Habachi Buffet
2203 S East Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78220, United States
Habachi Buffet
Review №1

Buffet food and the setting here is super good. One of the best spots of its kind in the area. The bill was appropriate for the quality.

Review №2

I actually like the imitation crab claw on a stick. It looks funny but it tastes exactly like the expensive crab claw dim sum at Golden Wok. Unfortunately, the imitation crab claws were cold and the restaurant had just opened for the day. The baked fish and cocktail shrimp were decent. The service was excellent. Some of the food tags were not matched with the food in the bins ... which is not a big deal unless you have food allergies. Our group of four enjoyed our food.

Review №3

The food is fresh and they have a very good variety of dishes. The sushi can be way better as it is to plain and simple, they can really improve the sushi, thats why I did not give them the 5 stars. They had frog legs and a very nice variety of dishes. The service very good, server was taking my plates and asking if I needed something constantly. It has good parking space and the restaurant looks clean. The restrooms need improvement.

Review №4

Buffet food and service at this spot is excellent. Everyone at our table was glad to be there. I'll return friends next time. Bring your hunger - portions are large. I see why this place has so many good reviews.

Review №5

Buffet food, yeah, excellent. there was fast and courteous service. the bill was reasonable i would say.

Review №6

Excellent scene for buffet food. do not leave if it's busy, it is worth it. service is consistently good. feels similar to a cafe in chicago i liked.

Review №7

The staff is amazing and make you feel really comfortable definitely coming back due to the wonderful dining experience! The crab legs were so fresh and the food was delicious!

Review №8

Worst dining experience, food wasn't refreshed. Dried, disgusting, chicken didn't chew. Not a single drop of siracha to be found. Proceed at your own risk, you've been warned. Spent $21 to leave after 10 mins.

Review №9

Great buffet, even with the covid restrictions they still manage to give a huge variety of very fresh choices.

Review №10

There charging same price but offer LESS food and the food is NOT FRESH MADE. It's all hard and dry even the sushi ...table was so sticky. Disappointed I loved this buffet but sorry probably won't come back .

Review №11

I love this place and go about once a week. They are open for dine in now with Covid measures in place. The staff still remembers me months later. The staff is so sweet!

Review №12

Nice place for quality Buffet food. very savory. service treated us so kindly. feels similar to a cafe in chicago i liked.

Review №13

A fav spot for delicious Buffet food. It's so tasty. Looking forward to going back again. Prices are fair I would say. Menu is similar to a restaurant in El Paso I loved.

Review №14

Clean, fresh food when we visited, good customer service. Food was delicious!

Review №15

Great service even during a pandemic highly recommend if you are looking for a place to just eat as much as you want. The food was really good aswell

Review №16

Really great food, fresh and place is clean with friendly staff. I saw all the bad reviews and decided that most of them were about the freshness of the food and not the taste. I came here at opening time midweek, not expecting much, but wanting to try. Glad I did! Its wonderful. Really great selection of food, calm atmosphere and I will definitely be coming back.

Review №17

It was amazing I love it it was my first time going.

Review №18

I understand by covid 19 ...some restaurants are closed and are doing take outs. This restaurant as of right now shows they are open and doing take outs! Which is all a lie...I just went to pick up my order I did online (they still have it open) thank god I didn't pay with credit card. Otherwise I would of been screwed.

Review №19

Good food ,fair prices clean place n fast service waitress

Review №20

They have a great service, and the food is really good.

Review №21

Was disappointed Because this is my favorite Chinese Buffet but they cut down on alot of food like Crab Legs, Mussels, Shrimp with bacon wrapped around it. Maybe because of what's going on but I wasn't happy at all

Review №22

Lunch prices end at 3:50 pm, walked in at 3:49 pm on Christmas eve, asked what time lunch ended, the "manager" told us it was dinner time. Showed her the time on my phone and it was 3:50 pm. She said it was still dinner time and would not give us the lunch price, literally 3:50 pm on my phone, the "manager" was very rude, proceeded to say she did not make the rules. There was nobody in the building at the time. We are frequent customers at this location, however dude to the rude and bad customer service provided by the "manager" we will never visit this restaurant again. The girl with a little girl attitude who calls herself a manager needs a reality check on how to treat customers. If lunch ends at 3:50 pm and a customer shows you the time is 3:50pm on the dot and you literally have no customers in the restaurant you would think she would have a little more customer service skills and honor the lunch price when it's right on the dot. We were not aware lunch ends at 3:50:01. To the owners of this establishment, your "manager" who was working at this time on Christmas eve did your business a huge disservice.

Review №23

Been there a few times. New to the area my family loves it. Kids are picky eaters and love the selection. Same with us adults. Standard Chinese selection plus some grill items. Lots of shrimp and seafood as well

Review №24

If there was a way to put 0 stars I would've put it. Food was old and cold. Some of the foods were overcooked till they were burnt. Very limited options compared to other buffets. I felt like the food was very dirty. In a nutshell probably one of the worst restaurants I've ever visited in my entire life. Would definitely recommend you to eat at a fast food place rather than this restaurant. The only decent thing I experienced at this restaurant was the friendly staff. But food wise it was terrible. The best thing that I tasted at that restaurant was the Pepsi that ordered literally. Double thumbs down.

Review №25

Freshly cooked food was on point! A+++

Review №26

Great clean environment and pleasantly quiet.

Review №27

Food is good, we tried lunch and dinner , i like dinner its more seafood selection... they got sushi bar and stir fry (pick your own ingredients)

Review №28

It was lunch time and the food was not fresh. Seen a worker dump new food on top of old food vs taking the oldet food and placing it on top.There was a lot to choose from though. It seemed to pick up as we begin to pay. My 14 year old eats everything... did not finish first place.The decor was old and tired. It felt like 1990s decor. The tables were worn, some off the hot food was cool.. The staff earned a check - meaning no more or less was done except the basicsFolks must love it - it's been in business for a long time - maybe this was just an off day... I won't be going back to find out..On this trip, I played Russian roulette with my tummy on this trip without any casualty.

Review №29

The very small amount of sushi was not very good. The rice was hard and dry. I would say 90% of the rest of the buffet items were pretty good and everything was hot and fresh even though they were not busy when we came in. About $15 per person with drink for a good variety lunch buffet. Interior could use freshening but all food areas, plates, tables and silverware were very clean. Will go back.

Review №30

I would not recommend this place. Many people really enjoy it, however San Antonio has many more much better options for a buffet. The food is typically not in prime condition. The pros are you will be seated quickly, the staff is nice and friendly, and the cost is reasonable. If you have the extra cash however look to one of the other options in town.

Review №31

Love this place. I always have the Ribs. Fabulous. 6 steam tables with more food. They even have Crab Legs . Fresh sushi. The staff is friendly give you a smile they are Korean waitresses. Cute. But you are there for the Food . They sit you first and order your drinks. Tea, Soda no alcohol and No Smoking. Good prices.

Review №32

Probably the best Asian buffet in San Antonio because the food is wide variety and changed out fresh. Sushi served too. Servers are very attentive and refill and take old plates before you can ask them! Quick seating hostesses get you and your coworkers at the table very fast even during lunch hour! Reasonable pricing. I been coming back since 2015!

Review №33

Food was very dry and overcooked. Food pans on hot table were not maintained- most were almost empty and crusting to the sides of the pans. Multiple dishes with meat and chicken products had an underlying taste of old fish. Vegetables looked old and wilted, not appetizing at all. Food on hot table was mislabeled. Wait staff set drinks on table and never returned to check on us or any of the other guests while we were there. Someone else was also having issues with their food a few tables away from us, and seemed much more upset than we were..

Review №34

I would've given it zero stars.Had two gift cards brought 4dinner adults buffets which added up to $60.10.The man who rung me up kept saying it was declining.I asked him to find someone else because he barely understood English. So a lady rung me up and she decided to do $30.10 &30.00 on the cards. My gift cards doesn't charge any fees after transactions. So their over there writing their own tips when we gave the waitress one in cash already before we left.It was my husband's birthday and I had a baby with me .I wouldn't suggest anyone going here and use their card.

Review №35

HORRIBLE!! DO NOT EAT HERE!!! My wonderful husband asked me what I wanted for dinner, & I told him I wanted Asian. We decided to try this place. HUGE MISTAKE!! I would say about 90% of the food had been there for a while and was dried out. We tried the crab legs cause they were on ice. They were just ok. The rest was just NASTY. I tried a few different things hoping for something edible, NOTHING!!! We paid $30 for nastiness!! This place will be reported to the health department.

Review №36

It was delicious today but I was missing my grandson. He had eaten a octopus with me and that was the last time I was there.

Review №37

This place was not clean. This place had food that had been sitting there for a while. When I told the owner she stated that all was fresh. I took her over where the food was sitting there and she could not state any thing. The did not have fresh rice or veggies. The soup also was just sitting there a while. Got tired of seeing all this walked out I refused to pay 15 dollars for reheated food.This place is not a place to go to.

Review №38

My niece and I use to go years ago. It was great then and still maintains top quality in cooking. Great on the wallet as well.

Review №39

Very clean restaurant, the staff are very friendly. The food is exceptional.

Review №40

I went there for the dinner buffet, food was fresh, hot, plenty of choices for most appetites. Service was good too!! I will go back again.

Review №41

Disgusting got food poisoning from eating here. Food was stale and cold like it's been there for hours. Worst place I've ever eaten at.

Review №42

The food wasn't too good today usually the ribs fall off the bone not today broccoli and cheese was made with onion I don't know what happened today usually habachi is very good

Review №43

Good variety and clean. Always some kind of seafood and sushi you don't ususally see at a buffet. Very happy with improvements

Review №44

Honestly, I think this place should be closer to a 4. Go when it's busy. Food is pretty good when it's fresh. Otherwise, it's pretty middle of the bar. Not awful, not great.

Review №45

It's a buffet so I don't have very high expectations in the first place. This last time we went the crab Rangoon and eggrolls and spring rolls were a little stale, but we were there in between lunch and dinner. It's usually pretty good for what it is, but peak mealtimes get you fresher food.

Review №46

My sister had a long piece if hair in her icecream and my aunt had a bug in her water and when she asked for another cup the man came and said oh I'm sorry and then he took the cup and came back in 3.5 seconds and came back with another bug in the drink. I would not recommend coming here.

Review №47

Good food,great service, clean.

Review №48

My family likes it. The place is spacious and clean. All of the staff were friendly. Food was good. Thanks for the service.

Review №49

I love that they have a Mongolian bar. The ribs are the best. It's not hard and dried out. Best Chinese food in SA

Review №50

Always a great time. Love the staff.

Review №51

Good place.

Review №52

Sorry to say. The staff are very nice. But this is the 2nd time I've eaten there and the food all tastes exactly the same. Its actually remarkable. The rice ,,, noodles, honey chicken. General chicken all tasted exactly the same. I thought I was sick last time so I came back and ate here again. Same thing.

Review №53

The service was good but we found a roach in the napkins displaser

Review №54

Small selection and food bland.

Review №55

I really like this place. The food is good and proper temperatures. The place is clean and the buffet is usually well stocked. The steak is good. My only issue is I feel there's not enough of sushi, but the taste is good. More items would be nice, but this place is great. Service can be a little lacking, but if Lin is your server you're lucky. She's awesome at her job.

Review №56

First time guest. I went after looking at photos. The crab legs are smaller in person and on ice, I would have been happier with hot crab legs. Lots of fried options, shrimp options were cold. They do not have a salad bar which I was disappointed about. Food quality was poor, you get what you pay for. Our waiter was kind and acknowledging. I will not be going back.

Review №57

I have been to several Buffet around San Antonio and this is the most (can't put in word) place. Their wasn't a great selection of good food. Everything had no flavor. It was bland taste. The place was presentable but the food was disgusting. The chips for the egg drop soup were stale. The sushi didn't have nothing in it. The picture show full and ready to dip in food. I'm sorry this was my first impression and this will be my last impression of this place. This is disgusting. I will never come back to this place I paid 32 dollars and it wasn't worth the money I paid. People come to get their money worth but I lost money today on how horrific the food was here. Spend your money elsewhere.

Review №58

We weren't planning on coming here and happened to be passing by on the way to a different place, when one of the kids said they would rather have Chinese food. So we pulled in, looked at the ratings and decided to give it a shot. We were really early for dinner on a Saturday, but the food was good. Snow crab was on the buffet, so it was definitely well priced with that in consideration. Several of the items I could tell had been made with care and quality in mind, not skimping where I've seen many others cut corners. The sushi only had a few real fish selections, consisting mostly of California rolls and the like. There were a number of seafood items in the regular buffet line in addition to the crab. And yes, Blue Bell ice cream for the finisher.My family liked this place, and we would come again. It's not the greatest buffet place ever, but it has good food at a good price.

Review №59

Zero stars to be honest. The buffet food was cold and old. Horrible tasting and undercooked food. I did complain in which they admitted to having one of their steam tables out of order but they still served food from that table. I was given a 10% discount but later to noticed that they added a $5 tip after I left. I called to complain about it and they assured me it would be corrected after saying I would contact law enforcement for theft on their employee's part for adding a tip. It was eventually corrected but there's no excuse for anyone to do that or to serve old and cold food from an out of order steam table. Good luck if you do decide to eat here.

Review №60

The restaurant is older but reasonably priced. Has 6 buffet tables sushi bar grill and desserts table. Its never full, always find a table or booth. Food is middle quality and always there. They are quick to help and prompt checkout either at table or on way out. Bathrooms are ok clean for commercial business.

Review №61

It's the first place I saw some one scratch their feet (foot) right at the buffet line ,well two feet from it , " but, at least (he/she) didn't touch the food" said the cashier, only handles the dishes...... still paid $15.00 , I know this things happen, but to see it .... priceless

Review №62

Most of the food is really good, some has sat out a little too long.

Review №63

It's okay.. fills you up.. lot of choices.. okay taste.. good price..

Review №64

It scratches the itch for Asian cuisine. They really do offer lots of options! Don't go there thinking it's just Asian food and don't think it's all new foods. They make EVERYTHING! Yes, there's the classics, like sesame chicken, beef and broccoli, crab ragoons. But they also make chicken wings, ribs, various salads, so much seafood, just lots of stuff. This is a buffet, so you get whatever and how much you want. Prices are great!

Review №65

Not worth it at all !!!! Butter taste like oil, there's little to any taste to it. When we turned it, we should have turned out. Now husband is sick to stomach.

Review №66

My son and I tried it for the first time last week, and we have a new favorite buffet. There are some unique dishes and some staples you'd expect to find. Everything tasted fresh, and it looked delicious. I'm not sure where the crowds were, but they weren't at this place, and that suits me just fine. Don't let the outside scare you. It's worth checking out, and you might find your new favorite place, too.

Review №67

Good Good for an off the highway stopI'll keep coming back. Watching all the travelers enjoy something other than the typical road stop food, was a bless. I know their pain. This was a treat.

Review №68

The food wasn't the beat but it was pretty good, its just like any other buffet

Review №69

The biggest issue we had was the food wasn't hot. Also several dishes had burnt meat. It even smelled burnt. The flavors were really good. The ribs we're off the chain yummy. The staff was friendly. We will try here again next time they San Antonio and hope the food temps are better.

Review №70

The Habachi Buffet has what seems to be a significantly lower standard in both the taste and quality of food than what I have experienced in previous visits over years.Sushi rice was incredibly dry and the rolls were not too satisfying. Some items were not labeled and what I thought would have been a jalapeno popper turned out to be a deep fried oyster with the harsh taste of something expired from a can.The experience for the price of $15 per adult seemed to have blown me away as there are many options with far better pricing and taste.I no longer reccomend Habachi Buffet as I used to in the past.

Review №71

I think one of the best Chinese restaurants I've been to. The food has very good flavor. 2 thumbs up...

Review №72

Nice clean place, great selection of dishes too choose from especially the crab legs, Yum Yum

Review №73

The best buffet I've been too, friendly employees and the food is always fresh !

Review №74

I don't know why all the bad reviews. All the food was HOT! I even broke a sweat standing by the food while I was filling up my plate. I didn't see any bugs. No one ganged up on me speaking a different language. The sushi looked good, but it is true it was not like a huge selection; it was very little. All the food was fresh, and my server was very nice plus attentive. I would eat here again. Thanks, Habachi Buffet!

Review №75

Good basic Asian food. Not expensive. Good kids options

Review №76

Very friendly staff. Good food, go early

Review №77

The food is fresh everytime I go

Review №78

Food wash rather cold...and tasted rather bland. Have been to much better buffet s

Review №79

It was super hot in there. Food is only good when you get there at opening time.

Review №80

Absolutely horrible. The food was cold and it looked like it had been sitting there for a while. Had to ask the lady up front for our drinks since they had clearly forgotten them. Left the place with a huge stomach ache which lead to throwing up all the food a bit later. Do not recommend this place one bit.

Review №81

The ribs were just super.... couldn't believe they were so delicious !!!

Review №82

All the food was cold. We left right away and when I went to take care of the ticket, I informed the manager, and she said she would be able to take off like $3 from a $45 bill. And that was $45 for only 3 people. I also had called ahead to see if they had steak grilled to order like at other Chinese buffets, and the girl told me yes. But when we got there, that was not true, they do Not grill steaks by order, they only had thin beef strips sitting out in the buffet line and that was cold too. Not going back.

Review №83

I give it a five host are kind and nice people to greet you with a smile 2Go portions are huge the cooks must be hard worker thanks God bless everyone there

Review №84

Good prices compared to the other place. Clean. Hot food. Service was excellent. Easy to get in and out. I'm full and happy. Well done

Review №85

I don't love everything thing on the buffet but that's the best part of a buffet. There are so many different items it seems impossible to not find something you love. The staff is amazing and the prices are excellent!!

Review №86

Very nice waitresses and hostess. Missed the ribs.

Review №87

Good variety of food choices for a Chinese Style Buffet, but the food wasn't the freshest. The ice cold soda was great.

Review №88

Used to be good. But not anymore. Food quality went down. I will no longer be going back. For two people and drinks, not worth the 30 dollars.

Review №89

Good food and good service i have no complaints

Review №90

Good was so ugly it was very old, the vegetables had already turned brown from sitting there so long some of the food taste sour. They charge dinner prices for old food from lunch. Watermelon was old pudding was warm it was just gross.

Review №91

Food is cold even when you get it off the food trays, no flavor in food, the hot and sour soup needs more flavoring.Save your money, go to Lung Fung restaurant, trust me... You won't be disappointed, it's only like a few miles from 410 n rigsby

Review №92

It was delicious ..i'd give more s if I could was hot ..i seen in other reviews that it wasn't ...i had no issues was great ill come back my next visit to San Antonio ..btw I loved the pet turtle at front door

Review №93

Food was good and service thank you guys and gals

Review №94

Food pretty good... wait staff did nice job as well.. Food taste ok. Great for buffet food. Kids like it and hubby too...

Review №95

Food was unorganized. The staffs children were screaming and running around. Oh and then there are roaches running around from the buffet tables to the register and kindly escorting me out the door makes you wonder what it was running from. Yet no staff even attempted to take care of the roach just acted like it was a normal everyday occurrence.

Review №96

Food was good. Staff was ok. The mood would have been down if it weren't for the sports on the big screen TV. It needs something...

Review №97

I eat here at least twice a week. Great customer service. Friendly staff. At a good price. The addition of crawfish on the buffet would greatly improve their ratings.

Review №98


Review №99

The food was really good. I liked how they had many different forms of seafood and to top it off there was a variety of ice cream

Review №100

Friendly waitress and staff food is hot and fresh... Enjoy there fresh fruit

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