6715 S Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48911, United States
Review №1

Watched 5 cars ahead of us use the card machine sitting outside the drive through window without being wiped off then when we finally got to the window my wife asks if they wipe it down and the girl says yes we do. Straight lied to my wifes face. This is disgusting especially for the Health compromised people like my wife. Think you better get your business in order quick.

Review №2

Stopped in at this Starbucks location for a meeting and enjoyed my visit. The store is a bit on the smaller side, but still a very clean store and the staff was super friendly. I got a pour over and it was actually really tasty. The only downside is some of the plugs on one part of the store suddenly stopped working and so I had to shift to another seat. All in all a good experience.

Review №3

These employees make it worth going here. Been to a few Starbucks. This one is the best. Just because of the employees. Attitude is everything in the morning!!!!!

Review №4

Great staff! I can't remember the gals name but while I was waiting she asked me how my day was and some other small talk, it was nice to feel more than a number.

Review №5

Great customer service. I tried the Dragon Fruit Tea. Very refreshing!

Review №6

Divinity was very nice and kind. Service was outstanding . By far the best service I've had at any starbucks

Review №7

The drive thru is the only thing open currently, door is locked. There was a line out the back probably 8-10 cars in front of us and we got served within 10 minutes. They are very fast.

Review №8

Josh is great.We will not be back however, bearded manager called me a POS for pulling my sweatshirt over my face as a “mask”.He was rude to my wife and I.Very unprofessional. I wish Josh the best and the staff but we will no longer patronize this location.

Review №9

I ordered a medium latte, a couple food items, and the smallest frappuccino they have. I thought a little over $20 for 4 items was a lot considering I pay less than $10 at Dunkin Donuts for more items, but it was a one time deal cuz I had a gift card. Yeah, they charged and gave me a large frappuccino. I also handed the girl my gift card and a single dollar and then told her I'd put the rest on my debit. She applied the giftcard and then asked if that dollar was a tip or to be applied towards the bill. Well, now after feeling guilty, I guess it's a tip. Never been a Starbucks fan and really am not now.

Review №10

The staff is super polite and nice here! However, I come for the coffee and am disappointed every time. I've been to so many Starbucks locations and my very simple drink (Carmel iced coffee with cream) is always consistent... EXCEPT for when I order it here. They put WAY too much cream/milk in the drink. My iced coffee tastes more like a cream with a hint of coffee than anything else. I also think they put the incorrect number of pumps for syrup because it never tastes like caramel either. I've also had iced coffee that's supposed to have white mocha and it never tastes like white mocha at this location. Someone must be consistently training employees incorrectly because it's been this way 15+ times.

Review №11

The Covid hypocrisy is strong here. Some barista with her nose hanging out of her face mask, not wearing gloves had the audacity to tell me not to touch a drink I ordered.Not going to be giving them my business again

Review №12

Wait is always so long in the mornings but it's worth the wait

Review №13

Waited 20 minutes inside for my beverage and I observed a lot. Filthy place. Bathroom disgusting. Not completely rinsing blender before beginning another drink....not your usual SB. But the worst- bugs flying around and crawling in the food display case. I told an employee who appeared to be the manager as she was training a new employee. Her response, " I know, some things are out of our control." Wait. What???? Seriously not ever going there again.

Review №14

Ove Starbucks. Never had a bad experience there

Review №15

It was fast. Our barista used their Elmo voice to take our order and it was pretty funny

Review №16

I love Starbucks. It's my favorite coffee shop. I work in a hospital that has a Starbucks inside and I order from it daily. The drinks are amazing as well as the food. My favorite order is a venti pink drink with a chocolate croissant

Review №17

Can't give it a perfect score because customer service differs based on time of day, but coffee is good. Recommend all of the blended frappacinos the refreshers are a hit or miss.

Review №18

Veterans day starbucks didn't do as promised for the veteran

Review №19

Good service, great drinks!

Review №20

Fast service, friendly staff!

Review №21

Always great service and nice employees.

Review №22

The food and drinks here are good, but the service is not great. Today when I went there, I ordered a LARGE pink drink, and my grandma ordered a LARGE iced tea. We get up to the window, and the iced tea is a medium. Hm. There was this older lady making the drinks, and she was moving in slow motion. We waited by the window for a long time because she was making the pink drink. There were a bunch of cars behind us, too. When I got my drink, it was a medium. Hm. I clearly said a large for both of the drinks. It even said it on the screen. Also, my grandmas drink had a little bit of ice, but mine was completely full of ice. Everyone, always order light ice if you don't want your drink to be 90% ice.

Review №23

Gotta love the white mocha

Review №24

Absolutely love this place. They always have the nicest staff! Tonight made my experience so much more better. I did not know what time close so I pull into the drive through and ask, they say is 9:27. I instantly apologize and ask if they want me to just come back tomorrow, they tell me it's okay and to go ahead. So I order my drink and pay. These girls were so nice about it and I chatted with one of the baristas about my surgery tomorrow and told them I was getting my snacks before not eating after 12. Well this barista let me explain everything and was so sweet! I believe her name was Sierra, she had pink hair and the brightest smile and best personality! I absolutely love the staff ️Thank you so much for letting me vent for a minute even though you were closing!! I appreciate it and I thank you so much!!

Review №25

They did not clean out the blenders between drinks. My drink was full of what I can only assume was Oreo cookie crumble.

Review №26

The staff at this location very friendly and polite. The issue here is that of frequently being out of something. This is a managment issue of either waiting until out or precipitously low before ordering replenishment.

Review №27

Very clean. I had to wait a few minutes for my latte but they were very busy at that time.

Review №28

They are really fast and consistently good.

Review №29

Never had an order come to me incorrect. Staff are polite and quick even in a rush. Cute location. Only downside is trying to take a left into the drive and occasionally parking is a problem but nothing wrong with the service!

Review №30

It's a nice little spot to get coffee, have good convo and chill

Review №31

Always great, staff here is especially friendly!

Review №32

Fast and friendly service.

Review №33

My daughter loves starbucks ...we go there all the time and love the on in Lansing by lowes...they r fast an happy and friendly

Review №34

I called about the color changing cups and the guy was very rude and he replied with a sassy no and I thought that was rude

Review №35

I hope if same stuff in Lansing will be in dearpon Michigan Av st

Review №36

Accidentally ordered a drink at the wrong store via mobile order. Went to this store and they wouldnt honor it even with the receipt and made me pay.

Review №37

Fresh coffee

Review №38

The place was packed and busy but service was quick. The staff was friendly and great. You have to like strong coffee. They have many options like non fat milk and non dairy milks. The treats are deli. The price is little high

Review №39

They were so busy and the drive through was so long so we came inside. Josh was serving us and he was so pleasant! A huge smile on his face and he didn't act like they were in a rush at all, but he still delivered a speedy service. We will be coming back to this location!

Review №40

One employee wasn't too cool. Space to sit not for groups or room period. Selection of flavors is minimal. No product input from employee. Bad expirence.

Review №41

Best coffee...really overpriced

Review №42

Great staff, drinks are fantastic. I'm an absolute regular.

Review №43

My dad and I made it a tradition to get coffee here every Wednesday afternoon before Bible study, the service is fast and the mobile app is amazing. :) Keep up the amazing works everyone!

Review №44

Was disappointed with the Mocha frappe' didn't taste any coffee or chocolate. the cheese Danish wasvery good.

Review №45

This is a top notch Starbucks. Plenty of seating and parking. Comfortable seating. Music is good -- not too loud nor too soft. Staff are friendly without being saccharine or irritating. Kind of hard to find; it is easy to miss as it is hidden by the interstate if you are headed south on Cedar. Requires a sharp left turn as soon as you come out from under the bridge.

Review №46

Quick turnaround and great product and service! We will go back again!

Review №47

Busy but I drink

Review №48

A little slow for not having anyone in line but to be expected on xmas while juggling a drive thru, cafe, and mobile. And they were nice.

Review №49

Good. Except for the parking lot/driveway. More potholes than road.

Review №50

Good quick service

Review №51

Loved the service, the macchiato AND it's not very long of a wait even if its 6 cars ahead of you. Very happy!

Review №52

I had such a great experience at this location! Great customer service and barely had to wait. I wasn't sure what to order and they were so helpful in making suggestions. I loved what I got- delicious! I will be back! Thank you!

Review №53

Went in for a drink and came out with a gift, also. So, I was extremely happy to have an extra shopping experience over with without having to go stop at another store! All due to the help of the two persons handling the store at the time. Thanks Starbucks!

Review №54

Dude why don't you love this place?

Review №55

Lovely little Barista established just under 96 via duct on Cedar/ 127(old steak house) Very nice, very helpful, very friendly and perky. Great little sandwiches as well as great coffee. Good seating, WiFi, so much more. Impressed Drive thru too! Photo= what I brought to home to share with my H.S senior, who was late anyway! Some things are just better than school.

Review №56

place to work on the puter. Good coffee. Satisfactory service. Decent piped in music, much better than other local coffee shops. Baked goodies looked damn good, but I resisted.

Review №57

Great coffee even if I got stood up for a date!

Review №58

Here today at 11:30 in drive thru. Very slow, but worst of all is both our hot and iced Vanilla lattes had no vanilla! On freeway now and so peeved, ugh. Then she forgot to give me my credit card back.

Review №59

I go to this cafe almost every morning. Excellent staff. Josh is the manager and does a great job. Always hands on right in the mix. Most times there is a bit of a line, but if Corey's working he moves us through extremely fast. 8-9 cars in front of you expect 5 minutes through the line. Once there was a glitch and it took longer than usual, and Josh gave me a gift card for the inconvenience. Saturday is a different story. Seems to slow down quite a bit. Probably newbies working. Be patient. Exiting south out the front is dangerous. Side road is pothole ridden. Come on Lansing fill them pot holes.

Review №60

Nice place and yet able to work

Review №61

The hospitality is wonderful & my drinks are always great!!!

Review №62

Great ice tea and coffee. I always stop here when in town.

Review №63

Line was long cashier was not very hospitable

Review №64

Wonderful coffee and service. Thank you for tolerating our complicated orders!

Review №65

Excellent service as always! The baristas here are always very giving and generous with all the little extras. The manager (Dave i think it is) is also very accommodating. Love this place!

Review №66

The barristers are very knowledgeable and friendly

Review №67

Very quick service and quality interactions with workers.

Review №68

Everyone was nice besides the girl with the green hair. extremely rude. my mother asked her for more ice and she rolled her eyes, walked over, slammed* open the ice machine, dumped the ice in her cup, then slammed the ice scoop into the machine then slammed it closed and walked away. GREAT customer service skills!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №69

Quiet Starbucks with outdoor and Indoor seating, along with a drive-thru.

Review №70

Staff are friendly, knowledgable, and cheerfulThe coffee, paninis, and banana bread are flavorful. Prices are reasonable as well.

Review №71

Great place for good quality coffee.

Review №72

Fast and friendly

Review №73

I'm always disappointed when coming to this branch; not that the food or drinks aren't to a satisfactory level, but because of the customer experience. These associates seem to not have the adequate training of other Starbucks locations I've been to. I'm always having to request my specific add on's like the Siracha packets to my sandwich or to have the banana bread heated up, and if I forget to request these things- it makes the visit unpleasant. Most other locations that go above and beyond the customer experience suggest these type of things and properly ask, this location seems to be just in the business of cycling through their customers versus giving each person the best morning experience. (And the heafty guy who works the window and has served me 1000 times is never close to pleasant)

Review №74

1st of all i love Starbucks!! 2nd this location is fast and the staff are super nice.

Review №75

Very cool and nicely designed interior. I like the picture on the walls and the chairs. Very good cafe in Lansing.

Review №76

I was looked at 4 times by the employees, not once greeted. Nor was told that they would be right with me. They need to work on customer service. I'll use this Starbucks againg another time. Have a great sunny day.

Review №77

I don't know how to answer this, but I sat in car while my two visitor's from California went inside. There were a lot of people going in and out. They worked hard on the cell phone to find this place, as there is not many in Lansing.

Review №78

Great service and everyone is really nice!

Review №79

Lovely staff. Always quick and efficient with my orders. Love this Starbucks so much!

Review №80

Fast friendly service every time. Super nice and clean environment!

Review №81

Have been there multiple times. The staff is always friendly. The order has always been accurate. And the atmosphere is clean and quiet. Great place to meet up with friends. Glad they finally put one on the South side of town.

Review №82

Not upset they finally built a Starbucks near Holt. The staff at this Starbucks are nicer than most of the others nearby, but my orders have more mistakes than the others. I'll take the better service with a messed up order or two over the often rude service I get at the Saginaw and Canal one in West Lansing though...

Review №83

Called in as I was running behind for work and asked a simple favor if they could take my order so it can be ready and I'm in and out. The lady over the phone basically scoffed and said “well we have a mobile app for that so we don't take orders over the phone.” Horrible customer service and I would not recommend going to this one. Take pride in customer care. Go above and beyond to make people want to go to your establishment versus others. Needless to say I went to biggby 5 minutes out of my way because they took my order. So thanks starbucks for being right on the way and a big thanks to that lady for starting my morning off wrong!

Review №84

I really wish you could give negative stars for this place would be getting them. I stopped in today to use up a balance I'd forgotten I had. To start, there was about 3-4 employees. The one working the front area, where you walk in, would take an order, go make it and come back. The wait time was ridiculous. The second patron in front of me ordered and one item was out of the fresh case, looked like a cookie. The employee dropped the 1st one, it happens. She did manage to retrieve another one and on her way to deliver said item stopped and PICKED UP the dropped item, throwing it away. Comes back, takes my order and once my payment was verified, headed off to make my drink BYPASSING the sink. I was able to politely stop her and ask that she wash her hands. Was not rude, just seriously grossed out. After washing her hands, she very snidely asked me "Is there anything else?" to which my response was "Well you did just pick up an item off the floor. The attitude of said employee is what really irked me and I'll never patronize or recommend this particular location again.

Review №85

As a Barista, I developed a pretty decent taste for good, bad, and ugly coffee. If it had to be categorized, Starbucks' coffee is closest to "bad." Furthermore, it's outrageously overpriced.That said, the chain makes up for this with friendly service and a clean environment. Despite disliking their coffee, I don't mind giving my money to this business as their staff has always outperformed their competitors in terms of friendliness, professionalism, and expediency.

Review №86

Great location with friendly and helpful staff. Usual free WiFi and handy outlets make this a great place to work. Not a ton of seating options but still feels cozy. Drive thru is fast even when line looks long.

Review №87

I am very particular with the way i like my drinks made and they have met my expectations every time! It's nice to know that whether they are busy or not they will provide great customer service and good drinks

Review №88

Good coffee not cheap

Review №89

How about anything other than Pike's Peak. That's about the only drip coffee you make. I'm sure you'd like us all to buy a $5 espresso'ish drink but many of us just like a " good" cup of coffee.

Review №90

Good coffee as always. Clean area, along with friendly and quick service makes this a great place to get coffee any time of the day!

Review №91

Service is very friendly and my coffee was delicious

Review №92

Delicious drinks but kinda slow. Most the time worth the wait. Really enjoy the secret menu butterbeer and cotton candy flavors. Not a huge fan of coffee, but their blonde coffee line up is enjoyable!

Review №93

Iced caramel cloud macchiato was good, just needed more ice.

Review №94

Ordering online doesn't guarantee that you will get your order correct. Please have them read back to you what you purchased so you don't get have to the office with the wrong items!

Review №95

Love the willingness of the staff to go the extra mile!

Review №96

Love the green tea frappuccino.

Review №97

The store is extremely convenient comfortable and the workers are fantastically friendly and on point Services quick only problem was getting in and out of the bathroom without the door hitting the elbow of my disabled son who is in his 30s and woke from a coma so if the Springs could be loosened a bit and the trash cans could be moved away from that area and be fantastic otherwise I'd give it a perfect score

Review №98

I love this place. It has quickly become my go-to place for breakfast on my way to work. The employees are always nice and patient. I'm not a flavored coffee drinker but I am in love with their Refreshers!

Review №99

Cotton candy frappachino

Review №100

Everything was excellent but the pink Drink the pink Drink is not any good that's just our opinion

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:6715 S Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48911, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 517-897-2710
  • Coffee shop
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Coffee store
  • Espresso bar
  • Internet cafe
Working hours
  • Monday:5:30AM–9:30PM
  • Tuesday:5:30AM–9:30PM
  • Wednesday:5:30AM–9:30PM
  • Thursday:5:30AM–9:30PM
  • Friday:5:30AM–9:30PM
  • Saturday:5:30AM–9:30PM
  • Sunday:6AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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