1806 W Bradley Ave, Champaign, IL 61821, United States
Review №1

It went up quite a bit in price since I last had their Big Chicken Filet, and it was not nearly as good as I remembered it to be. Staff super friendly, food came almost too fast for it to be extra crispy, but they do not appear to deep fry this anymore, seems like another version of the Chik File A or Wendy's or my favorite for its price, Slim Chicken's breaded crispy chicken sandwich. I always remove tomato, add extra pickles. They nailed that. But too much mayo, and was on both sides? Messy sandwich. Least bun was quality, stayed together, or this would be a catastrophe to eat on the road.Glad for that wax paper. At $6.68 after tax for just this sandwich, go seek this kind of breaded crispy fried chicken sandwich elsewhere. Big disappointment from my favorite fried chicken sandwich, to this. Should have left it off the menu.

Review №2

The food us always fresh big plus but they are slow

Review №3

Slow service, curt manner during order taking, order shorted by one out of five sandwiches. They did make it right after I pointed it out. Maybe if they weren't understaffed I might have gotten better service? When ratings improve I may come back, but not any time soon.

Review №4

New Frisco Angus Sandwich..Sauce was mayonnaise.?.?..not good..other Angus burger was okay..ish..waited 15 minutes...only car in line. Nearest/only Hardees to me..30 minutes.. Commercials got me to make the trip.

Review №5

I just about landed in the hospital today eating lunch here at this Hardee's today. I sit on a stool at one of the tall tables and while eating fall backwards, catching myself by grabbing the table. I stand up to find that the top of the stool is not connected or maybe has part of 1 screw in it. Photos shown. Plus, no ketchup and no napkins. I asked for ketchup, they gave me some packets but never refilled the lobby. I also felt like I needed a shower after being in their. Not my favorite Hardee's.

Review №6

Still good burgers. My gf gives my jive about me believing in Hardee's when Champaign has so many different other "better" places to get burgers.. but I like mine fatty, and I like that they don't even try to make it more palatable for Anyone else.

Review №7

Went the other day and the customer service was excellent. Hate that they changed some things on the menu, but I could still find something I liked.

Review №8

Good food as always Hardees. Friendly emloyee.

Review №9

They always have good food and the employees are always nice.

Review №10

Best roast beef and bacon sandwich I've ever had.

Review №11

Great service and fresh good food.

Review №12

Hardee's has the absolute best biscuits anywhere. I was so sad to see the Hardee's on South Neil close.I make the trip to this location when I can.This location only has 99 cent biscuits and gravy the 2nd Saturday of every month and they are delicious!!

Review №13

Swiss mushroom burger and great service

Review №14

Fast service! Fast food! The onion rings were perfect and everything was hot and fresh!

Review №15

The jalapano burger is delicious!

Review №16

Lately the food has been excellent. Keep up the good work! Back when the garlic burgers were in, the service and food was horrible. The people in there during the last 3 weeks have been doing great!

Review №17

Great restaurant, but wasn't impressed with the big cheese burger.

Review №18

The chicken wasn't done all the way through

Review №19

The sliders were really good and fresh. Plus they are only 1.25 during happy hour, which is 2pm to 5pm. They are double cheeseburger sliders

Review №20

This chain has great food. I love the burgers, fries, and breakfast sandwiches. Service is usually pretty slow. Prices are kinda high but the coupon deals are great. Plus they also have a veteran discount.

Review №21

The food is good but the service is too slow

Review №22

The staff is great. Takes a little bit sometimes but it's always hot and fresh. Best biscuits in town.

Review №23

Customer service was as disgusting as their new roast beef Will never go back there... NEVER.

Review №24

Bc they take a long time to get your order and come to the counter and it was ice in my shake and my sandwich was filed and they only gave me one cup of ice and it said you can get tow scam place the scammed me out of 100$ I want my money back and they are not clean a eawwwwwwwwwww

Review №25

Horrible service. I went there seems like i needed to absorb all the negativity and anger the counter person has accumulated. I asked for a cup of ice coffee. She just went ahead and swapped my card with vanilla which i wanted a classic with a lot less calories. She got really angry to process that 30 cent refund. And complained to the whole restaurant. But i am glad she worked there for her life because her attitudes deserve it. I am sorry to say. Poor

Review №26

Hardies was great they had good service and the people working there were nice. The food is really good I would definitely go back.

Review №27

It was Hardees

Review №28

You get your money worth of food

Review №29

Most horrible service ever. After having me pull forward by the door, watching two cars pull through and leave behind me, and 15 minutes waiting, I backed up to drive through to ask how much longer it would be. The girl turned around and asked someone else who responded, "it's been done". I then wait at the window 5 more minutes for Alize to bag up my food only to get a half full breakfast bowl. Totally a waste of money and time. And these are the individuals who want to raise minimum wage!?

Review №30

Food looks bogus wouldn't recommend

Review №31


Review №32

Food was nice and hot and service was good...but dont go after 1am cause you will not get thru the parking lot to go thru drive thru

Review №33

Why does there sign day they close at 10 when it was 8 and they were already closed....

Review №34

Love their sausage and biscuits.

Review №35

The food takes a little bit of time to be handed to you but that is because they are actually putting it together "fresh" while you wait. Fair trade off. It's always delicious.

Review №36

Don't never get food hot the 2 times I visited

Review №37

Never open in the morning at the time they're supposed to be. It takes forever before anybody acknowledges you in the drive-thru. I'll drive around and there's always 2-3 people standing around talking

Review №38

Best biscuits of any fast food or regular restaurant great biscuits and gravy and breakfast sandwiches and a darn good burger to boot

Review №39

Great fast food. Cordial staff. Customers were laughing n fun!

Review №40

Fire burgers! The service is always quick and polite! Try the onion rings.

Review №41

Slow, no large cups or medium lids so the only drinks were small.

Review №42

Food is good but service is lacking big time!

Review №43

Great breakfast!

Review №44

Going to be honest. Not very happy. Employees were poorly dressed and had an attitude. The place is also dirty and under kept. Took way too long to get my food even though I was the only person in there. Until this place is cleaned up I won't be coming back.

Review №45

Hmm? They open at 6am but are rarely open at that time. I worked 1 block away. Had to be at work by 6:30am. 6am no one there, 6:10am another day, no one there, 6:20am another day, hmmm no one there. Months in a row. Same. Food is awsome, but instead of brushing biscuits with butter, they are soaked, which makes the biscuits salty and fall apart.

Review №46

The service was great and the sandwich was very good

Review №47

I love Hardee's! Well I did until I actually went inside to order one day and saw how dirty it was in the dining area. Do yourself a favor and do drive thru. Don't look or you'll be changed forever.

Review №48

Needs new staff that is attentive and not rude.

Review №49

They have the best breakfast ever.

Review №50

Really great burger. I got the classic.

Review №51

The food was good but the service at this Hardy's is pretty slow. As the only Hardy's left in Bloomington Illinois, so you would think they would be a little better at service but they're not.

Review №52

This location just seems like the food is not as good as other hardee's restaurants I've been too. Plus being next to the homeless shelter theirs always some drama with people from the shelter hanging around inside. From sitting inside soaking up the wifi to being loud/crazy or just plain being creepy

Review №53

Yum Yum. Was yummy. My son ordered biscuit and sausage gravy. They unlike other places had the gravy in a seprate bowl. It stayed hot for over 30 min on our way home. One of the many reasons we love Hardees.

Review №54

Very nice atmosphere, fresh food, clean store.

Review №55

Friendly service. Handicap accessible. Clean restaurant with a great menu. Daily specials!

Review №56

Great deal 1st Saturday of every month, 99 cent Biscuits & Gravy ,,,Biscuits are THE best!

Review №57

It's Hardee's it's kind of like Carl's jr. but a little better. I like the thick burgers and I like the awesome breakfast sandwiches. The staff is on point at this location and the bathroom is very clean.

Review №58

Fresh food prompt service and friendly attitude.

Review №59

I ordered hot chocolate, received murky coffee, alerted staff to strong smell of coffee, staff said "no ma'am, it is hot chocolate I made it myself" (she told this to me at least 5 times while we argued over it- I guess the customer is never wrong was not taught at this store). I had staff smell cup with lid off, still insisted that it was not coffee, I took a sip and it tasted of STRONG coffee and told the staff that there was no way that it did not contain coffee. She finally took back cup and put hot water in cup and handed it to me with a packet of hot chocolate, but failed to put the lid on, just sat it on top, so when I took it through my car window it spilled over my hand and onto my lap. I am home now and my hand is on FIRE, still, after running it under cold water.

Review №60

Well to start walked in and it was dirty.Place was busy peak breakfast time.The person taking orders couldn't of cared less if we were there or not.Very disorganized in back. Took way rolling to get Justina couple non special order breakfast combos.Also the coffee had quite a bit of grounds at the bottom half of the cup.I threw it away.The person Iowa's with said that what they ate Gabe them diarrhea at lunch. Maybe Just a bad timing withal bug through

Review №61

Good food slow service

Review №62

Usually it doesn't take too long to get your food, at least during the daytime. Depending on the people working they can be slow in the evenings because it seems they tun a skeleton crew then. Workers are helpful and polite, food is always prepared properly. Of the Hardee's in Champaign this is the one I would choose to go to. I think the prices are high, higher than similar establishments but local management and staff can't do anything about that.

Review №63

3 stars automatically for being Hardee's, but I can't go any higher. My chicken tenders had to be cooked, which should've given her time to put napkins in the bag. One of the tenders was an inedible chunk of chicken. The other two weren't too notch either. Hopefully Hardee's hasn't lowered their standards nationwide.

Review №64

Chit chat alot but all attention to customer when they step to the counter. Food was good and hot. Bathroom could have used some attention.

Review №65

The fries were very crisp and good quality, not too potato-ey, and the beef for the hamburgers was cooked well. The special instructions on the burgers were followed perfectly. The only issue was that the Mello Yello from the machine tasted off. The woman on drive thru was polite and courteous. Service was quick and efficient.

Review №66

Used drive thru..took 25 minutes to get order. And there was only one car in front of us. Cars behind us decided to leave without getting their orders. Food was dried out. Very very disappointing.

Review №67

Love the All Star Meal Deals! At $5 for all that food plus a drink and a cookie, there isn't a place in town for fast food that can beat the deal! Check it out & keep this place open!!!

Review №68

Pretty good food but not worth the price or the waiting time

Review №69

If food is good they fix it while you wait that way it is fresh not like some other fast food to fix that ahead of time and they seem to be dried out by the time you get them Hardee's is great

Review №70

Took my family to try the new Fruit Loop doughnuts and they loved them. Service was very fast and friendly.

Review №71

Hard to find these locally anymore, but the food is always good and tasty. Like this place for burgers.

Review №72

Last Hardee's in town. Great food, always hot and fresh and special orders are ALWAYS correct! A+++++!!!

Review №73

New management and crew

Review №74

Great People!!! Great Service

Review №75

Consistently well made to order meals. My mother really appreciates their hard work.

Review №76

The service is always great. 2 thumbs up for management

Review №77

Cinnamon raisin buisquits

Review №78

The voice at the speaker was nether friendly nor professional. They weren't rude, but they obviously had rather been anywhere else. Then, when we get to the window, the clerk had the same flat voice and unhelpful demeanor. Finally, I ordered by number and they still got my order incorrect. Finally and most egregiously, they did not give me a receipt and the cost was more than they quoted at the speaker.

Review №79

Thanks I need a job now

Review №80

Very nice place to eat only one in champaign

Review №81

Great sandwiches

Review №82

The drive thru casher was very nice. Order was correct. The food was hot and very good...

Review №83

It was ok, but not fast at all

Review №84

The food was great, people were cool. But the upkeep/maintenance of the building was really bad

Review №85

They were quick, food was on par. That's all I'd expect from a Hardee's breakfast

Review №86

We love the breakfast it's wonderful!! Plenty of employees only 1 person working 1 register when there r 2 and could be friendly and smile.people r usually in a hurry and rush to get to work could be faster on the inside for order a to go.

Review №87

This place gets no business and the staff is rude. If you have common sense don't go here the prices are outrageous.

Review №88

Very good coffee

Review №89

An amazing deal with the $5 box.

Review №90

Always good. Could be a little hotter tho

Review №91

We had some outstanding biscuits, but had to wait quite a while for them.

Review №92

This place gets worse and worse. A gnat in my coffee. No hashbrowns. Dirty. Someone's kid was hanging out with their mom and she was working. Not even watching her kidney. Checking on her. Ridiculous

Review №93

Good food, friendly servers

Review №94

Cant stand listening to manager yell at crew!

Review №95

The food was great , but the lobby and the condiment sections with the sodas needed attention .

Review №96

Lots of employees with bad attitudes.

Review №97

If you ever want to $10 sandwich it's a good place to go

Review №98

Under staffed over priced. 10$ for a frisco meal. Took 30 mins to get food and it was wrong. I know hardees is spiraling down but come on. Go to 5 guys or somethin.

Review №99

STOP!! MUST READ THIS FIRST!!New to the area, been to this location a couple times. First time I ordered a #3 (1/3 LB bacon thick burger for 8.99 before tax) same as my girlfriend. Get half way home and we realized we didn't have any bacon. Ok no biggy they made a mistake and brushed it off.TODAY!! (7-11-17)Went there and ordered the same meals. We went inside told the cashier last time we didn't get any bacon on our burgers if maybe they could throw on an extra slice. He said yeah of course! So we get home and realize STILL NO BACON!!! So we load the car back up and drive back there and tell the same guy there was no bacon!! He offered free cookies for the inconvenience. We said no problem. So we wait and get our food as he hands me the bag he said "I threw some hot fresh cookies in there for ya" and fresh to this guy must mean COLD AND FROZEN!!! You can't even take a bite out of it!!!! So I called the store this time because I'm not going back there....ever again...and he says "they're suppose to be like that".....What?!Lesson learned: when the parking lot is empty at 6pm dinner rush the food will not be worth it!

Review №100

Good food, and hardly any waiting time between ordering and receiving the food

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  • Address:1806 W Bradley Ave, Champaign, IL 61821, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 217-398-5825
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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