Wazobia African Market
16203 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77082, United States
Review №1

The restaurant has been renovated and now has a cozy theme. It so pretty in the night time and a perfect date night spot. So check it out. The store is also being renovated. They are making it bigger so they can be more variety to choose from. Defenity a place you should stop by.

Review №2

I love the ready made grilled chicken which I add to my salads during the week. They make it fresh several times a day. The restaurant next door is delicious as well. The employees are friendly and they are organized.

Review №3

Good home cooked African food. The servers were helpful. Price is reasonable. Need to open a location in Pearland.

Review №4

They are quick and I like that most of the food is not too hot.

Review №5

We usually visit the store to buy goat meat and other condiments. They have a wide array of African items from dry goods to fresh produce especially the plantain. They carry plantain chips, malt drinks, pepper mix, semolina to name a few. They also have fresh produce and a variety of meat. Well organized with token system. The staff is friendly. I haven't visited the attached restaurant yet. They accept cash payment as well.

Review №6

One of my favorite African markets. Products are always well packaged and presented. Customer service is great. Staff is friendly and willing to help.

Review №7

I'm regular here great service and spend at least $200 here every other week because of the staff are great

Review №8

I like coming here to get the prepared food. The jollof rice and goat meat is very very very good. Plus, they try to open more checkout counters when they see a queue is forming. Kudos for that.

Review №9

Absolutely AMAZING market. Worth the 30 minute drive. Daalu!

Review №10

I love this restaurant and store. I always get superb service. But on this particular day, I was in to grab dinner for my husband. I knew what I wanted and told the lady behind the counter. As she was about to serve my order another guest entered the restaurant (I guess her friend) she completely went on engaging with said friend while I stood there for over 3 minutes, then forgot what my order was. During this time she also placed my order down and served said friend. I didn't mind the wait. But I think that was pretty rude. This isn't a normal occurrence however! Usually this restaurant has great fast efficient service! So I gave them 3 stars this time.

Review №11

I've been going to the restaurant and taking people there for a couple of years but in the last month, something changed. Service is no longer friendly and is sometimes downright rude. Taking me and my people elsewhere.

Review №12

I came in today because my hubby loves Wazobia Kitchen. We cook our native Nigerian and Jamaican food at home but at times we want a delectable treat. We were not disappointed! Clap for yourself, good job!!

Review №13

They are extremely professional and very good at what they do

Review №14

Great store. The management has really stepped things up and you see the difference in the cleanliness and overall flow of things. I would've given 5 stars but took off one because some of the girls at Wazobia kitchen are standoffish. They're super friendly to the older folk but virtually ignore you and act like you're bothering them if you're anyone else. Other than that, everything is good. It's my "go-to" African store. Definitely recommend.

Review №15

It had good food the bread balls r good n the fish n chicken freshly smoked

Review №16

Customer service is absolutely terrible..they really need to work on that honestly. Thats all other than that not a bad place..there are other places with quality food and service..

Review №17

Their moimoi is tasty but very small and pricey

Review №18

Prices are good, more attention to hygiene here with masks being worn and sanitizers at checkout especially during this time of crisis

Review №19

Really clean and organized the give other services like cleaning your seafood purchases too. I hope the maintain the services or make it better.

Review №20

When it comes to foodstuff and snacks, Wazobia ranks high. However, the food is never consistent especially the soups. The oha tasted bad, the Efo riro tasted like uncooked fresh pepper.

Review №21

Excellent variety for necessities of exotic cooking!

Review №22

Great selection as far as fresh meat. Everything from hen to goat heads. They have a good selection of seasonings as well. Produce is a little pricey but they have the essentials. Nice, clean place, good customer service.

Review №23

Bo wani! Real authentic Nigerian cuisine and ingredients that will make your soul happy and fat! Wonderful smell wafting from withinEmployees very knowledgeable and speak English and most Nigerian languages. So, Tell your friends for the ultimate Experience!! Strongly Recommended

Review №24

Best place to get whatever you want for African food, cooked food too.

Review №25

Great products and great food! Always happy to shop at Wazobia!

Review №26

Very nice place, very neat and well organized

Review №27

They have good customer service with amazing atmosphere. God bless WAZOBIA

Review №28

Bad customer service. Staff are becoming complacent.

Review №29

The best African Markets in Houston. Their food and service is consistent, the employees always greet with a smiling face. Kudos to the owner for raising the quality standard in the Diaspora food industry and really reaching out to the community.Get the food next door, it's all delicious and freshly made.I will keep coming back!

Review №30

Friendly staff and well organized store.

Review №31

Decent place. Good customer service.

Review №32

It was wonderful experience in shopping at Waconia African Market.

Review №33

My message is the EWA IGONYIN. Please do research on the correct flavor, taste and standard of the Ewa Igonyin they sell there. The one i bought is awful and off standard. it was horrible. Get expert advice that will make it sell like fire. Other stuff there is superb!

Review №34

The cleanest place, most friendly people. They made me feel welcomed. Overall a very positive experience. I will definitely be back.

Review №35

It has basically all that I need, just a bit expensive.

Review №36

For an African Store, it is pretty great and clean too. Great customer service!!!

Review №37

Im from Philadelphia ,Pa . Every time I come to visit Katy, tx I must come het me Some Fufu pana yam .Its absolutely my favorite

Review №38

Wazobia is different from any other african store. Their customer service is excellent.

Review №39

Neat environment and very affordable!

Review №40

Good place for african market

Review №41

I had to wait too long for my order

Review №42

You are trustworthy and reliable to me since 2018. Your staffs are friendly with me always. They taught me some Yoruba and Igbo languages.

Review №43

Not very friendly. Hot meat pies in front aren't good.

Review №44

It could be cleaner, costumer service would be better. Great food selection, and the prices isn't that bad.

Review №45

Very nice staff, clean, orderly and affordable.

Review №46

Great selection, wonderful staff, fresh options and well maintained grocer. Thank you

Review №47

Great place to purchase all your African Caribbean food and spices. The icing on the cake is that you are able to pick a fresh fish and have it fried there.

Review №48

Great place for quality Nigerian meals and snacks.

Review №49

I went inside to grab some food and was pleasantly surprised. The suya was really good

Review №50

Love the new look

Review №51

Best african market ever! someone greeted me soon as I entered Ive never have been greeted at any other african market. With that being said also smelled very nice and everything was clean. Will always come back even though the drive it far but it is worth it.

Review №52

Service unlike a typical 9ja spot. clean, friendly, good location and extremely helpful staff (Both shop & Restaurant ).. keep showing them how its done!!!

Review №53

The best African store in Houston

Review №54

It's a vibrant and well organised African market in Houston. The staff members are nice. The store is clean, smells clean (no strong smell of fish/meat in the air), the produce and products are arranged and packaged well. They sell baked, fried and cooked meals and snacks which you can enjoy on the go. Their meat pie, fish pie and puff-puff is good. I always come to this store to buy Nigerian food.

Review №55

You get 99.5% of African food stuffs

Review №56

Too expensive even on products got in america.

Review №57

Great customer service, especially mr wewe the manager clean surrending.

Review №58

Does this place take lone star EBT ? Or EBT food stamps ?

Review №59

Great experience! Friendly/warm staff and well priced African stuff to buy,,

Review №60

Wazobia market and kitchen is an African supply store, where Africans purchase items peculiar to their local needs.It is within a shopping centre and has quite some supplies I could identify to Nigeria and Ghana among others.It has cooked versions of some Nigerian delicacies and pastry. Quite tasty and reminiscent of Nigeria.It's easy to identify from normal traffic and when inside, easy to shop as it is not a big store.If within the environs and crave some West African cuisines, this is a good shop to visit.

Review №61

Wasted $50, First time & last time eating here;No flavor, dry chicken & left over rice bad experience.

Review №62

Very friendly and courteous staff. Keep it up

Review №63

Could have a better response to Covid 19

Review №64

Great place to shop its clean and the staff are friendly and fresh produce

Review №65

Here is my go-to place; anytime. Highly recommend.

Review №66

A big shout out to Tonye and her team in the kitchen for an awesome, considerate and kind act yesterday. I was so impressed I wanted to give them money, but that wouldn't sing about their wonderful deed. At the last minute to disappointment, she and her team pulled off a great work. This customer is really grateful. Wazobia is my choice henceforth. Kudos to you Tonye and thanks again.

Review №67

I just got the beans porridge amazing as usual and thank you Amaka for the amazing service in the restaurant I couldn't wait to get home ate it all in the car park it was delicious !

Review №68

Really nice and neat. Their restaurant food, hmmmmm delicious African foods

Review №69

Much roomier than the Westheimer location

Review №70

Nigerian shop with remarkable service quality. Shop attendants are always very friendly.

Review №71

Good place to shop

Review №72

Nice place, need ingredients for African food? Definitely the right place to go. They've got lots of kinds of meat and fish. The best thing there is their suya

Review №73

Always helpful and friendly...that's why I always go there

Review №74

You are welcome with greetings and they ask to know if their is anything they can help you with. The store is neat and smell free

Review №75

You will always find whatever you looking for ! Very spacious enough for cart and price friendly.. fresh whatever!!! You name it

Review №76

Staff is friendly. They offer a variety. It will be nice if they can bring down the prices of certain items. I know they are imported but still....Good place to shop for African needs

Review №77

Out standing

Review №78

Spacious and friendly attendants

Review №79

Clean African supermarket for ethnic foodstuffs my wife and I visit occasionally.

Review №80

Great food and quick service!!! The servers and associates were very kind and helpful.

Review №81

Good place to grocery shop for all your international and African food items.

Review №82

Revamped but could be better!

Review №83

Great service and awesome food! The portions were very generous and they actually had the items stated on their menu. The customer service was also impeccable, which I'm not always able to say for Nigerian restaurants. I'll definitely be going back to try out their breakfast menu and also to eat lunch or dinner again!

Review №84

Great customer service. Very refreshing

Review №85

The food was good but the service was not good at all When I go there they make me feel like like They are doing me a favor and I like to be treated nicely when I go some Where in spin my money

Review №86

Delicious food and polite cashiers. Keep up the good job.

Review №87

Good place to get most of your African food stuff, well staffed but I think the staff needs to get more training, one of the staff over billed me I told him to calculate my bill again he almost wanted to argue with me, I told him that there is no way my bill was the amount he said it was, long story short, he calculated it again and saw that the last person that used the system didn't clear off the last sales he just went ahead to add my bill to the last customer's bill. That was very frustrating!!and please put a price tag on your items I practically was going up to the checking point to ask for price of things before I pick them cos I like to shop on a budget. But I will still go back to patronize your store because I love my African Food!

Review №88

So I was fighting with 4 & 5 Stars... I had to give Wazobia a 5 all the way. Great customer service is what is going on in this place and I absolutely admire it! In fact, to be very honest I have never had this kind of experience elsewhere and I've lived in other places...My Mother In Law and I love to go to get snacks like meat pie and fish rolls etc. We had exceptional service!The food and the quality is on point! I will travel from the north side every time!

Review №89

I only go here because it's driving distance. Sometimes the Nigerians that work in the produce section are rude. They are stocked with everything you need and the cashiers are polite. The kitchen is not really somewhere I would go and sit down and eat or take food to go. All in all it's convenient as far as location goes (southwest). It's not messy and they have everything you would need most of the time.

Review №90

Wazobia has come a long way from the early days in 2013. They've made a lot of improvements and their customer service is super amazing. I love the huge variety they provide and their meat market staff is super helpful

Review №91

One of the best in the WESTHEIMER areas...clean supermarket and friendly staffs...

Review №92

Sells expired Nigerian noodles. Not nice at all

Review №93

I respect wazobia market! There was a mistake in my bill, I called and I was promised the difference next time I got back to the store!!

Review №94

I thought I was a good Business owner. I went there today and they had free good stuff... instead of trashing it ...they give it to anyone that needs it...hands up...

Review №95

The workers are nice, their bean and plantain one of the best in H town

Review №96

Scotch. Eggs. Loved it

Review №97

Wazobia Market is a great place to get african food stuffs. The area is always very neat and the staff are so courteous and polite. The Kitchen is also good as well. The only thing that needs to be improved though are the shopping trolleys,some of the trolleys are old and the wheels don't move well enough. That aside, Wazobia Market and Kitchen is great

Review №98

Nice store to shop as at

Review №99

Had everything I needed

Review №100

Great place to shop for African food. Great service too.

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