2101 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States
Review №1

One of the best burger chains around, always fantastic. My two children and I travel a long way just to eat here. We were wondering about the buffet style toppings bar, but they give you a pair of tongs to use for each family or group.

Review №2

I had the buffalo beef hamburger and it was not quite the same as it is in New York but it was delicious. Nice to have a change in the burgers.I did not care for all the announcements piercing my ears while I'm trying to eat but the atmosphere was inviting and the staff were smiling behind the masks

Review №3

We LOVE Fuddruckers. The one by our house in NJ closed several years ago. We were so happy to find one here in Myrtle Beach. The service was very good, the food was delicious as anticipated, & the place was very clean. Will be a regular at this spot.We sent this silly pic as a joke to my sister in NJ that can't get a Fuddrucker's burger there anymore.

Review №4

We were very impressed with the sanitation measures taken. We were given our own clean tongs to use on the self-serve buffet portion (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, etc) and they filled our drinks for us. When you need a refill they give you a fresh cup. They also give you packets of ketchup, mayo and mustard. They still have the yummy nacho cheese for your fries you just ask for it at the counter since they do not have it out! Very clean and welcoming spot.

Review №5

Good food. Great service. Sanitation was great. Social distancing ok in my eyes all tables were open and sanitized between partys.

Review №6

I haven't been to a Fuddruckers in years, and my triple cheese burger did not disappoint after all these years! My only quibble is the price; the burgers are more expensive than I remembered. Overall, a great restaurant if you're searching for a delicious burger!

Review №7

The food was tasty and good value for your money, the employees at the pick up counter seemed to be annoyed when I asked for silverware. I ordered a large Hangover burger and it was missing the bacon

Review №8

The burger was good, but the toppings were weird because people were not wearing masks and breathing all over the tomatoes.

Review №9

Great food great service. They have adapted to the new distancing guidelines fairly well. They probably should get rid of the garden bar all together but they do give each patron a fresh set of tongs to get your condiments. As always go to Mr Russel at the desert counter, always a pleasure to see him he's great on those sweets!

Review №10

My parents love going here every time we're at Myrtle! I enjoy being able to build my own burger & the brownie blast! Covid: they give you gloves & your own tongs to take out the toppings!

Review №11

Haven't been to a Fuddruckers restaurant in a long time, geez it was so good. Place was clean, staff was friendly. Food was cooked fast and made exactly as ordered. Can't wait to visit this place again. People really need to go to places they remembered liking to help support these restaurants.

Review №12

Fudruckers is a chain of restaurants. Years ago I enjoyed frequenting the chain on Long Island, NY and in New Jersey. The food was really well prepared. Their hamburgers were outstanding. The place was usually crouded for lunch and dinner.Two things set this chain apartment from other restaurants. First was their in-house bakery. They had their own buns made each day, and probably more than once each day. The buns were based on a brioche bun. The chefs (I did say chef intentionally) would butter the inside of the sliced bun and toast it on the flat-top grill. The buns were so good, they sold them from the bakery. The bakery had other treats, notably a great cookie.As to the hamburgers themselves, they were always from fresh high quality beef ground daily. They were always cooked perfectly. The burgers were never "dressed". You went to the fixings bar and added your own tomatoes, onions, pickles, etc. Then you added your sauce (ketchup, mustard, BBQ or Mayo). It was perfect. Plus, for no extra charge, you could assemble your own salad and make your own dressing (if you know how). The burger price was slightly higher than other places, but not by much, and you got Exactly what you wanted and excellent quality.This was the experience my wife and I got in Myrtle Beach. The only difference was it wasn't crouded for lunch when we were there. The service was excellent. The staff were extremely accommodating and friendly.Given the restraints of covid, you were provided your own set of tongs for the fixings bar instead of having them left communally on a counter. The staff took care of your empty plates and utensils. The bathrooms were spotless.They serve other items in addition to burgers, and I've never had a bad experience. If you're visiting Myrtle and have kids, the place is kid-friendly.Il love this place and recommend it.

Review №13

Staff was friendly and the food was good, the condiments bar was full of anything and everything you would want to put on a hamburger.

Review №14

Great burgers lovely customer service. Topping bar was self serve which given the current times could be a little scary for some. Drinks where handled expertly though with single use cups and gloved staff serving.

Review №15

If you like a well done burger this is the place for you. I like mine rare and my friend likes well done. All burgers are WELL DONE! They don't ask they just assume that unless you ask then you like well done and that is what you get. We won't be going back.22223rt3

Review №16

They have really delicious hamburgers and even though my family had ordered food 'to-go' Everything was still great! This was our very 1st time eating at any Fudd's and everyone I interacted with were really friendly inside the restaurant. I can't wait to come back!

Review №17

The burgers were six stars, juicer and tasty! Fries were so good we didn't leave any behind. Add the cheese and I am in love! Yuuummm

Review №18

Our family loves Fuddruckers! The kids request it and the service and food are always great! We never leave upset or hungry.

Review №19

Besides the undercooked chewy bacon I had to take off, the burgers were good. Fries had way too much pepper seasoning. Atmosphere was great.

Review №20

Great food, wonderful staff that makes you feel welcome. You'll want to go several times to try different menu items. Everything is done to perfection.

Review №21

One of the best places in Myrtle beach to relax and have a great meal. Been eating at this fuddruckers since they open. Always great food, And it's always great to see Russell. He Makes the best shakes.

Review №22

If you like burger king then you'll love this place, if you don't then you won't. (salad recommend)

Review №23

I'm local and usually go to River City Cafe when I want a good burger. Not anymore!! Fudruckers is far better and those buns make all the difference in the world!! Way to go Fudruckers!! See ya soon!

Review №24

Great burger and loved the dress it up how I want bar. Loved the personal tongs so no cross contamination. Friendly staff!

Review №25

Food made fresh and quickly. Bathrooms need much attention. Toilet clogged in men's and no hand soap available. Poor sanitation. Needs some serious attention.

Review №26

Food was awesome as always! They were taking proper steps for this covid 19 stuff which was pretty nice.I always love getting the ribye steak samwhich and love it !

Review №27

Amazing burgers. Great fries. And you get to top it however. If we can find one we always visit.

Review №28

Very smart with restrictions. Given tongs for grabbing toppings and a person refilling drinks. Burger was awesome and onion rings were fried well.

Review №29

So the food and cleanliness has gone down for sure. Was glad you could still dress your burger. They were out of A1 sauce. The place could use an updating as well.

Review №30

We enjoy eating at Fuddruckers. The burgers and fries are always good. It's a clean establishment and the staff is friendly. They do have could protocol in place .

Review №31

Got my free birthday hamburger. The service was Great!

Review №32

It ain't a burger unless you're scooping it up by hand by the last 3 bites. There needs to be more Fudds around because this place has awesome food. It's not a full toppings bar; it doesn't have cheese, bacon, mushrooms, grilled onions, ECT. That may be a con to some of you. I paid $17 for one burger with one piece of cheese and 2 slices of bacon, 7 small potatoes wedges, and a small drink. You must be kidding me. Cheese and fries should come with the already $9 burger. Cheese shouldn't be $3 extra. Neither should bacon. However they have an infinite liquid cheese dispenser, so if you're not feeling the $3 extra, then that's the way to go. The place was clean, yet felt a little run down. Maybe it was the lack of people, or the jumbled mess of random tables everywhere. There was no flow to the place. Anyway, the expensive food tasted fantastic, and in the end, that's all that matters...right?$$$

Review №33

Amazing staff and very clean! #gofud

Review №34

Yummy food and great service. They did mess our order up a little but were quick to fix it. Facilities were clean and looked nice.

Review №35

Good. I like their burgers, always flavorful, as are the fries. I miss ours that closed in Asheville. The only reasons I gave 4, rather than 5 stars is that they didn't offer a 1 pound burger, ask how I wanted the meat cooked (rare, medium, etc.), and they did not have the jalapeno cheese dip. All of those were always part of the Asheville store.

Review №36

Food delicious! Social distanceing great very clean. Staff very friendly. Very satified. This was my first indoor dinning since the pandemic. Everyone wore mask and gloves. I felt very safe and projected!!

Review №37

Great food if you can afford 15 dollar burger

Review №38

Food was great. Only the second time i ever ate at one. Hope they arent really closing

Review №39

Great food and service. They had everything setup for the current covid restrictions and you felt safe

Review №40

Good burgers and shakes. Fries and onion rings were not as good as usual.

Review №41

I haven t eaten here in years. The works burger with egg is fantastic.

Review №42

Burgers were ok. The restuarant didn't seem the cleanest and had a funny smell. Fries and onion rings were good.

Review №43

I thought the menu would be bigger, and the place would be nicer but I was not impressed, my wife's taco salad came with no dressing and very little meat, my burger was ok, I have had better

Review №44

I loved this place. The food was delicious and my burger and fries we're so delicious and I give a solid 10/10

Review №45

Good burgers. Love the fresh produce, beats the heck out of bagged lettuce (sprayed with chemicals to last longer). Quick service.

Review №46

The Fergus did not come out the way we ask for I waited it seemed to really care. He never came back for drink orders

Review №47

Always love Fuddruckers. They give you your own tongs for the toppings to help with the corona spread. Felt safe to eat there.

Review №48

We pulled up the place at it was packed. The wait time was reasonable. The guy at the register was very friendly. We sit down and our food took no time at all. They have a ton of toppings to choose from. The quality of the meat is awesome and the buns are amazing. Keep up the great customer service and good food.

Review №49

Place was very clean and they had a great way to let people serve what they want on there burgers. Everyone had there own tongs and i loved that. The staff members were all contusionusly cleaning

Review №50

Went twice while we were in town. Excellent both times

Review №51

Best Burger ive ever had! Amazing service.

Review №52

The grub here is always just spot on! I had the hangover and the egg was perfect wow! The whole family was really happy. On a side note the onion rings were sooo yummy toooo

Review №53

Great staff, amazing burgers; big and moist.

Review №54

The food was it's saving grace. The restaurant seemed cramp and was very loud. Staff members were constantly on their phone. Tables and the floor weren't clean when we went to sit down. The food came out promptly and was pretty good. The experience was just ok.

Review №55

Not as good as they used to be. No more special burgers... only beef burgers

Review №56

Staff members are not friendly, can't understand what they are was good

Review №57

Since CovidI have had great concerns about quality of meat. Store manager Christine Martin put my mind at ease with utmost professionalism. I now know that the meat quality has remained the same and comfortably can bring my family to eat at Fuddruckers.

Review №58

First time going, and everything was great. Loved the food and the service!!!

Review №59

The food came out quickly and it was pretty good! Can't complain.

Review №60

Was my first time ever going to this restaurant. Brandy was so sweet about explaining to us how it worked. I did not catch the guys name who was making the milkshakes but he was so nice as well. The food tasted great. Was fast and such a cool place. Will definitely visit again next time we are in town.

Review №61

I love the biggest hot dogs from here what more can said the restaurant on my location closed I take the time to enjoy on my travel time

Review №62

Haven't been there in years. Has changed a lot. Burger was juicy and delicious.I wanted coffee but it was cold . Had to settle for sweet ice tea.

Review №63

Omg the food was delicious a bit pricey but so omg worth it. The staff was amazing I definitely will be going back when I'm in myrtle beach. AMAZING FOOD

Review №64

Service was pleasant and place was clean, food was not quite as good as you would expect for the Fuddruckers name. But a nice change to the normal burger joint.

Review №65

Didn't have any issues other than my onion rings taste like grease. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE though. Clean not too crowded Even had social distancing in place.

Review №66

Everyone there was friendly and attentive, and the food was, as always, amazing! I will definitely be back next time I am in town.

Review №67

Fuddruckers, Myrtle Beach was not as satisfactory as expected. The first impression I had was a stressing fast paced environment. When I placed my order I sat down at a table (there's no service like waiters or waitresses). Every time they called up a name, I jumped. It's almost as if they screamed the name into the mic! This ruined the whole experience. They really should invest in waiters/waitresses. At least the food was good. I wouldn't recommend unless you want a headache.

Review №68

Fresh food served here! Amazingly friendly staff that gets your orders complete very quickly. They serve your order and you walk over to the condiments bar and you can get tomatoes sliced, or diced! Leave leafs, or shredded you get what you want! Fantastic.

Review №69

My family loves to eat here when we come to the beach. Burgers are great.

Review №70

Food was good, they didnt have all of our orders right. But they made it right! Overall a good burger place!

Review №71

The buns . fresh soft buttery buns. And the burger was good too.

Review №72

Great service, food is good but honestly Hardeez is better .. was expecting more for a 32$ meal for 2 combos.

Review №73

Watched a woman grab food with her hands and eat it, then reach for more pickles. We left. Gross. Needs to be a better way to get condiments for good.

Review №74

Love these hamburgers. Staff was informative and friendly. Order was up quickly and as ordered. No issues.

Review №75

I went to the myrtle beach location. They we need masks ok. My son had his mask he is immune compromised. Also we tried to call for curbside nobody answered the phone. I tried several times. My immune compromised son went back in because he wanted a hamburger. If you require mask you need curbside

Review №76

I brought my daughter here for the first time. When we first walked in it was crowded. We stayed about two to four minutes. Then we left trying to find something else to eat. However I explained to my Babygirl, this is the place to eat. It was a little pricey. However when you get great food you pay about anything. My daughter enjoyed Fuddruckers just as much as I did. I live in North Carolina. I'm searching for one close to my home. Thank you

Review №77

Lunch time on the first Monday of the summer. Service was quick and everything came out just right. My daughter is usually picky about seasoned fries but she ate all of hers and some of mine. I've been here before and in the off season. Service was much slower then.

Review №78

Really good hamburgers and very covid friendly!

Review №79

Amazing shake. Best I ever had.

Review №80

Delicious vegan friendly option . Worth the cost

Review №81

Had a great time with family today at this restaurant. Haven't been in one in many years. Taste and quality of the food has not change and that is amazing!

Review №82

Can never go wrong with a good Fuddruckers burger ️

Review №83

Great Burgers! Small burger combo is still pretty big and filled me up. I forgot to take pics. The Reeces Milk shake was amazing and full of Reeces Candy!

Review №84

Pretty good food without having to wait for an hour. Priced decent as well.

Review №85

Good food, service was fast. We will be back to eat.

Review №86

Covid 19 makes this place suckfood great.service sucks but that's because of covid19 safety measures in place

Review №87

Great food every time. The staff is very friendly

Review №88

I have loved this place for years and so we we're thrilled to find one here!! It is just like the ones that used to be in northern Illinois. We always get everyone a burger and fries and then put the cheese sauce on the burgers. For a family of 5 it keeps the price pretty reasonable. By the way, the chocolate chip cookies are great!!

Review №89

Great food ! Got the turkey burger and it was cooked to perfection. They gave us our own tongs to ease concerns about cross contamination with the toppings.

Review №90

Yummy... Burgers awesome. Onion rings are top..

Review №91

Can order and fix your own burgers with your choice of condiments

Review №92

Great burgers, clean and friendly environment.

Review №93

UPDATE... it has been over a week since a Fuddruckers illegally charged my card and they refuse to refund the duplicate charges!! Also, the owner comments On these reviews more often then not but has refused to respond to this. Guess that should definitely tell everyone something about how Fuddruckers chooses to conduct business.Tourist BEWARE. My family and I were visiting Myrtle Beach two weeks ago and I was charged on June 11th for the $32.75 that my bill was. I wake up today in my home state of Kentucky and they have charged my card another 32.75 ten days after we ate there. I have had to file a dispute with my bank. I'm not sure how they were able to charge my account again but please be careful when using a card to pay at this restaurant!!

Review №94

Yummy food best burger I've eating at a restaurant for a very long time. Great atmosphere even during this crazy pandemic!!

Review №95

We absolutely LOVE this Place!!!!! Great Food and such a Sweet Manager, Nicole ;) We'll definitely be back!!!

Review №96

The staff was very friendly and the food was yummy.

Review №97

Best burger I have ate in a while! Awesome experience with friendly service!

Review №98

No social distancing, no hygiene measures what so ever. And the topping bar is still open to the public. I wish I could give less stars.

Review №99

Great burgers and fries. Definitely coming back to this place.

Review №100

Actually 1st time to ever eat at a Fuddrucker had the buffalo burger it was ok.

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  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
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  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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