PC Restaurant
1111 228th St SE, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
Review №1

The food was great. Super fast service and attention to detail. Was very flexible on specifying your order (how spicy, side sauces, number of chop sticks). I would come back for more.

Review №2

I have been a repeated customer of this restaurant for years. The staff are always friendly and the food is always tasty.Just recently, I placed a large order for first responders, the owner and Lisa did an amazing job, preparing the food on time, each lunch box has been packed neatly, with the yummy egg rolls setting beautifully on a separate tray. I was very pleased by their efficiency, art of work, and even more, the owner provided huge discount without me asking.Very impressive by them professional skills and the integrity, and how generously they giving back to the community!

Review №3

Food was horrible. Never get the combination plate or the sweet and sour chicken, had to throw it in trash.

Review №4

Awesome food. I love their hot and sour soup.

Review №5

Love this place. Good food, but today's 7 flavor beef was good, very rich, yet not my favorite, so I'll stick with Kung Pao Chicken.

Review №6

The name doesn't seem to do this place justice. We Love thier Family meals. The food is sooooo good. I love thier General Taos Chicken, Orange Chicken and the Chefs WonTon those are my favs. We brought dinner to my parents who live in Redmond and it was pipen hot still and my picky Mom approved.

Review №7

Service was quick and perfect. Food is good.

Review №8

Great food. Use take out only. No indoor seating. Order on line, pick your time for pickup and it will be ready. Very friendly staff.

Review №9

Far better than most chinese food in the areaYou wont like the foodyou'll Love the food !!Great hot and sour soupEverything is made fresh.Id make sure to order extra to take home for later.

Review №10

Pretty decent Chinese food. Definitely above average.

Review №11

I never give 5 star reviews, but they have earned it. They go out of their way to make sure things are done correctly, including dealing with food allergies that usually make Chinese food a huge risk

Review №12

PC Restaurant is great! The Mongolian Beef is weird so we avoid that but everything else is fantastic. My wife and I really like the egg rolls and the wonton soup.

Review №13

Although this is not the best Chinese food restaurant we do order from here when we have a craving for some. The Mu Shu Pork and Honey Walnut Prawns are both delicious.

Review №14

Good food, great service. Really nice people. They will accommodate special orders / food allergies. This is my favorite place to get take out. They have tables for dinning in as well. I've been getting food here for many years and my friends have agreed with my recommendation.

Review №15

Excellent healthy Chinese food (we asked for no MSG) and great quick service. Really pleased with the fixed lunch menu, great value for money. Broccoli white garlic sauce is the best broccoli dish I've ever tasted :)The fried rice was superb and really made the dish.I had the Mongolian chicken and chicken was cooked really well.

Review №16

I 100% recommend the Sezchuan Boiled Fish with Hot Chili Oil dish for spicy food lovers! The staff there are really nice

Review №17

This place is awesome. The owner is hilarious and the food can't be beat. Best beef chow fun I've had in years! Definitely worth a look! I've already been back twice! Check them out if you love solid, traditional Chinese dishes.

Review №18

The food was great..most important!!!

Review №19

This is my favorite place for Chinese food. I love coming here with friends. We all get a couple dishes then share with each other. The proportions leave you with lots of leftovers for the next day. My favorites are the double fried pork, salt and pepper fried fish, and walnut shrimp.

Review №20

Large portions good flavors decent service for our situation

Review №21

Please support your local restaurants. PC Restaurant has excellent food. Can't stop eating the Almond Fried Chicken. It's my go to.

Review №22

Yes! My first time and my meal was delicious, fresh and hot!

Review №23

I LOVE THIS CHINESE FOOD. They deliver. They are very friendly. The food is reasonably priced.

Review №24

This place rivals restaurants in Richmond BC like Neptune Seafood where lines during lunch and dinner is out the door (unless we are talking about banquet style Chinese food).I think they got the best Wonton Noodle in Beef Brisket as far as I can tell.Their fried rice is done really well, I prefer the You Zhou style.Very laid back atmosphere for quick eat. Not a place for fine dining, but the food is just excellent.

Review №25

They are super friendly and nice services. However the price and the taste have lots of rooms to improve.

Review №26

One of the best Chinese restaurants around.

Review №27

Always the best food. Hot, flavorful and the nicest staff. My favorite is the Almond chicken!! I travel alot and get so bummed from other almond chicken. PC had ruined every other Chinese restaurant because they are the best. ️️ Just love it.

Review №28

Great food and the owner is fun to chat with. We have been coming here for several years, always fresh, always good!

Review №29

I've been going here for a number of years, the menu had always been great and the portions are huge for the price

Review №30

Best, freshest Egg Foo Yung ever! Was able to order without onions and msg with no issues. Love that!

Review №31

This is a solid choice for good food at a good price. Quality ingredients, balanced flavours.

Review №32

I love this place, the food is incredible, and is almost never crowded!!! Best hole-in-the-wall ever.

Review №33

Been here a number off times. Always very good.

Review №34

Great service, friendly staff.

Review №35

Nice, clean, chinese food. Really quick service and a nice lunch menu to boot. You can tell that they really care about the food coming out of the kitchen. The chicken was fresh and well cooked, and the sides were solid.

Review №36

Delicious food and great service.

Review №37

Wonderful taste plus fast delivery service

Review №38

Each visit comes complete with the some of the best and freshest Chinese food I have ever had, It is my go to spot for Chinese food in the northwest.

Review №39

I love the crab rangoons here. They also have good traditional Chinese as well as americanized dishes.

Review №40

Amazing food, great family friendly staff.

Review №41

I used to go there and get dishes once in a while. Food used to be okay. But tonight I had couple of dishes to go and while munching through the food, I got a piece of metal from my mouth. It was a sharp metal wire (infact couple of them intertwined). Luckily I didn't chew on it hard. Calling them and trying to explain was of no use. Not going there any more.

Review №42

Fresh and Delicious. Large menu to select from. Always the best Asian food in our area. Busy place. Worth the wait. Everything is good. Enjoy!

Review №43

This is the best Chinese food ever I would highly recommend. They are also very quick and very nice staff.

Review №44

I've only had the lunch specials lately and they have been fresh, tasty and come in generous portions. Highly recommend as they have some very tasty items like the seven flavor beef which is quite delicious. I will be back to try more soon. Haven't had a bad meal yet.

Review №45

Great service, funny owner/manager. Food was tasty.

Review №46

The PC restaurant is over 5 years old and it's probably the best Chinese restaurant in the area. It's a small place, but it offers its own take-out. The menu ranges across Asia, with Thai as well as Chinese items. The best advice I can give you is to stick with the Chinese menu items, and look for items which stay within traditional Chinese items. This is a family owned place and the staff are actually pretty nice if you're ordering a sit-down meal.

Review №47

Does not get much better than your place. Ever since our old favorite place got new owners took a long time to find a replacement. Great staff and great food. Tried most everything at this point and have not been dissapointed with anything yet. Mongolian chicken favorite so far.

Review №48

Friendly staff, treats you like family every time you go there. hot and Sour soup....THE BEST!

Review №49

7 flavor beef or chicken lunch, the best

Review №50

I like the general two chicken the best, my mom likes to the sweet and sour chicken for their lunch specials. The chef is good and knows how to make some good food and a timely manner. Going back and getting the orange chicken.

Review №51

Really good food. I had the salt and pepper chicken. With crab rangoon appetizers.

Review №52

I tried their Schezwan Prawns in the lunch menu and it is one of the best items I would say. It tastes really good. Their Schezwan sauce is really unique.

Review №53

Really great food! Also super friendly staff!

Review №54

Kung poa tofu was amazing & made exactly as I ordered. Portion sizes are good & they have an accurate online menu.

Review №55

They have a few good dishes and some that are just ok. So I always get the same thing. I like their chow mein and szechuan dishes.

Review №56

Food is great. The staff is friendly. Have never had a bad meal. Everything is fresh cooked to order.

Review №57

Love it. Felt like a homey family run joint. The portions are great and the prices good. I got the almond chicken and i really enjoyed it. However the general tso 's chicken my wife got was cooked spice to order, and it was amazing:)

Review №58

Easy to miss the sign from 228th. Food is really good and priced moderately. Must try.

Review №59

Great place for takeout! Seems family owned which is great. Will definitely be back again and again.House fried rice + Honey Walnut Shrimp is great.

Review №60

We LOVE this place. Friendly staff and great food. We ordered the family dinner for 2 and there was plenty left over for lunch the next day. We have eaten there and have taken out. Delivery area is just out of range but Im sure that service will be great also

Review №61

I am continually impressed with PC. Their food is always fresh, tastes great, and the portions are very large.The last two times I've brought my toddler daughter with me. Both times they have noticed it would be difficult to juggle her and the food and have graciously offered and have walked my food with me to the car. They go above and beyond and do a great job of engaging the kids.

Review №62

Best place to get no msg asian food

Review №63

This restaurant has excellent food and friendly employees. I live just up the hill and only recently tried PC Restaurant for the first time. Since then, I've already been back twice for take out. The vegetables are perfectly cooked and every dish I've tried was well seasoned. I'll definitely be back again soon.

Review №64

Wonderful traditional Chinese food at its best. I have come back again and again and always received good service and delicious food. I've recommended this restaurant to several of my friends and family.

Review №65

Everything I've tried here has always been good. Service is also very fast and friendly!UPDATE:This place is still bomb. Owner is super friendly and food is always consistently bomb.

Review №66

Such a great lunch special!!! So tasty

Review №67

We love PC Restaurant! It's SO nice to have a small local restaurant that has such delicious food! The staff is kind and quick and they are fast!! I so appreciate that when I'm picking up food after work. :-)

Review №68

Ordered delivery from this place quite a few times (approximately 10 times) and while the food is good the service is terrible and something is usually missing from the order.When you call to ask them to bring what was missing they accuse you of lying and ask you to pay for it, again, before they send one. While I respect that people out there do pull that kind of stunt but when you are being honest and this mistake happens often it is frustrating.

Review №69

Excellent service, very polite. The food was amazing, didn't take too long to get. My new favorite Chinese restaurant!

Review №70

Such friendly staff and the food is always perfect. Great amount of food for the lunch special.

Review №71

Great food good value

Review №72

Great food and service. lunch menu is on point

Review №73

Best Chinese food I've ever had.Service was awesome. Our server was polite, friendly and very informative. We took her suggestion of teriyaki chicken, which she was really passionate about and we are glad we did! It was cooked perfectly and tasted amazing. Best teriyaki chicken I've had hands down. Amazing flavor.We also ordered sweet and sour chicken, the taste was amazing but my only complaint is that I had wished I asked for the sauce on the side due to my own personal preference. We both got the dinner combo which included soup, rice and a spring roll. You can tell the quality of food from the spring roll alone. The veggies are crispy and fresh. And the spring roll wrap was perfectly flaky and crisp!We found this while traveling and was recommended by locals. We wish we could have PC Chinese food in our hometown. I've never finished an order of Chinese food before but I could not stop eating this!Don't go to any of the chain restaurants in the area when this hidden gem is there.

Review №74

Food is always very good, I always enjoy the General Tso's chicken

Review №75

Tried this place on a whim, and it's our new favorite. Server seated us very quickly and was very nice. We ordered and food was prepared fresh and made in less than 5 minutes. Tasted wonderful, and exceeded every expectation. Will be coming back for more for a long time! Kung Pao chicken and Sesame chicken were very good, and the flavors were very complex, and the helpings were very large for the lunch specials. Will be eating it for dinner as well!

Review №76

I have tried this place a half dozen times over the years and have yet to be please with what I received. I always ordered take out as I am usually coming home from work and close to home. For the life of me I can't understand the 4 and 5 star ratings from other reviewers. I am not penalizing it for being a little strip mall, hole in the wall, place. I am not knocking it down for not being a fancy restaurant. My review is just about the food. They do have a large menu so maybe I haven't figured out what this place does well. I'd rather get Chinese food from Safeway grocery store than this place, and Safeway isn't good Chinese food. Ugh. There are better options even one within a block or two from here. I won't give business name on PC's Restaurant's review but Google can assist you further.

Review №77

Great American Style Chinese!

Review №78

This is the best Chinese food I have had the privilege to eat! I enjoyed the Almond Chicken. Everything was prepared perfectly and was clean. What do I mean by clean; Each ingredient could be individually tasted and the balance of seasoning did not overpower the flavor of the food and all the ingredients. Secondly, the food was cooked perfectly! The vegetables were crisp and flavorful, the chicken was some of the most tender I've tasted and the I was served both fried rice and traditional sticky rice. I was served a spring roll which was crisp on the outside and tender, but not over cooked on the inside. Additionally, we were served HOT green tea which stayed hot through the entire meal. Additional fresh tea was also provided towards the end of the meal.

Review №79

Good Chinese food. Lunch special

Review №80

This place is so good!! The service is excellent as well- I love the sesame chicken

Review №81

PC was great! Wonderful food & outgoing server. Will be back

Review №82

So good

Review №83

So glad we came in!!It was late, 8:15pm Friday night and really desiring to have Chinese Food. We walked in to another place across the street at 8:10pm, who told us " they close soon -9o'clock,take out only. Ugh..we walked out.We were warmly welcomed at PC Restaurant and the gracious host was comical and lighthearted. Had us laughing.and well-fed in no time!

Review №84

Very friendly and funny staff, excellent food. Clean space.

Review №85

I order from PC Chinese for meetings taking place at my place of employment. Everyone has always really enjoyed the food! When I've been there to pick up, the staff is very friendly and accommodating. I recommend this restaurant.

Review №86

Didn't smell good upon entering. Our take-out order was marginally good. The bbq pork was rubbery. Hubby and I ordered our preference of entree with the family meal. The requested heat level was mixed up. Hubby got bland, I got too hot. Not anywhere near the best we've ever had. Very disappointing.

Review №87

Horrible customer service went there on Christmas night people were eating thereWe made our order and they said "is this too go?"Like they were in a hurry to closeSo we made order sat someone sat behind me made an order to stay and they got served firstWe waited 17 minutesAnd I asked where our food was said it was cookingAnd waited three to four more minutes then I just asked for my money backWorst ever I think they have new owners plus food there is more greasy there now anywaysI dont reccomend if you do go good luck dont go late when there's a lot of people

Review №88

I ordered for 5 adults and asked for a cup of chili and they were trying to charge me $10.... Terrible customer service they are very greedy... they only gave me two little cups and when I asked for more they said I only get two free. I had a terrible experienced and was shocked that after ordering such a large order they tried charging $10 for cup of chili.

Review №89

The food was amazing, and the employees were very friendly. Would go back!!

Review №90

Always great food and prepared fresh and HOT, just like it should be.

Review №91

Amazing food and amazing service!

Review №92

Without a doubt the best Chinese delivery. Tremendous flavor, always prepared right, always accurate. So incredibly delicious, crazy fast delivery. Are there other Chinese delivery places? Not sure, I've forgotten all about them.

Review №93

Very good food and good portions at reasonable prices..Wayne is very friendly and gives very good customer service.

Review №94

Food was great, will be back with my families

Review №95

Yum yum the best

Review №96

Food is always super yummy!

Review №97

Friendly staff and delicious food

Review №98

Awesome food!

Review №99

I live their Phad Thai and I joke with the workers there

Review №100

We were extremely disappointed with the quality, quantity, and prices charged. I'll chalk it up to an expensive learning experience.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:1111 228th St SE, Bothell, WA 98021, United States
  • Site:http://www.pcrestaurantbothell.com/
  • Phone:+1 425-806-8488
  • Asian restaurant
  • Chinese restaurant
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  • Vegetarian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9:30PM
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  • Thursday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Friday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Saturday:12–9:30PM
  • Sunday:12–9:30PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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