Mirko Midtown Bar & Grill Mobile, Al
2056 Government Blvd Korbets Square, Mobile, AL 36606, United States

Review №1

I would encourage everyone to stay clear of this restaurant! The owner is a horrible person. She treats people very poorly! I personally don't believe we should support restaurants like this when Tammy treats people so badly. Trust me! I've done business with her. She will absolutely take advantage of you to better herself. Just stay clear and don't support people like this.

Review №2

I see a lot potential in the restaurant. Nice building and interior decor. We had great service. It seems like they are trying to find their identity (high scale Italian or more budget friendly fare--providing paper napkins instead of cloth and other subtle items). I found the food good, but average. I would recommend them to others. It is a good place and definitely worth a visit.

Review №3

I felt like taking my Boylfriend out on a whim to a nice dinner and after doing some research on a few, I felt that Mirko Midtown Bar & Grill Mobile, Al was the best choice. I didn't exactly get a 3 star "google experience" that others seem to be talking about, but it wasn't entirely bad either.

Review №4

I have been to italian restaurants all over the US, from California to New York. And Mirko remains my favorite to this day. i've been here probably over 50 times in the 5 years, and i don't plan on stopping anytime soon. The fritti appetizer is delicious, and the complimentary bread/bean dip is amazing.

Review №5

It's pretty tasty! Hubs and I stopped by for our anniversary dinner and ate like a king and queen! Tammy, owner and angel, was incredibly personable and gave us THE best recommendations. After guiding us through the menu, we settled on spinach ravioli and I can't quite remember what the hubs ordered because I was fully engaged in my meal. I did get a small bite of his and loved it! He was a huge fan of whatever it was -- I recall pasta carbonara, chicken, and yumminess!Worth noting, the bread service is great also-- the dip (that we thought was hummus infused and wasn't) was splendid! After dinner, we had a fantastic tiramisu for dessert.Although it took us forever to try it out (as we almost never dinner date in this part of town), Mirko is definitely a great dinner choice and we'll soon return.

Review №6

Drove out of my way on Sunday after a chamber music concert to find the hours online to be I correct. Not happy! Received a respectful response from the restaurant pointing out that my review was delivered out of frustration. I admit that is very true. I was extremely disappointed for the incorrect hours being posted on Google. Yes, the proper hours are on the door. I much prefer locally owned Italian restaurants as they are definitely better than the chains. I hope I have the opportunity to try Mirko out.

Review №7

We had dinner here yesterday Aug 24 andI loved everything about this restaurant.The food was delicious and the service was great. I loved the atmosphere. The place was clean and well kept. I was very happy with my experience and plan to return next week for our anniversary celebration. Thank you!

Review №8

The service was slow and the food was a huge disappointment. I was expecting an upscale restaurant with exceptional food. However, I would have received a way better experience at the Olive Garden. There are a lot of very nice Italian restaurants in Mobile. Do NOT waste your time and money here.

Review №9

Very good Italian food. Excited to support the new location

Review №10

Amazing! Best authentic Italian I've had anywhere around here. I've eaten at authentic Italian family owned restaurants in San Diego and Chicago and this is as close as it gets. Great service, made to order dishes, quiet atmosphere/relaxing, REAL Carbonara Sauce (not recycled Alfredo sub). Turns out the owner was also our server for this visit and very nice; takes pride in her establishment, product, and service. Must try! I will be back and plan to encourage others.

Review №11

Always very good. Food , Atmosphere and service.Also a good value.4.5 stars

Review №12

Sampling the cuisine I ordered minestrone soup, very good. Then a lunch size Salmone Al Salmoriglio , perfectly cooked and seasone, a treat with nice asperigus and lovely potatoes au gratin.. The zucca was a surprise tasting like pumpkin pie with more taste and less sugar. The bread seemed undercooked, the service was friendly and attentive. I don't know Italian food, but this seems authenic.

Review №13

Calamari was so good. My pasta tasted great and the service was wonderful. The best part the lemon cake was the lemon cake I ever had. I'll probably be back for that cake.

Review №14

Hands down the best four cheese ravioli I have ever had in my life. My coworker also said the same about her chicken fettuccini Alfredo! We will definitely be ordering from here again! The chef/cooks are 10/10 in our book!

Review №15

I have been going to this restaurant for several years now. The food is always excellent. The wait staff are friendly, professional, and attentive. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for an alternative to Olive Garden. The pasta is made fresh in-house along with the sauces.

Review №16

This is great Italian food. If you can find better on Alabama/Mississippi gulf coast please let me know where it is. I eat at Stalla's two weeks ago for twice the price and if it a 2-3 this place is a 7. The pasta is clearly made in house and the chicken soup was definitely made in house. Service was good and price was right. Give it a try!

Review №17

OMG it was like visiting Little Italy District in NYC! Sure they have a great variety of fresh pasta menu items to choose from but we opted for "building your own dish". This is where you can select one of 20+ fresh hand made pastas and pair it up with just as many different sauces and add meat if you like. We ordered half dishes so we could try various combinations and even had the opportunity to taste an apple sage sausage ravioli which was a chef creation off-menu. Finished it all off with a Tiramisu desert - yummy!

Review №18

The food and service are always great.

Review №19

The evening service is much better than lunch. Great atmosphere and food!!

Review №20

Delicious food with tremendous service. Vi was our server and she was extremely attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful. I had the Fusilli with bolognese and meat balls. The meatballs were exceptional and I'm definitely getting a whole other serving out of what I took home. My 19-year old son had the Salmone al Salmoriglio with asparagus and potatoes au gratin which looked exceptional as well. The restaurant was also surprisingly comfortable. Definitely worth the trip.

Review №21

Great place for comfort food! Very flavorful sauces. Kid friendly with lots of room between tables allowing for a bit more private conversation in a public setting. The Zucca is my favorite! Give it a try or invite a friend for lunch. It's a nice spot for any occasion and the staff all work together as a team to make service fast and efficient.

Review №22

This place is the best! Fresh handmade pasta, delicious sauces, and the homemade chocolate mousse is to die for! My favorite Italian restaurant and i will be back every chance i get!

Review №23

The spinach pasta was amazing and the staff was incredible.The host welcomed us with a big smile and Mirko Pasta has become my favorite restaurant in Mobile and maybe the southeast.I highly recommend!!!

Review №24

Food was great, service was exceptional! I don't quite get the rolls and bean/hummus dip prior to the meal though. Not bad, just didn't seem to fit.

Review №25

Tonight's experience was not as great as the meal two weeks ago. The shrimp and calamari were tough and chewy and a lot spicier than just two weeks ago. Must be a different chef.

Review №26

Just ate here with the family. While the servers are friendly and attentive, it took a long time for our food to come out. My dish and the dish of several others at our table were littered with pepper. My pasta dish was watery and tasted like red pepper. The seafood was rubbery and unappetizing. Maybe it was just an off day for the kitchen but it doesn't make me want to comeback.Update: I am going through what I can only assume is food poisoning. I alerted the restaurant and they said they would let the kitchen know. Pretty sure it was the seafood in the Granchio sauce.Update #2: After reading the response from the owner to my review and others, I have no desire to return. If you believe vomit inducing ravioli dropped in a dish and and then covered in red pepper and cheap white cooking wine is the epitome of culinary cuisine then I have no reason to give Mirko another shot. Next time, how about realizing that your reviewers are not making a personal attack on you but commenting on the food they ate.

Review №27

I had dinner here this evening with my significant other. Our waitress was very attentive. However I was very disappointed in the menu and the food. I myself am Italian and I've never seen pink ravioli. The sauce I chose was spicy with pepper. I changed my sauce to a cream sauce which was very thin and runny. I've never been so disappointed in an Italian restaurant as I was in this supposed Italian restaurant.

Review №28

The food is authentic, Italian made with plenty of cheeses and home made pasta. The price is reasonable and ala cart is affordable by all. The service is impeccable and atmosphere is family style and inviting.

Review №29

I wish we had it back home in Owensboro again. What a shame. Taste just like I remember it. Great customer service too.

Review №30

Very good food, top of the line wait staff.

Review №31

Al dente pasta made right there. I love all the sauces they use and often ask for a recommended pairing and the servers are almost always ready to help out and extremely friendly. Good food, good people. The prices are a tiny bit higher than needed but still worth it.

Review №32

I have died and gone to Italian heaven! Quick to get the food, and friendly service. I recommend the mushroom ravioli with alfredo sauce 10/10

Review №33

I got the mushroom ravioli with funghi Alfredo sauce. It was amazing

Review №34

I was super excited to find a new Italian restaurant with really good food, the egg noodle fettuccine alfredo is my favorite dish My first time at Mirko I ordered the wheat penne bc it was the only penne pasta offered, and I ended up sending it back... But, the waitress took it back no problem and they whipped me up a dish with egg noodles instead. Now it is one of our favorite spots! We eat there often and enjoy the food, dessert and wine . The cleanliness of the restaurant is also a plus, but the booth tables are a bit awkward to sit at bc of the space btw the table and the seat... Great food!!!

Review №35

A favorite - delicious food, good service and great atmosphere. Definitely 5 stars!!

Review №36

This used to be a 5 star restaurant. The past 2 times we have tried to have dinner here the kitchen has been over an hour to an hour and a half behind. Yesterday there was a 45 minute wait to be seated, which was fine, but once we were seated the waitress told us the kitchen was very behind and she could not put our order in. We waited 30 minutes before our order was taken and then waited another 40 minutes before we asked if our order had been started, it had not. We paid for our wine and left. Very disappointed in the continued mismanagement in the kitchen.

Review №37

Great food. The menu is a bit weird how they charge 6 dollars for pasta then 6 for the sauce you pick. just tell me its 12 dollars and i need to pick a pasta and sauce. zuppe de pesce was phenomenal. I personally like a harder crust on rolls but they were decent. Sauce for the calamari was good

Review №38

Amazing home made pasta. Italian dining in a relaxed atmosphere with fantastic food and great service (Sara). Loved it!

Review №39

Food was amazing! Would definitely go back! Some servers need a bit more training, though.

Review №40

Excellent service, good food, enjoyable evening.

Review №41

Fantastic experience on a Monday evening with the family. I ordered the Redfish. My wife had Chicken Marsala. The kids both had chicken parm. Everyone enjoyed their meal. Finished off with orders of cheesecake. Definitely recommend.

Review №42

Told us it was going to take 20-30 minutes wait. When the people behind us got seated immediately, right in front of us. Then told another couple it would take 10 minutes for them to be seated. That's when we decided to go to Felix's, much better choice.

Review №43

This restaurant used to be among my favorites as a non chain restaurant here in Mobile However about a year ago they went through such a horrendous change that we have steered clear for quite some time It's hard to predict how busy it will be, tonight however it was nearly empty and they had live music which was great. Food was all very good. Certainly reasonably priced with good service a welcome change

Review №44

This place has good food but horrible customer service. I called to find out if I could eat their soup because I'm sick and have some dietary restrictions. When I asked about an ingredient, the server, Sarah, that I spoke to said "Ugh, hold on" and made it seem like a huge inconvenience. They told me that their soup had no animal products in it. When I explained that sometimes that particular soup has pasta made with egg whites and that is why I was curious, she laughed and confirmed that it DID, in fact, have egg whites in it. Then when I asked to speak to the manager she told me they were busy. After telling her I would wait, the manager immediately came to the phone. When I explained the situation and how rude Sarah was to me, I was met with sarcasm. Tammy the manager said, "I don't know why she would do that" which insinuated to me that she did not believe my account was valid. She then said "Sorry, we have a lot of catering orders right now" so insincerely that I asked if she was actually a manager. I told her I felt that was very rude of her and her staff to which she sarcastically replied "I don't know what you want me to do about it"All you have to do is be nice to your customers.Tammy should have just immediately said that she was sorry and that she would handle the situation, but instead, she tried to make me seem like I was an inconvenience to her and the restaurant's catering order.I have had issues here with the staff in the past being really snobby, but never this bad.I always recommend this place to the tourists I meet and give it high remarks, but never again.But I guess that doesn't matter because they have catering orders to take care of.

Review №45

I don't dine here very often but it is a good place. I believe the last time was perhaps last year for a birthday event for a friend along with her family. I think they have changed management/ ownership from the original people.

Review №46

Paige is amazing. I called ahead to get a wine recommendation and she was kind enough to send me a picture of the wine list. We have dined at Mirko on several occasions in the past and I must say the experience and the food are excellent. The choices to create your own meal is very special and a big drawing card. We had friends coming in town for the Holidays and wanted to take them to your restaurant but unfortunately Mother Nature forced us to cancel our reservations this time. We hope to reschedule before the end of the year. My mouth is watering already. Hats off to the entire staff, especially Paige.

Review №47

Visited with my wife. Had to wait ~40 min for a table on a random Monday night. One dish, Tuscan stew, was fantastic, one other, tomato mozzarella was pretty tasteless. Good $2 beer deal. All in all - pretty good, best place in direct neighborhood.

Review №48

We went to Mirko on a Friday night and had no wait to get a table. It was not crowded at all and the service was great. Food was also really good and everyone at our table enjoyed their meal. Read the menu before hand so that you aren't overwhelmed with the choices.

Review №49

Great Italian food with wonderful service and pleasant atmosphere. The majority of pasta is made in-house with a variety of "sauces" and protein choices (shrimp, meatballs, sausage, chicken, etc.). Essentially, you build your own dish. Want mushroom raviolis with sausage and a pesto/walnut sauce? Done! The "original" have-it-your-way Italian cuisine. Hot (baked) rolls brought to your table with butter and a special hummus-like spread. Ask for Morgan; she is kind, friendly, and very attentive. The restuarant has a bar and clean restrooms. Food and wines are reasonably priced. Enjoy!!

Review №50

Delicious! Service was stellar.

Review №51

Had lunch here today and my food was hot and tasty. The turtle cheesecake was very delicious. Will be returning!!

Review №52

Excellent service with fresh home made pasta at very reasonable price... Will definitely be stopping back l, could not decided on several dishes

Review №53

Great Italian food. They make most of their own pasta, and it makes a real difference. The homemade tiramisu is out of this world.

Review №54

Food was so so, service was great and the atmosphere was good. Menu was a little off for me having lived in an Italian household before and traveling to Italy, it was more of a noodle shop to me than anything else. Still wouldn't mind going back and having another meal there sometime. I did have the Pollo Parmesan.

Review №55

Pasta is fantastic. Only 1 downfall to me. Meal doesn't come with a salad, its separate

Review №56

Went here for first time and i must say it was very delicious. Will definitely be back.

Review №57

The service and food was great! Loved it!

Review №58

Most of the time it's amazing quality food but every now and then they seem to have an “off day” where things kinda fall short of expectations but overall really good

Review №59

The good was great. Had a great time talking and eating with friends. Our server Clarissa was wonderful and very attentive. She made our outing very comfortable and pleasant.

Review №60

Wonderful Italian dining. From their Amazing Custom Pasta dishes, to their hand picked assortment of wine and beer selections, not to mention the free bread with delicious bean dip, I'm positive that everyone's experience will be memorable. The owner Tammy, has not only provided wonderful dining, but she chose an awesome group of wait staff & chefs, as icing on the cake.

Review №61

Great food, great choices and the patio is extremely cozy. For an appetizer they give you bread and a white bean paste. Reminds me of hummus but definitely Italian. Give it a try if you like pasta.

Review №62

Always a fan of Mirko's! Great selection and great quality. Everything tastes AMAZING!

Review №63

Horrible wait time! Took over 40 minutes to get lunch with an hour lunch break and people came in behind us and ordered their food and got their food before us.

Review №64

Good food & good atmosphere!

Review №65

Our waitress, Ashley was very kind. The music was perfect, playing popular tracts from the 80s. We enjoyed listing to music from R&B to pop. The food was hot and fresh. The setting was "Italy". I love the landscape pairings displayed on the walls and we plan to go back to eat.

Review №66

I ordered the Chicken Alfredo and it was amazing. Simply delicious. The rolls were great as well, but the butter was cold, making it ward to spread. The waitress was very nice and even brought over a basket of theor homemade noodles to show my friends and I the differences. :) It was a great experience in a place with a good atmosphere. We definitely will be going back!

Review №67

The food was good but the service was awful I tried to get a box for my food but the waitress was nowhere to be found and I held my hand up for the other waiter and he made direct eye contact with me and kept on moving. AWFUL SERVICE

Review №68

Cool vibe, laid back atmosphere and reasonable prices. The pasta carbonara was great.

Review №69

Great service and food

Review №70

Pasta has no specific tastes like bland pasta with Walmart sauce. The portions are small. The service is slow. Strongly not recommend. Not comparable with similar places such as Olive Garden

Review №71

Well I'm gonna be honest here the service was okay and understanding but the food was horrible it tasted and smelled really bad just the smell of it made us sick all it took was one bite of my wife lasagna my sandwich was terrible just the smell of it made me sick also I don't like spinach at all cooked or no cooking I wished I had known I would have not ordered it I hated to put them out like that so when they asked how did we like the food we had to be honest really we didn't eat anything much one bite of the two bites of the lasagna and none of my sandwich the smell made me sick but that's my experience everyone has a different taste on the pilates it's an acquired taste it's just not for us we then went to our first choice of restaurant that goes to show you follow your first mind.

Review №72

The restaurant is so nice and elegant. Food is great always made to order. The wine is great with dinner. Overall a very nice and clean restaurant

Review №73

Cheese Ravioli with a basil pesto sauce-so good!

Review №74

Great food, hearty portions and warm atmosphere. Also, the service was spot on.

Review №75

The food was amazing and on top of the delicious food our server Katie was so helpful and super sweet! Great experience!

Review №76

Not the best Italian food. Not the best service. I was disappointed.

Review №77

Fresh made pasta, every meal. Sauces from scratch. Top quality all the way. Staff was attentive.

Review №78

Nice quiet little restaurant. Food is Italian themed. They have excellent pasta. A Sunday brunch is available. The blue crab eggs benedict are very good. The prices are very reasonable. We go back often for lunch and dinner.

Review №79

Extraordinary! We ordered off menu and it was out of this world! Great service, friendly owners, and a amazing chef!

Review №80

What can I say here other than if you are even at all thinking about going here you definitely should. Hands down this place has the best pasta around, all of it being freshly made for each and every dish they go from dough to pan every dish making the pastas taste fresh and delicious. I don't go to many other Italian places now since I found this one, it's a real catch. The atmosphere is cozy and there is even a nice patio that is partially enclosed that looks out into the street where at night they have a beautiful set of lights on the trees. The staff is all nice and I have had something different every time I go and I have never been disappointed.

Review №81

Fantastic food with a lot of options. Also friendly staff. Definitely recommend it as one of the best options for Italian food in the area outside of Via Emilia.

Review №82

So it's been a couple of months since I was here. I would definitely return the next time I'm in town. Everything was very good. I had a salad, ravioli, and we took some cannoli home for dessert. My friend ordered spaghetti with meat sauce which was also very good. We both had leftovers. Our server was a nice young guy with a great personality. And the cannoli? I wish I had some now!

Review №83

Loved every bite and the kids loved their spaghetti, too! I'm guessing those were yeast rolls they brought out.... my GOD they were good. We had appetizers, dinner and desert.... all awesome. The service was fantastic, thanks Annie. No complaints!

Review №84

Recommended by a friend for a visit during a trip to the city for a weekend. We didn't have reservations, they accommodated quickly. The pasta was delicious. Alfredo with shrimp. Yum. Wish they had locations in New Orleans.

Review №85

My sister's took me there for my birthday! The service was great and the food was delicious! I can't wait to go back!

Review №86

If you are planning to eat here, read this first to save yourself some headache. This place has honestly gone downhill so much since the management changed. My friends and I have been coming for years and have had wonderful experiences but here lately they have been not so wonderful... but we have always come back. After this visit, we will not be back. Being a very popular restaurant and being in the service industry myself, having a thirty min wait time is no big deal to me but After being seated at 7, we were not greeted for a long while.. after ordering drinks, it took a good 20 mins to get water. I am an understanding person but if I can see you standing around talking, you can get your table waters. The service was awful, the waitress was snappy and frustrated and it was clear she did not want to be there. Once we finally ordered our food, it took over an hour to get our food..meanwhile we had all finished our wine and was not asked if we wanted more or how we were doing. A table beside us was over the service and the wait time, so they walked out. A Cook in the kitchen was standing eating food and obviously not trying to hide it because we could all see her through the window chewing a mouth full of food. Once we got the food, it was barely room temp and the sauce had CLEARLY been watered down. The food was not good at all. Which was very disappointing. It's after 9pm and you are closing and do not want to make more sauce, but if you had properly prepared for a busy night, this would not have happened. The owner stopped by to tell us how busy it's been and that she was sorry we didn't get bread, the bread was the least of our worries. She seemed to have an excuse for everything that was wrong ( as you can see in all of the replies to other negative reviews) which is something that shouldn't happen as the owner of a business. She continues to say that it was all because large parties kept coming in. Ill keep a short explination but that's not how it works in a restaurant. You prepare for that type of thing. We waited for another 20 mins for our waitress to come and run our cards while employees were arguing for the customers to hear. This was long but it's to hopefully save someone from having this experience and wasting money and hopefully for the restaurant to change some things.

Review №87

When good service meets fresh pasta what could go wrong?

Review №88

Chicken Marsala off the lunch was good!!!

Review №89

Great authentic Italian food at affordable prices!

Review №90

Love Mirko because it's like that secret restaurant that you know it doesn't matter what you order it will be fresh authentic and fillingLunch & Dinner

Review №91

Service was great! Our server could see my dining partner did not care for his pomedoro and really went the extra mile to give him something else. Brought him some meatballs which were outstanding.Pasta was good, but pomedoro and bolgenese sauces were lacking in flavor.Tiramisu was ok, just not great.

Review №92

Overpriced for the level of quality. Wife's dish of Lemon Grouper was extremely salty. Gelato tasted second rate. Better Itailian elesewhere.

Review №93

Came to Mirko to have lunch and celebrate a family member's birthday. Staff was polite but wasn't familiar with processes or the menu. At several points during the meal we had to remind the staff of what was supposed to come out with the salads and entrees according to the menu. Three of the people with us said it was hard to taste the food because an excessive amount of pepper was used and it was all that could be tasted.Having read some of the previous reviews I see that the owner has been very proactive to address issues or concerns. Owning a business myself the feedback always gives us a chance to adjust and improve our service. I hope that my review today can be a source of information that can be used to do the same.Update after reading the owner's response:Being the owner of a business myself I understand the impact of a review on social media and I don't take it lightly. I rarely post anything unless I have had an experience that was over the top or very poor. I definitely don't believe in scolding your customer for their review. My expectation as your customer was for you to try to look into the situation further so you might be able to improve the next customer's experience. This was the first meal away from home for my brother who is a fighting cancer patient recovering from a major surgery. It was his birthday we were celebrating. He did ask for additional pepper because after much radiation his taste buds are very weak. We had a party of 9 people and it took an hour for our food to come out. We understood the wait for a larger than normal party but didn't want to repeat that wait for dishes to be remade. Given the discussion at the table and the request for more parmesan to cover up some of the pepper taste it would have been very hard to not know what's going on unless you weren't paying attention. There were three of the plates that came out that were seasoned in excess with pepper. The spread for the bread at the beginning of the meal was forgotten until we asked about it. The apples were left off the salad until we asked about it. The "grilled homemade bread" was left off of the Zuppa di Pesce and when we asked about the bread that was supposed to come out with that dish one of the two waitresses serving our table brought out some rolls. We specified the homemade bread and were asked "Did you order it that way?" We had to remind the waitress that it's the bread that the menu says is served with the dish. The drinks were kept full but there were many checks and balances that just didn't take place. This was our experience and I hope it doesn't go this way for future guests. My intention is to provide you with feedback that you can use to improve your business and certainly not harm it.

Review №94

Server was horrible and the wait time was not acceptable and the chicken in my Alfredo was dry chunks of rubber.....will never be returning

Review №95

A unique experience that offers custom pasta dishes and a reasonable price point. Great for date night.

Review №96

Excellent choice for an Italian cuisine. First time visitor today and I loved my salmon salad and chicken salad sandwich. The fries were seasoned and crunchy. The service was great and the prices are affordable!Thanks Mirko's

Review №97

SERVICE was great, grouper and calarmari tasted very good.

Review №98

Great homemade pasta, great atmosphere

Review №99

Great atmosphere, top notch staff, phenomenal salmon!

Review №100

Really good in house pasta

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  • Wine:Yes
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  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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