from. The vegetable and Pounded yam I ordered was awesome. The ambience was welcoming with great staff. I will definitely go back there before I return home.I recommend it for lovers of West African food

Review №44

The food was delicious.I live in St.Louis,MoI will be back.Excellent Food and clean place.Love it.

Review №45

Lovely dining experience and the staff is great, not to mention the food is OUTSTANDING

Review №46

The food is great but the only problem I had with them is that I feel like they sell their left over food from the day before to customers who come in the next day. On my third visit, not only was the suya I got stale, I found a dead fly in it. I would suggest that people check their foods before eating it.

Review №47

Great food! Gave 3 stars due to waiting an hour and 20 minutes for gizzards and dodo. The hostess had to report the cooks to the owner as no one wanted to cook my order!

Review №48

OMG. We drove 5 hours from Dallas TX and if I could give 10 STARS I would. Oooo my husband ate so much while smiling. The service was awesome.

Review №49

The food is good but the customer service is poor.

Review №50

At Houston for the first time, this was the first naija restaurant my friends and I ended up at. I stuck to the basics, by basics I mean fried rice not jollof rice (I eat that everywhere), and I must say the food was GREAT! My friends had yam pottage and that was fantastic too according to their reviews. I'd definitely recommend. And oh, the staff - awesome service!

Review №51

Great food! Great customer service! Most definitely will be coming back!

Review №52

Today was my husband's first time here, he had pounded yam, and Egusi . He enjoyed the experience. Thanks for a job well done!!!

Review №53

Wasn't happy for the 1st time there buying food without offering just a bottle of's not logic&lack of business relation..

Review №54

The best Nigerian food I've ever purchased. The place was packed. They should buy the space next door. We will come here every time we come to Houston

Review №55

Service, Food and Staff are impeccable !!! Jaloff Rice and Fish Head soup were so flavorful

Review №56

Very disappointed. Poor customer service. We had to wait more than 1 hour for 2 plates of food. Very spicy and expensive.

Review №57

If you want a big cat fish at an affordable price pls come to this place

Review №58

Delicious home made food that hits the spot!! Our server was Leslie and she was outstanding! this place gets a 5/5 from me!!

Review №59

One of the best egusi and pepper soup in the area. Very generous amount of food.

Review №60

We arrived in a party of 4 and was promptly attended to. The menu had an eclectic selection of Nigerian delicacies. Our food arrived in good portions. The food tasted awesome, the meats and stock fish were chewy and hard. Other than that we had a good time. The atmosphere was great, clean and professional. The prices are very reasonable. We will visit again but hope the proteins are softer and easier to chew on the next visit.

Review №61

Staff present to help and answer questions. Food delicious and well portioned. The environment felt welcoming.

Review №62

I'm not going to absolutely say this place is okay cuz of the short changing way of selling their meals.You dont get the value for your money at all.l went in and ordered a $100 worth of meal of different kind.The error was I didn't check it out before I stepped out of there.l'd have not paid so much for so little meal.So be warned plz

Review №63

The Designer stew was on point and they have a great staff

Review №64

Great Nigerian food!

Review №65

Not so good. Waited 45 minutes for our food. Staff was confused as to what was available in the menu. The food we ordered they did not have. Food was way overpriced and just average. Probably not coming back.

Review №66

Nice food. The owner is very kind & very professional. I just don't think having the employees with their state tags creates a positive 1st impression. I know there is no harm honestly intended, but I would think that could be a turn off to potential regular customers who would not point this out to the owner. This is only meant to be constructive. Other than that, it's a good lovely place to visit and I encourage all to taste the delicacies.

Review №67

Excellent first impression servers very respectful food looks good

Review №68

Good food.

Review №69

Don't get me wrong the food is good but they have false advertisement. I received a birthday certificate to get a entree up to $20. The certificate did not say dine-in only. I drove 45 minutes to redeem my certificate and they told me I had to eat my food there, they would not accommodate me no kind of way. I suggested that they update their certificate so that their customers know that their reward is for dine-in only!

Review №70

This is an awesome place to eat. Other Nigerian restaurant need to go to treat customers. The food was very good and compares to what you will get from similar restaurants in Lagos. The place was clean and welcoming. I was served by a lady that I presume is the owner....she was polite and kind. I highly recommend this place.....after my experience with other Nigerian restaurants....this place is a breath of fresh air.

Review №71

Excellent service. They made a mistake on my wife's order and actually went out their way to deliver a replacement.

Review №72

Poor service, I wait like an hour for a plate that doesn't really deserve it. The waitress didn't even know the recommendations and the available plates. You must buy the bottle water because they don't give it you in glass. And is expensive if you compare quality-price.

Review №73

Good food, good people, good atmosphere; but expensive.

Review №74

The staff at Cafe Abuja is professional and the owners are friendly and welcoming! This entire establishment operates in EXCELLENCE!!!Food was great, fresh ingredients and decent portion sizes... the meat pies also were tasty and delicious!The staff and owners take pride in this business. Even the bathrooms were SUPER CLEAN and top notch!!! Mind Blown!!!!I ended up walking away content, satisfied, and full of pride seeing an authentic restaurant ran at the highest level!!!

Review №75

Visited this place with my wife and we enjoyed the meal. Tried to visit again on new year's day and found it was not open even after their website had said they will be open on new year's day. Left disappointed especially because we had come with another family and were looking forward to eating some fresh Nigerian meals

Review №76

Nice ambiance, healthy and tasty meals; like from Mama's pot. Good portions at a reasonable price. Reasonable waiting time for meals. Courteous and friendly staff. Owners are very welcoming and do thier best to satisfy customers. If you are looking for authentic Nigerian meals this is the place to go to.

Review №77

They never answer phone. So be prepared to wait a hour for your food

Review №78

Nice place to have Nigerian food in Houston.. I enjoyed my pounded yam and oha soup

Review №79

Best and cleanest Nigerian restaurant I have visited. The food is really good

Review №80

The food is authentic African dishes. So African I can't pronounce their names on the menu. Don't ask the women who take your order, they behave as if they are offended by you asking (No tip now). They are so unfriendly and can't seem smile. This is why I always order to go. My pieces of the goat meat isn't choice pieces, and my portions are smaller in comparison to someone, for example who speaks their native tongue. Because the food is so good, I'll come at least monthly. If the staff were as friendly, professional, and warm as the man I believe is the owner, I would come weekly and with friends, he deserves it. Brother always be visible to your customers, otherwise your lovely cafe could be in jeapordy?

Review №81

Protecting its customers and

Review №82

I loved everything about the place when we came in the music was a little loud but the staff immediately turned it down when we asked. The phone kept ringing and at times both waitress were too busy to serve us. I loved the dishes but the drinks are $10 per shot. If they had drink specials and staff designated for their seated guest the place would be amazing. We spent $92 on 2 drinks 3 dishes and an appetizer.

Review №83

Horrible food..too oily, not tasty

Review №84

This place is so delish,tastes kinda like grandmas eba it is so good wonderful service and big portions i dont finish it but im still satisfied and im only 12 one of the best nigerian resturants in houston happy nigerian independance day.

Review №85

They ran out of food, but told me after I ordered and already had been waiting. When I asked for a refund, they said they were unable to issue one. The meat (oxtails) were also extremely dry.

Review №86

Expensive for no reason. Food takes too long to be served. You will starve while waiting for your order

Review №87

During the month of February, I partnered with Cafe, Abuja to host a Black History Month Celebration at Texas Southern University. The food was ready in a timely and professional fashion and the customer service was superlative! Over 50 students attended the event and were extremely satisfied with the food provided by Cafe Abuja. As the Student Body President of Texas Southern University, I am proud to have chosen Cafe Abuja for this event and highly recommend them. I consider them the #1 Houston Nigerian Restaurant in Houston and encourage to try their food.

Review №88

I've eaten at this restaurant and it is by far welcoming place. The atmosphere has a special kind of ambiance to it. The staff is professional and know the menu, and the owners are wonderful people. The lady owner has great people skills and knows her stuff. The man owner is friendly and very professional as well. I give this restaurant 5 stars because I enjoyed my time there and it's not a harsh environment. I just wanted to thank them for a pleasant experience.

Review №89

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I drove almost 2 hours in search of some good African food even tho I'm Ghanaian they were delicious varieties & I was able to sample before purchasing. The waitress was very respectful and patient with me being that I was so indecisive, overall timing was great and worth the drive. I now have a pot belly. DELICIOUS FOOD. Thank you.

Review №90

Attracted by the food pictures and locals reviews, we were adventurous and tried this restaurant. Everything started okay but the $30 dollars fried fish plate was founded raw and bloody. The solution from the cooker was to take it back and refried it, and brought back same fish; even after ask for reimbursement...of course my saliva and hands were already on that the question was...whose fish/ food is going to be fried on that oil next?...Expensive for the type of food and services.

Review №91

First time eating African food I really enjoy I will be back

Review №92

Its very tasty in short time if im looking for a great restraunt and im to tired for my grandma or dad to tired then ill eat here

Review №93

Terrible restaurant!!!!!. I order pepper soup and it was served cold and the manager/ husband have the audacity to make excuse instead of apologizing. Not coming back and I'll pass the bad experience to my colleagues.

Review №94

Have not eaten here yet. It was closed on Monday.

Review №95

Great food, cozy environment, quite affordable

Review №96

Nice and delicious home cooking.You no like spice foog go taste of Nigeria5959 Richmond Ave

Review №97

I love this place but once they moved the egusi soup changed it taste burnt my daughter went another day and said the same thing. I gave them five stars because the rice was heaven and the place was nice and clean. I will still eat here every time I come back in town

Review №98

Went to Cafe Abuja 4 days ago and the food was phenomenal. Food was hot, fresh and taste just like the way my Dad would make It when he was living. It was so good I went back again 4 days later. When I went this time I got my food and was so hungry I opened it up in the parking lot. My rice was ice cold, the plaintains were cold and hard and the spinach was lukewarm. It taste like somebody's plate from the night before ;it taste nothing like 4 days ago. I had to leave , but I hope they become more consistent in the quality every time you order.

Review №99

The food is good. The place is nice. The staff is a little more friendly than your average Nigerian restaurant. But I have a problem with the portion sizes being too small for the prices. For that reason, I may not continue to eat at Cafe Abuja. You leave feeling robbed and that makes me uncomfortable. I hope they consider the customer a little more in the future.

Review №100

After a four hour drive from La I was famished when I arrived. The service was superb and the food was past perfect... The waitress was so welcoming and kind and I'm obsessed with the BEAUTIFUL African accent everyone has.. I definitely recommend this place for ANYONE looking for great African good with the perfect atmosphere, music, and drinks

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