Main Street Burgers
1100 Lincoln Ave #160, San Jose, CA 95125, United States
Review №1

This visit was my first.When you walk in the aroma meat, potatoes and beer are all definitely in the air.Very warm and cozy.Large family style seating available for large group.The menu has many options to choose from.There's something there for every palate.And please order a basket of fries.Amazing!

Review №2

The service was fine, but the burger was a bit dry. The shake was very small (12oz) for the price ($6.50) compared to the Habit at 16oz and $3.60. Overall, not worth the money. $25 for one burger, fries, and a small shake.

Review №3

Absolutely amazing food! This placed satisfied every burger and fry craving that I had. Everything was made to perfection and within a reasonable amount of time.Easy parking, super accessible from the road, and great seating for watching sports.

Review №4

Could be a 4.5. Great gourmet burgers, fries, onion rings (beer and wine) at a reasonable price point. We got 2 burgers, fries, rings, and 2 wines for $46. We spent more for less at Burger Lounge.

Review №5

They served halal meat upon request. Service is good and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. All chickens meat is halal and make sure to remove bacon if you'd not eat pork. My favorite is the BBQ flavor with fried egg for extra $1. They have garlic and sweet potatoes fries which is our favorite.

Review №6

I don't like most restaurant burgers but I like these. They use high quality meat and fresh ingredients. Provides sidewalk dining.

Review №7

The burgers were excellent, everyone was friendly and they made sure to clean the table for us before we sat. Great experience!!

Review №8

Writing a negative restaurant review is not something that I like to do. I'm not looking for a reason to trash a place, but when deserved it is a necessity. Negative reviews are an opportunity for owners and employees to address issues so as to improve service, consistency, and/or the quality of the food being served. So hopefully this review will achieve that and help adjust the expectations of future diners.This was our first time eating at Main Street Burgers and based on a 4.3 star rating and pictures of their burgers online, we decided to give them a try. So I ordered the Nirvana Burger and my wife ordered the California Burger along with an order of "Crispy" Fries. Now the Nirvana is described in the menu as being an Angus Beef Patty with smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, house made bacon onion jam and signature sauce on a brioche bun. What I received was a single prepackaged, from the freezer section beef patty weighing in at about an 1/8th of a pound (1/4" x 4"), with a chunk of iceberg lettuce (not leaf but stock), tomato slice, red onion slice, and a slice of pickle on your average standard 4" hamburger bun. There was no sauce or any condiments in the burger what so ever. I took a bite just to see what the meat was all about and, while it was pink, it was tough and tasteless as one would expect from a patty that was made from ground chuck, formed in a plant, flash frozen, and then packaged up for distribution to your local discount restaurant supply warehouse. The stack of iceberg lettuce cut from the base of the leaves or from the inner leaves, actually overwhelmed the rest of the ingredients which attests to the complete lack of flavor and balance of ingredients.So I went back to the counter and asked that they please replace the sad burger I received with the burger that I ordered, the Nirvana. The cashier was pleasant enough and apologized and then showed the food preparers the burger they prepared. Though I was unable to understand what was said (I'm not fluent in Spanish, shame on me) there was some disagreement about the burger made and what was ordered. In the end they agreed to prepare the proper burger. A few minutes later I received another burger.This burger contained all of the same ingredients as the first one with the addition of a little melted shredded cheese and a little onion jam. Nothing like the menu describes or the online pictures show. Disappointed yes, but by that point I resolved myself to eating a $5.00 burger, that Denny's quite frankly does better, for an $11.99 price tag. The burger my wife received was as described (less the "Angus Beef" and "Brioche Bun") and while it wasn't great or worth $12.99 she did eat it. Then there were the fries billed as "Crispy" and priced at $3.50. Portion was quite small and crispy was not how I would describe them. Crispy fries are twice fried which makes them have that crunchy exterior and soft center. These were just regular fries consistent with any fries from anywhere other than a fast food restaurant.So for 30 plus dollars it is fair to say that this was not a good experience and from the looks of it, this is what you can expect from Main Street Burgers in Willow Glen. Maybe the 4.3 stars is from their other location or maybe it was before the COVID-19 shut down and now they are having to cut costs to recover losses. With this in consideration, I'll give them a free pass, but with so many other choices in San Jose for burgers I will not be returning. Sorry, but you just can't serve a burger for $12 or $13 that you can get from the frozen food section of your local grocery store and expect people to line up for your food. I know that times are tough, but maybe the owners should consider selling to someone that is willing to actually deliver a $13 burger.

Review №9

Not very quick service, but great food and plenty of outdoor seating.

Review №10

Pretty good burgers here at a pretty good price. Check in on the Yelp app and you can get 15% off your order. The fries are pretty good too. Nothing was fantastic but it definitely wasn't bad. This place is worth a try. They also have kids meals available. TV's are also playing all the games you want to see.

Review №11

Great burgers and fries. My daughter's love their sweet potatoe fries.

Review №12

Great place for burgers and fries, excellent service and friendly staff!

Review №13

Absolutely delish! Tried my first Impossible Burger (meatless) as a lettuce wrap with garlic aioli and rosemary fries. I am so stuffed! Taste buds are satisfied. I'll be back!

Review №14

Very disappointed with the milkshake here. For $6.50, you get a 10 ounce serving of milkshake... regardless of how good the burgers, tots, fries, onion rings are, $6.50 is blatant price gouging. Fix this or lose more than me as a customer!

Review №15

I placed an order for pickup, and upon receiving my order I had received a wrong item. I attempted multiple calls to see if the restaurant could fix the order, even for a future order but nobody would answer the phone. I have eaten at the restaurant numerous times and always had a great experience, I think with everything having to be pick up only the quality of service has declined. I will not order for pickup again.

Review №16

Highly recommend this restaurant! Small town feel, excellent burgers and fries! Friendly team behind the counter intent on ensuring their customers are well cared for.

Review №17

Yep it's that good. How good? How good do you want me to tell you? But remember if I tell you I have to eat your fry's.

Review №18

Not bad, but not the best. If you're around Willow Glen, it's a good choice.

Review №19

A bit pricey but great food

Review №20

Used to be our go to place but something's changed with the burger meat. Used to be medium with a bit of pink and a thicker and tastier burger patty, now it seems machine formed, thin and cooked well done. Not tasty. Supplier issue? Something else?

Review №21

Stopped by here on a Saturday afternoon while doing a wine walk in Willow Glen. I like the build your own option here because I always seem to want something that is a little different than the signature burgers that most restaurants have. I had a burger with Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion. The burger was good but nothing special.We split an order of half sweet potato fries and half onion rings. The fries were good but the portion size was pretty small for the $4.50 price tag.Overall the food was good but didn't really stand out.

Review №22

The burger waa rushed and favorless. The staff were terrific but rhe food was below Denny's stanatx

Review №23

Good burgers! Great customer service

Review №24

Good quality if a little slow.

Review №25

Absolutely delicious burger. Only 4 stars bc for some unknown reason our fries were not delivered to us until the end of our meal. Yes, I did ask about them. They did appear several minutes later. They were very good too. But way late. If I could do 4.5 stars, I would.

Review №26

They have decent options for veggie burgers (either veggie patty or a full grilled portobello mushroom).

Review №27

An all around great burger. They even use shredded lettuce and pepper plant! The chili cheese fries were done of the best I've had. Definitely will come back.

Review №28

I came here with my son and enjoyed their burgers and fries. Made to order so you know your order is fresh and hot.You can watch sports in here as well. Nice small joint in downtown Willow Glen.

Review №29

A nice burger joint in the quaint Willow Glen downtown area. I had the BBQ Bliss burger (bacon and BBQ sauce ). I received my order promptly and it tasted great. -1 star for price ($11 before tax) which feels a bit high for what you get.

Review №30

I think this place beats the counter it, beats five guys, ot beats out a lot of burger joints I've tried mainly because of the patties are juicy soft thick and delicious! Not only that the side varieties like onion rings which tasted better than red Robin's.. garlic fries was amazing! And then you got regular fries , tater tots the list goes on. You can tell them you want a custom burger and put as many patties as you want with exactly what you want.

Review №31

Great burgers. The best burgers I had in a long time.

Review №32

Great spot for burgers, shakes, and sides. Would like to have given it 4.5 stars. I have had better burgers, but the truffle Tater Tots were just about perfect. Definitely a good stop when in Willow Glen

Review №33

Burgers, mmm, super good. Don't worry if it's busy, it is worth the wait. I'll return family next time. Prices were good for how much you get. Atmosphere and food reminds me of Virginia Beach.

Review №34

Tried this spot already with a friend and I am obsessed ever since. I enjoyed the fantastic mood and tasty dishes and beverages. I recommend this place.

Review №35

I regularly arrive getting some food in here. I love the speedy service and well prepared food. They never disappoint.

Review №36

One of my preferred locations for tasty burgers. I had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here. The bill was appropriate. Food is like a place in Baltimore I liked.

Review №37

Burgers were really good and the fact that they have a vegetarian option (for my gf) is even better. We both enjoyed our burgers and will definitely be back 5o try the rest of the menu.

Review №38

The sliders and Burger use to be good. But recently made a change to their Buns. Which suck. Here's a pic. Also no more Truffle Tots which were phenomenal but no longer on their menu.

Review №39

Overpriced, wrong orders, left a broken toothpick in my food, screaming children everywhere. Avoid this place. For what you're paying you can have a much better dining experience literally anywhere else.

Review №40

Ordered from a guy that wasn't happy about his job, proceeded to wait 30 minutes for my food. Watching order after order being messed up for customers. I eventually got my two burgers 50 minutes after my initial order. To make it right, they refunded me a portion of my bill, but it was too little to late. Hopefully the burger is better than the horrible service.

Review №41

Cool staff ! Great burgers ! Great value !

Review №42

Their menu and food is great. Currently my son's and I favorite burger spot.

Review №43

Main Street Original and California Dreamin are my two favorite burgers. Tater tots are generally medium-soft. Beer on tap.

Review №44

Variety of options. They also have halal burger which is definitely a plus for me. The burger portion was big enough for me and it was so juicy. The price is also reasonable and it is easy to find a parking spot around the area. Love the place!

Review №45

Fabulous locally-sourced food, friendly attentive waitstaff, fun upbeat music, nice atmosphere. I had the $2 Tuesday sliders, a basket of onion rings and a double dark chocolate malt. The food was perfectly made and so delicious. I went early so it was not too busy. I had looked up their website before coming. When I walked in I was greeted by the man in the video, super friendly. Not an actor. Haha.As I ate my food I noticed all the cashiers greeted people immediately as they entered this bright sunny restaurant. Quick, friendly service, to go options. There was seating both inside and out, and several people chose to eat at the umbrella covered tables outside as it was a beautiful evening. All ages from young to old.Plenty food choices on the menu everything for either, carnivore, herbivore, vegetarian, Korean, Californian, spicy food, halal, kids menu, gluten free and they serve beer and wine. You can easily bring all your friends here and they can have exactly what they want to eat. Decent prices. Highly recommend, will come back again.

Review №46

This burger was very tasty! The wait was a little long but well worth it!

Review №47

An above average burger place. The double Cheese burger was good but not great. The burger could have been jucier and a bit more seasoned. The menu said all burger patties would served medium but both my burger patties were both well done.

Review №48

The food is okay and the prices are high. I use to frequently because they USED to have some pretty good halal options. But those are slowly disappearing. First the chicken tenders stopped being halal and then the beef bacon. And apparently not all the staff know this, so we had the staff tell our friends that were there with us for the first time that it was halal and the next week when we were there ourselves ordering a halal BBQ burger they told us the bacon hadn't been halal for over A YEAR and neither was the tenders, but that apparently not everyone knows this...Don't recommend going there if you only eat halal as they overcharge for a burger that really isn't that great and the options on the menu are slowly diminishing. Used to be awesome because either everything was halal or you just had to pay extra to make it halal. Or they'll tell you something is halal and then feed you something that isn't.

Review №49

The entire experience was great. Definitely coming back to this location.

Review №50

Excellent burger offering halal meat option for less than a buck more

Review №51

These guys do great chicken sandwiches, also don't forget to get the sweet potato fries. They are delicious. My boyfriend loves their tater tots.

Review №52

This was a disappointment to me. I love burgers and was excited to try Main Street Burgers. Everything about them looked good.First, the people working there while not unfriendly were not particularly welcoming either. I contrast that with In'n'out where they are generally outgoing or Mission Burgers where they clearly want your business.We ordered a bacon-blue cheese burger and a side street original with a 50/50 order of fries and onion rings. We took our buzzer and had a seat waiting for our order to be cooked.The wait was not too long but the food was disappointing. The first thing I noticed was that neither the fries nor onion rings were hot; they had clearly been sitting out quite a while. Cool onion rings and fries just aren't right. The good news is that they were good enough to still be edible but the bad news is that "edible" is a not why I go to restaurants.My bacon and blue was a major disappointment. My standard for that burger is Taylor's (Gott's) Refresher where they make an excellent version. But Main Street served cold sauteed mushrooms, a creamy blue cheese dressing, not crumbled blue cheese, that overpowered and didn't blend with the other ingredients.The original was a basic good burger. No complaints but nothing special.I will not be going back.

Review №53

I DoorDashed for a bit and always had orders here. Walking in, the smell hits you instantly!One day during a very slow "Dashing" schedule, i decided to place an order while waiting for an order to deliver. BAD IDEA HAHA. It got packed quickly!!!Later on when getting home, OH MAN, this burger does live up to it's hype!! Just don't order when you're working lol 100% did and would go back!!

Review №54

Burgers are fantastic! Really very tasty. So is the chicken Philly cheese steak. Waffle fries are average though, and sweet potato fries only kinda better

Review №55

Burgers and the scene at this spot is very good. Fast, efficient, and courteous service. Prices were good for how much you get. Like a restaurant in Washington I loved.

Review №56

I'm really not sure what the hype is for this place. Just way overpriced for mediocre food. 22$ for a basic meal. Starting with the burger, I ordered the most basic one on their menu but added avocado and cheese. The burger itself didn't seem to have any flavor and was cooked medium rare. They didn't ask for a doneness preference so I assumed it would be medium. Most of the inside was completely pink so it was very unappealing for me. The cheese wasn't even completely melted on the burger when I got it. Part way through I ended up trying to scrape the overly pink parts out of the middle. It also had strips of char on it which can add a good flavor when done right. This just made it so that some bites had an overwhelming charcoal taste. Also, to add avocado it's almost $2 extra. There were three measly pieces of avocado all clumped together on one side. I think it's pretty common sense to know that most people don't want all of their avocado all clumped together on one side. For the price there should be a little bit more care in assembly. There didn't seem to be a basic cheeseburger option without paying extra for cheese which is $0.95. It just seems like they nickel and dime you. All the different side options seemed really appealing but not for the overall price. I ended up getting the basic crispy fries because I didn't want to pay closer to $30. I felt like they give a good amount, but they are in fact just basic fries. There was nothing that stood out about them. Finally, I ordered a chocolate milkshake. Of course it was delicious, but to be fair it's not that hard to mess up a milkshake. It also was very small for the price you pay. Also, it said on the menu that it comes with whipped cream which they didn't bother adding. So, to sum it up... I got a basic cheeseburger with avocado added, the smallest regular fries, and the smallest 12 oz milkshake and it cost $22. This meal was meant to be a treat , so I was willing to spend a little bit more to get a better quality meal. I just ended up being really disappointed, wishing I went to In and Out. It would have been half the price, and a lot tastier.

Review №57

Favorite place for an excellent gluten free burger . Tonight they were out of buns - the lettuce wrap was perfect! We can't eat their fries but before we knew that we had some. Those were great too. The guys at the cashier are friendly and the place has generally great energy ALL the time! They serve beer and wine and play the latest sports on the tellie yet there's still a chill vibe. I imagine this place has a crowd most nights however, on our Sunday nights there we don't have much of a wait and the food is hot. We tried their shakes once and they are perfectly rich and yummy. We did find that the burgers are so satisfying but a shake and a burger, unless you're splitting them, is completely overwhelming... Still delicious.Tonight they had a pumpkin pie shake. We didn't try it because we had a burger and wanted to avoid being over- full when we went home. I know somebody has to have tried one. I'll bet it was delicious! I highly recommend this place for consistently delicious satisfying casual food. The motto above the cashier : We don't make fast food. We make real food as fast as we can. (And they do a great job of it!)

Review №58

Burger was really good but the wait was too long. It was busy but didn't seem that bad. Another customer sitting next to me also felt it was too slow.

Review №59

The best sweet potato fries in Willow Glen along with great burgers and fun outdoor patio and inside seating. Right on Lincoln Avenue with plenty of cute shops and activities.

Review №60

A bunch of recent bad changes. For example popular "Nirvana burger" went from 2 patties to 1, cheese went from Gouda to a piece of cheddar and the bun went from something like a ciabatta roll to a doughy bun that disintegrates and sticks in your teeth when you chew it.... for the same price! Pretty blatant. Used to go here weekly :(

Review №61

Fresh and made to order. It was stacked like they were making for themselves. Thats how you want someone to prepare your food. Ill recommend and be back. Yelp gave me a good feel for the vibe. Super polite staff.

Review №62

The bread was cold. And $15.00 for one hamburger is too much... and not the best service.

Review №63

Great burger joint in Downtown Willow Glen. They have $2 sliders on Tuesdays (it gets pretty busy) and great shakes made with real ice cream. They also do DoorDash in case you're felling lazy and want someone to deliver it.

Review №64

Burgers... very tasty. Dropped in on Mon I think. The service here is outstanding. This place has an awesome atmosphere.

Review №65

Got it delivered on Doordash and MAN was it very okay. Did a build your own burger and it wasn't stacked right. All of the Mayo was on one side and it was soggy. Burger was pretty tasteless. Sweet potato fries were burnt. Costed way too much for something so mediocre.

Review №66

The rosemary garlic fries are amazing and the burgers are too. It was a little pricey ,though. The atmosphere is nice, and they have one of those every soda ever fountains.

Review №67

Omg they serve halal food. Best treat. Juicy burgers with a friendly staff. Nice fun place to hangout

Review №68

Delicious food. Friendly staff. Clean.

Review №69

Very great tasting food with great customer service the go above and beyond to help you

Review №70

Delicious hamburgers. I think the brioche buns are freshly made. Veggie patties are good, too! Yummy sweet potato fries. Special sandwiches are often worth a trip, e.g., salmon sandwich is from heaven.Update:. They have Impossible Burgers!

Review №71

Service is disorganized. Half the order gets made and sits for 20 min until the rest is done. Tater tots are very bitter, they need to change out their oil more often

Review №72

Their burgers were good enough but I found them to be a bit pricey for the quality. I got "The Unknown", which looked really promising. But even though the patties had the flavor of a real grill, they were a touch overcooked and the burger did not bring all the elements that it had home. Fries were like most fries. One big plus is that they do have Halal Burgers here, which my friend was able to enjoy.

Review №73

Expensive but worth it. Basicly a great burger, onion rings & drink is $20 bucks.

Review №74

I try to go somewhere new when we travel and this place did not disappoint!

Review №75

This is one of my favorite burger places. The burgers taste nice and juicy. You can customize your own or order suggested ones. I typically get their garlic fries too which are really good. Sometimes I've gotten their tator tots which are pretty good too. As this is gourmet, expect to pay a bit more than a McDs or In-and-Out.

Review №76

Just okay. Burgers are pretty good but a great burger should showcase the beef and everything else outshines the beef here. My wife said hers was actually pretty dry. Truffle Tots needed more truffle oil, indistinguishable truffle flavor on most of it.

Review №77

Good place for lunch in Willow Glen. Tried my first Impossible Burger tastes like meat. They have good choices and some great, daily specials.

Review №78

The food tastes great. They have halal options for Muslim people. Location is nice. I did street parking which is limited to 2 hours. Indoor and outdoor sitting. I think a bit pricey for a burger.

Review №79

California dreamin was amazing. Touch expensive but worth it. Fries could be better, they were kinda over done

Review №80

They have Halal options both in chicken and beef burgers. They make halal burgers in a seperated area in their kitchen. I like the taste but the burger bread was thick and made me feel full. Bathroom was clean.

Review №81

Excellent place for delicious burgers. Service is always nice even when they have a full house. The bill was average for the menu.

Review №82

Best place to get a burger and a beer in Willow Glen. Small amount of outdoor seating.

Review №83

California Burger with Fries.

Review №84

Zero vegetarian options. Staff seemed confused about why I would want that. Told me it would be an extra charge for substituting an egg for pastrami. I let it go. Then they gave me the burgers with the damn meat on it anyway! I'm at work I don't have time for this. I wasted $13 and my entire lunch break And they were rude and messed up the order. These people people really aren't up to the task of hospital parking lot yet. I'm so hungry and pissed. I wish no stars was an option.

Review №85

Great spot to grab a bite. Good prices, good service, great food. Comfortable atmosphere, clean dining room and restroom. Will definitely go back.

Review №86

One of the best burger joints in South San Jose

Review №87

Amazing burgers, just the right amount of sauce, moist, flavors. The onion rings were wonderful too. And so was the service. The guy who was bussing tables just took our card and went in to get us a second round of beers (its supposed to be a place where you order at the counter). Great vibes

Review №88

Juicy burger.. I enjoyed their promise land burger!!!

Review №89

Really good food. Offer halal options as well

Review №90

Great burger selection, prices a bit high, bit of a wait for ordering and receiving food, service good

Review №91

The food is fine,it was a busy night but we stopped going a long time ago because they would regularly screw up the order and it happened again tonight. Won't be going back anytime soon.

Review №92

Main street has great burgers. New favorite is the February special called " The green eggs and bacon burger". A Fried egg, pesto mayo sauce, cheddar cheese, & bacon make this burger delicious. Should be permanent on their menu!If you aren't in to burgers, their salads & bowl options are really good too.Thursday is 1/2 off beer & wine!

Review №93

Such a great find for juicy burgers, and fried chicken sandwiches!! Love having the option for halal beef. Sweet potatoes and regular fries were both great!Perfect to grab a quick meal.Definitely get the Oreo milkshake- best thing ever!

Review №94

A little pricey but a decent burger

Review №95

New place. Great service, good food, but pricey

Review №96

Good place for Burgers. it was so fresh. the service was sociable and attentive.

Review №97

Super slow wait times on a not packed restaurant. I waited about 20 min for just tater tots...Staff is friendly. But could use some more pep in their step.

Review №98

Good quality hamburgers

Review №99

Everything that I've had is fabulous, from their regular burgers to (my favorite) with Bleu cheese, bacon, and mushrooms. The garlic-parmesian fries deliver on their promise and the spicy ketsup is deliciously spicy.

Review №100

Amazing burgers and shakes!!! Grrreat service

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:1100 Lincoln Ave #160, San Jose, CA 95125, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 408-645-5571
  • Hamburger restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11:30AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11:30AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11:30AM–8PM
  • Thursday:11:30AM–8PM
  • Friday:11:30AM–8:30PM
  • Saturday:11:30AM–8:30PM
  • Sunday:11:30AM–8PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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