La Campana Mexican Restaurant
306 Army Trail Rd #2300, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Review №1

Love this place! Use to live in Carol Stream & frequently ate here. Now live in Arizona & visit here whenever I'm in town. Great Mexican restaurant, especially the guacamole & the jumbo quesadillas. Great service, ate outside on their patio on a nice day. Highly recommended.

Review №2

Love this restaurant. The food is delicious every time, the margaritas are fantastic, and everyone that works there is amazing. The food and drinks always come out quickly. I totally forgot to take a picture of the fried ice cream, but definitely worth getting. The inside is pretty cool. I love the giant cabinet with all the tequila's.

Review №3

Pick up was as delicious as being there for dinner!! The Most Authentic Mexican cuisine I've ever had in Illinois, except for in Mexico!! La Compania has incredible realistic ambience!!

Review №4

Food is excellent and service is great. Everyone is welcoming and friendly.

Review №5

Delicious plates drinks and great customer service from the moment you walk in. Very well maintained/clean restaurant. Every employee looks to be working very hard to keep a good flow going, very impressive! Good team work and great management. Highly recommend.

Review №6

Fantastic food, great atmosphere, all the employees are absolutely wonderful. The shredded beef enchiladas are delicious. They also have a very wide variety of drinks and awesome margaritas. Highly recommended.

Review №7

My wife said she'll have the five dollar margarita as they advertised on their website. Our waiter Daniel R, said we don't have it anymore in a rude way, and without any explanation. I said okay it's advertised on your website. Don't have it Daniel said. Okay, It wasn't anything about the price to me, I couldn't care less it was the way he came off with the attitude. It kind of set the mood for us for the rest of the evening, Food is excellent here and everyone else was very nice just would've like to have a different server or atleast one without the attitude.

Review №8

We went here for an anniversary dinner and found they had a great atmosphere, they were very attentive to our needs. Very nice food!!

Review №9

This place is the one I like best. I go to many restaurants but to this place I keep coming back again and again. The stuff is very friendly and the cooking they cook is so yummy. I never decline to have a decent dinner here. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Review №10

I Have been going here since I was 6 years old, over 20 years now. Service is always amazing. Food is also amazing. An all time favorite is a #37. Yes I know the menu does not have #s on them anymore, however the staff will know exactly what you are referring too.

Review №11

Amazing service and the serving sizes are really great for the price. The staff is super friendly and the food is definitely worth the trip out here!

Review №12

Great place tent is temperature comfy. Food is spectacular

Review №13

My wife and I went here on a Friday night. Although the parking lot was absolutely full and we expected a long wait, the wait was only about 5 minutes. I ordered their chili soup which had amazing flavor, as well as their largest combination platter. I was feeling quite hungry. It's very rare that I don't finish a meal and have to bring food home, but it happened here. The food is delicious and you get a lot of it. 2 soups, 2 meals, and 2 soft drinks ran a bill of about $38. Very reasonable. If you're craving Mexican, I would recommend this restaurant.

Review №14

A friend and I came here a few weeks ago, and we were seated on the patio. We both ordered waters, but after I looked at the menu I realized I also wanted iced tea. When I asked the waiter he rolled his eyes. That was the first red flag. My friend and I both ordered chicken tacos. The food came out suspiciously quick (within 5 minutes). It instantly looked unappetizing, and the beans and rice looked like canned food. After the first bite we both realized the food was cold and the chicken was wet, and the same with the beans and rice I'm almost 100% sure they were canned. We put our plates to the side to let the waiter know something was wrong. 20 minutes pass no sign of our waiter, our drinks were empty this was completely unprofessional and felt as if he was avoiding us. We finally got a hold of him over 20 minutes later which we came back with attitude. Never coming back here

Review №15

I LOVED this place the first time I went on cinco de mayo. But this last time the food was dry, no sauce, and the beans were nearly inedible. I was super disappointed. If I went again I'd stick with just their chips, salsa, and margaritas.

Review №16

The staff is all ways so accommodating.The staff has been serving us for over 25 years. The food was so spectacular.Very good place

Review №17

Holy cow this place is excellent! The prices here are very fair. The portions are large. Service is attentive, but on the slower side. I don't mind that, if I'm not in a hurry. The quality of food, which is most important, is excellent. I will be back. Great experience. Margarita lime mix seems artificial compared to the amazing food. I wish they used fresh ingredients in their cocktails. I have now gone back 5 or 6 times, and it gets better each time. I even brought guests from out-of-town, and they loved it. Ask for Julia, she's wonderful!

Review №18

Horrible experience. Haven't been there in a long time and wanted to try it again. Placed take out and they made mistakes on my bill twice. Worst part the food was terrible. Never experienced this before.

Review №19

This place is doubtless one of the best place in the region. Anytime I come there I am greatly satisfied. They always keep their very high level service and the highest level of meals they serve. You always win with this restaurant. Very recommended.

Review №20

We attended a family gathering, 1st birthday in mid March, with

Review №21

The food is SO GOOD! Margaritas are on point :)

Review №22

Wonderful restaurant. Fabulous food. Lovely ambiance. Best part, they offer a gluten free menu!

Review №23

Delicious food and drinks, great service. Offers outdoor dining.

Review №24

One of the best Mexican Restaurants in the Western suburbs! This is a unique find with great food and a fun ambiance. The chaleco cheese dip was excellent and the jumbo steak quesadilla was a very generous portion. Service was quick and friendly. We will definitely be coming back!

Review №25

I regularly stop buying some food in this place. I love the prompt customer service and well made food. 5 stars from me.

Review №26

Seated quickly. Service super and food beyond the best. Go if you can. Wont be disappointed

Review №27

Lindsey rocked it out on her first day back from shelter in place! She made our experience great and she was so sweet!! The drinks where pretty good, and the food was amazing! Would definitely return!!

Review №28

The food is delicious and the atmosphere is great. The servers are accommodating and keep your glass full. Highly recommended.

Review №29

Got a steak it was just okay. Price was a lil high but when the bill came my steak was $3 more than what the menu said. Will not be back..

Review №30

My experience was not great, but the people here do try hard to make it right. Visited 5.5.2020, order was 50% wrong/missing. Waited 65 minutes for first part of order, then returned and waited another 25 minutes to be able to get help in fixing my order, then another 20 minutes for the order to come out wrong again.To the owner:When everyone is doing every job, nothing is going well. I get today was probably your busiest day, but leadership was missing and it showed in the faces of your customers.I would instruct the cashier to stay at the register and to stay off the phone (until her line of customers is gone, then be free to help out in other areas). The cashier needs to direct waiting customers to the outside of the store, to make way for your many delivery service persons to travel in/out. The customer needs to be the cashiers main focus until all have been serviced.I would instruct the lady in the jean jacket that calls out orders that are ready, to stay out of the kitchen area, since she is clearly clueless back there. Why else would she pick up and reread the margarita bottle 4 times? They are all the same. Instead she needs to maintain separate lines outside of the store, by groups of 1. Already ordered and waiting for order to be ready. 2. Waiting to go in and order. 3. Delivery people waiting for their order to come up, and any other category.I would also make sure to have the staff bringing ready orders up to the front, be sure to let jean jacket woman know the name of order thats ready. His job should be to ensure that all ticket items are accounted for.Given how busy the phones were, you definately need a dedicated phone person, AND a call waiting message, stating where customers can place orders.As the owner, manager, or shift leader, take a sample of waiting customers and ask for feedback on anything about their experience they see might need improving. Taking the time to address and fix these concerns will help you in more ways than you might think. It tells customers that this place appreciates their customers, and likewise your customers will be return customers for sure.Yes, you have great food, but in reality there are 50 other places with great food too. The key is bringing back these customers.If everyone is doing their part, it will free you up to provide help in an area that needs it most. Don't forget to check back in 10 minutes, after lending a hand. You run a fast paced establishment and its key to build relationships with your customers.I hope you find this and if it helps you even just a little bit then good for you.Best Regards,[email protected]

Review №31

They serve big portions and for reasonable rates. very kind owner. Will visit again.

Review №32

Service was great nice atmosphereBut food could have been better.This was a top spot for us before .maybe New cook cause of covie and that's why

Review №33

Beautiful little place, both indoor and outdoor seating is really pretty. Good and affordable food, too!

Review №34

Excellent, authentic Mexican food. Fun bar area. Waitstaff is friendly and efficient.

Review №35

Eventho they were out of fried ice cream, we had a lovely time on their patio.

Review №36

Loved the atmosphere and our waitress was really nice. Food took a bit to come out and when going with little kids 5&2 that can become a challenge. Guacamole was delicious, enchiladas were a bit dry but tasty. Overall I'm sure we'll be there again

Review №37

Food is always delicious & staff is terrific. Bring back ghost pepper skirt steak!

Review №38

Have had their food a couple times now.. Went in to eat today and had to leave.. Heavier set host had her breast hanging out very unprofessional.. I mean if we would want that we would head to hooters or a gentlemens club.. Food ok but not that great

Review №39

Tasty food. Service was a bit slow. Overall, not too bad.

Review №40

We've been eating here about 20 years. Food is always excellent!

Review №41

Our waitress was great! Service was quick and the food was very good.

Review №42

Nice Mexican restaurant serving very good traditional food. Decor is amazing, very traditional, lots of display showing their culture. Great to be enjoying good Mexican food while listening to Mexician music. We had one of the beef combination, chicken fluantas, and strawberry fried ice cream.

Review №43

Great food and an atmosphere to match. I had the carne asada. Well seasoned. Would definitely come back!

Review №44

I often take my friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I visit this restaurant often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The the cooking is appetizing and the stuff is efficient and cooperative. Every time we visit this place we pass a cheerful evening. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Review №45

Best spot to have something when in a rush. The service is efficient, prices are convenient, good vibes. I highly recommend this spot.

Review №46

Good food! Taste is consistent from visit to visit. Awesome Micheladas!

Review №47

Food was okay service was great. Food was very plain and had no taste. Also the presentation was terrible it's a nice place but I feel like the cooks put zero effort. Everyone was really nice but unfortunately I would not return. We had a party of 8 and everyone felt the same

Review №48

Very cute, eclectic decor. Efficient waitstaff. The shredded chicken in the Burrito Gringo was juicy and flavorful; rice & beans were good but could use more seasoning. Overall, a nice restaurant and we will visit again.

Review №49

Great food!! Great service!! Very nice people!!!

Review №50

This place is a great go-to for Mexican!! Absolutely Delicious!! I had the Al Pastor tacos and they were perfectly spicy without being overwhelming and marinated perfectly as well!

Review №51

Great food, not crowded, attentive service.

Review №52

Tasty chips and salsa, food and drinks!

Review №53

The food is consistently fresh and flavorful, staff members hands over awesome customer service. I liked the cleanliness and vibes. Will come visit again.

Review №54

Always good steak fajitas.

Review №55

Had the Baja tacos, they were outstanding. Very generous portions. Friendly service. Guitar player was very good, added to atmosphere of the restaurant.

Review №56

Nice place with great traditional Mexican food and Mexican music. Lots of memories of Mexico hanging around. Very satisfied with our order - chicken flautas, Azeteca plate, fried strawberry ice cream and mini empanada.We will be back for sure.

Review №57

This is one of the best restaurants I have been to. I highly recommend this restaurant. The food and the atmosphere is amazing. Also the service is outstanding.

Review №58

A gem hidden in plain sight! Fajitas, quesadilla's, and margaritas are spectacular!The tequila list is crazy long and they also have Mexican craft beers!

Review №59

The food is pretty good. The drinks are expensive. I had Tacos Al Pastor and really liked them, there is a lot of cilantro- which I like. The "special" margarita was over $10.

Review №60

Food was amazing. Spot on for flavors. Portions were large but not too large. A good restaurant.

Review №61

Good food, little slow but good experience

Review №62

Food was amazing. Spot on for flavors. Portions were large but not too large. A good traditional restaurant.

Review №63

Nice decor when youd enter but kind of noisy. nice price for the portion.

Review №64

Your food was cold any needs flavor

Review №65

Great quality products are the business card of this place.

Review №66

My favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. Good food & drinks. Great prices. Always hot and fast. Great service. And it's authentic Mexican cuisine!

Review №67

The food was very good. Our waiter was not to good. He did come to take our order fast but, after he brought our food we didn't see him for some time. Our order wasn't right & had to ask the bus boy to get him. It did get fixed & he did return to be sure everything was ok.

Review №68

Great steak shish-kabob and rice and guacamole...I got double rice - no fried beans

Review №69

Probably had the best Tampequena of my life here recently. Came out perfect. Enjoyed my meal there thoroughly and shared my leftovers with coworkers the following day to rave reviews. Service was perfectly adequate even tho the place was busy. Ambiance sets you into a vacation like feeling. Don't go here too often but will certainly return when I crave excellent Mexican food.

Review №70

Very disappointed, I been a loyal customer for over twenty years but today i was trying to order one of my favorites and when i requested to split my food in two plates they said they can't do it, very simple request. I guess they don't want my business!

Review №71

Good food. Great service. Never had a bad meal. Been going here for many years. Good value.

Review №72

Food was good and decent price, but took a star away for service. We were celebrating a birthday, and many other patrons in the restaurant, evidently, celebrating their birthday too. They were presented with a song and dessert, where as ours, even though we told our server we were celebrating, we received nothing...not even a birthday wish. Somewhat disappointing.

Review №73

My favorite local place. Make sure to save room for fried ice cream!

Review №74

Was excited to be back but the guacamole went south.

Review №75

My favorite place to get mexican food!!!! Loooove their mahi mahi tacos! And the ultimate margaritas!!!!!!! Highly recommend them!!!!!!

Review №76

The buffet is very good. No desert though. Flan would be nice.

Review №77

The food was authentic Mexican cuisine. The ambiance was very warm and familiar. The food was delicious and delightful. The kids menu had a wonderful blend of Mexican and American dishes that any child would enjoy. The wait will be too long to go back and try another dish.

Review №78

Had a good experience in here with my daughter. The food was served quickly and the customer service is just excellent. Prices are fair.

Review №79

Very good place for good Mexican food.. colder beers please! The place is excellent

Review №80

Fantastic place to have something when in a rush. Their customer service is quick, pricing is reasonable, awesome mood. Will visit here again

Review №81

We love this place. FANTABULOUS food and service and environment.

Review №82

Good waiter. Always good food. No wait on Sun night.

Review №83

Lots of food, super delicious

Review №84

Food was oversalted and not "real" Mexican food. Service was pretty terrible (asked waiter for water 3 times and he never brought any). BUT the restaurant decor and atmosphere is really cute. I would say this might be a good place to go for drinks and some of the dishes, but overall not a place I would come to for great Mexican food.

Review №85

Flautas Cancun are my favorite.Yum..

Review №86

Stopped in at 10:15 for a pickup order and they said they were closed... Google maps says they're open till 11pm

Review №87

Very good and service was excellent.

Review №88

Weird table salsa, but the food was pretty tasty.

Review №89

My family and I have been going there since before I was born! One of the employees still remembers us! Just finished eating there after a year of not being there!!!

Review №90

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Daniel has been my waiter for years and will continue to be the reason I come!

Review №91

Excellent food & atmosphere. Service is the absolute best.

Review №92

The food is always incredible! When ever I am feeling under the weather and I have some of their Zapata, chicken and rice spice, soup it always lifts my soul and perks me up to carry on with the day.

Review №93

Finally a Mexican restaurant with nice authentic ambiance and good food. Tried the combo dishes and was full to try more. Wife chose steak fajita and it was awesome. Totally recommended.

Review №94

Fantastic Hispanic foods. The restaurant has great decor, and a nice vibe. The staff were all cheerful and very polite. There was a little bit of a wait, but it was well worth it and the kids were entertained by the activities on the kids menus.You are greeted by chips and 2 salsas at your table upon being seated, which were delicious. The menu is quite extensive, and it was difficult to pick one dish, but I was not disappointed whatsoever.They have an extensive Tequila selection numbering in the HUNDREDS.The beef burrito and tacos al pastor were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Review №95

The food was delicious. Zapata soup! Yum! Need more variety of hot sauce and more attendant and servers though. I think one man is too much all the tables.

Review №96

I'm Hispanic so I love eating authentic. Chips were good salsa was can can salsa with a touch of fresh onions. Salads were soaking wet. Big chucks of lettuce! The poblano peppers that were in the carne tampiquena are suposted to be peel off the skin they weren't. The so call authentic Mexican rice wasn't that authentic since it was made of can tomatoes and was over cook and salty. The huachinago a la veracruzana wasn't great either! Sauce was can tomatoes base the fresh veggies added on were close to be spoil and didnt taste appealing. The mojito I order taste more like lemonade I guess not everyone can make mojitos. The waitress was great very attentive but hosted when we came in were absent ...we went to redeem an anniversary gift, but would not return at all. Just feel bad that people belive is authentic when it truly not and high price!!! What a disapointment.

Review №97

Came here for 4th of July with 7 people and it was empty. Not good food or service at all.

Review №98

Great margaritas. Phenomenal tequila selection and food was great.

Review №99

It's decent but not the best Mexican place. The quality of food could be better. The decorations in this place is out of this world. Love the art pieces. They have a whole wall with awesome looking suns.

Review №100

Huge party of 30 and they handled it amazing.

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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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