Chez Michelle Restaurant
6991 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77083, United States
Review №1

Neat. Service is quick and customer service is good.I even saw a live band session there...i bet they'll place some cool Congolese music. I recommend

Review №2

A 30 minute wait for food turned into 1hr. Food was delicious though!

Review №3

My experience buying suya last weekend was horrible. Meat lacked seasoning and was not well cooked. Of course this review is only so that they can improve the service. I bought it for a friend who just refused to eat it. I have been eating here and I may end up back there only if I'm invited.

Review №4

I am giving this place 2stars because of the horrible customer service. 5 times that I have been here the service that I've receuved is tremendously slow and aside from Linda, no one will even greet you or wait on you..unless you wave them over to your table. Well the tall tall lady only smiles when she is serving a table full of men...she gives them prompt service with a smile. My food on March 1st was horrible and undercooked fish with overcooked scorched unseasoned jallof rice AND hard plantain. I gave them 4 to 5 visits and with that...NO MORE. Also they advertise Oxtails but never have them and when they do, They have to cook them and you wait for 1.5hrs. Poor poor poor poor choice of place to eat. No music no menus....Never again...I would rather go to any of the other African restaurants.

Review №5

Food was soooooo good . Would not tell me the secret sauce but it was so good

Review №6

It's such a wonderful place to be. The customer service is magnificent and the management is awesome. It's a place to visit if you haven't visited.

Review №7

Lovely fish joint. Comes with live music

Review №8

The have the best roasted Cameroonan fish!!! This place is always my go to for this particular's stuffed with spices and roasted...soooo good

Review №9

3 stars because1) you place a pickup order, they tell you it will be ready in 20mins, but when u get there you will still have to wait another 30-40mins extra to pick up. Its ridiculously annoying especially when the restaurant is empty or less busy.2) their fish size is not standard at all. Many times its half the size of the regular sized tilapia but the price is always the same. That's not right. You get less food for the same cost.Plus the spices vary. There is no constant recipe. The fish maybe taste really nice one day, but the next may be bland.Other than that, the food tastes great. They are well know for their grilled whole fish and plantain.

Review №10

Lovely variety to.choose from. v.busy so.if you are in.a hurry this isnot a place

Review №11

Apparently if you place an order and come get it “a bit late” they will give it to someone else! Service is very terrible and they will not respect your time!

Review №12

Cameron food always on point down to the sugar but the service is always poor... But the food and the prices make it all worth a visit every time... ive been about 4xs already and keep coming back

Review №13

The dish I order should have had beef. It only had gristle, fat and bones without meat. The attached pic is the above mentioned contents. Rice was very oily, food was not eatable. I threw it all away. I am so disgusted with the contents. Unfortunately, I could not give them a zero.

Review №14

I ordered two roast tilapia to go. When I picked up and got home I discovered they gave me two fried stale tilapia. That was mean. I had to call and inform of such horrible service.

Review №15

Great Cameroon style roast fish. Get a great taste of our most cherished roast fish "burning fish" and other dishes. I have dined at Chez Michelle for over 10years and she has never, never let me down. This new location is a great and much anticipated upgrade. Highly recommended.

Review №16

I love their tilapia pepper soup. It's only $12 and the tilapia is big and it comes with boiled plantain!The negative is that it takes too long for them to make it. This time it took them well over an hour to prepare the food. But it is delicious

Review №17

My favorite place for whole grilled fish. The fish is seasoned to the bone and the fried plantains really compliments it . Don't try the hot sauce if you have a soft palette but I loooove the hot sauce.

Review №18

Wrong place to place an order for pepper soup. I wasted 16 dollars. Horrible service.

Review №19

We had the drum fish and tilapia fish with fried plantain. It was soooooo good. Linda was an awesome hostess too. Will definitely return.

Review №20

I always come to this place for the fish and plantains. The customer service needs major improvement, and calling them to place an order before hand is no better. No one answers the phone half the time. But some of the servers are lovely and try their best, hence the reason I keep coming back.

Review №21

This is an African Restaurant of great class at affordable prices. Try their tilapia full fish and plantain you will definitely return for it another day. But you have to deal with spicey food or notify the server you want mild.

Review №22

Good start on a Friday evening

Review №23

Great food . Experience cameroonian food and you will love it

Review №24

Great food but waiting time too long and employees need proper training on customer service.

Review №25

Upon arrival with my friends, we were not greeted. We seated ourselves and waited about five minutes before a server came. She never introduced herself and over half the items on the menu were not available for consumption. Shen then came back and my friend had to ask her for her name. After going through a list of things they didn't have, I asked if they had the beef appetizer. She told me I should stick with fish (because I'm plus size) my friends continued to try to redirect her, but she continued on. She then offered to have someone else serve us.We then left. This was my first experience of this restaurant, and I won't be going back. I'd spoken with other individuals, and they stated that this is a place that you order to go. I don't patronize ANYWHERE with horrible customer service. Very disappointing

Review №26

If I could give a 1/2 star I would . The location is great, I was in Houston TX buying items at the African market and found this place. It was horrible.Nothing that I wanted on the menu was available or ready. Serious. " how can an African restaurant not have goat?" . I eat a lousy soup. This location and business has potential, but they have to put on the gloves and get to work.

Review №27

Lovely grilled fish.

Review №28

Good service and delicious meal. Staff are very responsive and respectful

Review №29

I remember when they were poor and humble on Synott, now they have a big location, too big to fail, so they treat their customers with disdain and disrespect. Calling owners daddy and mummy but no one cares about service cold and days old fish to customers. They really deserve to lose business to better performing restaurants. Terrible service and bad food.

Review №30

The price is good and the Fish with plantain was perfect.I really enjoyed it,and my friend too.

Review №31

Worst place to be to if you are hungry. They take over 2 hours to serve you, even if you placed a call via phone call before coming. Don't come here !

Review №32

Worst customer service, this is the second time I ordered food on the phone and they gave me a time and when I get there, it's either the food is not ready or the cashier is not ready, I ended up going to bed with empty stomach because that's the only food I have appetite for but believe me, they will not see me there anymore because I don't deserve their service, they don't deserve my money and I have referred alot of people being an UBER driver but trust me, no more referrals. VERY POOR SERVICE.

Review №33

Unfortunately, there is no option for 0 stars. This place had the absolute worst service. I had to just walk away and take my money elsewhere when nobody came to even acknowledge after standing there for almost 10 minutes. This is not an exaggeration.

Review №34

They don't pick up calls. Customer service is poor, cashiers are not polite and waiting time is too long.

Review №35

Good authentic food. Good place for pescatarians.

Review №36

The most delicious fish sauce I've ever eaten: both in Africa, London and here in the USA. If you're looking for a place to eat grilled fish and enjoy your money without complains, then head Chez Michelle

Review №37

The grilled tilapia was moist, spicy and tasty will definitely be going back

Review №38

The eru, fish & soya were delicious. I highly recommend to anyone craving authentic Cameroonian food

Review №39

Great fish.. love it... but customer service sucks.... never go in here hungry for quick pick up, your will be very disappointed. This is where patience meet hunger.

Review №40

Pretty good but safest bet is fish and plantain

Review №41


Review №42

This place can be annoying. It's like they have problem with lady picking up order. Called 45mins ahead for pickup and still have to wait for almost 15mins before bringing out my order... this happens all the time I go for pickup. So annoying !

Review №43

The menu is fill of goodies mostly of west African delicacies. You will like the restaurant especially if you are from Cameron. The downside is the long wait time before you are served. U can overcome that by pre-ordering before going.

Review №44

Terrible customer service/experience.To begin with I don't know if the mangers take customer service into consideration cuz if they do they will realize how rude most of their employees are. I came in today 07/6/2019 to make an order the lady who attended to me had a weird on welcoming attitude.. my advice to her is if you don't love your job then “Quit” it not a must to work where you don't love to.Secondly they take forever to attend to you.. the food is just overrated because there's not special about it.“I AM NEVER COMING BACK NEITHER AM I RECOMMENDING ANYONE HERE”The managers need to do a better job if not they will lose a lot of customers.

Review №45

One of the best Cameroon Restaurant in Town.

Review №46

Fish is amazing and deserves 5/5 but the service is poor. The manager yells in the restaurant "Who is getting the phone". I usually call in they order 1 hour before I arrive then still arrive without my order being started. They also cant seem to split a bill down the middle (had a waiter try to explain to me that there are different ways to do maths) so bring cash.I'll go back for delicious take out fish and I hope they read these reviews and talk to their staff

Review №47

Very ill mannered staff!!! I ordered for fish and rice over the phone, came in to pick up more than an hour later but I had to wait for another 11 mins and the waiter didn't say anything to me. I requested for my order and all he said was "they are packing it"...... when the order was finally handed to me, it was the wrong food! No apologies, no explanations.Had to wait another 5 mins before the right order was finally given to me.I will never patronize them.

Review №48

Their is tasty and the price is good

Review №49

Good food and not pricy, but customer service needs a lot of improvement, especially in the aspect of on time provision of what customers need.

Review №50

I loved this place! I was welcomed by everyone there. I was the only Caucasian person in the place and I was treated excellent. The food is out of this world! I ordered non spicy and it was great. The service is just like you were at home and the people there are so nice. What an experience

Review №51

Lovely place... Luv the food

Review №52

I only call in my orders and pick up. The suya is very good and the grilled fish is also a must try, both reasonably priced. But you might have to wait abit for your order as it might take a while to be ready. Apart from that, nice place.

Review №53

Top of the line dishes and five star quality. Can't beat the prices either

Review №54

Good food! Service is slow! Website states open at 10 on Saturday and they actual open the door at 1pm and start prepping for the day. It's better you plan for dinner to get food prepared in less than an hour. If they have reasonable hours and food prepared before they open the door they will be in business

Review №55

Atmosphere is good and nice. Noisy but that's because most people that do come here and sit usually come in a group, discuss loud, lots of drinking . Majority of the people just order their food to go. Customer service is poor, especially if they do not recognize you as of African descent . The food is good.

Review №56

Delicious spicy roasted fish with plantains. Very yummy.

Review №57

Lovely place. Give it a try

Review №58

Food is great. Service sucks

Review №59

Good food. Waitress took too long to come back w our bill for payment...

Review №60

It's a wonderful place to be,good reception.

Review №61

The food is good but the customer service is very poor.

Review №62

Good food, great services, and friendly people

Review №63

Decent food. Mediocre Service. Bathrooms could be cleaner. Took a long time for the food to come out. Overall not the best but not horrible.

Review №64

Awesome. Definitely the place to get the best soya & grilled fish in Houston..

Review №65

Worst place ever. Placed an order was told 30 minutes. I waited an hour and half. The dude would serve all the females that came after me and had an attitude when I ask about mine. Second time having a bad experience at this place. Never again.

Review №66

Horrible service that gets worse. Food is just ok

Review №67

I can see this place going down because of their customer service and how disrespectful they are. If you read the other reviews you well see the same. In America people VALUE how you treat them versus on how good your food is. They are very slow to greet, take your order, give you a menu, return to your table and handle additional request. Once they give you your food they feel that's it!. The fish is the only thing is keeping them open. All of the staff is rude. They need to really be warned what this type of service will do to a business. By the way they aren't the only restaurant that serves good grilled fish with pepper sauce.

Review №68

Best grilled fish at a good price...

Review №69

Well spiced African cuisines at affordable prices like grilled fish, pepper soup, nkwobi and chilled drinks.I did see musical equipment suggesting they might have life band performing at some times

Review №70

Very clean and comfortable. Great customer services. The food is very good and well served.

Review №71

I hope the owners improve the service. Since the move on Hwy 6, the customer service is deplorable. I used to order grilled fish in the past the place was small, they were humble, greeting customers, and making you feel part of there growth as a business.Now they have a big place, they don't need you, sad!!My last order took me to write this review; that happens 3 weeks ago... Placing my order and a lady took my order saying in 45 min will be ready; 45 later I was driving on my way to the restaurant around other 20 min, at the restaurant I asked about my order to Lola( waitress), she told me is not ready... 5 min later other guy came in asking for fish that his ordered 25 min ago and give it to him... that upset me when I asked to speak to the manager a men around my age came after 30 min and trying to be smart instead of apology. There were 3 other customers complaining.I end up leaving the place unhappy wasting 2h of nothing . A place to kill time, yes!! No personal but you can't handle business by friendship or like in Africa.Like I said so sadly I'll never go back.

Review №72

Bigger and better place than the old spot. Now should give options for spicy or not spicy on some menu items... lol like it spicy but oh its burning hot and makes you sweat lolCool vibe... 3.5 stars more likely

Review №73

The grill fish n plantain was heaven!!

Review №74

Wow..nice ambience to relax..great experience for me. I like it...i recommend.NOTE: Please improve on your customer relation based on other people reviews.

Review №75

Great place to eat delicious food.

Review №76

Good food and clean location.

Review №77

1 word, disgusting

Review №78

The fish is great I keep coming back however, they need more staff.JB is the best is the employee of the year for me. He was professional, communicated with us and delivered orders in good time. We will keep coming

Review №79

Fish is great but very poor customer service, so many people seems to be working but actually doing noting, not well coordinated.

Review №80

Best braised fish I've had in a while. Tasted just like home. Definitely worth a detour!

Review №81

Used to be a good place, But my past two visits have been nothing but stomachaches and runs to the restroom, The fish taste good but it must not be fresh.. The suya is mixed with new and old, service is still slow...I wont be back for awhile.

Review №82

I love their grilled fish and jollof rice, just call in your order in advance u will be fine.

Review №83

The customer service is bad the wait is long even when you call to other 1hour before that's so african smh

Review №84

The french food is sooo good

Review №85

I had a great time here with friends. The service was awesome and the music was great. I will be going back soon.

Review №86

The Tilapia, hot sauce and plantain is great! Pretty good West African food joint in Houston. Environment can be improved.

Review №87

A place to visit you wouldn't regret it.

Review №88

Authentic African food! I've had the fish jollof rice and egwusi soup, so far...

Review №89

The barbecue fish was really good and the service was friendly

Review №90

Best fish and plantain in H town

Review №91

The food is really good but the costumer service is trash. I was making an order through the cellphone, I didn't even finish processing my order she hang up the phone on me. Also she was talking to me like she know me. She was totally disrespectful!!!

Review №92

Good food, nice atmosphere. Waitress not so much. I will be going back, but will ask for a different waitress.

Review №93

The food is good and customer service is good. Clean space as well.

Review №94

Service is not good I constantly had to yell to get there attention. The food used to be great but I noticed a whole decline as far the taste. This restaurant lacks consistency & good customer service.

Review №95

Service sucks most of the time.whenever you order something ,they will tell you it will be ready in 30 or 20 min.even though you show up after 1h or 40 min they will still take an extra 15 to 25 min to get your order to you. There is one light skin server that is very professional and does his best to assist you.

Review №96

Good food

Review №97

Delicious plantain and fish I would recommend .DownsidePlaced an order on the phone and wasn't still ready when I arrived

Review №98

Cool and cool and enjoy it was a great way to make u feel ur loved. #vegetarianfriendly #happyhour #romantic #drinkoutside #eatoutside #datenight #healthy #dogfriendly #trivia #livemusic Full of the recipes and the great flavor. Nothing is going to be better than this one. I hope you enjoy it.

Review №99

I have known this fantastic fish place for a long time and your meal and services are second to none. Keep up the good work..

Review №100

They just have to improve on customer service because they are lacking on that path. Any organization with good and polite well-mannered employee always thrive . Smile, ask customers if they are okay .

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3.4 Rating
  • Address:6991 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77083, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 281-372-8925
  • African restaurant
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:11AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:11AM–12AM
  • Thursday:11AM–12AM
  • Friday:11AM–12AM
  • Saturday:11AM–12AM
  • Sunday:12–10PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Reservations required:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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