Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
7515 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Review №1

Was welcomed as soon as we came inside and with a greeting they quickly got us seated.from the moment we got seated a waiter was eager and happy to wait on us to make a order,the waiter was exemplary and has been throughout the whole time we were eating.the bread entre was however a bit rubbery,and at the same time was kinda good.the salad course was tantalizing,and I strongly feel that the toppings for the salad course was a bit half rationed.the berry sangria is definitely the most delicious and best drink of the house, must try if you can because you will be missing out on a savory drink that can literally make your mouth water.the entre named zoodles was like gold melting in your mouth,the two waiters who were the ones waiting and serving us were taylor,and be sure to ask for them they are the best and try to be as well

Review №2

My husband & I came to enjoy a nice meal since the virus happened.. I understand the virus is hard on everyone, but our server was awful! Joe was really rude, he could definitely work on his attitude.. He never brought me my food that I ordered and I sat there waiting and waiting for my food while my husband was eating his... I finally flagged down the manager and he made it right.. but we won't be back because of how awful our server was.

Review №3

The Cheese Stuffed Shells were so good! They are not as plump as the one in the photo , but it was one of the best things I've eaten at Olive Garden.Loved our waiter. She was very friendly and attentive

Review №4

Great food, great service.

Review №5

Can't EVER go wrong with the endless salad, soup and breadsticks!!!! Minus one star because I have never had a good margarita there. I don't order them any more

Review №6

A close friend celebrated their anniversary there tonight. I called in to surprise them by paying for their meal to make their day extra special. I was put on hold and was told that the manager had to approve it. After 40 minutes on hold on my cell phone I call them from my office phone the girl said she can see her manager and will go right over. I waited another 5 minutes then gave up. I am extremely disappointed that I was unable to make their special day a little nicer. How unprofessional.

Review №7

They said an hour wait for 3 of us. Ended up only being about 25 minutes. Great food and service as always.

Review №8

Always great food, friendly staff and more than I can eat at once. Always good leftovers!

Review №9

It was really good to have the waitress we had and she really new her stuff and I loved the bowl of happiness that was Alfredo sauce for the bread sticks.

Review №10

Perfect dinner for the family! Our server was amazing and so was the shrimp scampi!

Review №11

Great place even with the restrictions. Place was clean and well maintained, employees were attentive and food was great.

Review №12

Waitress Lisa did her best for me! While there where huge wood roaches crawling on the walls and windows around the family right next to me. Soon as I noticed the infestation I got up and departed immediately. They compensated me for the order. The olive garden is no place for giant wood roaches.Yours truly pest control

Review №13

One of the nicest Olive Garden restaurants I've been to. Food was fantastic, service was well above expectations, thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Review №14

The waiter that looked like Ben Stiller was magnificent. Gave us lots if cheese and was very classy

Review №15

Went here for my wife's birthday and what impressed us the most was the friendliness and professionalism of our waiter.

Review №16

Janessa was the best Olive Garden worker that ever served us. She came outside take out order and explained everything and took her time and went over it several times to make sure it was right (it was a very big order) afterwards she told us it was going to be about 40 minutes which is crazy but we waited and she came out later and asked us if we would like something to drink while we waited in the car she was really sweet and down to earth. This hasn't always been our experience at Olive Garden but ask for her and she will be sure to take care of you and make you feel at home !

Review №17

Great Italian food and good service. I love the eggplant parmesan.

Review №18

We had unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks. Food and service great

Review №19

Please, do something about the "dirty bar mat" smell that hits you as soon as you walk in, it can not be missed and I have smelled that on our last 3 visits is not just the bar area, you call smell it in that whole first section.

Review №20

Love the soup and salad. Quick service

Review №21

Went to have Lunch Not Complaining about the food just the customer service The waitress was not that Friendly Did not even ask if i wanted the rest to go.They should hire people that know how to act in front of people

Review №22

Great food and service, though a bit slower than usual tonight

Review №23

I haven't been to this place since before Covid-19. My father absolutely loves there soups! I had the "Tour of Italy" with a salad. The salad was wonderful & huge. If I could have eaten everything they brought me I would have, it was wonderful. Our waitress, was more then perfect.They were dealing with the Covid-19 issue perfectly!Great place to eat!!!!

Review №24

Garlic bread and salad is definitely my favorite and the the chocolate candy at the end of dinner oh makes me happy everytime.

Review №25

The girl Janesa who took our order by phone and she was amazing!! was very polite and patient when explaining the promotions and made sure she got our very complex order correct then when we got there we waited almost an hour. I called to check on my order and a girl name Lacey said she would check but left me on hold for 15 minutes until I called again and the girl who took our order answered and remembered us, she apologized, checked on the order immediately and personally brought it out to us and apologized profusely for the wait. I'm not sure what was going on that night, it was obviously busy but it was good service on her part!!!

Review №26

The chicken scampi is amazing! Service was unbeatable.

Review №27

I would like for you to know what a wonderful employee you have in Christopher F. I had lunch at the Ft Smith, Ark location for Olive Garden. He was my waiter. I often eat out alone. Christopher made me feel right at home and was very attentive to my needs and very polite. He often checked to see how I was enjoying my meal. A lot of times when I dine alone, I seldom see my waitperson only when ordering and when I am presented with my bill. I don't understand why waiters and waitress ignore single people. I tip generously if I am shown some respect. When I am ignored during my dining out, I tip the minimum because I was ignored. Christopher went beyond his duties. He is a terrific person. I hope that the next time I eat at Olive Garden that I will have the privilege of having him wait on me. In some restaurants I guess some don't like waiting on older women/men who eat alone. Thank you Christopher you made my day yesterday (1-24-2020)

Review №28

Very very good food, waiter was rite on the mark, excellent job.

Review №29

Our office ladies usually choose Olive Garden for special occasions on our lunch break. We called ahead for a table Wednesday. We arrived on time and were told at first that they had just seated a large table and we would have to wait 20 minutes. Thank goodness it wasn't that long. Maybe part of the problem is a concentration on to go orders, but those in our party who had unlimited soup and salad were never offered refills, the breadsticks were cold and hard, drink refills didn't come until we were trying to get out the door. The lunch took us an hour and a half. The restaurant was not very busy.

Review №30

Most days, when it comes to dining out, I prefer to eat somewhere locally owned and operated. However, there are times when I breakdown (usually with the children), when I'll visit a chain. Today was one of those days.The positives: Olive Garden always puts out a consistent product. Nothing earth shattering in terms of taste but always good. I'll admit I secretly love the Zuppa Toscano soup. For the most part the service was good. He got off to a rocky start, namely by dumping the drink tray over and almost soaking my son in tea, but he recovered and did a nice job.The negatives: Anytime I come to this Olive Garden the waitstaff seem to congregate in the hallway from the bar to the dining room. It's not a uncommon to see 5 or 6 of them just leaning against the wall, hanging out, waiting to get a table I suppose. This is just my opinion of course, but to me, it looks very unprofessional and makes the hallway feel very crowded. It's certainly not something which would keep me from coming back but a slight change to policy could enhance the customer experience greatly.Bottom line: Good visit to Olive Garden and pretty much on par with the other visits I've had.I will say, the Location in Fort Smith is always busy so no matter what time of day you go, I would expect to wait for a table.

Review №31

Food food, good service. A+

Review №32

Great Friendly Service. They seem to bend backwards to be helpful and the food is awesome. The endless salad and soup is to die for. They also have a great selection of wine and spirits. For the kids and adults you can play games. I could eat, drink wine and play games for hours. The price is very reasonable.

Review №33

The staff and food were both excellent

Review №34

Love their food!!! Fast and friendly service.

Review №35

The best Olive Garden I've been to thus far in my lifetime. Britta my waitress for today and she was and is AWESOME. Any issue we had at our table she was on it to correct. She was helpful, patient, and attentive to our every need. Then there is the manager James who personally went to the back to remake an order which was not right. You are talking about above and beyond, he didn't have to do it but he did. BRAVO ZULU James These two made our day so much better considering the circumstances we came into the restaurant. If you want to be treated like a royal family then this is a MUST STOP restaurant. Hands down Best restaurant in Fort Smith. The food is great also. In others it's a win win for the customers. Thank you Britta and James.

Review №36

Ordered carry out, the chicken scampi and the chicken and shrimp carbonara. The order was ready before the the expected time, service was prompt and very friendly! It was absolutely the best meal that I have had in a long time! My second time ordering the carbonara and it never disappoints! There was so much food that we both got full without even eating half of our meals. Usually when I get a to go salad from a restaurant here in town they look thrown together and not so good but here the salads were beautiful and fresh, they really seem to pay attention to detail. It takes a lot for me to talk a place up like this given how many bad experiences I've had with restaurants in this town but this olive garden deserves it!

Review №37

Visited the Fort Smith location on May 21 during Covid-19 when takeout has been very common and always hot at other restaurants. All my food from this Olive Garden was separated into cafeteria like containers and was extremely cold. Having been told this before hand on the phone I would've went somewhere else, but when confronting the kid stationed at the front of the store all he had to offer, when asked about it, was “that's just the way it is” very displeased with the customer service from this restaurant.

Review №38

Great service, bit had a long wait to get in.

Review №39

Everyone was nice and the food was GREAT.

Review №40

There food is always great .We have enjoyed there curbside pickup..

Review №41

Could not have had a better evening

Review №42

Our server Lindsey is fantastic! Due to my excitement I forgot to take a picture of the entree but their gnocchi chicken soup was divine. Their new spicy marinara sauce is delicious. We will return again!

Review №43

This place is terrible. Server came with a check after we just received our meal, and rolled her eyes at my wife when she said she was going to order dessert first. It was hot, overpriced, and the dessert was frozen solid. They rejected our valid coupon. Worst olive garden ever. Don't come here.

Review №44

Its been a long time since I've been there but their CHICKEN ALFREDO is AWESOME ! May have to go soon . EMPLOYEES are nice

Review №45

Waitress service was good food so-so

Review №46

Awesome service.....good food.

Review №47

Very good the worker where very nice

Review №48

Ate outside. Great takeout meals. I had chicken parmesan and my wife had shrimp scampi.

Review №49

As always I am a bit underwhelmed with the food. I always want to go in thinking it is going to be the best and leave feeling like I overpaid for something just slightly above average. Would receive a three star, however our service was exceptional. The best waiter I have had in a long time. If your looking for an above casual place to dine and play it safe then this is a good place. If you want an exceptional experience with the same quality of food then I'd steer clear.

Review №50

All delicious, chicken and shrimp parmesan

Review №51

When I walk into a restaurant that is newly remodeled, servers are dressed to the t and when it is clearly not a busy night, I expect great food and good service.What I don't expect is to walk in and be given a look of "Oh look what the cat dragged in". I don't expect to wait to be seated by a hostess who appears from the bathroom, peel off the gloves she was clearly using while cleaning the restroom, then to finally be seated.I don't expect to wait about 15 minutes to be allowed to give a drink order, while the server is delivering food and drinks and, taking orders from everyone but us.I don't expect to have our drinks delivered one at a time. Especially because there were only 2 of us at the table. I don't expect my steak to bleed all over the plate when I ask for medium. I expect my food to have flavor. The banana pepper, bread and my glass of wine were the stars of that show.My meal was comped. It didn't make up for the bad taste left in my mouth from the experience, on a pretty slow evening.Is this the only restaurant in Fort Smith ARKANSAS where everyone is out to help themselves and their guests in their section only?I blame management. She is clearly not a hands on manager with her big white sweater.

Review №52

Would like to give them a 0 star BC they don't deserve a 1 star. Called at 8:25 and told me they won't take any more orders BC they are getting backed up. Maybe they should hire some of their employees back so they can catch up. Terrible terrible customer service over the phone

Review №53

Ordered curbside pickup. Been waiting an hour and a half. Lines are either busy or been taken off the hook. I've watched other customers walk to the door to ask about their orders only to return to their cars minutes later. I can only assume they are getting the run around as well. The one time I did get through, a girl by the name of Lacey said she would check while placing me on hold. I was on hold for 13 minutes before I disconnected. Did my order get given away by mistake? At least communicate if there is a problem. I hate leaving bad reviews but honestly. No excuse for this level of poor service. If I hadn't already prepaid (and the app charged a tip after I selected "no tip" since after all, I'm not dining in) I would have left over an hour ago. I've been here since 5:50pm. It's now 7:30pm. And a have what I am sure is now a melted cheesecake (a mother's day treat) and spoiled milk.

Review №54

Worst dining experience ive ever had. the food that was served to my wife and i was disgusting. we ordered the sampler platters they looked like they had been precooked and heated up. the chicken alfredo the alfredo sauce wasnt even liquid the cheese was hard on noodles. they acted offended when i said something. too many bad things to list. this was my first time eating at olive garden there will not be a second.

Review №55

Good food. I am a licensed plumber for Mose's plumbing. Out of Van Buren. We do some if not all there plumbing, drain cleaning, and jetting needs. And I can say they have one of the cleanest kitchens out of all the restaurants in the Fort Smith, AR. Area. Very friendly staff to.

Review №56

Olive Garden makes my tummy happy.

Review №57

Great restaurant really amazing food and neat atmosphere makes you feel like you are away from town. I love the endless breadsticks and their large salad bowls are amazing. Their pastas can be mixed and matched just the way you want it. Serving sizes are about average I could do with a little bit more. Price it's a little pricey for my taste but it's okay for every now and then. Overall a really good restaurant but my waitress was really bad. She Was cleaning off the table before we was even done eating. it was so bad she was asking us to pick up our plates so she could wipe underneath them. But overall the restaurant was really nice first time having that bad waitress so I would still recommend.

Review №58

Loved it, they have been very well planned with there carona cautions

Review №59

Olive Garden has always made me happy with their food. It is not like what you would have in Italy. But it is great salad, good soup, and inventive pasta combinations. It has firm cooked pasta and great sauces. I always feel that I have gotten my money's worth and left satisfied. They also have great service which is at least half the reason to visit.

Review №60

Wonderful food and good service.

Review №61

Always clean, generally quick service, usually requires around 30 minutes to an hours wait.

Review №62

Chris was my server today and it was great!!!

Review №63

Went to celebrate my daughter's graduation! Service was great food was good.

Review №64

Dee licious Always enjoy

Review №65

I had the cheese raviolis with meat sauce & it actually had meat in the sauce,, the salad had lots of olives & tomatoes,, so everything was really good at this Arkansas restaurant!!

Review №66

The food was good what I could eat of it as they forgot to give me my utensils to eat with and I tried to call them back to let them know that had happened and again just like when I ordered I was put on hold and forgotten

Review №67

Way over priced. Not even close to authenticate Italian. Service has also gone down hill. Spent $50 on lunch for 2 people, and didn't get everything we were supposed to get.Update: I contacted customer service, my wife and I will try them again this weekend. I will re-evaluate after that. Everyone has a bad day occasionally, I hope to go there on a good day.Final update: food was decent, but service still was poor. Don't think the wife and I will return. Just not our cup of tea. I think their image is permanently tarnished for me. Just not what it used to be.

Review №68

What can I say, it's Olive Garden. The food was as good as any other Olive Garden. It's the basic white people version of Italian food: good, but you know there's something better out there. Service was good, waitress came by often enough to check on us without being overbearing. I will go there again anytime I am forced to be in my hometown and I want to eat my feelings.

Review №69

Always go there on special events, cause it's a special place.

Review №70

Super staff, good specials. Good food love salad and bread sticks

Review №71

Gluten free selections are limited, but still available so you can go and eat with the group and not get sick...Server was delightful and attentive. Not too pricey, and we got right in on a Friday night at 8:30pm. Food did not take long at all (we were on our 2nd helping of salad when they brought it out). Pleasant experience.

Review №72

Great food and great service

Review №73

Great staff, great of my favorites!

Review №74

Service was great. Food was good. Price was edging to high side.

Review №75

Good food friendly people

Review №76

We go at least once a month and it's been amazing every time. Great food, great service and rarely have to wait for a seat.

Review №77

This was a wonderful dinner and excellent service. I recommend everyone to stop and eat here.

Review №78

I got 2 chicken parmigiana yesterday and it was terrible the chicken was so hard I had a hard time cutting it the pasta had no flavor and the breadsticks were old this was my first time getting curbside food and it will be my last time I had chicken parmigiana that came in a frozen meal that tasted better then this very disappointed

Review №79

The waitress was very sweet and polite. I like Italian food there. It 's always good.

Review №80

Service was good, food was adequate. Restroom are not cleaned regularly, floor was messy, water stains on tile, urinal has stains, behind the toilets have splatters, drains have not been cleaned, trash all over the restroom floor.Plastic plants need dusting.

Review №81

The only reason why I enjoyed going there was for the braised beef and tortellini. I loved that dish. Go in here recently and they got rid of it. Tried other dishes, but it's not as satisfying.

Review №82

Nice friendly staff. Food was great. Their wine recommendation went well with my meal. Our child enjoyed their never ending bread stick.

Review №83

This place is so much better than the last time we came! Really awesome food, and service!

Review №84

The soup and salad was delicious

Review №85

All time favorite. Food is always good and great service. Comfortable dining area.

Review №86

Love FSM Olive Garden! Great personable staff! Amanda (Lee/Richardson) is off da'chain! We will be back

Review №87

It was pretty good the service wa as good the kitchen took a little while but everyone was friendly.

Review №88

Jade W was one of the best waitresses we have ever had. Awesome service!

Review №89

Service started out pretty good, but then went way downhill. Food came out quickly and was very good.

Review №90

Remodel looks great. Food was average but the price was above average. Not a good value.

Review №91

Great dinner experience, everything was great. New interior was nice and cozy, I like the open floor plan. The food was great.

Review №92

Newly remodeled, Clean. Food is consistently pretty good but not amazing. Always extremely busy. Service was off the last time i was there. Typically a second or third choice for me but certainly not bad.

Review №93

Great food and excellent service!!

Review №94

The staff was great, but the bathroom was disgusting, and smelt extremely bad. Two of toilet seats had pee on them and the other one toilet seat had blood on it.

Review №95

Our service was great, thanks to Carrie taking charge of the situation! She was great to us and stood out above other servers.

Review №96

Seating is prompt during lunch, there is a large selection of food, the endless breadsticks are toasty and warm, our chicken marsala was scrumptious and the service was on the spot.

Review №97

I came to Olive Garden with a friend tonight and Dakota was our waiter. He was absolutely amazing. Super professional, friendly, and was willing to go the extra mile with a smile on his face. Best service ever!!

Review №98

Sorry to say had bad experience today. It was cold at our booth and our food was cold before we finished our appetiters were finished. The service was really good. Thanks Cindy Warren

Review №99

Ask for Beth she's an amazing waitress! Food was great!!

Review №100

Love olive garden the food is awesome and always such friendly service. Cant say enough about olive garden keep up the great work

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