India Palace
8474 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229, United States
Review №1

This place is the best Indian food in town! Its authentic and just so satisfying. The set up for covid still made me feel safe and be able to enjoy going out while still social distancing. Still dreaming of the food. Its just THAT good.

Review №2

The food is delicious and the staff is very attentive and friendly! I definitely think everyone should try Indian Palace if you are looking for a tasty meal.

Review №3

Staff was very helpful with seating and assisting with small bowls. (Handicapped). Appreciated this buffet allows dining-in.Staff served food, wearing gloves and masks; helpful with selecting veggie options (vegetarian spouse).Had unsweetened tea. Server poured glass then left filled carafe on table for our convenience.Aside from a few rude diners who could not keep off their phones (even in line when being served), this was a very positive and welcome trek for lunch...GREAT JOB!!!

Review №4

Buffet is as good as always! They've adapted to Covid-19 safety guidelines by having employees serve you at the buffet station, separating tables and maintaining social distancing.

Review №5

This place is wonderful. It os not fancy and over priced at all. Very clean, the staff is very friendly and accommodating. BEST OF ALL, the food is amazing and delicious. It came out very hot, which is a great food safety practice. AGAIN, FOOD IS AMAZING AND DELICIOUS.

Review №6

Love love love this place! When you walk in, the smell of Curry makes your mouth water.Its a well stocked buffet and the put in place a COVID-19 serving plan. Awesome food awesome service

Review №7

I been coming to this place for years. Super clean. They follow safety distance. Food fresh an super delicious. The buffet I love it. They have delicious salad with the tamarind dressing out of this world. Highly recommended.

Review №8

The food is so good! The location is always clean and comfortable. Staff has a medium customer service attitude (most Indian food places, in my experience, have very dry customer service), but if it is a pickup, you don't have to really experience that.I do think the menus could use pictures-to show what each dish is (some restaurants do), so it's easier to order, since it is a more rare cuisine on this part of Texas and would be beginner friendly

Review №9

Great food and atmosphere. I go with my close friend once a week at least for the buffet. Marsala tea is good. The staff is always friendly and nice. Will keep going.

Review №10

This was my very first time trying this culture of food and this place was amazing !!!! The food was very good. Everything I tried, from the goat to the spawns was very tasty and seasoned perfect. The restaurant was nice and clean. Waitstaff was awesome . I have been telling everyone who will listen you have to try this place, it was "GREAT". I give it 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. I will be back!!!!

Review №11

The absolute best Indian buffet. Yes, it's a smaller selection, but the food they choose to do is always spot on and delicious. You have to consciously tell yourself to slow down otherwise you'll be stuffed before the 2nd plate. Always recommend to new people in town!

Review №12

I came yesterday and had the lamb rice biryani. It was excellent. The other food items are freshly made you can tell by the taste. They hold a high regard for customer safety and good service. I will be coming back soon!

Review №13

This is absolutely my favorite restaurant. The food is seasoned so well and the staff is so friendly. Americk, the head cook has always been warm and friendly each time I've gone to the restaurant. For years I've been trying to find a way to steal his recipes.

Review №14

Food was so tasty. Looking forward to coming back with my friends. The place has a cool feel to it. Ambience reminds me of San Diego's scene.

Review №15

India palace is one of my favorite indian restaurant. All of their food is delicious. The food was absolutely wonderful and service was great. Will be back definitely!

Review №16

It's right down the street from my house and I come here once a week! It's so good and flavorful I recommend this place all the time if you want a different culture and tasty food! They also have a buffet.

Review №17

Delicious food and good selection of items on the buffet. It was so nice to see an evening Indian buffet. We will definitely visit again on trips to San Antonio!

Review №18

I should have took a photo of the food but it was too good to interrupt. The staff was very friendly and kind. Bring your appetite because portions are large. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I liked.

Review №19

SO SO SO SO SO AMAZING! Wow what a great treat and great staff! Thank you, I WILL drive 4.5 hours back down there just for the food!

Review №20

Came here on a Friday I think. I'll return with my coworkers. Prices were appropriate. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I liked.

Review №21

Very tasty food .we came from Ohio .they serve very taste and fresh food .owner of this place very kind and honest man .he serve food me .they treat like family .I recommend only this place in San Antonio tx

Review №22

India Palace is my favorite indian food restaurant. I'm so relieved that this virus didn't totally destroy their business. All of their food is delicious, their buffet is well worth the money, and I'm always blown away by the quality of their meals.

Review №23

This is an amazing place, excellent service and a delicious buffet. Very neat and clean

Review №24

Covid is reducing the number of dishes this place has, which is a great shame, because the food and atmosphere are good.

Review №25

I love this place, great food & service. Looking forward to going back again. Food is like a restaurant in Louisville I liked.

Review №26

This place is amazing! The atmosphere is ambient and the food even better. The staff was attentive despite the fact that the place was full for lunch. The chicken tikka Masala is an absolute must try and the naan bread is soft and delicious. The naan and the mango lassi are worth the drive to this place.

Review №27

(03-30-19) my wife and I eat lunch here and the food was delicious. The service was good. They kept our cups filled. It was my first time there and I was impressed. They had a small buffet and dessert. They were serving goat soup and eggplant dish. I'm making it sound bad ,but it was good. I also liked the deserts. Mango custard and rice pudding. Yum! Well go back when were on that side of town. Walking out the door they have bowls with sugar covered fennel seed. You take a small spoon full. It's kind of like a breathment or chewing gum. We both had a good time.

Review №28

Att food .good service.owner very kind and honest .good price .i came from Ohio .they serve like as family member .

Review №29

It was good. It was not spicy at all which is what I like.

Review №30

This place is a hidden gem! The food is authentic and very satisfying. You have very limited options from the buffet but it is quite filling and overall a great place to grab lunch or dinner. This is a place you bring visiting friends!

Review №31

Consistently amazing food!It's good every time

Review №32

The food and service were great as always.

Review №33

This place is absolutely one of my favorites. Looking forward to a return visit. My apartment is far from here, so I can't visit often.

Review №34

Yummy. We got at least twice a month. Ordering off menu and you'll get some delicious food. The buffet is not bad either but we all know what we are getting by going that route. The owners are good people. Always friendly.Military discount honored.

Review №35

Good service great food reasonable price and also that all you can eat takeout buffet plate

Review №36

Fantastic first time eating Indian food delicious will come again

Review №37

Best Indian Ive found in SA. EVERYTHING was tasty and fresh. Plenty of options on buffet which was served by staff. Dont miss the buy 5 get one loyalty card.

Review №38

Tried this place for my birthday and for the first time ever. Too spicy for my liking, but good due to the memory made with my family.

Review №39

Flavors = wonderful, quantity = plentiful, service = friendly and attentive, price =perfect. I will be back!

Review №40

We tried India Palace for the first time this weekend and couldn't have been happier! We ordered it through Postmates, so I didn't have any direct interaction w/ the restaurant staff at all - but my order was perfect, arrived VERY quickly, tasted amazing, and the portions were huge! We had food for days!Everything was beyond excellent! NO joke - even their white rice tasted incredible.We ordered a mix of items: entrees, rice, naan, appetizer, and side dish - every last bit was so tasty and perfect. I didn't have single complaint - simply praise! I cannot wait to order it again and again and again :)

Review №41

First time going and the food was really good. The restaurant was clean and everyone was very nice. Definitely going back soon.

Review №42

Very filling. The staff was very friendly and kind. The bill was good for what you get.

Review №43

One word... T A S T Y! What a delicious in amazing place, Incredibly fresh. All the Workers are such nice people! Very friendly. The kind of people that when you walk into a Busy Restaurant the people will always take a second from their time to say Hello. This place is Delicious and I do recommend that if your trying to make a decision, You go there. Me and my family brings everyone who visits San Antonio to India Palace, People from West Texas and even extending to Hawaii come here and come back. We love it, and this will always be our favorite Indian place. Before hand when I lived in Hawaii there was a small Indian place that wasn't really great.. But this restaurant is much different in the best way possible! Freshest buffet I've ever been to, and it'll probably be the same for you. PS Thanks for reading!

Review №44

I had their lunch buffet for the first time- one word ‘terrible'. And to add to it - I wonder if the people who serve the buffet even wash their hands.

Review №45

This is my favorite Indian restaurant in San Antonio, and one of my favorite restaurants overall. Their food is delicious! I especially enjoyed the biryani, chicken tikka, and lamb dishes!

Review №46

One of the best local indian places in San Antonio, there I said it.

Review №47

Hands down, the best Indian cuisine in San Antonio. They offer both northern and southern India dishes, and the portions are huge. They also have the nicest buffet I've ever seen. Clean and well stocked with all the good stuff. And don't let me forget the most perfect brick oven na'an you can find. Sofa king good! My attached picture is from a to-go order that I re-plated. It is chicken tikka masala with basmati and na'an.

Review №48

Ate here for lunch. Got the buffet. Tried a bit of everything. The food was very good but I have to say I like my local Indian Food Restaurant better. Nothing wrong here they have just set a very high bar in Corpus Christi .Second visit on August 6 and they are open.Music in background is Indian music at an appropriate volume.Buffet was fresh and food temperature was hot. Restraunt was clean inside and staff was friendly and courteous.

Review №49

Food was so delicious and the service was great! They treated us so nicely! Totally recommend!!

Review №50

Excellent buffet, looks and taste good. Kids friendly place. Lots of car park. Long drive from downtown. Go there early, the place can get busy and crowded, especially during week day. 3 adults 2 kids =$46$. The menu has not changed much in one year. Palak paneer is not too salty, meat balls need a little more flavors, beans were tasty and pakora was crunchy.

Review №51

By far my favorite Indian restaurant in San Antonio. Compared to others this food is more authentic. There are some cons tho. The drinks are not all you can drink, you have to purchase the cans of soda which seems odd that are not only being over poured soda to inhibit food consumption but that you are doubly being charged more for such. No worries tho I simply choose water and suggest you do too. Additionally, I really really REALLY wish they had vindaloo sauce in the buffet, like Simi's does down the street. Which you could always buy the vindaloo there and take it to India Palace for the perfect Indian food experience in the area.

Review №52

I think before like couple of years ago it was much better. Now it's shade of what should be. Tikka masala not juicy, not full with spieces how it should be, even color is different and biriyani is cheap in terms of components and not tasty too. Been 4 hours and I still have aftertaste of sodium glutamate. Very frustrated. 1 star added for big portion size. However, do not recommend and will not come back. Better smaller, but better!

Review №53

Absolutely delicious food! This was my first time trying Indian food and it did not disappoint. It tasted homemade and gave me so much comfort. The only thing I could recommend is adding some sort of ice cream bar or other dessert. But highly recommend.

Review №54

Love their food it's the best Indian restaurant in town

Review №55

Food was very Good. Nice staff. Very Clean

Review №56

Best Indian food in San Antonio! I'm so happy I stopped in one day to try it. The food is fresh and never overwhelming. If you're not really a fan of Indian cuisine, this restaurant will change your mind! Give it a chance, you won't regret it.

Review №57

Fresh food. Good seasoning and cooking. This is the best Indian food Restaurant I have been in SA

Review №58

Good food, good service, good covid plan.

Review №59

Nice place. Food was good. Nice service. Wonderful menu to choose for vegeterians. Good food at reasonable price.

Review №60

Even though I love Indian people, won't say anything bad about them, but I have to ,We had a buffet and ordered several other dashes the quality of food,taste, service and all were so bad. Got sick cuz of their old meals, The price were higher then other buffets, won't recommend it at all.

Review №61

Best Indian food in san antonio

Review №62

Delicious! And very good service.

Review №63

The food is very bland and not for those looking for actual Indian spices.....more for the mild spiced eaters.

Review №64

Terrible! It made me sick. I will never go there again.

Review №65

Delicious Indian food at a very reasonable price. Large portions. I only got take out, but they have a very nice seating area too

Review №66

Amazing Northern India food. We had heard about this place from the review boards and YouTube videos and this is one place to come for some delicious food. The restaurant itself is dated and the decor a throwback to stereotypical Indian decor but the food is amazing and worth the dated decorations. Don't miss this gem. It's worth it.

Review №67

One of my favorite restaurants in San Antonio! Amazing food, friendly staff and the tikka masala there is amazing!

Review №68

Consistently excellent food and friendly, hospitable service.

Review №69

Very Good place to have authentic Indian food. They have maintained cleanliness. Staff is cooperative and service is good. Place is very economical. There is a buffet system and they have variety of food from Salad to dessert. They have good options in veg and nonveg both. Ambience is good. They also serve liquor. Staff is friendly and service is good. Will suggest this place to have authentic Indian food.

Review №70

Great food and vibes.Just need to improve utensil's cleanliness

Review №71

Consistently delicious! I could eat it everyday

Review №72

This place does it for me. Next time I'll be back with my relatives.

Review №73

India Palace, is a great restaurant for India cuisine and if you are very hungry come to the India Palace Restaurant during their open buffet hours and you will leave with a very happy stomach.

Review №74

I've never tried Indian food before I came here, and they made me realize that I've been missing out! Their food is fresh and packed with so much flavor! It's a cute little buffet, and they also have a mini dessert section. It's also great for vegetarians! My favorite was everything, and I can't wait to go back!

Review №75

Not Quality food, and over priced.

Review №76

This place is worth its weight in gold! Seriously amazing food and great prices! Make sure you come early because this place fills up fast! It is a buffet style but think smaller scale which leads to better quality. The food is fresh and tastes phenomenal. They've got vegan offerings and for the meat lovers they don't skimp! We took our nine-year-old there and he was blown away! While you eat there is a cool window that allows you to see how the naan is made which is an art in and of itself! Why are you still reading this? GO!

Review №77

If you are south asian, you will hate the taste.We tried 6 dishes, not even one was tasty.How do you go wrong with gulab jamuns?! even those were bland.Not recommended.

Review №78


Review №79

We had the buffet. Goat curry and palak paneer were salty. Otherwise would've been ok. The chicken tikka masala however... Wayyy off. It's as if the cook dropped a bag of the wrong spice in the batch. It was salty and had a super strong taste of a spice that I can't figure out. Hopefully this is not the norm because I don't get the 4+ start rating.

Review №80

Very tasty Indian food with a diverse and filling buffet. The naan was flavorful, and not too greasy. The vegetarian dishes were also very good. The wait staff was prompt and attentive. I'll be sure to go back when I'm in the area.

Review №81

I have never tried Indian food or had the beer their until tonight, and wow it was DELICIOUS. Definitely coming back. India palace wait staff really looked after you making sure your drinks were topped off.

Review №82

Atmosphere was calming and food was tasty!

Review №83

Food is really bad. Got 2 buffets to go and it had 6 different food dishes in it. Out of the 6 food dishes, one was alright 3 out of 5 but everything else was nasty.

Review №84

Excellent service

Review №85

Small variety , but overall everything is tasty, opened all day thats a plus on my book. Good service

Review №86

This is my favorite place for take away. The buffet is good as well; however, the real hidden charm of this restaurant are the owners and the take away. I highly recommend trying India Palace.

Review №87

Everything is delicious and the service is great.

Review №88

Amazing!! One of the only places in town that has an Indian buffet. I have a picky toddler so having options is important. Service was amazing and is always amazing. They are always so kind. My favorite part is the variety of options of vegetarian and non vegetarian food. I love it!

Review №89

Below average buffet, the spice level are very low. Chicken, mutton and egg are there but kind of tasteless gravy. The veg items are dull too. The tandoori is missing spices. Deserts are ok but not exciting. The samosa is the only thing we liked. Not sure how it has so good ratings, guys look at the food and quality then rate.

Review №90

They change the prices way to often. One day we come naaan are $1.00 next day $1.25 then we come again and it's $1.99 ??? I don't understand why different cashiers charge different prices. Pakoras are yummy.

Review №91

Ordered lamb biryani, it was terrible. I asked for it to be spicy and I recieved the opposite. Not only did it not have any heat, it was bland all around. Tasted like steamed rice and boiled meat. Don't get the biryani.

Review №92

Good food, but you are looking for some authentic Indian taste this not might be one right for you. While tried aloo paratha,garlic naan, Paneer, Dal Makhni and buffet several times wasn't really that great and the Indian kick was missing. Nice taste if you like mild spice but some dish wasn't really the authentic Indian curry.

Review №93

A great go to for a sampling of Indian Food. Save room for dessert!

Review №94

The food was delicious, and the staff is friendly and courteous. It's a small, hole in the wall type place that could be easily missed, the the place is well worth the stop. I'll definitely be back again.

Review №95

The buffet is my favorite! There is a nice variety of different dishes if you have never eaten Indian food. The service has always been amazing and my family and I have been there several times!

Review №96

Delicious Food Awesome Friendly Staff!! New Favorite place

Review №97

Very good, and authentic Indian Food. Very tasty Mango Lassi, excellent Naan. And a decent buffet price to boot!You have to search for the good ones, this is one of those insider spots!

Review №98

Great place to introduce someone to Indian cuisine! Even though it's buffet style, customer service is very attentive. Great selection of spicy and non-spicy food! Rice pudding is so sweet and yummy! Will come back again and will introduce more people to try!

Review №99

With the pandemic, I started ordering out from restaurants. If you only know the buffet, you are missing out!

Review №100

Top 3 Indian restaurants in San Antonio. Buffet style, delicious. Not the fanciest looking but the food makes up for it.

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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