11145 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

Review №1

Fanily of 5 order five $4 meal deals.. Sandwiches were all ok but we were all given cold fries and cold super dry crunchy chicken nuggets. Also dining room is closed but stars are based on food quality/taste alone.

Review №2

Love the burgers and their fries are the best!

Review №3

This, by far, is one of the cleanest, nicest Wendy's I've ever been to. I'm not talking about just the store appearance and cleanliness, but I'm also talking about the food in the customer service. I went here and received a stellar customer service experience. The staff here were very kind and generous to me, even to the point of keeping an eye on my son for me when I use the bathroom. The food was excellent and the people were good. I intentionally go to this Wendy's whenever I pass it or I'm in the area, just for these reasons. Let me repeat, the food was on point.

Review №4

Of course there is the regular fare of burgers and chicken but the breakfast combos are not a bad choice for a breakfast change. Down side is its only available before 10:30am. The combos are a bit pricey for breakfast but they have potato wedges which are very decent. The baconator breakfast sandwich is quite good as well as the chicken croissant. Coffee is decent as it is not too strong or weak.

Review №5

Completely raw bacon on my baconator, happy father's day to me

Review №6

Went through the drive-thru yesterday and the girl on the speaker was very rude and cut me off mid order and told me a total and I told her I wasn't done and continued with the attitude so we left. I wasn't giving my money to someone who didn't even care enough to get my order. We called the manager to tell her about the experience and she told me that she had never had a problem with the girl and was also rude. I said so I guess we're lying huh and she said well I didn't say that but if that's what you think then that's your problem! I will never go back there and thank God I didn't give them my money!

Review №7

I went here. It was good

Review №8

The food is always fresh and the staff are exceptional. Even with the current pandemic, their treatment of customers makes for a pleasurable dining experience. Thank you!

Review №9

They forget alot,long waits,ppe is too lax

Review №10

One of the best fast food breakfest

Review №11

Bought a vanilla frostyiccino this morning and it was spoiled. That nasty spoiled milk taste to start off the morning thanks a lot.

Review №12

I have ordered from this location twice for staff meetings, one through the drive-thru and once in the dining room. Both very large orders. Both times I got the food within minutes and the order was correct. This location is ran very well.

Review №13

Went through drive thru. Food was correct and good. Just was upset that no one was wearing a mask nor gloves that was dealing with ours and others food due to this pandemic.

Review №14

Wendys cool, but I sure miss Dave!

Review №15

Always quick and gets it right with a big specialized order

Review №16

Food is good. Customer service great.

Review №17

In a town you're not familiar with, and Wendy's.... always fresh, never frozen, right? So, a tasty small double stack, the price is right, $2.59 includes tax, with basic fixings, nothing fancy. Choosing what you depend on to be consistent. Friendly drive thru teammate!

Review №18

Dated place for it area, but good customer service

Review №19

Still pretty good on the Carolina Classic burger.

Review №20

The employee were really nice and professional. However the manager on duty 5/21/20 @6 pm was super rude yelling and fussing . Everyone has bad day but not a good look.

Review №21

Food came out quick and hot, it wasn't busy inside the associates were nice enough to strike up a conversation with me.

Review №22

Order was correct and hot! Made fresh while I waited inside. Cashier was friendly and professional!

Review №23

Online says they have take-out but in reality they only have drive thru

Review №24

It's what you might expect from a restaurant of this caliber. Not exceptionally clean or well laid out, but no worse than most fast food joints. The food is of average fast food quality, though the variety of choices tends to be quite large.It is worth pointing out that the staff were very friendly, prompt, and professional.

Review №25

Waited 30 mins just for them to tell me they were out of what I ordered

Review №26

Was fast, hot and delicious.

Review №27

They are a hit and miss location. Got my order and the fries were cold. I didn't get a receipt from cashier as well.

Review №28

The food always hot and fresh, staffs are friendly and place is clean.

Review №29

Heard of the meat shortages coming but didnt think we would feel the effects so soon. As of when I visited them 5/6 they are out of meatUpdate 5-22 around 11pm. Appears they have meat now but between 6 cars it's been about a 30 min wait so far and I havent ordered. Following the other cars leaving.

Review №30

This particular one was messed up from the start. For one thing when they ask your name you would think they would be able to spell a woman's name correctly and not type a man's name instead!!!!! Not to mention their drink machine was all screwed up and did not dispense the correct soda

Review №31

Not what I paid for! Poor service asked and paid for a number 1 with cheese, no mayo,no tomato w/ a sweet tea.....what I got a single with tomato, mayo and extra onions oh and the fries were really have to check behind people they just don't care to do a job well these days they just want to get paid to do nothing.

Review №32

Very delicious food but the comfort room is very dirty

Review №33

EVERY time we go to this Wendy's they forget part of our order.On this trip when they handed the bags to my mother in law through the drive through window she asked if everything was in the bag. They said yes. She looked through the bag and told them the chili was missing. They rudely insisted the chili was in the bag. She told them it most definitely was not. They gave her the chili, with an attitude of disgust and irritation. She then drove to our house with the food. I had asked my mother in law for an Apple Pecan Chicken Salad. She'd never ordered one before and assumed the salad came with everything already on it. When she got to our house I realized there was no dressing or pecans in the bag (which come in their own packaging outside the salad container). One would think, of all the elements to include in an order for an Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, that THE PECANS would need to be included AND THE SALAD DRESSING!!!! This is not the first, time this has happened. In fact it happens more often than not at this location. If I'd been there I would have already assumed they forgot to put those two items in the bag, as usual. But my mother in law assumed they would at the very least provide the ITEMS INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE. AND THEY SHOULD...EVERY TIME!!!!! You should never have to ask for items that are included in the item but ordered!!!! Also the fries and burgers everyone else had were cold.

Review №34

The drive thru was quick. The food was hot and my daughter enjoyed it.

Review №35

Fast and friendly also never worry about checking my order because they get it right

Review №36

Went thru the Drive Thru but only got schemes baked potato. It was Very good and had lots of cheese. Price was reasonable also.the pace of the Drive Thru was steady. Which is another reason I like Wendy's.

Review №37

Travel to come to this Wendy's instead of going to the Wendy's in Mint Hill. Clean and good food.

Review №38

Tried breakfast for the first time and enjoy the meal.

Review №39

Usually they are pretty quick for how busy they are, however I've had consistent issues with them missing a piece of my order. little things that aren't worth turning around for.this last time really ticked me off though. I'm legit allergic to Splenda. I asked for a sweet tea.... was extremely thirsty. started chugging .... only to immediately feel a burning sensation in my mourh, a horrible after taste and minimal swelling in my throat, thank God.I've tried to call repeatedly and can't get a human and no way to leave a message.I can't tell you what they served me but it wasn't sweet tea. it had a nasty chemical lemon flavor.I'm sick to my stomach still, it's been a few hours.I'm a single mom with two little babies, as much as I'd like to go to the hospital im not in the position to do so..... especially without having any clue as to what I just ingested.I really wanted to go back in person but I'm not dragging my kids out over a soft drink.people have allergies and blood sugar disorders...... these incidents should be taken seriously

Review №40

Food was great

Review №41

Good food. Fast service. They gave me everything I wanted and needed. Prices are typical to Wendy's. Ranging anywhere from $2.00 to $11.00 for a full meal.Very satisfying.

Review №42

Great customer service,hot and fresh food,super cold frostys

Review №43

They need to sharpen up coordinating skills and keep up their cleaning procedures

Review №44

Food was good. Staff happy and helpful

Review №45

Chicken Avocado Club was awesome

Review №46

At this location they don't use face masks!!!

Review №47

The food was fine. Could have used more than the dot of condiment that I requested. Two stars due to the (lack of) service at the drive thru. Associate did not utter one word during payment or food delivery...bye Felicia!

Review №48

Everyone was so sweet! And the food was delicious

Review №49

Fresh food with nice and speedy service.

Review №50

I ordered the new Grilled Avocado BLT Chicken Sandwich got to the table and opened my sandwich no avocado. I had to wait while they remade my sandwich that was missing one of the key components. Service here is always pretty hit or miss. I see a lot of people come inside from the drive though to get food they forgot or didn't get right.

Review №51

Fresh n food good service

Review №52

I was really burger was 4 little chicken crispy....tenders were hard as rocks...lemonade ...wonderful...staff needs napkins,no receipts, no SMILES....NEGATIVE 1. When i asked for napkins...I was presented with them ...with a HUGE attitude repeat customer here.

Review №53

Very pleasant. Carolina classic hit the spot.

Review №54

Love most all the food, however it seems the fries are always cold by the time I get to the table to eat.

Review №55

They employ a lot of special needs staff and I find this honorable! It's nice to see everyone having the opportunity to work without discrimination. Food is always good here.

Review №56

The food was fine, but it takes forever to order every time I'm in this location. This time was 20 minutes from walking in the door to getting my food. This was due largely to the wait to order. The register person was doing at least 3 jobs at once. Doing it well, but slowing down my day.

Review №57

My order was wrong. Paid extra for a double and only got a single

Review №58

My wife and I usually get the chicken sandwiches, for the kids they usually order the 4 for 4, and the babies usually split one. I worked for Wendys in 2007, I can't complain, they are usually on point with their food. Well be back in the future.

Review №59

The workers there don't know how to be nice and have a smile on their face if you ask for something they will look at you like you did something wrong.

Review №60

Last time i was there i was in the drive-thru and i ordered an avocado salad i think i had it before, so i ordered again, in addition with a burger, large fries, and two free jr. Frosty's with coupons it was enough the size; delicious it was all of it, and fast costumer service i recommend to eat that kind of salad if it is the place of your preference or close by like an option, the salad it could be better not too dry, and the cheese it is not my cup of tea. Overall Wendy's is my favorite frosty place either vanilla or chocolate.

Review №61

This Wendy's was fantastic! The food was fresher than it had ever been from any Wendy's I've ever eaten from

Review №62

At 156 pm on Thursday 10 /25 you all had the worse customer service at the drive thru. He made me feel like i was interrupting him. He was short and demanding. Very poor customer service.. so i am sure you have a lot of other customers and dont cate about this review.

Review №63

Trash. 1 Register open. 8 deep inside and only 1 letson had ordered when I entered. After 5 min, 1 additional person ordered and nobody had food. I left... 9 deep in drive through. Got food at Bojangles and when I left (take out) 13 of the 17 people & cars were still at Wendy's. Trash

Review №64

Usually pretty good sometimes staff is a little grumpy

Review №65

Always consistently good burgers and I love their fries.

Review №66

They usually do well but this time the person was not listening. I asked for three 4 for 4 with crispy chicken blt,instead they gave me three regular chicken sandwiches.Not good! Please people,listen and if you didn't get it,ASK to repeat order.

Review №67

Always good food. 4 stars because my fries were luke warm. I like them hot. Staff always friendly and attentive.

Review №68

Sat in the drive thru for over 15 mins and tried to go in to order and waitied over 10 mins and still never even got the opportunity place an order, definitely not fast food service... Hopefully a Wendy's down the street has better staff and I can get some food.

Review №69

The Wendy's in Marshville has got where the food is cold. The only bright spot is usually there is table space but that is due to people moving on to other restaurants.

Review №70

Exceptional service for a fast food restaurant. Great food always

Review №71

Very good the food

Review №72

Good food, drive through is very fast moving.

Review №73

I didnt get all my food & drinks! Management yelling at staff telling them your too slow.

Review №74

New Queso Burger is so good, if you're reading this when it's gone, and you didn't get one, you missed out big time.

Review №75

Good food. Fast service.

Review №76

Great food better then the king of frozen meat (McDonald's)

Review №77

Great service good management clean bathroom

Review №78

Always fresh sometimes slow

Review №79

The new kid meal, it's very good. We like it. The environment very clean.

Review №80

Service was better than expected asked for certain things it was done right first time everything hot and fresh with great attitudes very welcoming

Review №81

It was quite tasty and food was nice and fresh

Review №82

Brought my wife this time . She got a chicken breast sandwich .. she said it was not as good as Chick-fil-A's but was still good ..

Review №83

I did not get my grilled chicken sandwich!

Review №84

Such an amazing place to get an awesome salad or burger. I love the Carolina Classic!

Review №85

The new mushroom burger was awesome!!! They were definitely understaffed and there were several staff members who couldn't work the cash register so the service was a little slow. I wasn't annoyed they still did their best and the food was fresh and delicious. I completely understand the difficulties with hiring and training new staff. Overall a good experience.

Review №86

Pretty fast for such a busy place.

Review №87

[8aug19] Everything was very fresh.

Review №88

Baconator fries were served with burned hard bacon bits, are kidding me! Returned the burned bacon and told next time I want the non burned kind. IF there will be a next time. This place needs some (more,) good employees and a manager that checks on the quality that gets served. Also the special they had, a burger with mushrooms etc didn't even come close to what they advertised :( didn't look, didn't have quantity shown in the ad. Must be just this location as had better before longgggg time ago.

Review №89

I'm loving it

Review №90

Good service...very fast. Very clean inside.

Review №91

Their frosty chocolate are the bomb love them

Review №92

Great food at a reasonable price

Review №93

Never have I had a less than enjoyable visit. Well run. Customer service a priority. Up to date equipment. Staff trained well.

Review №94

That baconator be hitting everytime and the employees are sassy as hell like I like em

Review №95

Baconator is life, gets busy noon to 3.

Review №96

Speedy service, good food

Review №97

I've been here a couple times everything was good

Review №98

Nice salad and fixings! Love the food!

Review №99

The food tasted as if it was burned

Review №100

Always fast and accurate service, best Wendy's I've ever been too

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  • Address:11145 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
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  • Phone:+1 704-847-0955
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–2AM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–2AM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–2AM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–2AM
  • Friday:6:30AM–2AM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–3AM
  • Sunday:6:30AM–3AM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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