Teriyaki & Pho
24024 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
Teriyaki & Pho
Review №1

Very good! Food is great and if you want fast takeout and delicious teriyaki this is the place to go!

Review №2

They usually gave you a cupboard box to hold the soup, well packaged. Somehow the colored smoothies will flip still lol...

Review №3

This place was a great find and we weren't even really looking. My wife and I met up to grab lunch and we ended up in the complex where this is located. She wasn't in the food for soup at Safeway or a sandwich from Jersey Mike's so we wandered in here. The place look clean and and ambiance was nice but the winning moment for me was when I saw what some of the other patrons were eating and was instantly impressed. The Chicken Katsu was so big I decided on the spot that I was ordering that, It also came with a bunch of Tempura shrimp, which was pretty awesome. The other thing I liked was that my meal came with cole slaw rather than the standard iceberg lettuce salad with the same salad dressing that they serve at every other teriyaki joint int he world. I think that cole slaw is a much better compliment to this kind of food and it tasted great. My wife ordered beef teriyaki with a shrimp skewer and hers also tasted great. the Katsu was prepared perfectly which is always a treat since many places overcook it and dry it out. The service was friendly and helpful and the meal came with complimentary soup. The only negative point was when I found lipstick on my soup mug and it was fresh enough that it wiped off on my napkin. I can let that go though as a one-off problem. I'll definitely be back for more!

Review №4

I know there are a thousand of these places all over the area... but this is the best one. I don't know how they've managed to make the egg rolls taste exactly like the ones I had growing up, but they did. And it's awesome.

Review №5

The food is OK but not worth it $11 for the portion and quality. You could get a better chicken teriyaki around Bothel.The staff are not friendly and anti social. Very uncomfortable to approach them for any basic requests.Overall been here twice and will never come back.

Review №6

The pho is standard. Nothing specific about this dish stands out. Flat, dry pieces of meat in some broth. If someone was in a hurry and needs a dinner on budget Teriyaki&Pho might be a better alternative to takeout fast food.

Review №7

The best teriyaki I've ever been. Very generous plate always

Review №8

We ordered 2 phos. 1 chicken and 1 beef. Unfortunately Very bland. Its as if they just added water to an earlier pot.

Review №9

Always a great place to go in Bothell for quality food. Large portions and fast service. Went there for likely my 100th time today and the meal was amazing. If you need a great place for food during these times, they are a good choice.

Review №10

This place is good. Excellent moist teriyaki. Sauce is a little bit too sweet. When we first walked in it seemed we were the only diners, but mountains of 'to go' meals awaited and a steady stream of drivers and pick ups waded through. They turn out a lot of high quality and inexpensive food done right, most for take out. Don't let the best empty storefront fool you.

Review №11

Nice place, clean with good atmosphere. The food was 2/5, tasteless, some grill pieces were burned.

Review №12

Very tasty, food family portions. Live this place!

Review №13

Great food, nice portions, and super nice people. Take away or dine-in all at a great prices. I seriously order from Teriyaki & Pho one a week.Thank you for the great food and great service at very competitive prices.

Review №14

Food prep is consistent and they have a wide selection to help with picky tastes.

Review №15

I give Teriyaki & Pho in Bothell 0 stars. I've been to this restaurant many times for teriyaki & bubble tea with my daughters. Today will sadly be my last visit.I was accused of taking their hand soap. After being followed from the restroom by an employee who asked me to open my purse. I showed the person all the contents of my purse. I asked for a refund and I was advised I wouldn't get one. I was then asked to leave. I said after I get what I purchased at your restaurant. I was asked if I wanted the police called on me? I responded with a yes, because I would be cleared of a false accusation. Our community is going through hard times now, with restaurants open for take out only. I wanted to help my local restaurant with a purchase and a generous tip. I regrettably say no thank you to Teriyaki & Pho. My hope for their future customers is they're treated better in kindness!

Review №16

Favorite place for our take out teriyaki. Great food and generous portions

Review №17

It's my favorite place to eat teriyaki. Delicious food, large dishes and in addition to main menu you can enjoy 2 tapes of soup for free. Friendly staff. Cozy place.

Review №18

Large variety of Asian dishes. I've had several and they are all good.

Review №19

My favorite stop in Bothell fast food, consistent, friendly and very good food!

Review №20

This place gave me the worst food poisoning ive ever had. DO NOT EAT HERE

Review №21

The food is ok though a little expensive. The biggest problem is they are super strict about the menu. This is the only place I've ever been to that outright refuses to make a mixed flavor bubble tea and it's my favorite drink so I've been around.If bubble tea is your thing head down the road to what the pho they will make any combo you want and the food is good to boot tho not teriyaki. Go a little further down the road towards mill creek and hit up midori teriyaki for that

Review №22

Chicken and rice was cooked well. My dish had reasonable amount of salad unlike other places I have been to. Welcoming staff. My meal was about 9$ during the day time..Aka the special..also comes with a free bowl of chicken soup..Great deal.

Review №23

Friendly staff with good portions

Review №24

Great food

Review №25

I found this in my food :(

Review №26

Seriously consider sharing an entree with someone. So much....amazing food.

Review №27

Good Gyoza

Review №28

This is the place to go for their lunch specials, been multiple times and have yet to be disappointed! They are very generous with their portions and the establishment is very clean. Highly recommend!

Review №29

If I could give this place 0 stars I would the guy first treated me coldly took forever to take my order only attending phone orders. Then as I went home after waiting a long time to eat my chicken and shrimp yakisoba extra chicken extra shrimp I only had 5 pieces of shrimp in my yakisoba. Like really you call that extra shrimp I'm very dissatisfied since it was my first time going there. I dont plan on going here again.

Review №30

Best teriyaki in seattle. A little spendy but the portions are very big. I couldn't eat all of the chicken teriyaki last time. A regular spot for me.Follow up: started the new year with lunch here again. I had the lunch special which was fantastic. Plus the chicken fried rice. Wow. To much food and it was delic.....

Review №31

Yummy and great service

Review №32

Great food and people

Review №33

Ordered delivery through DD multiple times-Chkn Teriyaki and Gyoza - Great,Fried Rice - Great,even the Egg Rolls were better than most places, Crispy & Not Oil-Filled.Tried the Mongolian Beef last time we ordered - Not at all impressed.Poor presentation - No sesame seeds or other garnishTasteless.. If the dish had any flavor at all, I'd have to describe it as having been prepared using poorly seasoned, low-quality stew meat, steam-cooked and dressed with a mixture of it's drippings, liquid smoke, pan scrapings and reheated leftover sauce made last week.That being said, I may not have felt so compelled to leave this review at all had the prices been more reasonable.

Review №34

I love their lunch specials and the seaweed miso soup and tea that they offer to customers for free while they wait. Definitely a great way to chase away the chills. Their bubble teas are very delicious

Review №35

It's very clean good service large menus good bubble tea

Review №36

The food was pretty good and filling. I'm not sure about the Bothell area, but up north in Marysville the teriyaki places give you a but more value.

Review №37

Absolutely the best beef teriyaki I have ever had. Wow so amazing I cannot wait to order again. Very nice people on the phone too ️

Review №38

Beef teriyaki pretty good this place is clean,they are constantly cleaning the whole time you are there which gives you comfort that they are probably cleaning in the back too.

Review №39

Sure loved this little place. The chicken was char cooked and added to the yakisoba noodles. One complimentary serving of miso or chicken soup, and tea. You're gonna order at the counter and get a number and wait at your seat. That was the quickest I have ever gotten a meal at a place. Cooked to perfection! They were VERY busy too, so I expected a huge wait. Not so. Very good and will go here again and again. Big variety, very diverse. Compliments to the chef! The woman taking my order was so busy, cashiering taking phone orders and then my order.

Review №40

It's our standard teriyaki place. There are closer places, but this is our favorite.

Review №41

The food is amazing, huge portions and great value. Their shrimp pho is my favorite, but the teriyaki and gyoza are exceptional also.

Review №42

So good!!

Review №43

I would give ONE STAR if the old man worked there! Thank god for the nice asian lady that works at the register! Sweetest woman alive. I go for her

Review №44

We went here few days ago and oh boy, what a wonderful teriyaki place. I had teriyaki shrimp with rice, my wife had chicken yakisoba and kids had teriyaki chicken. Everyone enjoyed their meals. They also offer complimentary miso and chicken soup. It was delicious and comforting. Cant wait to go back!

Review №45

Great food, Great portions, for a reasonable price. Doesn't get much better than that. My new go to if im craving Teriyaki.

Review №46

I ordered a beef short rib and left an extra tip than I usually do. After the meal I stuck around a little longer to get some work done. Then the male owner approached and said "Can you leave?" with an authoritative gesture that pointed at the door. This happened when there were at least 3 empty tables at a 3:30pm "busy time". Yes I can leave, but I can also leave a 1 star review here and will never come back after being a loyal customer for 15 months.

Review №47

Great food, great price. Fixed fast!

Review №48

I ordered the chicken teriyaki. It's very good.

Review №49

Ordered a regular chicken pho and was shocked at the enormous portion size - make sure you come here hungry! This pho place is a little more spendy than my hometown pho restaurant, but I think it's fair enough considering one meal could potentially be split into two portions. Hostess was very courteous, as well.

Review №50

Very yummy!! Their teriyaki sauce is just a little sweet for me but i found so much more. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yakisoba, steamed veggies, dumplings... And so much more. The miso is VERY good and the portions generous.

Review №51

Best pho and bubble tea

Review №52

Always love this food company, if I go to any of the teriyaki & pho restaurants. I know it will always be good.

Review №53

Waaay better food than your average teriyaki joint, but for the same price!This is my favorite local "im tired and don't want to cook" eatery. They have huuge portions for the price. I'm a big guy/eat a lot and they're even big for me.

Review №54

First time here and the food was delicious! Had the teriyaki chicken and beef combo. Highly recommend and also had a boba. Large portions and filling. Polite and friendly staff.

Review №55

There bubble teas, there are no equals lemme tell ya and there food is good. Choosing this place for dinner is always a good idea... What they need is a come back card lol

Review №56

Excellent food and service - more than ample portions in a small pleasant restaurant.The Pho and Kung Pao chicken were some of the best we've ever eaten.

Review №57

Really great food and the people are really nice great atmosphere

Review №58

My favorite restaurant to order from through UberEats. Boba tea is great and there are many flavors to choose from!

Review №59

The food is very good!

Review №60

I have had food at this restaurant many times and it has been good. However I'am giving it one start because on two occasions I ordered steak pho and both times the meat has been questionable... I wouldn't even feed it to my dog! I feel like since it was a Uber eats order they just found what ever scraps of meat and through it in there. I would recommend caution when ordering a to go order.

Review №61

Well the soup was tasty..I will stick to Kenmore for Chinese food...I ordered the Mongolian beef not good...The rice was not evan Chinese sticky rice...I wont be back..

Review №62

Asome food fast friendly service

Review №63

I found small hard wood chips in my food today.. they're very sharp and I'm concerned! How did this happen? Did something break? Their sauce lacks some flavor and seems to have a lot of sugar to everything.. everything it too sweet! It lacks flavor... everything is watered down... loads of sugar is added.. all the side sauces are watered down.... how cheap is that! Im done coming here. Not good food!

Review №64

Great quality and price. Only complaint is too much food sometimes

Review №65

Friendly service. Delicious soup.

Review №66

They are open on Sundays. Enough said. Their sesame chicken is wonderful!

Review №67

Last 2 times inhale made a to go order they have forgot most of my food, and refuse to refund me

Review №68

Bought 5 chicken teriyaki dinners to go. Brought it home and 5 chicken teriyaki dinners went in the trash. My Son in law is a construction worker and eats anything. But he couldn't even eat this. Chicken was so dried out and the teriyaki sauce was the worst Ihave ever eaten. Horrible flavor. Ruined the rice.

Review №69

Good food, fast service and big portions. Free Miso & chicken soups. Open on sundays. !!!!!

Review №70

Foods amazing but spendy to buy for the entire family

Review №71

Place looks and smells good, but walked right out after an older man gave me the coldest of greetings. Very disappointed.

Review №72

Love this place ️

Review №73

The staff is kind and helpful, and their food is excellent. Among the highest quality take away Asian food I've ever had, and they give you a lot of food for the price you pay. Love this place!

Review №74

I ordered thru door dash. The ramen noodles soup was very bland very spicy and I can't eat spicy hot foods. This was not in the description. The pho broth was extremely bland also. They give very small amount of steak for a large pho soup. Quite pricey for ramen noodles and pho soup. My bubble tea was good except it tasted nothing like passion fruit. Couldn't figure out what flavor my tea was. Very disappointed. Won't be trying again.

Review №75

Fresh and flavorful with good-sized portions. Miso or chicken soup came with lunch. Tofu teriyaki is so good!

Review №76

This place was a favorite of ours, but too many times they put the person that understands English the least on the phone and at the register. We've had so many wrong orders, missed items and mess ups that I'm thinking of driving the extra distance to Bento in Bothell where I know it will always be excellent and CORRECT.

Review №77

This place stays busy, the food and the customer service is great! Their PHO soups hit the spot each and every time, especially during these cold and wet winter nights. My all time favorite is the shrimp PHO!!

Review №78

Chicken teriyaki is very nice (their sauce isn't too sticky). The soup is great, considering it is free with your meal. The food has greatly improved since they stopped serving it on the cast iron skillets, which tended to overcook the chicken. Efficient staff.

Review №79

Tasty food excellent servicr

Review №80

I don't like leaving 1 star reviews so I don't. But there wasn't really anything I liked about this one. The Pho tasted like mop water and the Chicken katsu tasted somewhat odd and slightly under cooked. The service was fine. A lot of people from my office get food here. But the 2 times I've tried it I don't see why.

Review №81

This place is a family favorite. We've never tried anything but the beef pho and the bubble tea, but it's just delicious. Tender slices of eye of round, delicious broth, and noodles. A plate of bean sprouts, sliced onion, jalapenos, cilantro, and mint to add at your discretion. Bottles of hoisin and sriracha sauce. What more could you want.The small dining room can be a little cramped, but we've never had trouble finding a table.

Review №82

People working are nice the place was clean. Need to hind some stored boxes but that is just one thing I see as just a distraction. Good was great.

Review №83

Don't waste your money here. Staff is rude and food is really bad

Review №84

Food is always good and fresh. Chicken katsu is always good quality

Review №85

They make a mean dishes of teriyaki

Review №86

Food's very good, and it's pretty quick. Plus if it's not quick, they've got complimentary soup to snack on while you wait! My only complaint is that the dishes come with cole slaw instead of a salad like most teriyaki places will give you...

Review №87

Excellent teriyaki and a very nice restaurant. Service is always good and the restaurant spotless. Lunch special is a lot of food for very little money.

Review №88

Just another average teriyaki and pho place. There is nothing exceptional, interesting, or special to make you want to go to this particular place. Food is pretty good but again, just another Asian fast food soup joint.

Review №89

One of our new favorite places. Yummy and huge portions. The staff is very nice and efficient!

Review №90

Simple, cheap, but delicious lunch specials. Clean place with friendly service.

Review №91

First time here and it was great. food was good. service was fantastic. i would come back.

Review №92

Always fresh food.

Review №93

Still love this place

Review №94


Review №95

Went there with my daughter. Beef Teriyaki was thinly shaved and tasty. I enjoyed the pork teriyaki made spicy. Portions are large, and we will definitely return.

Review №96

The chicken Katsu was gross. Meat is very rubbery like and the “salad “ is some nasty cabbage. Salad sauce is the worst I've ever had in my life. I think this way normal teriyaki places aren't open on Sunday's

Review №97

The food is really good, they give good portions and are open on Sundays. The old man that works there is rude though.

Review №98

Best Teriyaki I've ever had! Good sized portions, teriyaki sauce is actually cooked in with the meat instead of just put on top. No filler rice but just enough. Delicious and will be recommending to everyone!

Review №99

Great food great prices and service

Review №100

Food is delicious and the wait is minimal. Rarely a line at checkout. A little more pricey than similar places but I imagine the rent in that apiece is quite pricey.

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  • Phone:+1 425-408-0045
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  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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