Pizza Hut
8632 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
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The pizza was very good. Thin crust was crispy, plenty of toppings and not too much tomato sauce.

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Best pizza hut pizza I have ever had! They didn't have personal pizza so they got us a half and half pizza substitute! It was great!

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Don't order from here. They WILL screw up your order.

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It's pizza Hut best pizza

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I love the wing sauce. It's tangy and spicy...good to dip the crust in.

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Used app. It was great. Friendly staff.

Review №8

Pizza was not what I expected! If I wanted cold pizza I would have ordered on way home and put in refrigerator! Pizza hut please note to self you are not the only workers that get hungry and want warm meal....

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Excellent service. Great food. Clean store. My family enjoyed our experience there and plan to return again soon. Thank you for making this a great experience for us. I recommend this store location to all who have yet to eat here. Thank you very much to the nice workers here as well.

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This was the worst Pizza Hut I have ever ate at there where 4 people in a line waiting for 10 mins before we even seen a worker and my pizza was almost burnt and the only reason it wasn't burnt was bc I didn't show late. I usually love Pizza Hut and there cheaper than dominos but this place is just donkey sh$t

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I was very pleased with my experience. A worker named Harmoni was very helpful and very kind! I Loved the service and the pizza! Give this worker a raise for sure!!! Extraordinary worker.

Review №12

Very disappointed in the quality of food and service from this location. I love Pizza Hut and I order the same pizza at any location close to me. I was on an unexpected layover in Fort Smith, it was 10:30pm with not a lot of food options (most places were closed). When I found out Pizza Hut was still open, I was excited! I had it delivered to my hotel, I was extremely disappointed. I paid $20 for a 3 meat pizza with extra bacon only to get a half cooked pizza thrown together delivered to me without the extra bacon. There was barely any bacon on there. I understand you guys were closing but you still had 30 minutes and could've taken the time to do the pizza correctly! Terrible. I was sooo hungry and was disappointed in the money I wasted. I don't have money to throw away so take your time to make the pizzas right!!!!!!

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The food is usually alright but that's all this place as going for it.There is some major inconsistency with the way food is made here. You could order one day and get something hot and delicious. Then order a different day receive a cold flavorless waste of cash.Ordering online is finicky. Depending who's on staff your order could be 20 minutes late. I once scheduled an order for 5 p.m. only to wait 45 minutes even though they were not busy.They've done a lot by moving to a new building to change their image. What they need to do now is clean house. Many of the employees are seemingly lazy and many are rude or indifferent.If I continue to shop with them it will be solely for the deals I get from being an online customer.

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Fast service

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So yesterday evening I called in for delivery. I simply wanted a pizza and wings. Whoever answered the phone could not comprehend that I wanted an order of mild chicken wings. He seemed like he had no idea what they are.Food was good but employees really should know the menu better.

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Almost got the front end of my car smashed by the delivery driver about 20 mins ago then call the store to report what had happen and the “manager” and he couldn't care less by his tone and lack of response. Almost felt like I Wasted my time . All and all get a new delivery drive

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Good service and better pizza hut pizza than most

Review №18

Good pizza. Best on line ordering deals around.

Review №19

2nd time they've forgot part of our order! Then the driver and the manager wanted to argue about how to get to my house. Now I have to wait 4 days to get my money back for the food the driver forgot!

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Terrible service

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All out of pan crust. all that was left thin

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My family and I just entered this place, and almost immediately left.We were seated at a dirty table...wiped it off ourselves and our waiter took our drink order, after which we were told there would be a wait because there was no sweet tea brewed.It smelled terrible as well.There is a "children's area" with plastic blocks that kids can play with.....those blocks were BROWN from being uncleaned for so long!The whole place looked like it hadn't been properly cleaned in quite some time. Even though the place was totally empty. Meaning there should have been plenty of time to clean.We never ordered, and just got up and paid for our drinks and left.Avoid this place.Gross.

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I love pizza!! So delicious!

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Apparently there is no such thing as deliveries when your only 4 miles away? That's not even a 10 minute drive.

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I just love pizza hutt

Review №26

Got a large 1 topping for $6.99. Good deal for good pizza

Review №27

Good pizza price is too high

Review №28

I ordered 2 pizzas, both were over cooked, which made the crust tough, and not as tastie. We were so disappointed.

Review №29

Hahaha it's Pizza wonderful pizza

Review №30

Always great and I love the Gold Peak Sweet Tea they have on tap.

Review №31

Great pizza. Employee Justin Greb should be promoted to CEO of the company. He is a valuable asset. Anytime there is a problem, he goes out of his way to make sure each and every customer has once in a lifetime, wonderful experience.

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Dang good pasta there.

Review №33

We ordered online, came about half an hour later. Waited 18 minutes in the drive through, and 6 minutes at the window. Kinda irritating but the pizza was worth the wait!

Review №34

I know it's Friday night but it took over an hour for the pizza to get here and when it did it was completely cold like it had been sitting there the entire hour. Not the slightest bit warm and rubbery I've been on a pizza Hut down swing but this just makes it official.

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I've ordered from this Pizza Hut on and off ever since I moved to Fort Smith. The product is great nearly 100% of the time, but every now and then the service is a bit subpar. I've called in an order, and when I've gone to pick it up I've had to sit at the drive through window watching staff wander around behind the counter for 10 minutes before even addressing me. Sometimes the delivery takes up to an hour and half, but I assume that's because it's such a high-demand area. Aside from things of that nature, this establishment is pretty good.

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Can't take an order right!A mother ago I ordered some pasta and they sent me the wrong kind. So I called them and they gave me a $10 credit. (Nice of them)Then I order again tonight and the same thing happens again! I call them back up and they say they can't do anything but remake it and take another 45 to 60 minutes to delevery it again!They're superior holiness is a joke as well. Thanks for nothing and I will not be ordering from Pizza Hut again.

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I use to hate the pizza it was so greasy and there was no taste. Pizza has improved and the wings are the big seller

Review №38

Good pizza, priced a little high. Have had continuous issues with impolite staff however.

Review №39

Normally good. Went for Sunday buffet and they had very little pizza. Had to wait and find a frenzy when they finally brought some.

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Good food

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Love stuffed crust pepperoni pizza from here

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I was disappointed. For $20 I expect a really big or really good pizza. The stuffed crust was okay, but even for a small "large", it still didn't all get eaten by the kids. I will continue to drive farther down the road and get my pizza from Papa Johns.

Review №43

Love pizza hut

Review №44

Ordered over the phone and told 20 minutes. Get there and had to wait another 15 to be told they burned our pizza

Review №45

Love this location.... Will drive to get my pizzas.

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Very good pepperoni pizza

Review №47

There $5 deal is amazing would recommend to anyone

Review №48

Great customer service on Rogers Avenue!

Review №49

My nephew had a party here it was great

Review №50

They cancelled the pizone, I waited 5 months so I could have it again ( pregnant ) and when I called no one answered so I drove down there only to hear the pizone was gone, I told them I called but got no answer and they just ignored that information.

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Food always under cooked

Review №52

Good stuffed crust pizza

Review №53

Good pizza

Review №54

Grease grease grease

Review №55

Waited at the drive through window for 15 min and still no one answered. I had to go in personally to get my carry-out orders.

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Being generous

Review №57

Prices go up as quality drops. On a taco there is only a pinch of cheese. Nachos alone are not enough to consider it a value.

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So so pizza

Review №59

I wonder who run this pizza hot now...The waitress are a joke, no more words.

Review №60

I tried to call and it took them forever!!!!!!

Review №61

Sitting and eating and a roach runs across my table told waitress she see it and said oh sorry happens all the time Will never go back and yes we was charged for the pizza we didnt eat ! Don't know who's in charge of this place but it's gone to hell.....

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Does not support military! Will not deliver to Fort Chaffee!

Review №63

This place sucks i do not recommended at all!!

Review №64

Friendly my ass.

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Terrible service. They don't listen to what you ask for. I did dine in and they never listened on the drinks and when I asked for a refill, they acted like I was asking for the world. I don't reccomend this place for dine in. When I was here for the buffet, the buffet always was empty and they didn't like refilling it.

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They were nice

Review №67

Good place to dine..

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  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
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