Cavanaugh Pizza
3111 Cavanaugh Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72908, United States
Review №1

This is our weekly go to pizza joint. If you do a pickup might have to call a few times, but there is a reason they're always busy. It's that good...[Support your local business]

Review №2

It real good and had good time with my best friend and her husband!..

Review №3

This is the best pizza place ever! I hit it up every time I'm in Fort Smith. Go there. Eat complimentary nachos and then piping hot pizza bliss!

Review №4

Awesome pizzas , great atmosphere and love that you get cheese nachos while you wait for the order.P.S love the Taco pizza

Review №5

Cavanaugh Pizza Parlour has the best take-out pizza in Fort Smith! Their Pepperoni pizza with extra Pepperoni is our favorite. We order our pepperoni pizza “with thin and crispy crust, with lots and lots of extra pepperoni, light on the sauce.” It is absolutely the best! Using their online “two for the price of one” coupons, we like to order a second pizza half Pepperoni and half Hawaiian Delight with extra pineapple and extra cherries.Cavanaugh Pizza Parlour also has the best salad bar in town. The ingredients are always fresh and their lettuce is shredded so there's no hard pieces. The price of their salad-to-go beats their competitors because they charge one price for the salad rather than charging by the weight of the salad.If you like pizza buffets, Cavanaugh Pizza Parlour has excellent buffets for lunch and dinner. They have a great variety of pizzas and they'll make whatever you ask. And of course pizza is always complimented by pitchers of cold brew! 5 Stars +!!

Review №6

Good food good service I just don't want to know why they want you to wear a mask until you sit down and then you don't have to wear no more doesn't make any sense I would have gave 5 stars if they haven't asked me to put a mask on at the door to walk to my set

Review №7

The pizza is SO GOOD. Whenever my family goes here we always get the All-you-can-eat Buffet, which is a great choice, but you can also order custom pizzas off a menu if that's what you want.The pizzas are always warm and fresh, and good as you would expect a nice pizza place to serve, and dont even get me started on the Dessert Pizzas.LITERALLY to die for. (Don't actually die, you cant enjoy the dessert pizzas if you're dead!) The Cookie Pizza is soft and gooey and a solid pick.The Cinnamon Sugar one could use a *little* less cinnamon sugar but other than that it's good. And there's a new Bavarian Cream Pizza, Bavarian as in the donut filling stuff. It's a nice new addition to the lineup.I highly recommend this place if you're looking for some Pizza in the area!

Review №8

Fantastic pizza ,only drawback I though they were expensive ,and the building was drab,Vintage early 1970s decor..Time for refresh!!!Let's get back too the product.what they sell is Fantastic! Just high prices.

Review №9

I've been going to the cabin on pizza parlor literally since I was in diapers I absolutely love this pizza place, best on the planet

Review №10

LOVE this place eat there every chance I get

Review №11

We went for a lunch buffet. They served us everything we wanted. Friendly staff and good pizza. Also a great price

Review №12

2 for 1!!! They are friendly,fast and correct!! They have speciality pizzas also. Ex,. Gluten Free!! We've been going there for years!!

Review №13

I love their pizza!!! Its so quick and easy just to walk in tell them your name pay and go. They always have it ready right on time everytime!! I would recommend if you haven't eaten here to most definitely try the place.

Review №14

It was fantastic we will definitely eat there again

Review №15

Awesome staff and consistent pizza, love it for lunch

Review №16

Well I like the pizza that they make. And They make sure you get all that you can eat. And also the people And the workers are very Nice And very helpful.

Review №17

Always the best since I was a kid even

Review №18

Great pizza buffet and great service!

Review №19

The Hawaiian pizza is the BEST!!!! Love it!!!! Reasonable prices as well. I always print off coupon online. Which is awesome as well!!!

Review №20

Best pizza I've ever had. Their thin crust is perfection, their toppings are always super fresh and their cheese and sauce has the best flavor. Plus they have the best deal, it's always buy 2 pizzas for the price of one. We always get the giant size. I've had pizza from all over and I always go back to Cavanaugh.

Review №21

The best home made pizza in town. I have been going here since I was a kid. The staff is very friendly and the prices are very reasonable. They also have a great atmosphere, it is very comforting. I recommend the CBR (Chicken, Bacon, Ranch). Another Fort Smith classic.

Review №22

Wow, they had everything there. Every kind of pizza that could be made. Try it, you'll love it. Large family? Don't worry about just one kind of pizza, everyone can have the special one they love. No arguments. Yea. Can't beat that.

Review №23

The food is delicious and the employees are very polite and restaurant is clean. The cost of food was great.

Review №24

We have always enjoyed Cavanaugh Pizza. We have gone there for many, many years.

Review №25

The waitress bumped into me twice . She went in back of my chair instead of going around me that's how she kept doing that. She got rude with my mother for asking for a beer . There's a bud lite tap but apparently they don't sell alcohol. According to this server. She also didn't bus a dirty table for about 12 minute . I worked at golden corral as a server I know the busing time is with in 3 minutes by OSHA. I don't remember her name but she definitely made the experience what it was. The food was decent . But you should definitely better train your staff.

Review №26

Delicious pizza and great service

Review №27

Great food and great service

Review №28

Pizza is always good and they have a great buffet. Pizza prices are amazing, buy one get one specials all the time. If you were a child during the 80's this place will take you down memory lane.

Review №29

This is by far the best pizza in Fort Smith that I've had. Incredibly delicious and a fantastic deal. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Will absolutely go back and will definitely recommend Cavanaugh Pizza to anyone looking for great pizza. Their thin crust is thin, but not so thin that it's crunchy. Their pan pizza is nice and deep. I highly recommend their CBR (Chicken Bacon Ranch) pizza with pan crust.

Review №30

I went the other day and (the waitresses) a lady with short blonde hair and a lady with maroon hair wouldnt stop talking long enough to eachother to serve me and the other customers our food! I didnt even get served a drink when i sat down, the maroon haired lady said o i didnt even see her she blended in with everyone else, like really i sat down to eat just like everyone else worst service ive had in a while and the food wasnt that great!

Review №31

Best pizza in town

Review №32

Pizza is amazing. Love ordering from here. Only issue I see, is literally none of the employees here look like they wanted to be there. Picked up my order out and was greeted by a straight faced hello with no expression during the entire transaction. Everyone looked miserable. But, pizzas good,so...

Review №33

Best pizza I've ever had

Review №34

Husband stood at the counter and got ignored by a young man with earbuds in even after trying to get his attention. Carelessness, very rude.7/8/20 at 7:50pm

Review №35

Home town pizza nothing has changed since I was a child and they do it just as good!! Love this place

Review №36

I've been eating pizza at this place for over 30 years I think and it's always delicious I love this place

Review №37

Not as good as it once was. The Corona virus may be the reason for this. Hopefully that's the only reason why the buffet wasnt very fresh.

Review №38

Worth the drive from Tulsa, old school pizza just like when we were kids.. Will be going back soon.

Review №39

Family favorite for 3 generations

Review №40

Honestly the best pizza. More of a New York pizza. The buffet is great but Saturday night special is awesome. Wait staff is perfect. Friendly and efficient. Place is a little dark, and music a little loud but, when it gets full no problem.

Review №41

I love their pizza, best pizza in Fort Smith. They always have buy one get one free, that makes it more affordable and easier to feed a big family.

Review №42

It was meh. Went for my bday courtesy of a friend and his dad. We were a party of 6. Taco pizza was good. Hawaiian was not. Too many cherries which made it overly sweet. Took forever for waitress to acknowledge we were even there. She took our drink orders and I assume she forgot us. Finally got drinks and ordered food. Food was brought out very timely though. Several of us needed refills, so I just asked for a pitcher and refilled our drinks myself. As we were getting ready to go, a couple came in and was sat next to us. The waitress had no issues getting right to them and was on top of their needs chit chatting with them while we were again ignored. It was one of their birthdays also and she just gushed all over them. In truth, I was kind of put out. Like we were a burden on her and the business. Overall I was not impressed.

Review №43

Great place for pizza. Good prices, good food, good service.

Review №44

Pizza tasted fantastic! The nacho cheese was a little cold when brought out. Overall, the staff handled my nephew's birthday party fantastically!

Review №45

The food is always great but today's service was SO bad I will not ever be back.

Review №46

We ordered carryout. Decent pizza at a decent price. There are better local pizza shops in town in my opinion. I have not had their buffet, so that might be a different story.

Review №47

Good Pizza. Friendly atmosphere.

Review №48

Great food and great people

Review №49

Too pricey for the selection they have

Review №50

Definitely one of the best pizza makers in town. This was the first time my family had the opportunity to dine in and we really enjoyed the experience. The large meat lovers pan pizza was delicious and our little one had a blast in the arcade!

Review №51

It was great as always. Enjoy going there

Review №52

Nice clean place. Not too pricey. Good pizza and salad

Review №53

The best pizza. Been enjoying it for over 30 years.

Review №54

Best pizza around

Review №55

Always love to eat here when in town! Great pizza for a great price!

Review №56

I'm from Kansas also. Went there with my favorite aunt. She is the best n so sweet. The pizza is awesome! I would love to go back. Had a good time there.

Review №57

Never fails to please. All time favorite place to get pizza

Review №58

Best pizza in ft smith I have loved this place since I was a kid. My family comes in from Missouri and Vegas and this is where they want to eat.

Review №59

Pizza was delicious hot and fresh. Staff very friendly.

Review №60

Always good food and friendly service!!!

Review №61

Best pizza ever!

Review №62

The staff here is very friendly. They will treat you like the part of the family that they like. The pizza is always served hot and tastes wonderful. Love visiting.

Review №63

This is the best pizza around and they always have great prices and friendly service

Review №64

We love to eat herethey have the best pizza my Dad an Mom would bring us here when a kid !!!

Review №65

This is a great place for families, parties, and date night. Some of the best pizza in town!

Review №66

I don't know how many years this place has been here, 40 years or so. I don't know how many times we have eaten here, but it is always great pizza, and friendly staff,

Review №67

Cavanaugh pizza really surprised me I thought it was very good they have a pizza buffet with several different types of pizza and dessert pizza then on another bar they have enchiladas, pot pie, chicken nuggets, and fries just in case the kiddos aren't in the mood for pizza, they also have a wonderful salad bar lots of things to chose from will definitely be going back

Review №68

Their buffet is ALWAYS delicious and service is great !

Review №69

Best Pizza in the Fort. It's like Pizza Inn but better.

Review №70

I love there Buffett sausage pizza is yummy!!

Review №71

The best pizza ever and always 2 for 19.99 I really like this place a lot great pizza

Review №72

Been a long time fan of Cavanaugh. Great deals on pizza and their buffet is excellent. They have quite a loyal customer base and if you don't think so, try to park around there. I ordered a pizza to go over the phone and was informed that they are two for one and what else I would like in the same size. Can't beat that for service. Highly recommend.

Review №73

It's always good every time we eat in there. The waitresses are always so nice. me and my family think cavanaugh pizza is the best in ft.simth.

Review №74

Love this place! Buffett nights you can request your favorite pizza when your way!

Review №75

Great place to eat! Read some reviews and looked at pictures posted and decided to go eat at the buffet. Great selection and service. They asked us if we wanted any specific pizzas put out. Fiance loved the tomato vegetable soup. Very good price as well!

Review №76

Sketchy atmosphere. Pizza was mediocre

Review №77

Best place to eat pizza!! Me and my sister go once a week to this place! Hands down the best place. Great service and food.

Review №78

I love this place. Friendly service and great pizza very well made.

Review №79

Always love coming to Cavanaugh Pizza. They have a friendly staff and take personal orders for the food bar.

Review №80

Best hometown pizza ever. Always has buy 1 get one pizza free. Also some buffet times. Call to see which nights. Love their Hawaiian Pizza and Meat Lovers! Awesome thin crust, hand-tossed, or deep dish crust. You can't go wrong here, unless you eat before you come and have to watch everyone else enjoy the best pizza ever!

Review №81

Very good service,very good food,always hot,& never any complaints!! Been going for years & will continue for years,perfect for family gatherings!!

Review №82

I'm from Kansas. But when we come to town it's Cavanaugh Pizza every time. You can count on consistent.... Great Service, Quality, Family Friendly Pricing and oh yes TASTE! Thanks people!

Review №83

Wait staff are super friendly and helpful. Offer to make any pizza you request to add to the buffet. Prices are super cheap. We fed my family of 4 for less than 30 dollars, drinks included. Dessert pizza is amazing. They also have enchiladas, chili, pasta, soup, nuggets, fries, and a full salad bar.

Review №84

A great hometown pizza place! Been here for years and has always had the same great tasting pizza! Service is fast, pizza is delicious, prices are reasonable and the staff is always busting their behinds to give you great service. Definitely one of the better places to take the kids out for pizza!

Review №85

Buffet is good and very affordable.

Review №86

Good pizza place and also a good selection of choices. Salad bar is awesome. They even have desert pizzas. Nothing to special about this place. Occasionally you'll deal with some rude waitresses. Staff isnt very friendly but had no issues here really. I think they should fix the restroom situation though..

Review №87

Awesome service, and food as always. Prices are very fair. Have never had a complaint about going here in the almost 12 yrs I have lived in the area.

Review №88

Excellent service and food

Review №89

I love this place! But I've been coming here ever since I was little and they had the little TVs on every table. Use to be a quater for 15 mins of TV lol

Review №90

Fantasic price for what you get. The food is good and the service was nice. Try the bacon, chicken, ranch pizza.

Review №91

So wonderful!

Review №92

Good food, great service!

Review №93

Love the food. Been going here since I was a kid

Review №94

I've been coming to this place since I was a kid and by far some of the best pizza I've ever had

Review №95

Friendly servers and fresh hot delicious pizza. Always 2 pizzas for the price of one. The Alfredo spinach pizza has creamy sauce, fresh spinach and is a taste explosion. I like to go on a night with no buffet, so I can take home my leftovers.

Review №96

Love this place and the pizza is the best!

Review №97

Eat there all the time and they are always packed

Review №98

When a friend buys lunch, i don't say know. and this is where we went. i been here before. what struck me is even a 12 noon on sat, with a full house, the buffet was stocked up and the waitress was johnny on the spot with the drinks. drinks got half way and here she comes. didn't have to ask. nice and courteous. i noticed the lighting is on the darker side and couldn't see how much salt i was sprinkling on my pizza so i used my flashlight on my cell to help me. but anyway, thumbs up Cavanaugh Pizza.

Review №99

Loved it. Nice little small cozy place to eat with good food.

Review №100

Big buffet selection. Decent pizza but the price is good.

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  • Address:3111 Cavanaugh Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72908, United States
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  • Phone:+1 479-646-2996
  • Pizza restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
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  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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