Potbelly Sandwich Shop
358 Army Trail Rd #190, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

My kids enjoy the kids meal. The chili is delicious!

Review №2

I looked at the menu online and decided to try the BLTA. My son decided to try the grilled chicken sandwich. The menu said his sandwich came with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. He asked for it with no tomato. Mine said it came with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. What we received was not what the menu lists. His had ALL the toppings... Onions, hot peppers... Everything. Mine didn't have the mayo listed on the menu. They need to update their menu to accurately represent what they are offering and to make ordering easier and more accurate for their customers. I also would have appreciated if the description indicated the bacon was a black pepper bacon. I wouldn't have gotten it knowing that. I took 1 bite and started coughing. The pepper taste was overpowering. It was like eating a pepper sandwich.

Review №3

Although there is usually a line for lunch at this Potbelly, they typically move everything along very swiftly. Their sandwiches are amazing, their soups are delicious, and for an extra treat, I highly recommend one of their Chocolate Brownie Cookies.

Review №4

I ordered a sandwich and salad for delivery and waited over 2 hours. I called about the delivery and she was very nice about it. Apparently the door dash person "left the food outside" instead of ringing the doorbell to deliver the food. There was no food at my door, or mailbox, or even the side of the house. So im guessing the doordash person just stole it since packages are often left all day at my door and we never have issues with someone else taking our packages or mail. (shrugs)The restaurant itself was great. I was able to get a refund. But be careful or have a back up plan if you're ordering delivery. The drivers are not 100%.

Review №5

I really wish this place had a simpler ordering process. It takes you 3x to repeat your order. Once to the person making the sandwich, once to the topper, once to the cashier. If they had a ticket system, or cashier first, wouldn't require you to repeat yourself 3 times.Other than that, the sandwiches are decent. Nothing special. Taste wise; good. Prices are a bit pricier than other sand which joints. Menu has quite a bit of options.Inside could use some work. There was a few dirty tables. Staff was pretty friendly.

Review №6

So slooooooow ... sandwiches got cold waiting 20 min for a milkshake . No apology even. Awful customer sevice!!

Review №7

Delicious and fast as always. Love that I can eat outside!

Review №8

We had an amazing in this spot. We liked the awesome vibes and the menu. The staff members were super friendly. I am content we ultimately managed to visit this restaurant.

Review №9

Worst shop ever! I placed an order for delivery and it was supposed to be at my home at 7:50. The order total was $34.51 but It never came so I had to call the shop and ask what happened. The worker/manager Melissa said door dash cancelled my order but in the potbelly app it says level one by grubhub. They was suppose to issue a refund (which they didnt) so I asked to speak to a manager. Melissa put me on hold for 7 minutes so I had to hang up and call again. She then said she was a manager and I would have to talk to the general manager tomorrow. Now, I have no food and still have a charge on my card that will take 3 to 4 days to get refunded according to Melissa. I am very unhappy. Melissa also said there was issues before so I should have been contacted.

Review №10

Had never tried Potbelly's until last night. This is my new sandwich shop. Don't know where all the flavor comes from in their ham sandwich but there was a lot of it. Sandwich was nice and toasty. The Coke they sold me was flat but that's my only complaint.

Review №11

Good place. Clean, good service. Always great food

Review №12

Limited menu probably due to the virus. Basic sandwich shop items at a slightly higher price than other shops of its kind. Music was too high amd it made it difficult to hear the employee.

Review №13

Chicken tortilla soup....yummy. wish they put tortilla strips in it

Review №14

I had a delicious "Wreck" just now with a bowl of Chicken Enchilada Soup. I had everything on it and it was great. The soup was savory and had a little bit of spice to make it very tasty. Oyster crackers and some water. By just about all measures a very good meal. SO, why am I disappointed? Because I am still hungry. The regular sandwich is small. I guess I should have got the "Bigs" version for $2 more ($6.09 vs $8.09.) The bowl of soup was a decent size for $4.89. Been coming here for years and I never learn. There's always next time!

Review №15

Gentlemen looks like manger straight up lying for napkins. Worst service ever.

Review №16

Very nice. & Quality sandwich . Fresh quality oatmill cookies .

Review №17

Great service, great sandwiches, fresh ingredients, loved their brownie cookie, multi grain bread is the perfect level of crunchy and if you bring some home and reheat in a toaster oven, it tastes fresh just as if you were eating it at the venue. Would highly recommend. Also, their app is worth getting if you become a regular since they have rewards for continuing customers.

Review №18

Love them! When I worked around the corner and would eat there 2-3x a week. They knew me by name! Great food, great people, great service.

Review №19

Awful experience on 7/3. Customer service is definitely not a priority here. Staff said two words the hole time despite a lengthy wait with absolutely no one in the store. Then I'm handed my sandwich by someone who wasn't even looking at me and was chatting with staff about climbing on the bar to get cans down. Sad to see such awful customer service becoming the norm. Management must fix this before I return.

Review №20

This place never fails to deliver. They serve great food for reasonable rates, there are no long waits even when the spot is full.

Review №21

I love Potbelly! Their hot sandwiches are so good. There is a great variety to choose from and they have shakes, soups, and salads too. I highly recommend the double chocolate cookie for dessert, so very good. The typically have live music during the busy times which adds to the ambiance. It can get busy at lunch so go early!

Review №22

Worst customer service.

Review №23

Fun place to eat a fresh sandwich.

Review №24

Always yummy! Love a toasted sandwich!

Review №25

Great staff and great food!!

Review №26

Good food

Review №27

Good soup and sandwiches at a reasonable price

Review №28

Can't get over their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Absolutely the most delicious and addicting cookies ever!!

Review №29

Over rated and over priced

Review №30

Superb as Always

Review №31

Like any other Potbelly Sandwich shop, this place makes delicious Sandwiches. Fresh and nice soup. Good customer service too

Review №32

I like this location, it's clean & my food is always good but they don't follow online instructions very well. This the 4th time I bit into my food and it had tomato's which I'm allergic to :(

Review №33

Good sandwich choices and a great alternate to sub franchises.Would recommend getting the Cuban and roast beef sandwiches.Very fresh and friendly staff.Would have been nice if they served a coffee or tea since we visited in the morning before we headed out to start our day.

Review №34

If you want a tastier sandwich than Jimmy John's and Subway this is the place.

Review №35

New Prime Rib sandwich is top notch

Review №36

PotBelly is one of two restaurants that my daughter can eat at due to food allergies (eggs, soy and peanut). They always go above and beyond to avoid cross contamination, and as a result we will keep going back!

Review №37

Just a nice sandwich with a twist

Review №38

Love the Wreck! Very friendly staff.

Review №39

Great toasted sandwiches! Free refills on soft drinks. Decent prices.

Review №40

The Salads were good the Mac n cheese was extra salty.

Review №41

Always good here.

Review №42

There sandwiches arebreally good

Review №43

An hour ago I ordered 2 original turkey sandwiches and when asked what I wanted on those sandwiches I said: It will be the same for both sandwiches, no mayo, oil and seasonings, everything else fine. When I got home to eat, I found 2 turkey sandwiches with only mayo on both. I speak fluent English, but I suspect the person making my sandwiches does not understand English. Make this right or lose me as a customer!

Review №44

Great sandwich meat and bread quality. doesn't make you sick like other deli places sometimes do. Want a recommendation? Order an original Wreck on white with tomato, lettuce, onions, mustard, mayo, and oil. Delicious.

Review №45

The Mediterranean salad was incredible. Quick service. Price is right.

Review №46

Friendly service and delicious sandwiches! Though a little pricey.

Review №47

I love the sandwiches and the salads at Potbelly I highly recommend you try the salads they're pretty good if you haven't had them

Review №48

Fast and good for a quick bite to eat.

Review №49

Tasty.Good service.And fast

Review №50

Favorite place ever!

Review №51

5 stars! I haven't been a big fan of this place over the years, Potbelly in general. The reason being, I saw a sandwich on the menu & had someone else get it for me. Recently went in and what set off this specific location were the people. They were awesome! There was a messed up sandwich which we offered to purchase so it didn't go to waste. They gave it to us, and because of that, I have ordered that same sandwich a couple of times. Good food, good atmosphere, decent prices. I'm a fan.

Review №52

Great food, friendly staff. On most recent visit soda machine was out of carbonation and the offered a bottled drink or a cookie as replacement. This satisfied me.

Review №53

Basically the improved and successful version of Quiznos. The sandwiches and shakes taste and fill better than anywhere else probably. I recommend The Wreck. Atmosphere is retro, so why not?

Review №54

I do have a "problem" with the brownie cookies. They're so good. I feel like I really want one even when I don't want a sandwich. (I will say that even though they're sooo yummy, they are really greasy, even the bag they come in.)

Review №55

Quick and tasty sandwich shop. Simply good

Review №56

Consistent good food. Friendly service. Have clean restrooms. Don't sit near the door in winter time. Live music around lunch time-acoustic guitar and vocals.

Review №57

Is this location under new ownership? Service was so slow and disorderly. It used to be much better. I think there have been recent changes at this location and it's not going too well.

Review №58

I've eaten here multiple times and it just dawned on me that I have -never- had a bad time here. Nothing short of fantastic food! The people are always smiling and joking around playfully and the food is always hot and delicious! From the sandwiches to the shakes, everything I have had here is unforgettable! Thanks!

Review №59

Had the prime rib sandwich

Review №60

Sandwich is good as always, people working are not willing to take care of customers

Review №61

Best sandwich place around.

Review №62

Always been a Potbelly samich fan and this location has never let me down.

Review №63

Yum home wreckers the best all meats and topping

Review №64

This is one of those Potbelly's which can properly pack a sandwich without bits and pieces flying out.

Review №65

Both sandwiches we ordered were aweful. Missing ingredients, terrible taste etc.I go to other potbellys frequently & have never had an issue.Will not go back.

Review №66

The food is cooked while you walk through the line. Any variations from the standard way sandwiches are toasted confuses the staff. The restaurant is clean, the service fast, the menu is boring.

Review №67

Love getting a veggie sandwich here its so good! Wish they had more vegan options but im satisfied with what i get!

Review №68

I love it, the food is great. For a sandwich place they have a great selection!!

Review №69

Got a big wreck, and it was delicious. However, it took about 19 minutes to get a pickle to go with my sandwich. Never had this problem at another potbelly.They also stopped serving large drinks except if they have a drive thru. That makes no sense as a consumer. Get your act together.

Review №70

Good place good food

Review №71

Okayish. Standard fare. Nothing exceptional.

Review №72

Smoked ham, my favorite.

Review №73

Really good sandwiches. Good customer service. Convenient online and call ahead ordering.

Review №74

We enjoy the tuna sandwiches, broccoli cheddar soup, strawberry smoothies, and the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

Review №75

The food was delicious. They had a promo buy one get one free the line was out the door and they had only one person making sandwiches. I spent 40 minutes in line. Very poor planning.

Review №76

Went there with my two kids for lunch they didn't have any Mac and cheese because they forgot to make it.

Review №77

Used to be a regular but over time the restaurant has lost a lot the charm it had from it's old-timey saloon interior and replaced it with wobbly tables and a high employee turnover rate so you can never gursntee a recognizable face or consistent meal quality.

Review №78

Pricey but tasty, good piping hot soups

Review №79

Top 5 favorite places to eat. The Big Wreck on wheat is to die for. Cookies and amazing too

Review №80

Always fast, hot and fresh .. & more importantly done correctly.

Review №81

The sandwiches are pretty good, and I do enjoy the broccoli cheddar soup.

Review №82

The "wreck" is the best sandwich ever, the cheddar broccoli soup excellent, & the coffee shake the best.

Review №83

Quick and quality service! Clean tables too

Review №84

I love the fact that they don't just put fixings on the way they think it's okay they put it on whatever you want them to put on and they always seem to do a really good job the texture is fantastic and the moisture is perfect with the way they make their sandwiches highly recommended

Review №85

Have loved Potbelly Sandwich Shops since the first time I tried one of their sandwiches back in the 90s. This location is clean and the service is friendly.

Review №86

Great place. Good food. Friendly service.

Review №87

First time having potbelly, service was good and food was even better

Review №88

Didn't even make to my order before I gave up with the ridiculous line of questioning regarding a delivery 4 mins away plus garbage attitude... Never again

Review №89

Always has great food and the employees are super nice. Prices are very reasonable.

Review №90

Staff are friendly and food is good. Enjoy the live music when they have it.

Review №91

Great eats - cheap sandwiches. Love the skinny option.

Review №92

Always good service and good quality food. Friendly and helpful staff

Review №93

New favorite sandwich spot. The roast beef if the way to gooo

Review №94

My favorite place for sandwich!!!

Review №95

Excellent staff and service. Food always fresh and high quality.

Review №96

It was good plus I tried something new and enjoyed it

Review №97

Go with the wreck. Great sandwich!

Review №98

Food is good, restaurant is clean. The is a woman who takes your money who is not nice, talks over you, and is rude. She'll ask you a question about your order then interrupt you while you answer. She is like this all the time and I've been there many times over the years.

Review №99

Lots of sandwich and salad choices especially for vegetarians. You can ask for no chicken in most salads

Review №100

Food and shakes were amazing!

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  • Address:358 Army Trail Rd #190, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
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  • Phone:+1 630-893-2742
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  • Live music:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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