Chipotle Mexican Grill
28644 Telegraph Rd Space C-9, Southfield, MI 48034, United States
Review №1

Fantastic ambience and very friendly service. The food was crisp and delightful. Will easily recommend this restaurant to friends. Reasonable prices and big meals. Keep it up.

Review №2

Ordered chicken bowl, delivered thru DoorDash..Waited 68 minutes ... no chicken!!Guacamole brown on top!!Will not go this location again!! Love chipotle but y'all suck!

Review №3

Great fresh food, very nice. Almost like what I would prepare. Thank you .

Review №4

One of the busiest chipotles in the area! I always order for pick up and I'm never disappointed! My order is always right and perfect even with how busy they are

Review №5

Slow and dirty! When I arrived I saw a long line but wasn't worried as Chipotle lines normally fly. Not this line. About 15 minutes in I noticed I was maybe 1/2 through. Do I leave? Either way my lunch is messed up. I can see one girl working super hard and the rest of the crew not being very supportive. When I get up to the front I see dirty dishes everywhere and the counter is dirty (see pictures). After I pay the girl turns around and leaves me. I had to put my food in the bag. Corporate needs to step in and do something.

Review №6

I never have a problem with this location but for some reason today the crew and the manager seem like they didn't want to come to work. Took forever to order my food when i called it in (no one picked up the phone) so i did a online order for it to take forever to send. I had to show the young lady the came to the door (to see if it came in on there part). Which it didn't but it finally came through but for all this to happen i still received the wrong food. Their was a skinny girl who came to the window with a nasty mode rolling her eyes at another guest that was trying to show her which order was hers. Ask for a manger the manger took forever to come.

Review №7

Food was good freaked out after seeing hair in my food. And they rude to my mother in law she only been there once before so she didn't know how to order and they were impatient please learn patience guys and respect others.

Review №8

This chipotle is always behind. Add at least 30 minutes to your order time. They don't seem to care either and they are chronically understaffed.

Review №9

This store no longer accepts walk ins due to the pandemic so I had to place my order online. I tried calling it but that was very difficult. it took Alittle while to order online but other then that food was great

Review №10

One moment this location allows walk-ins the next they're online only. This should not be chosen at random. Be consistent.

Review №11

Ordered online at 1210 for 1230 pickup (earliest offered), now 1240 and still not ready. Meanwhile, they're making orders for walkins.. last time they were taking walkins at all, which seems odd. It's chipotle and it's good, but don't expect it to be timely, ever..Update , still waiting. The worst chipotle.

Review №12

Matt turned my visit into an experience. He's simply awesome.

Review №13

Another business that dosnt seem to understand why people pre-order through their app. They have droves of people waiting in their lobby for orders they placed ahead of time and the customers that are just ordering at their counter get their food within five minutes of walking through the door. I waited a half hour past the time for pickup and left without my food. I noticed a couple customers got their orders by badgering the counter. I shouldn't have to harrass staff to get my food. Rediculous.

Review №14

Worst experience ever. Doors were locked at 11:45 a.m. When me and several others finally got in, none of our orders were ready (when my order was scheduled to be ready 25 minutes prior). The worst part was that the manager was EXTREMELY RUDE. Definitely trying to contact the corporate office.

Review №15

This has got to be the worst Chipotle in South East Michigan. You'd be better off driving a half hour away to another location because you'd end up spending the same amount of time except your food would be warm.

Review №16

Hands down! Worst Chipotle in America! They don't follow directions and are always out of something. Items requested were missing random things in place of what we ordered. Just terrible! I'll drive past this one to get to another one.

Review №17

Ordered carry out for pick up at 12. Arrived at 12:05 and the food was ice cold. Had ingredients on it that I did not order. Very disappointing

Review №18

The bowl I go with steak and chicken that salsa is so good the warm chips and guacamole

Review №19

The food was good but the service was horrible. I went in there and there was 2 people in front of me and it took me 30 minutes just to get to the point of being able to order. It wasnt like I was in there in the middle of a busy time either, it was 330ish on a Tuesday. I have never had such a bad experience in a chipotle before.

Review №20

Food was done 42 mins after it was supposed to be done. Nice staff though.

Review №21

Very well kept and welcoming restaurant. They serve generous meals and for reasonable rates. We enjoyed the menu a lot and the staff members were very affable and chatty. Highly recommended.

Review №22

I am a dasher to make some extra money on the side. Yesterday I got an order around 11 am for a 27 item order. So, basically a catering order. Carlos greeted me with a smile & was quick to help me with what i needed, as well as super nice! I expected to be waiting there for a while, the food came out in a big box, as well as 3 bags, & was done within 10-15 minutes! Ive never been to this location but I recommend!

Review №23

Food good. Consistantly about 15-20 min late with onlin pickup orders. At least they're consistant :/

Review №24

Had five different mistakes with our order. It seems they ignored the actual order and did whatever they wanted. Our driver had to wait for our order after it had already been 30 minutes. We will never go to this location again.

Review №25

I love this place.. Good food, nice staff and fair price.

Review №26

I had an online order, arrived at the correct time, and did not receive my order for another 10 minutes. There's no one in line, u would think they would use that food line to help online orders. But no, they make people wait, outside even though there aren't 5 people inside. The competency level is very low here, everyone works lethargically. Terrible, rude service.

Review №27

They forgot to add the sauce.

Review №28

Fast, great service, delicious food. Had family that worked here a couple of years ago. It used to be a great place to work for with lots of opportunity. This was before the company's leadership changed. It's more like working for a fast food dive now. Really unfortunate. Profit over people. Sad that those ethics flipped with Chipotle. Now just another fast food place. I used to feel like I was supporting something by choosing this place over say Qdoba. Now... Who cares, just fill the belly.

Review №29

Shotty hours and service, staff doesn't really seem to care. I wouldn't recommend coming here if you want decent service

Review №30

The food was hot and fresh and my order was correct ! The steak was just being cut up and my burrito was lit !

Review №31

Fast service, but not enough meat in burritos or bowls

Review №32

Awesome employees! I'm a nurse during this crazy time and one of the employees here saw that I was a RN and bought my dinner. Such an unexpected and generous act of kindness.

Review №33

The service is excellent the food is always prepared the way I ordered it the food is good

Review №34

If I could give this place no stars, I would. 2 days ago I ordered my food online for 1145. Went in and waited until 1215 and my food still wasn't done. There were at least 10 people waiting for online orders by then. Instead of completing orders for those that have already ordered online and paid, they were only making food for the people coming in and standing in line. I tried to have my order cancelled and was told it had to be online, which there is no option for. Everyone working was extremely rude. I left after 30 minutes because I had to return to work. I called them around 1 to see if my order was complete yet, and was told by a rude staff member named Michael: “you'll just have to come back in and see” and then hung up. I went back in at 220, almost 3 hours after placing my order and my food still was not done. I then had to wait another 15 minutes for my food to be made. I will never return to this locating, and I recommend everyone steer clear.

Review №35

Came here for lunch... Ordered a chicken bowl....the food was fresh.... Didnt look so good but tasted good.

Review №36

As soon as I walked in I could see what the other reviewers said about this location. The chairs were scattered, tables dirty, not nasty dirty, but they weren't clean. You get a lot of food for the price, but I think they are extremely overrated. I like it don't get me wrong, but I was expecting spectacular. The preparer was “blah” seriously his attitude was ”hi what can I get for you today?”?

Review №37

Very friendly staff! Carlos was very nice and funny!

Review №38

This is a poorly managed Chipotle and the headquarters has been notified many times. I visited for dinner and they were out of utensils and tea. A few weeks prior they were out of napkins. Floor is a mess behind counter and kitchen equipment looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a while. The food is not that fresh compared to other locations. I asked for a refund. Don't waste your money. Other food options near by.

Review №39

Got a discount for wearing a costume on Harvest as a good news reporter spreading the news of Jesus Christ. My brother was Iron Man and sissy was Elsa. Thanks so much! God bless you guys.

Review №40

This location lacks the organization that enables so many other Chipotle restaurants to serve excellent quality meals. The chicken is often burnt, the rice tends to have too much cilantro, the fajita veggies are usually not stocked, and when asked, the employees seem uninterested in restocking ingredients. The Chipotle flavor is there, but the quality and service at this location leaves you wondering if perhaps it's worth going out of your way to find a different Chipotle.

Review №41

Always fast, polite and great service!! Fresh food!! But the later you go, meaning close to closing time, they will be out of something which is understandable due to everything being prepared fresh

Review №42

I love Mexican food however this isn't actual Mexican cuisine but the food it amazing and I love the sauces! I generally order the Burrito Bowl!!

Review №43

Gross - a large piece of meat (about the size of two AA batteries) was in the middle of the guacamole that was on my burrito bowl. I can understand meats getting mixed up, but don't know how in the world a piece of meat gets into a fresh new batch of guacamole. This indicates to me that their control systems are totally broken as they just set it out and I got the first scoop. Was trusting that Chipotle runs a tight ship after all the problems they've had, but now I'm completely done. Never going to a Chipotle again.

Review №44

This review is not for the food but for the management there it's sucks terribly. I came there about a week ago for interview and when I came they wasn't ready or didn't know I was coming. One of the managers made seem I was going to get a call back to start work but no one never called me. Remind you I worked for Chipotle before with plenty of experience. This place needs better management to become a better store. Ps if anyone wants to go to a better location try Royal Oak Chipotle the food is better and customer service.

Review №45

4/5 only because online ordering is hit or miss but Justin the manager there is friendly and fast to correct any errors. Food is usually good and fresh

Review №46

They was closing up to early then said they don't have any more chicken and the cook said yes it is came out and up chicken for myself and a bit customer. But wanted to give us old steak that have been sitting out dry no juice turning another color terrible customer service.

Review №47

I've only been to this particular location a few times. But I've never had any issues. Good food. Service is reasonable. You just encounter a lot of road traffic to get here since it's at 12 Mile and Telegraph, but that's to be expected

Review №48

Unnecessarily slow for no reason. Completely unprofessional and needs to be revamped. I've been to several locations and this Hass to be the worst

Review №49

Good eats.

Review №50

Close the doors until you're able to take orders face to face with a mask. The automated system absolutely stinks.

Review №51

Nice place. But some times they are confuse your order.

Review №52

Overall good restaurant.Notes:Tacos are not worth the priceGet the burrito bowl for the value.(they give a proper portion of sour cream on the side)(If you don't want any spice, go to qdoba for the same things)

Review №53

I have been in line for an hour and still have not made it to the counter. This location is poorly managed; there's one person working the line, and the customers are lined up out the door!

Review №54

Wait was terrible, customer service was average.

Review №55

I am a delivery driver with Postmates and this is by far one of the least efficient locations. From when I accepted the delivery to when I actually left it was about 40 minutes. And to make it worse, when I got to the restaurant, my order wasn't even started on yet. The cashier was standing around looking at everyone else work, there was one person on the line and there was a line of customers all the way to the entrance. Will not visit here again. There was no effort whatsoever to get things moving.

Review №56

Worst Chipotle in the entire state of Michigan. Other Chipotles use this store as an example of what not to do. The employees have no regard for their customers time, the entire place is unorganized, and they're always out of something. Instead of taking responsibility and being honest about why your order is taking 45 minutes even though you were quoted 15, they either lie to you or avoid speaking to you in general. This store desperately needs new management.

Review №57

If I could give a zero , worst chipotle by far. Rude as hell no care in making your food ... dirty what else can I say. I usually don't leave reviews, but this was bad.

Review №58

We are dealing with a pandemic and people are walking in and out of this restaurant being served with NO MASK ON! I have also been waiting for my online order for 20 mins passed the pick up time!!!! 2 burritos does not take 35 minutes to make! At this point I don't even want the food.

Review №59

Gave 3 stars only because they were short staffed and my meal wasn't as good as the last time I ate there

Review №60

Ordered online through door dash. Served my food with a hair in it. That's gross. I'd never have food at Chipotle again.

Review №61

Love the food but they cut down on portion.

Review №62

The food is good but customer service is a bit lax. I asked for some fresh chicken, so I wouldn't get the bottom of the bucket. The server says we don't have anymore chicken. The very next customer they bring out a fresh bucket of chicken. Seriously! Very disappointed with Chipotle today

Review №63

Foods always fresh. Burritos are excellent

Review №64

Always busy but the service is good and the line moves quickly. Best lunch that sits between fast food and and sit down restaurant. I love the quality of the food.

Review №65

Location is messy and always out of food. Employees don't like to change gloves when they're dirty.

Review №66

Ghetto, unprofessional saff. Floor and table tops dirty.

Review №67

Very Tasty Boats, With Brown Rice, Chicken, Veggies, Black Beans and Salsa

Review №68

Love this location. Great customer service. Very friendly. Food was amazing.

Review №69

First time diner @ Chipotle Mexican Grill. Service was fast, staff was very polite and helpful as I experienced my 1st Chipotle meal. I would definitely go back to taste other delights. Thanks to everyone for pleasurable Dinning experience.

Review №70

My favorite meal is the vegetable burrito. The vegetables are freshly prepared, they don't use microwave, and the portions are generous. I would prefer that they don't use aluminum as that is not good for the environment. I also miss the lemon wedges that I would put in my water or other beverage. The prices are reasonable as well.

Review №71

I've been in here a few times and there were always messes left around that weren't being cleaned up. The food also wasn't the freshest compared to some of the other Chipotles I've eaten at. To top it off the staff isn't the easiest to work with (hard to understand) during your order. If you're REALLY in the mood for only Chipotle then it should be fine otherwise I'd just go somewhere else.

Review №72

Made to order, very fast service once it's your turn.

Review №73

They ok at this location.

Review №74

Once again Chipotle is like Captain Jay's. They're just there sometimes. It's either really good or really mediocre. Some places are generous with portions, some really stingy. I've paid for double steak and gotten a light scoop. I didn't get double meat and gotten more than what I paid for.Chipotle can either be awesome...or really frustrating.

Review №75

Workers moved at a glacial pace and the service area looked unkempt. Honestly, I walked out.

Review №76

Fast friendly and good

Review №77

Great food and customer service

Review №78

Very good

Review №79

The food and service is great. The prices are very affordable, and get your money worth.

Review №80

I would say the service at most Chipotle restaurants is above average but at this location it was very below average. I placed a web order and it wasn't ready in time. They didn't even start making it until 5 minutes after the promised time. They were out of white rice and they didn't make my burrito as I specified on my order.

Review №81

Outstanding customer service! Justin was great!

Review №82

I asked for smaller portions of rice and beans, light sour cream and cheese and they did a perfect job. I had joined the rewards program and earned a free chips and guacamole. The chips are flavorful but not fresh, more cold and greasy. Hot, fresh chips and they would earn 5 stars.

Review №83

They will let you sample unknown food as well as their rice. Each Chipotle rice is not cooked the same. One is generally more crunchier then the other. In which I prefer a more done rice!

Review №84

Real good

Review №85

Stay far away.. waste of money..Order was all messed up. Wanted hard tacos got soft. Order the extra Chucky meat and I got one Chuck of fat. And may be 3 small shreaded things I guess was meat..Order guacamole and chips. Got the guac. But no chips and got charged for them..I'll never go back. They treat the consumer poorly and your money is wasted on rice and beans.

Review №86

Had to request my drink that I ordered, food was cold.

Review №87

I like the bowls I wish I could afford to eat them everyday. Good service, decent prices, clean and no long wait.

Review №88

Can only order online

Review №89

Love the bowls

Review №90

Long waiting outside way too slow

Review №91

Clean and quick

Review №92

The staff was amazing! They had such great customer service and the store was pretty clean when my mother and I went.

Review №93

Chipotle just ain't what it used to be. The interiors can all use some updating and in general, just get back to the basics that put them at the top of the fresh-mex segment for years. Qdoba has passed them in food quality and presentation.

Review №94

I have been to a lot of Chipotle's. Because it's one of my favorite restaurants. But this one you have to almost beg for a regular portion in a bowl. Any other one I would give five stars

Review №95

Good food

Review №96

I'll go out of my way to go to this Chipotle because their chicken is always well-seasoned compared to others.

Review №97

Long wait, bad customer service, and out of all vegetables. Plus, they stopped making my order 1/2 way through to start an online order. I would take the time to drive to the next Chipotle over going here again.

Review №98

Burritos were stuffed and balanced amongst the ingredients included. Great meal!

Review №99

Why open your store if you're not prepared went in for a veggie bowl I was told I have to wait an hour for vegetables. Stop all the horseplay and do the job you filled out the application for

Review №100

When I get Chipolte, this is where I go. Most recently went on veterans day where they offer buy one get one free burritos or bowls for vets. Was the perfect little dinner for my girlfriend and I.Service is usually fairly quick and the place is clean. Team members were nice.

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