Bamboo Biryani Indian Restaurant (Chettinad and Andhra Cuisine - Biryani cooked in Eco friendly Bamboo stalks)
10227 Ironside Dr, San Antonio, TX 78230, United States
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I look forward to a return visit. The bill was fair. Ambience reminds me of San Diego's scene.

Review №2

Valentine's day ambience was really good . Should do the candle light dinner events often ..Food was good as usual .

Review №3

Super tasty. the service was friendly and sociable. this place has a nice atmosphere. menu is like a cafe in boston i loved.

Review №4

I love snacking here. I will be bringing family next time. This place has an awesome feel to it.

Review №5

Best authentic Indian cuisine food in San Antonio. I tried Spl Bamboo paneer biryani, chole bhature, navratan korma, tandoori roti and soup. The best bamboo biryani I had ever in USA. Though the food is spicy, you can customize the spice level accordingly. The owner is so kind, he offered us spl desert. Must try there spl bamboo biryani, I would say you order any dish you won't be disappointed. Taste is really good and authentic Indian cuisine.

Review №6

Great spot for an appetite of any size. the service was very kind and attentive. prices are decent.

Review №7

Great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. service is typically above par. prices that won't break you. feels like a cafe in phoenix that i enjoyed visiting.

Review №8

This is my new favorite Indian restaurant.I really like the owner. He is very friendly and will talk with you about all of the options the menu has to offer.The food is truly fantastic--offering a good veg and non-veg options.I highly recommend trying Bamboo Biryani.

Review №9

The foods are really great and the owner is very friendly towards customers and the staff. The decoration is also fancy and very clean. To add it up more foods are freshly cooked once you've ordered. Very convince indeed and reliable staff.

Review №10

The food taste is very excellent.The best food item I liked here which I never had like this in any restaurant in USA is chicken 65.The Bamboo Goat Biryani is very good and it has a unique way of making in a Bamboo Container.I suggest everybody should visit this place and enjoy the food here.

Review №11

There was quick, helpful, and friendly service. Prices were appropriate.

Review №12

I have been reading the reviews and the response from the owner and I was appalled to see how rude the owner's responses are. You need to apologize to your customers, be humble and then promise to be better. This is not India.People who want good biryani, try Biryani Pot. The menu and service is good. This is my opinion.God sake do not give me a response but I will surely visit to try the Bamboo Biryani. Good luck my friend.

Review №13

Tried this place today. It was really good. We ordered bamboo paneer biryani and veg thali.Both were really good. There a lot of menu items which I would like to try in my coming visits.

Review №14

Visited for dinner today with family. Liked the taste and freshness of food. Good service too.

Review №15

This place was da bomb. Nice atmosphere Great food, very nice attentive waitstaff with nice pricing. The manager is wonderful. We will be back soon!

Review №16

Excellent food.... we tried bamboo was awesome

Review №17

Went to have a nice dinner with my husband, was sat by a child... while the father or whomever running the place ate chips as loud as he could. There was only 1 other couple in the whole place... we sat looking at the menu while no one helped us. No water, no acknowledgement. Then the gross man chewing the chips so loud was yelling at the couple from across the room... they are extremely confused. They just want the check. Which the gross man then yells at another young boy to get their check. The couple was very confused. I am in shock. I get up and immediately leave. I felt very awkward and will never return. Ps: this had nothing to do with the culture. I've been to several diverse places and am also ethic myself.

Review №18

I love the taste of the food. Initially when I order the food it takes more time than usual but when the owner explained about the cooking process and after i tasted the food i could understand the reason for delay . All the item they are preparing are authentic and from scratch . Love this food .

Review №19

Service was tooo bad. Literally waited 45 minutes for the food. Ordered for paneer bamboo biryani but it had chicken pieces in them. This happened with 3 biryanis. The other items tasted good, but the food really has to improve a lot. The staff should be increased. We saw people waiting for food on their table for a very long time.

Review №20

Good: Food options, tasteBad: Service time and cleanliness.In our case they had chicken in veg biryani. They should be more careful in serving vegetarian customers.

Review №21

Food arrived within mins of placing the order, ambience is great and owner is really friendly.Tried different things from the menu and all of them were really flavorful.Must try : tea

Review №22

I had an amazing first time experience with my boyfriend. The bamboo biryani was to die for. A must if you're in the area.

Review №23

Worst food i have ever had. They served Chicken Pisces in Egg Biryani. Staff is very rude and served spoiled food after 45 mins.If you are Vegetarian never go to this restaurant(They mix chicken(Meat) in every food it seems).Its happened with many People.

Review №24

After staying in town for a while, now I can say this place serves good food with reasonable quantity. I recommend this place!

Review №25

Great food and friendly staff, will definitely be coming here again.! I got the Chicken Tikka Marsala and it was DELICIOUS.!

Review №26

Food is excellent here and the owner takes great care in each and every thing. The only complain here is the wait time for Bamboo Biriyani,you will need to call the restaurant ahead of time(20 mins early) if you need it immediately which is understandable as the process is time consuming and they want to serve it fresh.

Review №27

Great taste, quantity n service. Will definitely go next time

Review №28

Good food and they have put a lot of work in upgrading it. Great place to take the family.

Review №29

This place is fantástico from beginning to end seamless, it was amazing staff very attentive to all of the customers needs even got ice with my drink. Melt in your mouth chicken tikka masala and fresh and tasty garlic Nann.

Review №30

Briyani was good and very mild which matches my spice level. Gongura chicken curry was awesome..

Review №31

Great food. Love Bamboo chicken biryani :) never tasted such a good one before. We loved all the items we ordered. if they can maintain same level of taste, it would be a great hit in san antonio.

Review №32

Bamboo biryaani was tasty and delicious . I would definitely recommend to try it out.

Review №33

Food was great and prices are reasonable. The owner was friendly with everyone. I reccomend this place.

Review №34

The Bamboo Biryani is worth the wait. Amazing food...the owner really cares abt the customers. Dont miss the cauliflower apetizers

Review №35

Awesome bamboo biryani, should try crispy dosa, chicken 999 has mouth watering taste overall tasty Indian food in San Antonio

Review №36

Extremly good food and service as well. Definitely recommend to anyone want to try indian food. Try bamboo special biryani it is so delicious( but if you dont want it spicy just mention it while ordering).

Review №37

My husband, and I had a wonderful time at Bamboo Biryani we had an excellent welcoming staff, their food is freshly made as you ordered it and the deliciously bursting in flavor that gave to my pallet a heavenly harmonious enjoyable pleasant as i ate.Bamboo Biryani rice

Review №38

Delicious food and nice service.I would say best biriyani place in San Antonio.

Review №39

I gotta say Bamboo Biryani is my favorite spot.i am a regular customer I am addicted to their biryani the best biryani in town compared to biryani pot.Not only biryani the best appetizer chicken 999 even now it's mouth wateringPrice are to the market price nothing expensive staff is so polite and treat goodIt has amazingly authentic Andhra and chettinadu food,try the idly what a soft unbelievableI recommend to try and enjoy

Review №40

The worst service I've seen till date. The food took forever to be served. The replies to the comments below by the owner show how rude he is. Have some respect towards customers and you don't even give them an option to respond back to comments.End of the day, no one cares how good the food's all about how a customer is treated.

Review №41

Food was good. Ordered chili fish, tandoori fish, chicken 65 and Bamboo biryani bonelesd chicken. Need more staff, and improvement in service. Food tastes fresh and good, but be ready to wait at least 35 minutes.

Review №42

Lovely people and amazing food. The butter chicken is my favorite.

Review №43

The worst briyani I ever had, and the service was bad. It's not worth for the money. I brought my friends to this place for the first time and they completely disappointed. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.

Review №44

Real Authentic and tasty foods with flavors that we can have only in our Native..I have tried Fried Rice, Parota, Kothu Parota, Biriyani, Fish Gravy, Chicken Gravy.. Whatever I ate here tasted soo nice and brought memories of Chennai and my native Thanjavur street foods...

Review №45

Food is good, especially bamboo biryani is good and all other varities tried also good.

Review №46

Love the food here, really great food and full of flavors.Bamboo biryani is really great, food arrived on time and it tasted really fresh.

Review №47

Very poor hygiene. when I was going to wash my hands someone was coming out of the kitchen that time I saw that they were smoking in the kitchen and pots were super dirty. I don't recommend this place at all.

Review №48

Delicious! Great flavors, and staff seem to always check on us to make sure we were still enjoying our meals. Must try!

Review №49

Had best paneer tikka masala for butter naan after so many years. Perfect spice blend .

Review №50

Awesome briyani with a twist..must try in SA.

Review №51

Awesome bamboo chicken boneless biryani . Chilly fish is too good. Must visit.

Review №52

Great South Indian food in San Antonio. Tasty and Spicy.

Review №53

The food is excellent and everything is fresh , The only reason I gave 4 star is because its too much of wait time , I think if they speed up the wait time definitely i would give 5 star.

Review №54

By far the best Biryani I've had in San Antonio.

Review №55

We ate chicken 65 Biryani and Boneless chicken Biryani and it's the best boneless chicken biryani you can get in san antonio. This restaurant lacks a bit of hospitality but the taste of food is excellent. Hopefully they will make their service better soon.Update: I visited again to pick up food. They have only one guy managing entire restaurant. He is very busy taking care of people in the restaurant and missing all phone calls of togo orders. I myself called 8 times before walking into restaurant after 30 minutes. They have a good chef but if it continues like this they are going to loose lot of potential customers. I'm reducing my previous rating to 3 star as there is lot of scope in improving their service.Reply for Owners response - I really appreciate the owner of this restaurant for taking responsibility and replying for all the reviews. On reading owners response I thought of responding to his review on few points.1. The only concern I expressed with the restaurant is about the hospitality which is as important as serving hot, fresh and tasty food.2. I strongly agree with the owner of this restaurant on their intention to serve fresh and tasty food no matter what. Also, I recognized their effort to serve fresh fresh food instead of serving re heated food and that's the reason i spent few minutes of my time to write a review and let others know that they can get best boneless chicken biryani and lot many in entire san antonio. I hope he can understand that instead of taking it as criticism.3. May be the owner had explained regarding their issue with phone/voice mails to some one else and i never got a chance to speak with him in person.I want to increase the rating to 4 star for the accountability of the owner and i have no hesitation to make it 5 star when their service is improved and I hope they will address that soon.

Review №56

Awesome food and friendly owner...service is slow but owner is working on it

Review №57

Really good people and awesome bamboo biryani. Bamboo biryani, both goat and chicken, is their specialty. I heard there was a change in management and they started having this dish in their menu. I can see their attention to service and cautious food preparation. It generally takes around 20min in preparing this bamboo biryani. It's a delightful sight to see bamboo biryani in front of me. It reminded me of those days back in India, near Araku valley, where I first had this biryani. Although it is not comparable to what you get in India, it did taste good. I would recommend people to clearly state their spicy level during your order so it goes well with your taste buds and stomach. All in all, I liked it and would recommend this place. Good job!

Review №58

Good food , south indian items very authentic and delicious . Curries are good. Service is slow but they are working to improve it. Item reviews :masala dosa: excellent very authentic in tastePaneer tikka masala: authentic and deliciousMalai kofta : curry tasted good but koftas not good and need to cook better.Palak paneer: very creamy still eatabl . Ok

Review №59

Food is sooo good, but they take forever to get the food out. They juz have two waiters on floor it took 1 n half hour to get our biryani

Review №60

We tried their kadai veg curry, roti, naan and bamboo paneer biryani. The curry was perfectly flavored and very thick gravy which makes it taste really good. Naan was also hot and fluffy. But the highlight of the dinner was bamboo paneer biryani, the rice was perfectly cooked and the grain was long and not sticky at all. the biryani was full of flavors and not too spicy for our taste. Panner tasted so good with the biryani and was perfectly cooked with just enough spices and flavors. Must try place!

Review №61

Totally great What a change from the previous owners Attention unsurpass very friendly great selection simply just the best

Review №62

Haven't tried the sensational Bamboo Biryani yet. But the Maha Virundhu (non veg thaali) was amazing! Best masala flavors of shrimp, fish and chicken perfect for our taste buds. Rice quality is good, the service is very gracious and good. Very clean and nice ambience and enjoyable for families and groups.

Review №63

Bamboo biryani not properly cooked in Bamboo pot. Service is slow and tables are dirty. Just dont fall for hype still recommend biryani pot.

Review №64

The food is amazing. Its flavorful and has a fair bit of heat without being overally spicy. I went to the Maha virundhu,My dad had bamboo biryani,my sister had chicken 65 biryani over all top notch food no words to say its awsomeThe server was also very courteous and polite.

Review №65

Nice biryani and chicken 999

Review №66

Good portions of delicious Indian cuisine.

Review №67

Please do not come here if your hungry. Take more than one and half hour to service. Still waiting.

Review №68

I have been to this place twice...first time had a good experience...second time had a unpleasant experience.Ordered only one item spl chicken biryani...we had to wait for 40 minutes ..rice was salty..the quantity of chicken served is not justified for the price paid.

Review №69

Best bamboo biryani I ever had.

Review №70

Awesome Bamboo Biriyani. Heart filled

Review №71

Excellent food and service!! Must visit for Bamboo Biryani

Review №72

Worst food ever. No ambience. Driking water is unhygienic.

Review №73

Amazing food

Review №74

Excellent food

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